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World Warfare
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  1. liltwisted3


    lol major bug and i wanted to know if u already fixed it
  2. liltwisted3

    merry christmas

    This is an event i came up with i think it will be a little easier if its like this but also harder and it will help communication and which will cause friendship
  3. liltwisted3

    merry christmas

    HO HO HO HO this lovly event gives you double everything [daily gifts, purchases] you will be offered 500 diamond! if your league is number1 then everyone get 3000 not 500! if your league is number 2 then you get 2000 not 500! if your league is number 3then you get 1000 not 500! MERRY CHRISTMAS
  4. liltwisted3

    Looking for active members

    hey i just wanted to say its been a while since i have been on forums i think the game is amazing while i saw this because of the latest update i have been able to log in faster and it has less glitches lol i got confused if it was lobby or game
  5. i know me and the Joycrafter team realize that we need alliance chat! So stop begging the team because they know they need to work on this and that we need it but calm down because it is kind of rude to beg them so please stop! The team put lot of effort into making us talk to our whole league to talk without leaving battlefield!
  6. liltwisted3


    lol found u big time~!!!!!!!!]
  7. liltwisted3

    Christmas Event!

    Hey man wish I can experience but my game lags all the time
  8. liltwisted3

    Maintenance and Update on Dec.21st

    Um so this update we will see them like let's say the tank is gray now it will be for an example like red and green??
  9. liltwisted3

    One Year Anniversary Data

    You know it's so great that we were able to be so big so fast happy 1 year
  10. liltwisted3

    All Soliders Day

    This is the day we celebrate all the soliders who sacrificed their lives for us and went on that battlefield!!
  11. liltwisted3

    Rules for Chat Room

  12. liltwisted3

    Respect the MINION

  13. liltwisted3

    My expirience

    Lol agreed
  14. liltwisted3

    App Available on Android Now

    That's good adroid version and able to save progress that will be the best
  15. liltwisted3

    Famous Commanders of WWII

    the most famous soldiors thank you to those who saved us We all have different countries and we all have different soldiers but which one is the best