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World Warfare
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  1. N0ble

    Best Moments.

    My son told me about the game. Said it was a simple game you could check in build some stuff and leave it for 10 minutes. 2000 hours later, he was pretty wrong. We fought against zestypotato but I never friended him so I don’t know if he’s still around. He attacked my city with Maus and I had no idea how to get them.
  2. N0ble

    Troops disappeared

    I sent my troops on a trip and went add the next leg but they are invisible. I can pick them in the list on the left but it centers on an empty screen. Tried killing the app and reloading. But nothing works
  3. N0ble

    Giants with ghost troops

    Gigants are empty, but showing 7-15 troop loads limiting what I can load in the planes.
  4. Thanks. That’s a pain the capital is so far away from the attacks
  5. I have researched both c47 and gigant chaff but it is not available. See images
  6. Is there a master list of all the available bf tech and it effects. I tend to randomly flip through to find something, also so is there another way to engage unit buffs (sweeping fire) on all units of that type or do you have to select every piece and engage it?
  7. Cookout and fireworks IGN. N0ble
  8. Have the discounts to troop costs been applied? I'm not seeing stugs cost any less.
  9. In battlefield 1094490, we had 2 league cities and captured a third but have the objective up for owning 3 league cities. Please give us the rewards for that. KobraKommand is the league
  10. N0ble

    Cannot load game

    I get a lost connection error every time I try to load the game. It gets past the loading assets and even shows the main lobby but loading the bf causes a crash on both iPhone and iPad.
  11. Can't get past the loading screen. The attached error comes up. Repeatedly. It is after loading assets bar has completed. The main lobby flashes in then crashes
  12. Would it be possible to allow set table and or moveable waypoints for movements? Say I want to avoid that village that I haven't capped yet or sail around a non friendly harbor
  13. N0ble

    Balance Changes

    Not really related to balance but I thought this would be nice to add. allow an option to automatically produce supplies at a selectable rate, perhaps for a higher cost but allowing the supply factory to produce like the other resource tiles do. also, all repeatable league city transportations, say once an hour I send 100 steel to a certain league city for example.
  14. N0ble

    Balance Changes

    I think the game is mostly balanced. I would like like to see escort ability for recon, fighters, and ships. Allow them to stay a certain distance from the selected unit @Snake Eater makes excellent points about the strengths and weaknesses of The units. I think that's what makes this game fun..
  15. In bf 1093644, I have 5 personal transport planes that have been circling the league city for about 9 hours. I think it's because I lost the origination city before they arrived because a similar situation happened when I sent supplies from a city to another.
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