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World Warfare
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  1. Here is a suggestion. Make the end conditions for the map clear and consistent. Having a map with no enemy cities drag on and on is annoying. OverlordDW
  2. Thank you for the new map - I loved it! I’d like to play it again. This time with converting LCs at 10+ as advertised. Easy quick access to Gigs which easily fly over the canals really changed it to a ground map. Maybe take airports out of rebel cities in this navy map. A big feature that would take a little work would be to offer a mode with an advanced lobby system. First off this would eliminate the need for leagues to send in scout players. Also if you could discourage alts, that would even be better. (Open up more or all tactics to every player so you dont have to choose between SC and heal? Maybe also downgrade the duration of SC and downgrade the attack value of scouts.) Finally allow a way to set up the map where all the players gather first, can see who is in the lobby and when full and agreed on will start at the same time placed near league mates. It could be an experiment where we as players can manage who all gets setup into a “Throw Down” challenge map. This way we would see right away if any group is stacking the map with players and force a change in balance before it even gets started. If that does not sound like it would work then also have permanent alliances (2 or 3?) organized before the map starts (this would also help rookies). Make it only Silver Leagues and or high level players and up. Could have a separate map instance going for the other lower level people that just fills and starts normally with normal alliance settings. Would help the rookies who get frustrated when a big mature organized league flattens them right away. DW
  3. Just finishing a map - here are my comments. I still like the new maps but I seem to be in the minority. Of all the people in our fairly active league, I was pretty much the only one who was interested in trying Swift Thrust. 18 other accounts joined a blitz map instead. The general assumption is these new maps are still solitare efforts with little interaction between real people. That was true in the map I just played. I think this format is good but needs something to attract more regulars. The battle royale idea above might be on the right track. Other ways to get more participation could be temporary increased rewards for finishing with a high rank. Maybe temporary extra rewards for any league that finishes in the top 3 with a full roster. Other bragging rights could also attract people like medals or special league banners? As for playing the map - changes are needed to encourage more pvp. The rebel cities should not be low hanging fruit for top players. Why would I pick a fight with another league when there is a lv14 gift near me early on? Tie rebel city level progression to something near the average of the top cities of real players. That would also help players catch up who enter the map late. The rebel troops at each city got boring after a while. It could be mixed up and made more difficult for lv10 cities and up. SS cities and troop composition could be tweaked to better match the theme of the map? Also - please make the SS headquarters unit icon smaller. It has always looked silly that huge. I thought rebels were supposed to roam around with armies causing trouble? That could make solitaire play more interesting or create opportunities to attack other (leading?) players as they are also harrased by roaming rebels? Those tweaks may get more interest in the next iteration. Also, don’t open another existing special map near the start of the next Swift Thrust. Thanks for continuing to evolve the game!
  4. I’m interested in playing this map but agree with all of the comments so far. You may cause a rebellion if this replaces the current global war. Please just add it as a new choice - with at least some speed increase. Thanks! DW
  5. Here is a suggestion - don’t close the map earlier than the time it was supposed to be open. Since the announcement we have been putting a team together for a mid day Friday start. Now nothing
  6. I’m sure there are all sorts of fun things that could be added (the map is pretty good as is - thank you). However, before going any further what I’d really like to see is a fix for the *years* old problem of messed up transport capacities! It’s ridiculous that players still have to wrestle with a transport that shows X things in it that don’t add up to the actual capacity of the craft. You really need a sanity check in the code since there are multiple ways this can happen. Please please squash this bug once and for all with some logic that detects and fixes ghost? units that are not really in transports.
  7. This was a great idea! Any feedback? The cool massive experimental armaments from that era have always facinated me. You even have some of the units (artwork) in the game already. If you are filling out / rearranging the units from that nice table by MKv then let us have a few big toys to play with too!
  8. World Warfare Thanksgiving Style! Shoot 'em with Pumpkins! - OverlordDW
  9. The game now always crashes on my iPhone when selecting the notebook. Probably has to do with recent defeat of 4 anti tank units that were not recorded correctly? Player: OverlordDW Battle: 1092509
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