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World Warfare
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  1. Great post, Snake. People who don't understand the nuances of this game or take the time to figure out how to counter something are the people who will complain that this or that is over/under powered. This will start with crying for nerfs/buffs and end with the devs ruining the game by making too many large changes.
  2. I just don't like waiting. ?
  3. Jamz

    Resetting tactics.

    Thanks for the answer. I don't like it, but thanks.
  4. Don't rely on the mods. If someone is trash talking or being disrespectful in chat, handle it yourself. Click on their name, click view capitol, engage them until they surrender = no more chat issues.
  5. Jamz

    Resetting tactics.

    I am trying to reset my tactics and, when I click the button to reset, it shows it costs 600 amethyst. However, when I click to proceed it tells me I don't have enough gems and asks me to reload. I have plenty of amethyst, but only a hair over 500 gems at the moment. Is this a bug or a display issue? It seems to me 600 amethyst should be plenty for a tactic reset and 600 gems too much. Let me know please. Thanks!
  6. Jamz

    Veterans Day Event! 

    Received this after our deployment in the early 90's. 632nd MC, 24th CSG Ft. Stewart, GA I'll try and scan some photos in soon. IGN: Jamz
  7. Very well said, Snake. So much more fun this way.
  8. Jamz

    Halloween Event!

    My son and his fiancé. IGN: Jamz
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