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World Warfare
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  1. Codymo7

    Questionnaire on Tactic "Life-Saving"

    I really like the possibility of minimizing allies. Keep the game a war game instead of a competition to see who can ally the map first. I think that having a maximum number of allied players is far more logical opposed to a maximum number of leagues you can ally too. Keep life savings for teammates only and minimize allies per field.
  2. Codymo7

    Ground map

    The ground map should just take out m40s, rockets, and strats. Maybe just tweak it so c47 can carry tanks from the get go so you don't need to be able to make gigs too. Gigs are so tough, attacking a city wouldn't change much with them still intact. Ground map is a good idea, if you have to rely on the rockets, m40s, and strats, thats not a good showing of strategy. Although the developers have made it to where that is all you need to win. Just my 2 cents, allows cannoneers and airman to be able to use their tech, canoneer may be a little less useful though
  3. Codymo7

    Bugs and Compensation

    I have communicated. Would be nice not to be ignored over the game issues. If you think we don't get tired of the issues and send it through contact us, you need to go and look through all the complaints we have sent in. Two fields in a row I have had to sit idle for at least a day, both times I complained and asked for.compensation, both times I was ignored entirely. Something needs to change or you guys won't have a job like this.
  4. Codymo7

    New Bombers Coming in next update!

    It's been a couple of months and nothing has gotten better or worse. No patch updates have been released which is attempts at fixing code. Often times a patch comes out, things get worse, another patch comes out and reverts back to the original coding to try again. We shouldn't be adding code for new troops is my whole point. It's basically increasing the chances of coding to fail.
  5. Codymo7

    New Bombers Coming in next update!

    What pain? They aren't fixing server issues. They are continuing to add things that cost players money. I understand 100% that they don't give a damn. They need to understand that games grow to fast and die. Exactly what they're doing. If I'm wrong they won't release the bombers until the game can sustain more than 30 troops fighting each other at once.
  6. Codymo7

    New Bombers Coming in next update!

    DONT RELEASE THE DAMN PLANES!!! Quality over quantity... Like so many games that have been released, trying to expand too quickly will be this game's downfall... FIX THE GAME BEFORE YOU ADD TO IT!!! Let's try getting rid of lag, server crashes, and an issue of people shielding every single time an army is within 500 miles of their city....... YOURE KILLING YOUR BABY BY BEING MONEY HUNGRY JUST LIKE EVERYONE ELSE!
  7. Codymo7

    Bugs and Compensation

    Don't give us more bombers then.
  8. Codymo7

    Bugs and Compensation

    I'm still waiting on compensation too JD. Trying to stay civil is very difficult when I'm spending money on something. I know the GMs aren't the reason why so much is wrong, or why somethings aren't compensated properly, but I promise, WHOEVER THE BOSS IS that is supposed to relay messages... Get your head out of your behind and do your job. Developers, take it upon yourself to browse forums while you have down time. If you guys don't want to do your jobs, hire me and I'll gladly put this game back on track.
  9. Codymo7

    Bugs and Compensation

    Can we have a real response please? This doesnt even touch the main issue... Compensation. Compensation is a huge issue right now. You guys don't lose money by giving us what we bought back due to a faulty product that was delivered to us. Here is the problem, I don't care if it was one person's mistake or not, you need to try and give your customers way better customer service. First time, no questions asked, full refund. After that, start asking questions. FIX THE LAG SO YOU DONT HAVE TO GIVE COMPENSATION!!!! After fixing the lag, instead of throwing more planes at us, take a SERIOUS survey from the community, and figure out what we want. Give a comment box for more details, and give options you guys have on the drawing board... QUALITY OVER QUANTITY
  10. Codymo7


    As far as I know max is the only one working. Our field had to sit idol for basically for 13 hours yesterday. Some people could move, most couldn't. Was terrible. But, like you said, new bombers are coming, and obviously that's what we need. Make sure everyone you know reacts. Kind of hard to ignore these kinds of reactions
  11. Codymo7


    Dude, I've been playing serious for 6 months... The game is a few years old... At this point in the game's life, the issues we are dealing with shouldn't be happening still, while they continue to release new content. A pat on the back and handing someone a chocolate milk should've ended a year and a half ago. With the income they get, they should've hired pro programmers so don't post this "be nice they are trying" crap. The game didn't lag or have these issues a few months ago. They keep overlooking these issues while they release imperial assault, add new officers, add new troops. Fixing the lag and making sure the servers are running properly should always be #1 on the list for improvements. You don't get participation medals in the real world. You earn your medals, this means you don't get paid unless you earn it. So, of course we are going to say "fix the damn game". When we pay them to keep it running in prestine condition, we expect that.
  12. Codymo7


    I considered myself the same way, Veronica didn't even want to help me in even close to a reasonable way, and I've spent a good amount of $$$$ here as of late
  13. Codymo7

    Joycity will probably add submarines soon

    Yes, please fix the game before you add subs.
  14. Codymo7

    Bugs lag and more game modes

    They won't do anything about it maddog. JOYCRAFT makes too much off silver and they don't give a shit about anyone else. This post will be deleted I'm sure because of me saying the S word even though most of us are grown. Would be nice for something g to be fixed. Wish I had the money to hire coders, I'd make this same style of game 10x better.
  15. Codymo7


    We will probably need the biggest spenders to start ranting before anything is actually done. They will get compensated too while us "little spenders" get 2k amethyst because that's fair. Any big spenders having issues? Something will get done if you guys whine