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World Warfare
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  1. Immel

    New Tactics

    In all my years of gaming, never have I seen such a blatant attempt at a money grab then this latest WW update. Joykiller you should be ashamed of yourselves, for conning people with such a flagrany ponsy scheme. You people discussed me.
  2. Immel


    Not disagreeing with your idea but i find it hard to implement, people will simply go neutral just before the end and still get rewards, or simply not attack each other even if red and still get full rewards. A complete revamp of how the rewards system works is mandatory, number of cities is just dumb affecting gold rewards is just dumb. Here is a set of ideas that are easy to implement: First of all remove the allied victory conditions, meaning even if you are allied with the #1 league on the score board it doesn't count it as a victory. Its ridiculous how often we get asked for ally just before the BF ends. You want full rewards cupcake? Get off your ass and fight for it this is supposed to be a wargame! Gold rewards should be based on total amount of kills and rebels/SS be removed from the kill counter. Only PvP kills count towards gold rewards. You want more gold rewards cupcake? Get off your ass and fight for it this is supposed to be a wargame! Simple and easy fix lets see how long the koombaya signing mega alliances with their sister leagues and permanent alliances last!!
  3. Immel

    I have to ask, when will I stop being a seal

    Sadly this is what WW has come to, mega alliances with sister leagues and permanent ally agreements between leagues. Do I blame the people for taking the easy way out, for being intectually lazy and uncreative, absolutely but ultimately its not their fault. If the game mechanics allow this to happen then the responsibility for this sad state of affairs rests squarely on the devs. Good job joykiller way to promote new player retention! I am surpised this guy has stuck around for 6 whole BFs... Best of luck Funk I sincerely hope you find a good home where you are appreciated and not treated lilke second class citizen, caugh caugh big leagues
  4. Immel

    List of suggestions that, could better the game.

    I am must agree with Funk, he is right the devs have gradually geared this game towards the mega alliances. Nowadays its hard if not impssible for small leagues to stay alive (forget competing for first place). A small 5-6 player league doesnt have a prayer against your typical main+sister leagues = 60 players who also ally any potential competition and easily roll the map. Obviously small leagues specially composed of newer players will get steamrolled. Even 20 man leagues will struggle unless of couse the ally up. This is supposed to be a wargame right not survivor reality show where you are voted off the island. To make things worst things like x2 speed were introduced which can only be advantegeous to larger i wont say leagues as now its a collection of leagues allying each other lets call it coalitions. Unless the poor bastards in the small league are online 24/7 they dont even get to fight back while they are getting steamrolled. With x2 speed you can literally clear out an entire zone in a couple of hours. And dont even get me started on infinishields! So as a new player your options are stay in a small league and get steamrolled till you get sick of it and uninstall or join a maga alliance with sister leagues where you are constantly treated as a second class citizen, completely taken advantage of, where no one teaches you how to play not even basic stuff like how to level your city. So the majority of players lose interest and leave due to being frustrated. Awesome job devs, way to encourage player retention!
  5. Immel

    Improved troop technology

    I dont disagree but regardless of our opinion the devs would never go fot it as they would lose revenue so the point is kind lf moot 😂
  6. Immel

    Improved troop technology

    That's exactly right for instance comparing two lc bombers say the strat and the SBD they will not cost you the same amount of gold to max to 85. Each unit has a slightly different cost per level. So the only way to implement this idea would be give all the gold back as doing strat research from lvl1 to 2 (8300) does not equate the same amount of gold as sbd research going from lvl1 to 2 (8700).
  7. Immel

    Improved troop technology

    I like it but its never going to happen the devs will not go for it as it reduces the potential amount of gold people will spend
  8. Immel

    The Vote

  9. Immel

    The Vote

    I think you fail to underatand this is a WARGAME not a popularity contests if you only control 51% of the map then the war has just begun and there is plenty of fighting left to do. To use your WW2 analogy the allies did not stop when they liberated 51% of Europe they kept fighting until they liberated all of it and eliminated all the Axis forces not half of them.
  10. Immel

    List of suggestions that, could better the game.

    I really do not see the utility of solo maps this is a team game, if you want to solo (and personally I do all the time) do it in a regular map.
  11. Immel

    The Vote

    That is an excllent idea. I think perhaps the entire rewards system would need a revamp, it is retarted that your gold rewards are dependent on how many cities you control at the end of the BF. This promotes bad play, bad habbits and takes away from the grand strategy of the game.
  12. Immel

    Card to move class research between classes

    Being able to switch all the class tech research from one class tree to another would be very, very broken. Its already bad enough that you can switch class in the middle of a BF and people abuse the hell out of it. It would be 100 times worst if you could also change the class research at your whim. Horrible idea, pass!
  13. Immel

    The Vote

    Now don't get me wrong switching the amount of votes required to end the map back to 80% is a step in the right direction there is no argument there. However it does nothing to address the real issue. It will not make the game more competitive, people will always chose the path of least resistance and do what they always do, namely find more allies to end the map sooner. Just a few months back the regular BF length was 8 days and you could vote to extend the map another 2 days. So why was this changed, to voting for the map to end after 5 days? Here is where the real issue lies, the devs were getting too many requests in contact us to end the map early which generated workload for them. Instead of asking the question why are we getting so many bloody requests to end the map early? Had they bother they would have quickly realized the problem is how the majority of the leagues play the game. Bring in sister leagues, ally half the map, ask devs to end map early, lather, rinse, repeat. Thus instead of making a positive change such as limit the amount of allies a league can have, or rework the end of BF rewards system, which would make the game more competitive, they instead dumbed the game down by instituting the vote to end map early. Can we blame the players for taking the easy way out? Not really if the game mechanics allow such broken dynamics to exist, people will abuse them. It may be lazy and border line unethical but such concepts are outdated now days. So the blame rests squarely on Joykiller.
  14. Immel

    New Stuff for Christmas

    Can we get national skins instead? USSR, USA, Germany, Italy etc... We have already done the bloody research 2 years ago all the units for the corresponding nations. So how about it
  15. Immel

    Shield Cooldown

    Recently the cooldown period preventing people from spamming and stacking shields was removed. The result is we are back to shield abuse, in my cureent BF there is a city shielded for more than 24 consecutive hours without it ever dropping. I know because I set a timer and check everytime its due to expire. This is BEYOND broken can you please reenstate some sort of cool down lest we forget this is a WARGAME and at some point WAR should ensue. Otherwise please change the name of the app to ShieldWarfare that way it will stop being misleading for people that want to wage war.
  16. Immel

    The New WorldWarfare

    As I have explained a thousand times before you CANNOT change a single factor in such a complex simulation and leave the rest the same, as you are breaking the balance. If for whatever reason you want a faster paced game then by all means design a new faster paced game. DO NOT take an existing simulation and change the speed of the units and hope things work out alright they will not. Your combat resolution is broken damage output values have not been adjusted to factor in the faster unit speed. Unit training time is broken and needs to be adjusted, same for resource production output, building upgrade time, etc... All these factors have to be carefully calibrated to ensure proper balance. And should you achieve balance despite of units moving faster its not the same game anymore as you have increased the amount of time users need to dedicate to be as effective as they used to be. To play at the same level as before users are required ALOT more hands on time where as before they were not required to be constantly logged in. Your experiment has failed its not fun anymore it resembles work more than anything else, unless you plan to PAY us to play your game put the speed back to normal the way it used to be.
  17. Immel

    Shield Cooldown

    Can we have a moderator step in and tell us once and for all if you intend to fix this or not? Can you give us the courtesy of a simple answer? We are tired of seing uninterrupted shields that last 4-5 days its becoming a common occurance and defies all logic in what you the developers are advertising as a wargame. It cant be a wargame if you are preventing war for unlimited periods of time that we have seen span several days. Fix this or have the courtesy of telling us you dont want to!
  18. Immel

    List of suggestions that, could better the game.

    That is a wonderful idea and I would add to the contributions tabulation an extra column showing type and quantity of armaments sent to each league memeber. It would definitly shake things up and help remind people this is a TEAM game. It would definitely help stir league discussions and perhaps the majority of people being abused would wake up and smell the coffee.
  19. Immel

    Troop guide?

    No unfortuntely there are no guides, I have been lobbying for a wiki as far back as I can remember. Its a very steep learning curve for new people and the devs need to do all they can to retain them. I think a wiki should be top priority
  20. Immel

    List of suggestions that, could better the game.

    This is a PvP game there are plenty of other games made for PvE with campaigns and other cool stuff, I suggest you find one as WW is NOT one of them
  21. Immel

    Sneak Peek on Battle of the Bay

    Sadly once again I must point out that you cannot arbitrarily increase only the speed of units leaving everything else the same as it adversely affects game balance. We have already seen and pointed out how broken the game is ever since you increased the speed to x2 on all maps. Please stop dumbing down what used to be a wonderful simulation.
  22. Immel

    Maintenance and Update-Oct. 22nd

    Just curious what's the point of polling the community if you are going to go against its wishes anyway. With a resounding 68% people answered that no change is required to self healing and yet you felt compelled to go ahead and change it anyway. Do you at least understand that the player base you are harming are the small 5-6 player leagues that can no longer survive against 20 player leagues heal spam. I mention this because heal spam there will be this change does NOTHING to thawrt it.
  23. Immel


    i think you are missing the point, that you can't judge an individual's sklill level without taking into account the league he is in, lest we forgert this is a team game. You can't take an individual out of his team put him in a new one with people he never played with and expect him to do well. We see this alot in professional sports when individuals are good as part of their team but when you bring them all togeher in the national team they are horrible and they lose games despite their overwhelming talents individually. Look at the world cup last summer its a prefect example...
  24. Immel


    While I agree that the developers have ruined this wonderful simulation I dont think its due to greed. I believe its a combination of first lack of understanding of their own product (as the original dev team has clearly moved on) coupled with the fact that the devs heed too much the opinion of a small but very vocal minority of people who have no concept of what this simulation is about and keep asking the devs to dumb it down as its too hard for them to figure out. Example of changes made to satisfy a few cluless cry babies: 1. Removing the shield cooldown so you can stack as many consecutive shields as you please. 2. Making troops cost no suppy upkeep when they are inside army/airforce base 3. Making all maps x2 speed maps These are just a few off the top of my head but there are many such bad decisions. Note all these changes have one thing in common they are all silent changes that the devs dont have the spine to publicly announce and debate with the community on an open forum before implementing them.
  25. Immel

    Filling field delays

    Unfortunately the developers havent a clue what they are doing thats easy enough to establish just look at all the recent changes that have completly unbalanced the game. Naturally people tend to shy away from such broken simulations so its bound to get worst before it gets better... Hang tough and hope the devs see reason and reverse the broken speed changes