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World Warfare
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  1. Yes TDF is amazing with naval units, that being said I still believe naval tombs underpowered in the game. But just my opinion. Rotf!!! What snake run his planes out of fuel??? ?????
  2. I agree, random drop ins by mods would help a lot in this aspect. But I honestly believe much of the policing could be done by the respectable players I. The leagues. Simply by not responding to such trolls but granting and allowing no quarter to those players or leagues and making sure they are punished by being rapidly and expoditiously removed from any map they enter. Just my thoughts personally
  3. I agree, other games I have played have rooms in Line and Group Me, just for matching up teams in battles. Definitely keeps it more fun.
  4. JJ and all others brilliant ideas! If you know how to record a battle let me know.
  5. Just want to give high praise for Lily and how she represents in the Line ap chat room! She's fun, friendly but also professional and takes the concerns and even minor venting of players seriously and is always willing to help. Shes not the only one with this company like that either. It is obviously a culture and is great to see! Thank K you all and amazing job Lily!
  6. Yes! Please please bring this map back! Not only do I want to play ot but can't wait to see TDF run her beast of a naval fleet in it :))
  7. DaddyoWolf

    Losing troops

    I think you are correct waffles, at my work my wifi often tries to switch between the different ones and this causes many myriad of issues for me. Solid static signal in a game that at times moves as fast as this with so many different players is a must. I imagine this is a much more complex game as far as keeping track of players movements in contrast to foes movements than any other I have played at least.
  8. As you can tell by the shear volume of responses....no one know lol
  9. Too right mate! Th goals need to be looked at for sure. Your right on thoebleing but even the "produce 5 sherman tank" or whatever it is, I'm on units far past that and have o need for Sherman's at that point.
  10. DaddyoWolf


    Has something changed recently with turret targeting? Does not appear to be as anti air focused as previously? Anyone else notice this or know if their priorities have changed?
  11. DaddyoWolf

    Grudge matches

    I know this has been brought up before. But would like to see a feature for league be league grudge matches. You could easily use the current cup map for 36 player matches or the isles map for bigger multi League matches. It would require someone to start it, list number of leagues and set team size and then invite the leagues desired to the match. Possibly even have a diamonds use on/off or limit per player setting. The programming part of this feature might be more complex than it seems to me but think it could add great fun to the game. would love to hear others thoughts on this.
  12. Thanks Jane, can't wait to get to play it to its fullest!
  13. Ok so full disclosure....in silver cup my first time ever....only been in the game maybe 6 weeks?!? Check my join date to here will be about right. so got my backside plastered by GODZ, cheers for them they did a right good job of it. I spent honestly about 11k give or take in the first 24h (less time as I joined late and was playing catch up) but they had far more and too much skill and strength for me. Gives me reason to doubt my earlier comments about spending caps but still want the game profitable. Dont want to take anything away from GODZ, you can't just pull out a CC and even number 1. It still takes the time effort and work, just makes things faster and easier and I am a small spender myself lol
  14. Amen brother and pass a beer this way!
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