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  1. Commanders! S10 of tournament is now over, let's take a look at the winners together! Top five leagues in Silver cup: GODz,Killj0ys,WrathofGODz,Cocidius,一國兩制. Top five leagues in Bronze cup: OccupationForce,保定军校,Undeicided,StrongFree2,Novorossiy. Congratulation to all the winning Leagues, we are thrilled to see some new leagues make the list! Thank you all for the support and participation. Top 5 leagues of Bronze Cup, Congratulations on your victory. You have been invited to join Silver Cup next season! Leaders from TOP 5 leagues in Bronze and Silver Cup, please leave your BONUS REWARDS distributing list in the comments below or contact Administrators directly!(Please remember to make your list as soon as possible so we can make the delivery) Champion of Silver Cup can also win a special medal!
  2. I will be here until the issue is solved, it's almost 12 am! We are still in the office.
  3. We have no idea, Apple approved in 5 minutes, but there's definitely something wrong with Google today.
  4. We have no idea, Apple approved in 5 minutes, while it took Google hours...something is definitely wrong.
  5. We are really sorry guys, still waiting for Google, but also working on an alternative plan to fix this issue. Our deepest apologies.
  6. We are all waiting for Google's approval...still nothing, sorry guys.
  7. Sorry to inform you, your planes died, should put them in base before update.
  8. I will land them for you, the issue is that Google still didn't approve our update, that's why we have to wait longer.
  9. Hey, what's your in-game name? I can help you land the planes.
  10. Sorry guys, the maintenance is extended due to some technical issue.
  11. Commander, We are deeply sorry for the inconvenience! After 23 hours, we finally got the approval from Google. The app is now available in Google Play Store now. Android users, please go to the store to get the latest version. https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.joycrafter.worldwarfare.gp What's new: Improve medium tanks, they now have more HP and higher attack power! Improved Patton and Montgomery, they now provide better bonuses Officers Guderian, Rommel and Carius improved Fixed a bug where some Battlefield Tech caused health loss Fixed some bugs on the Command Queue Fixed a bug where turrets would not auto-attack Commandos spotted by Jeeps Fixed a bug where the Battlefield Tech “Improved Logistics” did not apply to new bombers
  12. Maybe check a little later, sorry we don't have control over the curreny rate, we have to follow Google's policy.
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