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World Warfare
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  1. KoolGrape

    Easter Day Event

    Spending time with family Koolgrape
  2. KoolGrape

    Women's Day Event

    Koolgrape made breakfast in bed and took kids out so she could relax
  3. My point is the dev’s ask for our opinion then completely ignore it. This is just further proof this poll is a biased joke.
  4. How come the game speed is changing to 1x when 2x has the majority of votes and the vote is still open?
  5. This poll is biased and created to cater towards a few people that are loud in the community about these specific issues. The questions and answers that are presented are made to push people to a certain answer or type of play. It is disgusting that this forum can be used to push a select group’s views on how this game should be. This is war propaganda at it’s best.
  6. A couple ideas to get new players and improve quality of life in game make an advertisement competition within the community to promote WW. Make it so the winner gets a free officer or two for example. Something really good so it is more enticing and more likely to get serious entries. Depending on how the game is advertised, you could have banner ad competitions and even video competitions depending on what content is needed increasing gold rewards for maps and adding more secondary mission gold rewards. This would benefit the new players to be able to upgrade their troops faster and to catch up with the long time players. Long Time players can get some relief for the high costs to continue to upgrade and researc
  7. KoolGrape

    Christmas Moments

    From MattyxxxIce merry Christmas! IGN: Mellx Merry Christmas
  8. KoolGrape

    Halloween Moments

    From IGN MattyxxxIce
  9. Not sure if these have been mentioned, but here they are anyway: be able to transport population from cities. Could even make it so there is a percentage of population lost in transit when you select a large group of multiple units of multiple types, would be nice to click on one of the types and that shows each unit of that type. formation settings for units to stay in formation when moving. Giving two or more orders to a unit for them to follow, for example tell scout to move from current location to 90,76 then 90, 85. repeat transportations to LC Load troops into alliance cities notifications going to all devices attached to account. Currently using two devices, tablet and phone. Only receive notifications on last used device now Optional push notification for when an upgrade, construction, or production has been completed
  10. Couple things Meant to add in to last message... How many members will each league be allowed to bring? What, if any, would the reward for the winning team be? Badges are nice for bragging rights, diamonds are useful, maybe even a free officer of their choice. Just spitballing ideas. It would be cool to see this concept continue, maybe a semi annual or quarterly event. I am sure the losing side will want a rematch. Which brings me to next question Who will pick the teams? Or how will they be picked? It will be very interesting to see how leagues that may have never even been in the same field together will work with eachother. Or the other way, leagues with bad history having to work together lol excited to see how this turns out
  11. I think this is a great idea. Would be a lot of fun. Thanks for getting this going and giving a well advanced notification.
  12. Very excited and eager to see the new changes! It'll be a whole new level of teamwork Maybe I missed it, but do you have an approximate time the update will be?
  13. I agree with Mkv about the slot limit. I would be reluctant to buy any of these due to this, maybe Harold, but at what cost in addition to the $20 sale price also, a very valid point of the TD's not being available till later in the game, and needing to level the officer to get full effects takes up time. By the time TD's are available I don't need them as much, but I like the effort to make, in my opinion a less used unit, more valuable with significant stat increases. Harold Alexander would be useful, but expensive and again what officer will I have to give up for him? I would buy him if less increase to ammo and more increase to range Heinz Guderian, not very big increases, expensive, seems like it would useful for tournament with the tank rewards, would rather have decrease in forced march time than the fuel increase, would rather have larger HP increases than attack increases Omar Bradley seems like it would only be useful for cap stealing or other paradropping purposes, so promoting cap stealing which means having to gem pacification more, means more money to have to spend to combat it. i get it you guys need to make money, it is not a charity game, but I do not see it being invested back into the game. For example my chat is still jacked up and There has to be better servers that can calculate damage more accurately too.
  14. Mods have any input as to what is happening?
  15. Ace troops should get special attributes. Now they get a name instead of a number, which is not really much to strive for. Maybe extra health or speed. A different skin for an ace troop would be cool too. Think it would bring a lot to the game when commanders try to keep troops alive to get them to the ace level
  16. KoolGrape

    Halloween Event!

    Carving pumpkins while trying not to eat all the candy IGN: Koolgrape
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