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World Warfare
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  1. Nonhuman

    One Year Anniversary Event

    Want something more...
  2. Nonhuman

    I have a problem.

    Wow, I've seen this before! I told the guy that it looks like a ship.
  3. Nonhuman

    Update warning

    I am talking about always.
  4. Nonhuman

    Supplies Needed when reloading

    Tactical upgrades are located in tactics section, right where you use tactics, such as scout plane, paratroopers.
  5. Nonhuman

    New Version Coming!

  6. Nonhuman

    Supplies Needed when reloading

    Look at your tactical upgrades, newbie.
  7. Nonhuman

    New maps to be added

    That is the point! Who wants to know when you are planning to attack someone, and they know it!
  8. Nonhuman

    Battlefield Length

    I think personally that battlefield should last longer. On the last battlefield I encountered that I was the awesomely guy on the battlefield. Then, because I am working, and the rule is, no phones on work, I can't just attack real fast. So, during the takeover of the 5th city, I had captured it, but stupid ranking system was slow and has not moved me up. So I stayed 20th.
  9. Nonhuman

    Suggestions for next update

    Nah, if I would be talking to other Ukrainian or Russian leagues, on Russian and discussing what we are going to do to kill the other allies, what is the point?!
  10. Nonhuman

    Update warning

    Yeah, I am playing a whole night, until 2 am. Then they report and say that there is a clean up and I need to hide my troops. Which happens an 5 am.
  11. Nonhuman

    We should have different types of battlefields

    Nah, boring!.. Next!
  12. Nonhuman

    Value of Allies

    Sorry, sorry everyone! Just let my thoughts out a little bit!
  13. Nonhuman

    Value of Allies

    Yes! My league is on the table! Yes! This can't be true! Yes!
  14. Nonhuman

    Losing troops

    The connection is perfect, I have been playing for under its roof for a year! I had to reload the game by the way.
  15. Nonhuman

    [Question] What is a Blueprint?

    Never have seen this... nice picture though.