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World Warfare
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  1. Harmless

    My harmless little fleet

    That is the fleet I would happen to be talking about ?
  2. Harmless

    My harmless little fleet

    The funniest part is now I see those photos of the isles battles... Makes my fleet look tiny.
  3. We could take that a step further. No gems. No tactics other than the starting three. No league city units. No tech. [I have gone too far already] No mission armaments. I might be the only one who would agree to this but it sounds fun to me. I will also explain how each of these might be a bad idea. Gems: The game needs money. Look everywhere else on the forum if you need to know more about that argument. Tactics: Everyone who has higher tactics, uses them. Without the higher ones everyone who has them would have to massively change how they play. At the same time the starting three are needed for gameplay, without infantry everything you do is a waste of time, without last minute scout drops you will be blind in battle, and you shouldn't have to walk an entire city away just to resupply basic supplies. League city armaments: The one I am targeting the most is large transports. The introduction of these critically changed gameplay for all players, you can move around tanks and massive amounts more units in general. Nothing wrong with them but not being able to use these units would force players to focus on ground movement to just slow down gameplay in general. Thus forcing higher cooperation for long distance attacks. Tech: This is hard earned by the players who have it. Every unit higher in tech will be stronger than a unit lower and gives a scaled affect when in masses of that troop. Removing it in a tourney would even up playing fields and also cause great outrage. Mission armaments: Because why not. The point of them in the first place is to reward players for completing actions. Removing these is most likely a bad idea but it will force players to attack the resource zones with what little troops are still available to them in order to build more troops. This is a very bad idea and I'm not going to get much support most likely but if it somehow is added I would for sure play it.
  4. As far as league score goes I think the city system makes sense, if a league has more cities they have more land that is the way even historical games such as Go operate. The one with the most land in the end in concept actually works but only for the league standings On the other hand as mentioned above basing individual score on city count really doesn't work, it's encouraging players to not build up a force against other players and instead just hit every surrendered or low level city they see as that will be easier and get them higher in the rankings. Military zones and ports mostly the ones with waffen troops in them are overall pointless to attack anymore because they just take up your flags and don't get you any higher in the personal rankings even though personally I find them helpful for troop production. If you have a league full of people hoarding 8-15 lv 1 cities each at least they are working together on something. Getting land that is. At that same time they will on the personal rankings not beat someone fighting out battles and taking high leveled well defended cities who by common logic should not be lower than them in the rankings. Just in case you read nothing I just wrote most likely for grammatical errors my idea is this: keep city count for league score but not personal ones.
  5. So your minding your own business then you get an alert on one of your cities by the water. You follow where it is and you see this outside your city. How would you react?
  6. Is that even going to be fair in any way... That gun can blow battleships to shreds in a single shell depending on where it hits.
  7. Harmless

    Circle formation

    Map ends soon so we decided to make some cool formations of troops.
  8. These gems go to Bishop19 he smashed all my boats but it was a great fight
  9. Can't say if this is a formation or not but the cruisers sure did help the retreat across the river after an attack
  10. That is something I never want my navy to run into
  11. Will older taken screenshots work? Don't worry I had anti air... Somewhere...
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