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World Warfare
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  1. Patton is my favorite. Adding Rommel, Bradley, and Montgomery would be my suggestion.
  2. I hear you there! As a sysadmin for over 20 years, maintenance can be a nightmare. In corporate environments you start early on Saturday mornings and pray you are finished by Monday.
  3. But this isn't a current war we are playing. Think WWII
  4. In real life, artillery and anti tank guns were pulled by trucks which made them able to move much faster. Before they move, why not have a short delay, such as planes before landing, and then transition them into higher speeds or into trucks hauling them?
  5. My grandpa was in the 82nd Airborne and went in to France on a glider before D-Day. He told us that he lost some friends because a general had a thick piece of metal installed in the glider to keep him from getting hit by AA. Well, as soon as the pull plane released them, they went into a nose dive. Killed everyone. patton71
  6. Patton71

    Balance Changes

    I think anti-tank guns should do damage to more than just tanks. Level 1 sniper towers that are able to withstand multiple bombers for a good while is just wrong
  7. Happy birthday and thanks for the hundreds of hours and dollars spent playing! I love this game!
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