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World Warfare
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  1. Immel


    i think you are missing the point, that you can't judge an individual's sklill level without taking into account the league he is in, lest we forgert this is a team game. You can't take an individual out of his team put him in a new one with people he never played with and expect him to do well. We see this alot in professional sports when individuals are good as part of their team but when you bring them all togeher in the national team they are horrible and they lose games despite their overwhelming talents individually. Look at the world cup last summer its a prefect example...
  2. Immel


    While I agree that the developers have ruined this wonderful simulation I dont think its due to greed. I believe its a combination of first lack of understanding of their own product (as the original dev team has clearly moved on) coupled with the fact that the devs heed too much the opinion of a small but very vocal minority of people who have no concept of what this simulation is about and keep asking the devs to dumb it down as its too hard for them to figure out. Example of changes made to satisfy a few cluless cry babies: 1. Removing the shield cooldown so you can stack as many consecutive shields as you please. 2. Making troops cost no suppy upkeep when they are inside army/airforce base 3. Making all maps x2 speed maps These are just a few off the top of my head but there are many such bad decisions. Note all these changes have one thing in common they are all silent changes that the devs dont have the spine to publicly announce and debate with the community on an open forum before implementing them.
  3. Immel

    Filling field delays

    Unfortunately the developers havent a clue what they are doing thats easy enough to establish just look at all the recent changes that have completly unbalanced the game. Naturally people tend to shy away from such broken simulations so its bound to get worst before it gets better... Hang tough and hope the devs see reason and reverse the broken speed changes
  4. Immel

    List of suggestions that, could better the game.

    I totally I agree with your first point shield spamming is ridiculous and takes all the strategy and fun away from what used to be a wonderful simulation. I have even created a dedicated post to this but the devs and moderators are too cowardly to answer even if its just to blow me off: As for you second point I disagree all types of spam are very easy to counter especially bomber spam. There is no reason to limit players in their builds as they are already limited in troop count. Just build a balanced army and kick their arse
  5. Immel

    Map Rotation

    All excellent questions Evil. The problem with your idea of having two maps open one normal speed and one fast is that it has been tried. All the way from mid January where the last isles map closed it has been Global normal + 1 speed map open up until they made the change to all speed maps. It did not work, the Global maps took on average more that 24h to fill. As to why the devs keep changing the parameters around its because they have no clue what in the hell they are doing. The devs have no understanding of their own product. They are going from bad decision to worst decision trying to pander to the masses that have no clue what this game is about either. So here we are now with a completely unbalanced product that simply does not work.
  6. Immel

    Questionnaire on Tactic "Life-Saving"

    3 total allied is still a maximum 60 accounts thats waaaaaaay to many heals
  7. Immel

    Islands of War

    The people in charge clearly they do not know their own product that much is clear in the way they are running things. They took what was one of the best mobile app simulations and are slowly turning it into drivel. All the depth of the logistics and combat mechanics are being lost to satisfy a bunch of munchkins that dont even understand what they want let alone what they are asking for. Its a very sad day for WW when all maps are made to be speed maps
  8. Immel

    Islands of War

    They changed all maps to speed maps effectively breaken all the maps. Why cant you (the devs) understand that you cannot change only one factor in a complex simulation without breaking the game?!? Its very simple if you change the speed of units then you need to adjust the economy accordingly, as how long it takes to train unit, upgrade units, produce armaments and alot of other factors. Most importantly you must adjust the combat resolution which is very broken in speep maps. So please undo this ill advised change and put things back the way they were.
  9. Immel

    List of suggestions that, could better the game.

    Again at no point I said do not use M40s; I said do not SPAM m40s! M40s are and can be PART of a balanced army; however they should NOT be the entire army. Furthermore if you do not know how deafeat M40 spam without resorting to M40 spam regardless of the skill of the opponent you are facing then you are doing it wrong. So before you criticize and say it cannot be done try Combined Arms it works. We have done it many times against very experienced players and it works just fine.
  10. Immel

    Questionnaire on Tactic "Life-Saving"

    First off go take a cold shower and calm down there is no reason for profanity, at worst agree to disagree. If you can't have a discussion without insulting people thats proof of immaturity and potentially you are deliberately being a troll. Whatever the case may be I dont have the time nor the inclination to deal with you. The majority of the people here say there is no problem with how the heal tactic works and the real issue is the alts people are abusing. Having said that asking Joycrafter to police alts is a huge commitment of time and effort while potentially hurting their revenue stream. I dont see them agreeing to this, so alts are unfortunately here to stay.
  11. Immel

    Questionnaire on Tactic "Life-Saving"

    Binding accounts to devices does NOTHING to solve the issue as everybody and his dog these days has at a minimum of a smartphone and some sort of a tablette device. Not to mention all the PC emulators available where you can have as many alt accouts as you like run on as many instances as you want simultaneously.
  12. Immel

    List of suggestions that, could better the game.

    You are of course entitled to your opinion, you want to keep doing M40 spam be my guest, but do not try to sell it to me or to anyone else for that matter as the end all, be all tactic there is. By the way in case you have not noticed the meta is slowly moving away from M40 spam just like it moved away from bomber spam. People are slowly starting to realize how easy it is to defeat M40 spam. So enjoy whatever time is left with this very uninteresting, unimaginative, boring tactic. Cheers
  13. Immel

    List of suggestions that, could better the game.

    Haha on the contrary I love it when people spam units at me as its so easy to defeat once you understand combat mechanics and use a balanced force. Go ahead and spam M40s till your blue in the face I will beat you everytime. What I hate is when people claim this unit or this tactic needs to be nurfed just because they do not understand WW fundementals. Combat system works fine as is.
  14. Immel

    List of suggestions that, could better the game.

    Please tell me where in ANY of my posts have you seen me propose a single unit spam to counter M40 spam? How does "Combined Arms" translate into your head to single unit spam? M40 spam cannot be countered effectively by a single unit spammed at it. To effectively counter any type of spamming be it M40 spam or the good old bomber spam it requires Combined Arms. Let me then explain what that means as clearly you are having trouble with it. Combined Arms requires several different units working together as one. There are currently 40 different units in WW all with their unique stats that you can use in various combinations to form a formidable army that can crush ANY type of single unit spam thrown at it. The most popular units at the moment are M40s, Whirbles, Jets and Strats. That makes up of approximately 80% of the units we see on any given BF and accounts for 10% of the existing units in WW. Granted that it is your prerogative to only use a handful of units instead of trying to find synergies between different units and using a combined arms approach. It is far easier to spam M40s instead of creating a balanced army. However that does not mean that spamming M40s is the better option just because it is easier. If you are having trouble countering M40 spam with M40 spam thats hardly surprising. It doesn't mean however that the game is broken and needs to nurf units just because you are not inclined to try something that is more difficult than spamming M40s. Combined arms works if you bother to try it.
  15. Immel

    List of suggestions that, could better the game.

    Yet another horrible idea, how about you take the time to read the proposed solution only 2 posts above yours before spamming us with horrible ideas. M40 spam is very easy to counter with combined arms.