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World Warfare
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  1. Me too check link below https://discord.gg/XdRkKvR
  2. LordBusiness and TheSpecial Lord Business
  3. RichMoneyGP

    Gaming name

    LordBusiness / TheSpecial
  4. Hey what's up guys Hey what's up guys
  5. I thought I'd start off this discussion by bringing up a badge that I've always wondered how can I obtain I recently found out how I could obtain the Delta Force Badge kind of wish I knew what I know now back when I played 24/7 but anyways one of the things I was thinking about was what if the different badges wood give you extra abilities while you're in a match and I wanted to see how others would feel about this type of change I believe it could be another dynamic, similar to adding commanders to the LC for the entire team to take advantage their ability so what do you guys think leave a comment down below
  6. Hey does anyone know when they're going to make a 3-day battlefield I started a forum in suggestion but haven't gotten any responses back
  7. RichMoneyGP


    Yes I understand that there are ways to check to see the stats of the units in the game I want to know if there is a location outside of the game to access these stats if there isn't then I might start a form specifically to spell out all of the stats of the units so that way it will be easier to show a comparison between two different units and how to combat against each of them to my team members
  8. RichMoneyGP


    My bad I wasn't specific I meant to say outside of the game also I just had an idea I wonder if the devs can create a app that is playable in your web browser similar to Forge of Empires so that way you can play from your computer and from your phone I believe it would attract more gamers considering there are still a considerable amount that play on desktop
  9. RichMoneyGP


    I would like to know if there is a place where all of the stats for troops and buildings are located also the little tips that flash on the screen when the game is loading up is their location where I can find these as well because I'm not a fast reader and a flash pass the screen too fast for me too get all of them
  10. RichMoneyGP

    Best Moments.

    I hope this works Lord Business
  11. Hey what do you get for posting here I'm trying to get the Delta Force dog tags also here's a video of one of my Battlefield moments
  12. RichMoneyGP

    Best Moments.

    Hey guys this is Lord Business I originally started playing this game one day after my birthday I was referred by my big brother HarrisBaker -with-> Physical Havoc he put me on to mobile strike when it first came out and we had tons of fun together but as time went on I fell off from that game it was just lacking something then one day he was in his room and all I heard was bombs exploding and gunfire and I went to see what it was and he told me he was playing World Warfare ever since then it's been like a second home tons of fun I can't wait for you guys to make it 3-day map so that way people like me that work 50 hours plus a week would get a chance to play.. Please send rewards to Lord Business & Harris Baker
  13. I have a short and quick suggestion I remember back when I first started 2016 August 31st one day after my birthday I started playing World Warfare it was a hundred million times better than that game hosted by Arnold Schwarzenegger mobile strike but anyways back to my point out of all the games that I have played there's always been a struggle between pay-to-play players and free-to-play players. This is one of the first games that I have ever played that I can see a free player having a very good chance at winning against pay-to-play players by using strategics and active teamwork but down to the nitty-gritty when I first started playing I remember purchasing a commander but I didn't use my debit card or even points that are earned on Google Play but I was able to purchase it using gold ever since then I have noticed that there has never ever been a time since then where you could purchase Commanders without swiping your credit card or for some others their parents credit cards so my suggestion is pretty simple I believe the devs should make in-game currency optional for buying Commanders and I wouldn't even be upset if the price of the commander was a little more in gold or diamonds and never received any discounts but just the fact that it would be something that someone could Aspire towards or strive 2 reach eventually with time and hard work as a free Claire My Philosophy has always been play quick matches build up resources and once I have saved enough then use those resources to play in tournament matches but with certain things only being it available two people that swipe a credit card it limits free players from being able to one day acquire those special abilities therefore making a gap in the Spectrum of pay-to-play and FreePlay now I know some people might say well if you play for free then you just trying to have fun and you don't really care about winning but that could not be further from the truth I am a very competitive person and I don't believe not having extra cash to spend on a game that I love should keep me from achieving my high goals that I set for myself please comment let me know what you think sincerely, Lord Business
  14. Sorry for my newbie question but what does population actually do by definition in world of warfare?
  15. I have read through this entire post and seen a few different point of views and I believe that I agree with both sides so I decided I would add my small point of view to hopefully encourage or help everyone to get more enjoyment out of the game what if there was a way to continue adding features but also keep a stable version of the game available in app store one version could be the normal game with very minimum glitches and the other could be a beta with new features for people to try out that way the devs will be able to get people to test the game find out what the bugs are they can report back what the bugs are to the Dev"s and then the dev"s can fix the bugs before they reach the rest of the online gaming community in full force.?? Ps : when will the chat get more features
  16. This is not an answer to the problem but I noticed the last update I had a similar problem with loading the game so I uninstalled the game from my Android phone and reinstalled it from the Google Play and it begin to work properly but after this latest update no matter what I do it freezes right after loading one time I was able to get to the main lobby screen and when I try to click on the battlefield it froze up I am very impatient so after about 2 minutes of it sitting there I just shutdown app please if someone cut fix this I'm in the middle of a league Battlefield and I've already used over 2,000 diamonds don't want it to be a waste
  17. RichMoneyGP

    Blitz glitch?

    OK thanks yeah that would be a nice glitch
  18. RichMoneyGP

    Blitz glitch?

    Is that what this post is about I'm still trying to figure out
  19. The next thing I would like to discuss in this form is receiving some type of compensation for advocating world warfare so far I have gotten six of my friends to join but I was only able to receive gyms for three of them joining through my friend code I believe we should receive some type of reward for getting others to join with counting each one of my friends it took me at least 3 weeks to get each of them to even think about joining because they've played other games and they think that this one is similar or a knockoff of (GOW) or something like that so it's not very easy to convince someone that is hooked on a game like Clash Royale to switch especially considering how long it takes to complete one map and one of my friends that I'm still working on one of his issues is with the time frame he says that he can play 10 games in an hour and he doesn't have to devote a whole week to a single match so in closing I believe we should get gems or coins 4 getting others to join any questions or comments are appreciated thank you
  20. Well the way I first got introduced was my brother got a new Bluetooth speaker and all I heard was explosions and Army troops saying atenhod and things like that so by the second day I decided to go and see what all this noise was about and I asked him what was he doing and he told me he was someone's City Granite me and my brother used to play motherfucke together and he was the first person that told me about mobile strike so once I stop playing mobile strike he stopped playing mobile strike too so I thought this game might be like mobile strike but once he showed me the graphics I was thoroughly impressed and in 2016 on my birthday I had to try it for myself after my first match I was pretty much hook buy tactical possibilities and all of the different things that I could do in the game
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