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  1. Jane

    New Year Event!

    Hey, commanders! The countdown to the New Year is on - and so is the countdown to something else that'll bring honor to our leagues---Tournament! Tournament S4 will open at 22:00 on Jan. 13th UTC. Are you ready for the holiday season? Crack a cold beer/Coca Cola open and immerse yourself into an epic fight! Participate in our special Event, show off your Holiday spirit and earn a reward! Duration: Jan.1st-Jan4th PST Rewards: 1000 Amethysts To Participate: - Post pictures showing off your New Year moments. It could be pictures of you watching New Year's Eve fireworks, enjoying a big party, or you lying on the couch and playing WW with your buddies... Tell us about your New Year comment. -Share us your New Year wishes related to our game. - Remember to leave your commander name in the comments. Notice: - Reward will be sent within 24 hours after this event ends.
  2. Jane

    YouTube Video Event! (Updated)

    Commanders, Check it out! One GM recorded an epic naval battle of Cocidius Vs WolfPack in Isle of War. Can you record a better one? Record your battle and join the Event! Here comes YouTube Video Event! Event Duration: 10/25-11/25 UTC Description: There are intense and epic battles going on in battlefields all the time. Are you always curious about what is happening on other fields? Do you want to show it to others when you're in an epic fight? Then record the battles and share it away! Rewards: -Player whose video get the most views(≥600 views is a must) will get 10,000 Diamonds+a special Medal! -Players whose videos get the second and third most views(≥600 views is a must)will get 5000 Diamonds! -All participants will get 1000 Amethysts! -Excellent videos will be publicized in our Fan page. Special medals: To Participate: -Record your battles, edit the videos and add your commentary on them to make them as creative and appealing as you can. Upload them to YouTube. (Use Airshou, Mobizen or any other app to record your gameplay) -Leave links of your videos and your commander name as comment. For Android users, please open your Play Games. And they you can see the function of "Record Gameply". Note: -One commander can only get rewards ONCE. -1000 Amethysts will be send out within 48 hours once you leave links and commander name below. Thanks to JaiJaiFerDayzz for his brilliant ideas!
  3. Jane

    Creative Video

    Hi guys, Commander MkV made a mini-movie shot for us! It's really creative! Enjoy it and feel free to share it away! You can find his YouTube channel by searching "mefaircloth2". The original link is: https://youtu.be/3M0n-DtErec Thanks to commander MkV for this excellent video!
  4. Commanders, In the tournament, a player can repeat demolishing his city and then respawn with an 8-hour shield again and again. This way he is able to keep his and league mates' troops safe. This can't impact the final result but is annoying enough and makes tourney less fun. We have been considering how to adjust this mechanism to stop this "strategy" in tournament. Any ideas?
  5. Jane

    Attack Range!

    Commanders, Do you know the range of all your troops? Which units can destroy a lv.1 turret without taking in any damage?
  6. Jane

    Consolidate the Names?

    Commanders, Now armament name is different from the unit name. Should we consolidate the names so they will be the same? Let us know your thoughts on this! Armament Names: Unit Names:
  7. Jane

    Isles of War Coming!

    Commanders: We have received great feedback about the new map-Isles of War. Lots of commanders are eager to play it again. Here is a great news: "Isles of War" will be open again this Wednesday morning(Around 10 am on Oct.19th UTC). The entry will stay open until the end of this month. Please gather your brothers and spread the words!
  8. Jane

    LC Permissions?!

    Dear Commanders, Recently we have received some feedback on Putting Permissions on LC as well as Improving Leagues Logs. Have you ever encountered following internal issues? How does your league deal with it? GettyUp There currently is no way to give the production and distribution power to an appointed LC manager and their alternate. We generally have 3 - 5 LC's cooking arms & upgrading after the second day in a bf, but it is always on the "honor" system. I would like to see a rule change that permits only appointed managers and their alternate to have the power to actually control the LC they are managing. Currently, my officers spend far too much time trying to keep up to 20 players from stealing and making Armaments without regard to the team's needs. A rule's change in this direction would be a huge step forward to restoring harmony back to our members again." FaceManPeck "As far as the permissions; I posted my request on the forums under suggestions. The problem that a lot of growing leagues have is internal. Building armaments, then having to step away for a bit only to return to those same armaments being gone. We know other members took them but the league logs do not show it. The problem is a pretty big one as it prevents us from taking any disciplinary action because we can’t see it, thus proving it in the logs. Simple fix would be placing permissions on LC's so either the CINC or player who converted can control the LC as well as who builds there." surya "I am very unhappy. Few players are sending insufficient resources to LC, this makes every player can't take armaments from LC. Only LC managers sending armaments to players’ main city. I request plz make LC ranking who are send how much resources and how much he used to get armaments. I am sure this happens in every league if not that's good. My idea is as shown in pic. Thanks" Thanks to GettyUp, FaceManPeck, surya and anyone who helped us be aware of this issue! What’s your opinion? Feel free to cast your vote and join our discussion! We can come up with a best solution and make it happen in future version! If you want league logs to be improved, feel free to share us picture showing how you would like it be!
  9. Jane

    New Officers of May

    I will remind our designers of this!
  10. Jane

    Consolidate the Names?

    Thanks King. We have already suggested designers find ways to solve this. What do you think of adding a CD for each request to the same league, 5 minutes for example?
  11. Commanders, The server will go down for maintenance at 8 am UTC (1 am PDT) on May 3rd. We expect the maintenance to end at approximately 9:30 am UTC (2:30 am PDT). Keep your troops safe before you log out. Update our game when the maintenance completes. Thank you. What's New: -Officers gain XP even when not deployed. -League resource logs become undeletable now. -Adjusted time needed to convert back a LC to 30 minutes from 3 minutes. -Daily Login icon in Battlefield will disappear once the reward is claimed. -Added more national flags as league badge. Bug-fixes: -Fix a bug where officers impact units they are not supposed to. -Fix a bug where you can respawn at Lv.7 rebel city. -Fix a bug where you can still join Cadet battlefield after surpassing the designated game time(10 hours).
  12. Hey. Can you tell me what makes grouping troops inconvenient? Any advice?
  13. Jane


    We have removed Login Reward icon from BF. Daily Login icon is supposed to disappear once we have claimed the reward. IT support has fixed it and we will update it in coming developing version. Sorry for the trouble man. We will keep finding ways to offer better game experience.
  14. Jane

    New Officers of April

    Hi Bush. Thanks for your report! Yeah, we have been aware of the issue you mentioned and will fix it in upcoming developing version.
  15. Dear Commanders, The new update (version v1.0.33) is available, so please be sure to download it from the app store! Let's take a look at the new content. -Unit changes: Some of the weakest units have received a modest boost to their ability to survive which to ensure that they are a more viable investment when compared to hardier units: Katyusha now has +200 Defense 40mm Bofors AA Gun now has +200 Defense, +20% HP M101 105mm Howitzer now has +200 Defense -Added tips for all available items in Daily Login: When you press down on each reward you are able to see the details. -Improvement on icons in BF: The Login Gift icon has been removed from the BF. The Daily Login icon in BF will disappear once the reward has been collected. (There is currently an existing bug causing this icon to reappear on the battlefield screen, after having received your daily reward. We should have this fixed in the next update!) This has become a problematic challenge in the heat of a battle! We hope this adjustment can help and we will continue to improve the game in future versions. -Open Isles of War: Entry has opened up starting April 13th and ending on May 2nd! -Season Rewards: Season Rewards from the Tournament have now been sent out once the maintenance was completed! -New Officers:
  16. Jane

    New Officers of April

    Thanks MkV. Will surely have product team hear your voice!!! Thanks for offering feedback on these new officers! Will surely get it forwarded. Also, can you share more details about the chat system? Hi Bush. Thanks for your support. Daily Login is a start. I will forward your suggest and see what else we can do. Our developers are cautious on offering ads in game cause that may push our players to other games. lol
  17. Jane

    LC Permissions?!

    Thanks. Actually I am thinking that we can display ranking lists with resources donation & resource or armament taken. Can I ask why is displaying each LC important?
  18. Jane

    LC Permissions?!

    We plan to improve it in stages: First, make league Resources logs undeletable. (Resources log records resources distribution.) Second, add another log page showing cumulative Resource donation & Armament Taken of each member. (To be determined. ) Third, add another option that League leader can give the production and distribution power to either each member or only CINC & Staff Officers. This is an addtional improvement. By default each member has the access. I think we have the same mind on #1 & #3. But I am not sure about #2. Is it sufficient? If you have mature ideas on #2, feel free to show us a picture about it! Better not too complicated or it will be difficult to make it happen. Thanks everyone for sharing your thoughts!!!
  19. Jane

    LC Permissions?!

    Hi lggy. I agree all you mentioned. Don't want to ask too much. But can you share with me what the log page with Quartermaster looks like in your mind? Thanks!
  20. Jane

    Too much stuff on the screen

    Yeah. Our artist also suggested that we can make them closer to each other to save more space. Will discuss with engineer to make it happen in future version.
  21. Jane

    Too much stuff on the screen

    Hi MkV.Already been aware of this issue. Actually for guest players, there is a Connect Gift icon. In the coming version on April 13th, the Connect Gift icon will be removed from BF. Daily Login icon in BF will also disappear once we has collected the reward. Hope it can be of little help.
  22. Jane

    LC Permissions?!

    Being first! lol
  23. Jane

    Public Kik Group

    Thanks Saladin! You are also welcomed to join our group there! PM your kik ID and I will invite you! Better not put Kik code on forums or Facebook in case random people jumping in. It happened so I have to recreate our group.
  24. Jane

    City Building Tutorial Video

    I really like the idea of "sneak peeks" day. Will ask devs if we can also do that to reveal the patch notes of scheduled update days ago! Thanks for sharing lggy!