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World Warfare
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  1. Kahners25

    Bugs and Compensation

    So I’m writing because of the issues this game keeps dishing out for the past year; but since October I’ve been having loads of issues!! troops disappearing, the game is closing, MAJOR lag, and worst off enemies can see my troops here and there when they have no scouts to see !!! I’m upset since it seems like every update is making it worse. I’ve been buying gems to compensatethe troops I’m losing so I can quickly get back up and running but it seems pointless if troops are not going to land and they crash due to being rejected from the airports... troops getting stuck on mountain sides and having no way to get them off...troops resetting themselves and not going where I want them to.. I really hope there is developers working on these issues. I’ve been apart of this game from the beginning and this is a entertaining game but I won’t continue to spend money if these issues continue... I lost another army last night due to them not landing when I specified them to a airport... I’m frustrated and sick of it... please get these issues under control... so far in the wet 2 maps I’ve lost150 plus troops and to bring this army functional at its hipe would cost over 30k in amethyst. Now I would expect the developers to compensate the equal amount but what is being offered says to me we thank you for the time and money spent but your loss, oh here is a small amount to get you started!!! They offer only enough to get not even 1/3 back so I ask why can’t we be on board with helping people get back in the game instead of watching them leave the game... sad I’ve seen many friends go because of the issues. I will say this if I spend 30k in amethyst I expect that amount returned as compensation... if you handing 60k in diamonds out to individual players as compensation then wow. I’m upset and am ready to quit if something isn’t said or done and no 5k amethyst doesn’t even begin to cover my losses... 30k doesn’t even get me fully strength where I was. Respond please!!!!!!!
  2. Kahners25

    Halloween Event!

    Ghostbusters / happy Halloween from the hunting grounds
  3. I really think , if the servers can handle it , have 3 optional maps so we can pick and choose battles... A water map will be a nice addition.... Especially in league maps ?
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