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World Warfare
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      App Available on Android Now   08/16/2016

      Commanders, the Android Official Version has released, please go to Google Play to get it. To those commanders who participated the open beta, you can continue your previous progress in the official version. More info, please check the specific post.


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  1. I quit because of lag

    I have experience a lot of lag.... you know how I deal with it? I realize it’s part of the experience of a mobile game. Pull your head out of your Gluteus Maximus and stop complaining. Respectfully yours, Everyone Else
  2. Suggestions, units, tech, and more

    My humble thought: 1. God FINALLY. Jets and mustangs are to fast and if you want the game to be more historically accurate, let’s put that in! 2. I like the idea but I think that if such a thing were implemented, think about the lag. Every single troop has to register that command and think of and games. They’re like 1000 more troops in one area and such a command would completely burn the servers. It’s bad enough with the lag right now and I think that we should maybe focus on fixing the lag and then implementing it. But still a good idea. 3. To technical. New players have enough to learn and I think that would just tip them over the iceberg. 4. Interesting idea but I think that the transport planes we have right now are sufficient. 5. I guess maybe in the future. We are getting new bombers though! 6. The historical part of me is loving it. But the practical side of me is not crazy about it. 7. True. Thanks for specifically built to be able to go faster over any terrain. But they may become Op though then (Think about a permanent blitzkrieg) The rest I think are good ideas, but should not take priority over other things. Good suggestions!
  3. Defence is Bea

  4. Defence is Bea

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