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World Warfare
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  1. Hey worldwarfare developers it is getting very glitchy and servers like to crash or lock us out very often now. I notice that when your troops stop for no reason with out pressing stop. That’s when you know the servers about to go down. 10 minutes later after that glitch. I can’t even get back to the game. I’m stuck in the circle of death(loading spiral thing) and the game doesn’t even load after it’s done loading and won’t take me back to the battlefield. Maybe after 10+ try’s it will send me to main screen and can’t get in battlefield. Also another sickening part is when I send a report to contact us. It takes more then 15+ hours to 3 days before I even get a reply. Or when the field is over which is very annoying and makes me want to quit. Many big players and vets have already called it quits after knowing this app is being abandoned or so I heard... please fix these lock out that keep happening and reply faster on contact us.
  2. Thank you for the bonus rewards here are the list for The CorbuloPact. XknuckleheadX :5500 diamonds - 55000 gold Players ID# 135977 :5500 diamonds - 55000 gold K9Archer :4000 diamonds - 40000 gold RJ1 :4000 diamonds - 40000 gold RUP :4000 diamonds - 40000 gold Militiagen :4000 diamonds - 40000 gold GENBattleSkarz :2000 diamonds - 20000 gold Paulrob1 :1000 diamonds - 10000 gold if there is anything else that you need let me know.
  3. I have been testing the chat fooling around earlier and figured only short sentences or 5 words or less will only work to send. As soon as I confirmed it. I posted in mainscreen and contacted "Contact us" about the issue. Along with other tabs that weren't working. The private chat never works properly but I think when your in the game for 15 minutes + the private chat shows msgs to you but will have to wait for the spiral loading thing to stop and send msgs.( 5words or less) in private chat. Also if it doesn't load. Bring up the keyboard and press any letter. The spiral loading thing will come up and wait for the msgs to load . Like forcing it to load instead of waiting. League chat loads first then global and main screen . Then team chat and last will be private chat. it could be just me but when I'm not in chat and reading the msg in down left corner I only see half row. 2nd row of words is not shown but still see little white tips from letters .. sharing coordinates work most of the times. But it's that spiral loading thing that you have to wait for to stop and send. Hope this helps.
  4. So do I have to post list of names who participated is silver cup? In order to give the rewards to a certain player? Seems that it was changed to all league mates get reward even if they didn't participated. someone correct me please I'd like to know
  5. In my experience in the last tournament was great. Until you meet a league that buys everything, resources, gemming up cities. Gemming a full army after defeating there army, Everything. This kinda thing makes the players depend on gems to do everything. Completely throwing skills and strategy off the table. It's a tournament.. There should be a limit of gem use. besides. It is a war strategy game??. we all gem. But in a tournament should be about skill and strategy. Not who is the best wallet warriors. Where's the Hounor in that ?
  6. Hi. I'm still on maintenance screen and I tried re-installing the game and it didn't work. Still shows the maintenance screen. i have contacted my league mates saying they are playing. So I'm concerned what's happening here and I need to lead my league. Can you help me
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