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World Warfare
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  1. Prepared breakfast and had the kids draw up some pictures for her. BrutalDestiny (FluffyCakes)
  2. Happy Halloween!!! in game name : BrutalDestiny
  3. Alright this is a simple opinion piece. Just wanted to make an observation based off conversations I’ve had with fellow players. I had left this game for a few months because I got tired of it and the burdens of trying to lead a top league (Cocidius). In the end I missed the interactions with the other players and when I heard you were putting out a faster speed map (blitzkrieg) I decided to give the game a try again. The speed of the blitzkrieg map quickly brought back my interest and have become a many hours a day player again. Now that you’ve closed the blitzkrieg map and I have had to resort to the old speed, Fluffycakes, who I now play with, are in an isles map, I have seen my interest fade again quickly. I am not alone in these thoughts, everyone I have spoken to has found the extremely slow regular speed to be sapping on the amount of fun we experience playing the game. I was wondering and hoping that you have put thought into increasing the game speed on all maps as a norm. I encourage others to voice their opinion on this and their discontent with the painfully slow game speed of the regular maps. Speed made the game more fun and caused leagues to develop new strategies. Make the blitzkrieg speed the norm PLEASE!!! Brutal
  4. Leave it as is. One of the tactics that is employed by us and I am sure other leagues as well is to attack a LC in hopes they will convert it back so they lose it without hope of recapturing later on. The aim is to deny access to those high end armaments not to gain a LC for ourselves that will occupy our efforts trying to defend it.
  5. Great news. Those are some of the major issues that have been rather frustrating. Can't wait to see them corrected. I don't know if this issue has been shared or is in the plans to be corrected but I've noticed when you have upwards of 10 cities and you go to convert flags from resources the first five cities work fine but a glitch kicks in for the remainder that makes it look the city menu is in constant movement and does not allow you to draw resources from those cities to further convert in to flags. I hope this issue can be looked into in the near future. It is having an impact on growth. Thank you.
  6. I like the upcoming changes. Great work. Things I would like to see in a future update: - Stugs : speed returned to how it was originally - Color code for surrendered city changed from red to another unused color. A lot of time was wasted scanning the map for respawns in order to win by last league standing. Giving surrendered cities their own color would fix the issue and speed up targeting and increase action within the game. - Permitted respawns within a given battle should be limited to one. Essentially, a couple vindictive players can string along a league striving for last league standing by repeatedly respawning shortly after losing their cities. Not a realistic event. Allow one respawn to assist those players that start a battle in a poor tactical position and end up surrounded by enemy. The one respawn allows those players to situate themselves with their teammates making the fight more fair, but the respawn option should end there now that there is a last league standing end game option. - Limit authorities to initiate and launch league teams in to battles to League Officers. Nothing more frustrating than spending lots of time organizing a launch just to have a newer member to the league that is not indoctrinated to league practices launch the league team prematurely. In addition to that, the quick battle option should be removed as there is no quick battles, they are all a minimum of seven days. Having a member go in to a battle solo, representing the league and given the powers of CinC in that battle is rarely of benefit to the league. Keep up the great work and thank you for listening to the players feedback. BrutalDestiny COCIDIUS
  7. I'm glad to see feedback is actually reviewed and taken in to consideration forfuture updates. Thank you for that. I'm liking where you seem to be headed. I for one am not a big fan of the last major update. One thing I ask is that you ensure your product is ready for release with the next update. While I love this game, as the sleepless nights and countless hours of play time attest to, but it is very frustrating and exhausting trying to overlook the numerous development bugs that have and still do plague the game. I will not list them here as the topic has been covered by others in great detail in many other threads. Please, just thoroughly test your product prior to release and fix those bugs rather than rush release and hope that the bugs won't scare to many people away. If you do respect your loyal players you owe them at least that. Having read through the comments for this thread there is one thing I really hope you address with the future update. That is to balance out how much XP is earned through gameplay. There is nothing more frustrating than playing a tight battle with leagues and individuals fighting it out only to have several players that have done nothing for their leagues and/or faction (glad you're getting rid of those, never made sense to me) topping the rankings because all they do is chase Tigers for that ridiculous 11 000 XP. Getting rid of that "temptation" will go a long way to ensuring this is a game fixated on giving the best PvP experience as it will force those Ace chasers to actually play the game to earn their rank not just do their own thing. Thank you BrutalDestiny Cocidius
  8. 1. Gold mine 2. Rocket launcher 3. New tanks 4. Tech building 5. Jet plane 6. New city layout 7. New map That's a decent start. BrutalDestiny Cocidius
  9. I have to ask why you changed what has been the favorite tactic for anyone that has had the option of picking it up: the artillery tactic. it used to automatically take off 1000hp off of all units in the affected area but you just switched it to a measly 5% damage?! Why change what was so liked??? You made it no where near as effective. It was a great way of rewarding your most loyal players since it took a lot of dedication to the game to have the hours of play time that it took to earn it. I for one hope you reconsider the change and put it back to the value it was before so that it is actually useful. discouraged... BrutalDestiny Cocidius
  10. Well done guys! I've not played against all of you but I've certainly noticed your leagues. Cap this is very well deserved. You took our rag tag group of players with all their strengths and weaknesses and made them into a tight cohesive team of very active players. We have dominated every global battle that we have entered and a big part of that is your leadership. congratulations. BrutalDestiny Cocidius
  11. First off thank you for creating a fun and addictive game. We just received the new daily rewards and I like the emphasis that was placed on ranking and the increased amount you receive based on that. However, I think you cut way to much off the daily reward amount. It went from 800 to 100 which is a drastic change that can only be seen as a way of enticing more people to dig in to their pockets to pay for diamonds. I get that you're a business but please don't lose sight of the fact that players are what makes this game entertaining and making money spenders the sure winners, and diamond use is a huge factor in that, will cause you to lose players in the end. I recommend you return the daily rewards to 800 so that all players can start their next battle with some saved diamonds from their previous battle and have a better chance of remaining competitive. For your consideration BrutalDestiny Cocidius
  12. I'm liking the addition of new units. Here is a recommendation that is a bit outside the box but is historically accurate. How about incorporating a new ground unit : Commandos. These could be dual purpose. They could be more stealthy than all other units only being able to be seen by infantry and could be used to plant explosives on buildings within enemy cities that cause say 3000 points damage to the targeted building. The other role would be that you could send them to augment rebel forces, strengthening their resolve and making them more aggressive towards the other faction for a certain period of time or simply fall under that players control for a certain period of time. Just an idea. Keep up the great work. BrutalDestiny Cocidius
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