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World Warfare
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  1. MightyQuinn

    League battle

    I have tried getting us in 3 times and stops queueing after some time
  2. MightyQuinn

    League battle

    Can't get in league battle it keeps queueing
  3. MightyQuinn


    Great idea I was thinking same thing this is why I use so much air shorter travel time back or to next target
  4. MightyQuinn

    Paying for diamond

    Hey when I pay 29 bucks for diamonds do I get 6000 daily for 30days or what?
  5. This doesn't make sense, because if your on same fraction you can't attack each other that's I'm aware of.
  6. They are great in certain situations like if there's a base right next to shore or tiger tank next to shore in. You can send them there and let loose, and go on to do other things while your ships destroy your target.
  7. I suggest that fraction symbols be but beside each person in battlefield chat, so there isn't any confusion on who's on which side. I see a lot of players asking what side your on in order to recruit them, this would just make it more simple.
  8. They are exactly right.
  9. When I'm attacking a base with artillery every time rebel tanks appear the arts automatically target the rebels and stops attacking the base! What should have taken me 30 mins ended up taken forever because of the rebel tanks! There should be away to lock the arts to attack only what u want it to.
  10. Would be nice to be able to upload our own picture we want to use for the league instead of the choices we have, and make it more noticeable on battlefield.
  11. MightyQuinn


    He was in my league and I'm very active, but we got it straightened out he on the battlefield with me now back in the league. Thanks fellas!
  12. You could if u only planned on taking one tiger and waiting all day for your trans to go back to your base. Instead my way I can take 6 tigers in a row without having to return to base which I have done.
  13. Does the AAs fire at ground units? And at the moment I'm using 11 lvl5 bombers so it goes quick.
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