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World Warfare
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  1. Sunsy


    The team has another chat but we have a guy who won't shut up so people have it muted
  2. Sunsy

    Disappearing troops

    Rn Russ what I need fixed for that to happen is to have u get on my account and fix my account Then I'll show u Like seriously please fix my chat And your free to use my account at any time
  3. Sunsy


    For the moderators and everyone ....is there a problem with chats I can't connect since the new update not at all
  4. I'm never quitting this game it's a great game it has great animation great quality good community fast paced life like (ish) and is updated frequently great moderators great agents smart devs great forums great notification of updates .....must I go on?
  5. I prob already responded to this but eh what the heck I just was skimming the strategy game category on App Store and it happened to be the 60th one(this is good) and it looked really interesting!
  6. Russel plz go ask Veronica how many times I've told her this and bugged here about it I've been saying this forever the devs have implemented the slot on the tech tree for how much damage this unit does vs subs(no actual damage readings) if we could get some pictures of some submarines I'm pretty sure that'd help the devs get them done.......SPAM THEM WITHS SUBS
  7. Diva I've told him these already like 6 times lol smart minds think alike ?
  8. It seems all cool but I really don't have the money to pay for officers so will there be any events that I can possibly obtain one from also I love how mov told the guy it wasn't a scam and he yells back he missed that one
  9. Sunsy

    Disappearing troops

    They've made the tanks usable its now just a visual glitch and russel exactly what u said yesterday I had a dev run thripought my accountnit was funny when I got back on cause I had went to eat and forgot all about him and was like wtf happened! but yea russel Jane any of the staff if u need someone's account msg me and I'll get back to u soon as I can yesterday was about a glitch with the group chats were it says people in your battlefield aren't in it instead of allied neutral or hostile Sincerely Sunsy
  10. Sunsy

    New maps

    The map is all of Europe and part of Asia and Africa
  11. Sunsy

    Disappearing troops

    No sry it not plausible to do cause it's immediate I've seen this happen mostly to infantry and transports it seems it may also happen because the transports are inside of eachother (I can't confirm any of these answers they are just possibilitys) so try to keep the more separated for long flights
  12. Sunsy

    Disappearing troops

    Don't switch cords swiftly with some having a bunch of troops and another I've seen that happen before
  13. Okay I have a challenge for people , the Russians were known in WWI and WWII to charge objectives with massive infantry charges ,they used tanks like t-34's and M26 Pershing's and also katushka rocket trucks but because of the massive land area of the country they hand thousands of foot soldiers ,the men would charge in to battle and would not reatreat and if they did they faced being shot. So I'm going to cut to the chase here , basically I've been trying to have infantry battles with two players(not the league ) they are N1CK####(can't remember the #'s) and MrMinyMe## , this battle I'm in right now which ends today me and nick decided to try to attack a SS hq with t34s ,Pershing's and katuskas(we may also bring aa and jets cause bombers will ruin the fun) and infantry and I mean a ton of infantry , so I challenge all of the people who play this game to try this challenge and post photos of the fight and also if u thought it was fun and the results. Below are the units u may use(it's really optional ) 3 to 4 M26 Pershing's(found in commercial center for blue gems) 5 to 8 t-34s (found in commercial center for blue gems) 5-10 katuskas (gotten from a league city monument which unlocks lvl 6 arms factory) 3-4 mobile aa (anything to kill the bombers(this is completely your choice it would be annoying for the bombers to wipe ur infantry))(found in league city's) 1-5 transports gigs(giant transports) if u are not very close to the hq( found in league city's) As much infantry as u can get if u prepare this from the beggining I'd say expand your infantry first Also bring allies if u want as many as possible but make sure you have those troops overall not for each member Thanks guys props to Miny and Nick Thx for reading and if you try the challenge good luck P.S. if u see me in the game when u attemp this and you show me it and you conquer at least half the base I will award you a city possible and will edit this post to say whose completed it.
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