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World Warfare
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  1. I saw the red dot on my main page so the developers did posted the messages hours prior to shut down. You just have to know where to look. Also, whenever there will be a schedule maintenance, it's usually around 4 am edt (1 am pdt). Just keep that in mind every time you log in.
  2. Guys, anytime you log into the game, always check any messages on your main page. It only take a few minutes to read up on any new messages from the developers. It was posted hours before the scheduled maintenance, it's your fault for now reading the messages prior to playing the game. i read the messages before I started playing and told my teammates.
  3. Try putting a clock in the bf. When the games starts, it will say12:00 noon (any other time if necessary), then daylights change to nights and back every 12 hours. Use 6 am to 6 pm.
  4. Would be great if all territories are claimed by league teammates and/or allies.
  5. The Germans had trains transporting their troops, tanks and artilleries across the country in Europe.
  6. Potter

    Neutral zone

    This is why you need allies or league players so you can send your troops to when your last city is being attacked.
  7. The British had radars by the end of the 30's and early 40's to combat the incoming bombers from Germany and the Hawaii islands had a radar base set up to deter incoming planes from Japanese ships. Storages are not needed if you keep upgrading your city and the research facilities are done at the League cities. Arty means artilleries. I believe U-boats are similar to the Germans style of submarines.
  8. Hello Administrator, There so many players that loves this war battle playing game but many may get turned away from playing when the non paying players are playing against players that pays so much into these games. Would it be possible to separate paying players from non paying players on different maps? Potter
  9. Hello Administrator, Whenever I entered into the league city's supply building to to get supplies (armaments, food, fuel, ammunition, steel, rubber, oil or finances), my cities are usually at the very end of the long line of cities owned by other players. May the administration make it easier by typing your game name to bring up your own city or by type in the city code to go directly to that city to get supplies shipped there? Please? Potter
  10. Peter, Would it be possible to make the setup of map which each city will have accessible to one of each territories?: Military base Oil resource field Rubber resource field I notices that some cities has way too many villages and no or not enough resources nearby, especially oil which very rare to find and claim. Potter
  11. Potter

    Resource Zone

    All territories must be within 3 spaces from your cities to be claimed.
  12. Potter

    Chat rooms

    Hi Peter, What is going on with the chat rooms? When I leave the league room and come back to it, all messages except mine have disappeared. In the main chat room, some of the messages get repeated many times and fall out of order according to the time stamped. Potter
  13. Potter

    Block list

    How can a player block another player out of his chat rooms for rude remarks? The block list doesn't seem to work because I have put a few players on block list and they still popped up in the chat rooms.
  14. Is there a possible way to separate war games by the sizes of league? If each league has 1-5 players shall be in first war, 5-10 players in second war, 10-20 players in third war and 20+ players in the fourth war. i noticed there were way too many players that played one to two days before they stopped/quitted and taking up the much needed territories by their allies. Any way to take over their territories if the players were inactive after so many days? is there any possibility of bringing in helicopters to supply the very small groups of troops that the transport planes are too big and wasteful which could be used on much bigger groups of troops?
  15. "Changed allied chat to faction chat" Many players tried sending messages thru this chat room but no success. Is this fixed yet?
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