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      App Available on Android Now   08/16/2016

      Commanders, the Android Official Version has released, please go to Google Play to get it. To those commanders who participated the open beta, you can continue your previous progress in the official version. More info, please check the specific post.


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  1. It seems to boost the mini in the city but not the village. Don't honestly know if it did before as I don't use them. But here's the screenshots.
  2. Also Chinese or Japanese on the page to buy tactic points.
  3. Mine is the same. I have oil on but no change in the stats.
  4. They're so bad a they don't need no stinking walls 😎
  5. Chat is lagging bad since the update. Usually new messages don't come up until I post something for the first time after starting the game. It works fine after the bump start.
  6. This has been voiced in many of the forums. Hopefully the devs will start to listen. It's not just 1 guy with the suggestion but many. If you want to keep players involved keep the game at a manageable timeframe so we have time to play. You've lost many of the "big" leagues because of the time it takes away from real life. We have inactive player who can't join because they are going on vacation this weekend or have to work long hours next week. Our lives shouldn't have to revolve around the game but be able to work the game into our lives. Domm your wife isn't the only one who gets mad. I take many breaks away as well because it's so straining on work and family. It should be a break away from life not a job to stay alive in a game. Our league moto is family is first if anyone needs a break or becomes inactive. RJ1
  7. We all have those maps, just a bad drop. Biggest quick suggestion I can tell you quickly is find yourself a league. Numbers bring strength! Secondly follow the missions as quickly as you can. It will give you a firm base to work with. Don't hit surrounding villages until you have stugs. This will cut down on troop losses taking the village and keep your shield up while you built up your army. At the start of map get anti-tanks built up. They are slow but powerful. Learn and know troop ranges along with turret and sniper tower ranges. Knowing who's in range and who's not can save your butt many times. Its an art, and takes lots of practice. If your in a league watch what others do and learn their good and bad maneuvers. There are too many situations to list. Keep trying till you get the feel of it. 😎 good luck, RJ1
  8. I know there is but I couldn't tell you what was covered in it. It's been a while since I went through. But I imagine it's like most game tutorials, learn the basics set you free. But there is so much to learn that isn't covered. I know for my first few months was just learning how things worked, as in how troop ranges are. What troop works in what situations. There is much to be learned and that really only comes with time. Hours usually means knowledge in this game from what I've seen
  9. I think we're all in the same boat and that's the main reason for the decline it player tenure. A full week is just too much of a commitment to one map. I myself will be retiring after my next field. I'll only really be entering there to use up the gems and Amy's I have accumulated. It's been fun world of warfare. ✌️ wish you had other modes of play....
  10. Agree the disappearing troop thing is a little annoying but most of us know about it and know to scroll away and they are usually there when you scroll back to the area. Put in a refresh button and call it good enough. Your devs have bigger fish to fry...
  11. We as a league also take in new members on a fairly regular basis of different levels of gameplay. As for frequency depends how many other noobs we have and what's going on in personal lives and previously if cup was ongoing. As a larger league you almost have to keep fresh bodies coming in to fill the gaps of people taking breaks from the game or leaving altogether. It's a difficult balance and takes a lot of time to teach newer players. We run it more as a "it takes a village". Some helping more that others but being in our league gives them access to help on team and league chat as well as kik. Its hard to say what a better training procedure would be as everyone learns at different speeds, are more active, have experience in similar games, and no 2 situations are exactly the same so they all see something different. New tactics and strategies are coming all the time. I mean that is the nature of a war strategy game. The maps themselves are also much faster now. Meaning when I started we would try to have an LC by day 2. Now we usually have one in the first 6 hours on a map. By day 2 its leveled up to 2-3 and we have had gigs and motors for a day. Having to move that fast means the new guys get swallowed up before they even know what's going on. And if you drop in the last spots on the map the first guys to drop are way ahead of you, so you don't stand much chance. My opinion on new guy training isn't so much getting them into a big league, but they need their own map. Say less than 200 hours goes to map tier 1. 2-400 go to tier 2 map and so on. And spread us out, every other base is a player, in between is a rebel. This will give the newer guys time to figure it out before facing a live player. Or make rebel only maps for new guys to cut their teeth on.