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    There are nothing wrong with life saving tatic. The issue is that people have multiple alternatives and sub league. Fix the real problem pls instead of ruin the game experience. Also how about fixing the shield cooldown issue.
  2. 6 points
    I’ve been playing this game for about 3 yrs now and people have begun to make 5-10 Alternate accounts in order to rack up their tactical cards and rss. It’s basically cheating when you’re unable to destroy one army because they have 100 heals available. If we could make tactics only work for your league mates I believe it will greatly improve and equal out this game. Make the tactics only work for your league mates and this will definitely make those with 5-10 Alts every field be on a more even playing field.
  3. 5 points
    I think the issue goes a bit further than Lifesaving or the alts.. I think its the diplomacy system. There should be no way to ally 1/2 the map. (Or in one case vs Wefew ALL the map) The proposal of making it league mates only is a 1/2 measure. The large leagues will still have an advantage over the small leagues, and not all alts are in separate leagues. I'd rather see The Diplomacy changed (I know its much harder to do) Something like 20 is the max. one league of 20, or one alliance of up to 20. (maybe the alliance of 20 isn't the right number, It could be 25 or 30, I'm not sure) If that's not an option, I'd leave it alone. If it has to be changed, Leave the heal at 30% and make it leagues mates only.
  4. 5 points
    the effect of this card should be extended to the whole territory of the city, otherwise the card to increase the resources is useless.
  5. 4 points
    Recently the cooldown period preventing people from spamming and stacking shields was removed. The result is we are back to shield abuse, in my cureent BF there is a city shielded for more than 24 consecutive hours without it ever dropping. I know because I set a timer and check everytime its due to expire. This is BEYOND broken can you please reenstate some sort of cool down lest we forget this is a WARGAME and at some point WAR should ensue. Otherwise please change the name of the app to ShieldWarfare that way it will stop being misleading for people that want to wage war.
  6. 4 points
    a useful advice to improve the game would be to modify or change this card. this card is useless, nobody uses it.
  7. 3 points
    Commanders, In a previous post, I went over the effects of Defense and how it reduces incoming damage: http://www.worldwarfare.com/topic/1735-what-does-defense-do-explained/ The purpose of this post is to simplify some of the math and give you a different way to look at the effects of Defense: Every 10 points of Defense require that a Unit take 1% more of its maximum health in damage to be killed. For example, if you increased a Unit's Defense by 1,000, you are effectively increasing its health by 100%. That's it! This is the simplest way to think of Defense without getting into the math. If you're interested in more detail, look below: Let's call the Health of a Unit after factoring in Defense Effective Health. The formula is as follows: Effective Health = (1+Defense/1,000) x Health For example, a Sherman Tank has the following basic stats (without any upgrades): Health: 4,567 Defense: 1,200 using the formula: (1+1,200/1,000)x 4,567=10,048 HP Yes, a Sherman Tank's Effective Health is more than double its regular health! Another example: The Cannoneer Tech "Camouflaged Guns" gives your Rocket Launcher, Artillery and Self-Propelled Artillery 250 Defense vs. Bombers when maxed. This means that in effect those units would have 25% more HP when attacked by Bombers. I hope this gives you another tool to look at the effects of Defense. Thank you for reading!
  8. 3 points
    You're all wrong! Any decision that is made will not change the situation. You forgot about the main reason and the problem in the game - these are alternative accounts. The only way to resolve the issue is to link accounts to phone numbers. But this does not solve the problem! The main problem is that the developers have ceased to develop a game! Developers should monitor, identify and ban alternative accounts. For the entire game, no account has been blocked, in online games this can not be! What the Chinese did on the cup, too, is not punished! And all the mistakes in the game are connected with the cup. Cup passed, errors will soon disappear. Developers have long made a decision for you, and the survey was created to show visibility. They need money, the game does not develop, the players leave, the game dies on the sly. The game is hacked by the Chinese, or the developers help them with stones 100% and this fact is proved. I encourage developers to start struggling with alternative accounts. and do not reinvent the wheel, which is already there and working properly. If you do not improve the game and advertise it, then it will die. The fact that the players are leaving the game everyone knows and the fault in this is the developer's indifference. I'm against this poll, because the developers are ruining the game.
  9. 3 points
    Once again instead of taking the time to properly analyze what it is people are complaining about, to really understand the issues behind what is being vocalized we have already decided on a probable course of action that will do NOTHING to solve the real issue. I think its important that we take them time to really break it down to understand the problem and find a proper solution. Complaint: People are saying Self healing is OP Analysis: Why are people saying Self healing is OP? Because between nearly equal forces facing off on the battlefield and equal knowledge of the game mechanics by the players, combat victory or defeat is determined by which side has more heals. This is the tactic also known as heal spam. This is one of the main reasons why there are SOOOOOOOOOO many alts leagues and alt accounts in the community, to ensure a virtually unlimited supply of heals to the Main leagues and players. Proposed solutions: There are basically two proposed solutions to discuss as the 3rd is the combination of two and none of them are adequate. 1. Nurf the heal tactic from 30% hp restoration to x<30%: This solution does NOTHING to resolve the main problem of heal spam no matter to what x% you lower the hp restoration. People will simply create more alt accounts to compensate. 2. Restrict the pool from which the heal spammers can draw heals from: This solution on paper seems better than the first one but its just as ineffective at dealing with the real issue. People will simply ensure that 75%-80% of the accounts in a BF have the heal tactic. As I said earlier all that does is restrict how many heals each league has to draw on it does NOTHING to stop the heal spam. It does NOTHING to address alt accounts as people will simply bring them into the same league as their main account instead of leaving them in the alt league. More importantly battles will still be decided by how many heals you have on hand mainly how many active members and active alt accounts you have on hand, during the time of the battle, compared to the guy you are fighting. There is no strategy involved in this lest we forget this is a strategy simulation. What can be a REAL solution to alleviate the heal spam tactic keep in mind I am not a programmer I don't know how hard or easy this is to implement that is why I offer three possibilities. I guarantee any one of them or more combined together will solve the heal spam phenomenon once and for all. 1. In a given time period say 1 hour decrease the effectiveness of every successive heal dropped; so first heal 30% hp restoration, 2nd heal 10% hp restoration, 3rd heal 2% hp restoration and so on till the value is 0 2. Instead of 30% hp restoration of the unit's total HP make it 30% hp restoration of the unit's remaining HP 3. Instead of 30% hp restoration for all units in a 200 range radius, make it the 30% hp restoration total spread out according to how may units are in the 200 range radius; meaning 10 units getting healed only get 3% hp restoration. Voila no more heal spam, goodness gracious maybe people will actually have to use some gray matter instead of trying to SPAM things like tactics and units.
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    It has been an honor and pleasure fighting with all of you over the past few years. Weve kicked some serious ass and won against all olds. I formed the league luckystrikes when this game was in the early stages of development. I have seen it grow and change. For the better and worse. And its the worse part that is what has made me decide to stop playing and retire luckystrikes from the game. I will miss you all and i thank you so much. But paying to win or paying just to keep up with others is no longer worth it to me. I have other joys and loves in life and wwf is not going to take any more time from me. Or should you let it. It was a great game in the beginning before all the dumb generals and purple gems and blue gems and gold coins and this and that hot sale, and alt 15 alt accounts. But now its very plain to see that if you dont spend money, and a lot of it, you will be left far behind. Or if you dont spend gobs of money, your time will be wasted on enemies that will gem to no end. Gone are the days of real strategy. Anyhow, luckystrikes will be disbanded and nothing but love goes out to all my players that have sacrificed soo many sleepless nights playing for the win. Thanks again. Capt out for the last time.
  11. 3 points
    I personally hate to see any one leave, but its a game and everyone has to make their own choices. As to the reasons why people are leaving, that's what I'd like to comment on. The whole "Pay to Win" argument doesn't hold water with me. Yes, generals cost money and they help, but they aren't an auto win button. WeFew plays one game a month and yes, we have generals, but we ALSO play other games on alts that don't have all of the the generals/gold/gems, and we do just fine. (and FYI we never enter with more than 10 in WeFew, and fewer than that with our alts.) If you are losing and you are blaming the other guy, or gems, or generals, or whatever, I.M.O. you are doing yourself a disservice. You're far better off self examining to determine the cause of the loss instead of blaming others. The fact is, too many players rely on numbers to win. It's why there are Leagues/sister leagues/permanent alliances and all that other "I suck at this game B.S" that pads stats but creates bad players. EVERYTHING in this game has counters, including gemming. And if alts and alt leagues are the issue, get in a better league. A coordinated league of single accounts will beat a bunch of alts played by one player every time. Even playing on 2 devices (or 5 if you're War1War ) is nowhere near as efficient as one player/one device. (The exception to this is the tourney. Alt leagues in the tournament is very broken; but that's another subject). Having said all that. It is a game, you guys are adults, and I respect your decision. Best of luck to you both.
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    Here is what is meant when we talk about the speed vs the combat resolution. Combat is calculated once per minute. On a normal speed map, the speed is x1 and the combat resolution is x1. When you increase the speed to x2 (or x3, or x5) and you leave the combat resolution at x1 it creates balance problems. Ideally, if you double the speed you 1/2 the combat resolution time to maintain the current force on force balance. They put a stopgap measure in where it is calculated the first time in 15 seconds, then once per minute thereafter. This helped some, but is problematic in many other ways. Fortunately, the vast majority of the community doesn't fully understand how it works, and therefore doesn't take advantage of it. All I can say is trust me, it's B.R.O.K.E.N.
  13. 2 points
    Although I’ve been lately just running the meta (M40 and Flakpanzer spam) I’ve been considering adopting to other ideas such as howitzers and tanks. With tanker class, you can help your stugs and all tanks gain tons of bonus defense against M40, howitzers, and BM-13’s. Tanks also do good damage against vehicles while having superior defense and HP. However, there are a few things to be careful of when using tanks against M40 and BM-13’s: 1. Tanks can only damage a single enemy unit at a time, whereas M40 and BM-13’s have Area of Effect damage. 2. M40, BM-13’s, in cup and sometimes middle stage, Howitzers, gain extra damage while in forests. Tanks do not however. 3. Light tanks and Shermans have to be expanded to be close to or match the damage and HP that most M40 in the game have without expansion. So, after taking all of that into consideration, let’s go over some ways to beat M40 (in particular) with tanks: 1. Tanker class is the best counter to cannoneer class. Tanker class improves the attack of all tanks, the speed of all tanks, and also has bonus defense buffs for medium, light, heavy, and super tanks against artillery units. It also has the “All Hail the King” allied ability that increases all allied/teammates’ troops near any of your king tigers that are Airman or Cannoneer themselves. Along with all of that, at tier 3 you can unlock the super blitz tactic buff upgrade in Tanker class. 2. Spreading out your tanks and surrounding M40 can do 2 things. #1, it can cause the M40 to attack only one, two, or a certain smaller group of tanks while your tanks are collectively one-shotting each M40 that are all clumped up and easy targets. #2, although very difficult, you can lure M40 away from the main group and pick them off with a single tank or two off to the side. Allowing you to grab some east pick-offs. 3. Having stand firm along with bonus defense buffs from tanker class on your tanks will seriously lower the damage your tanks take from M40. This will allow your tanks to not just reach th M40, but obviously die less quickly as you take out the enemy M40. 4. Use support units/combined arms. Now, this is considering you nor the opponent has any bombers. In an all ground fight the typical balance is tanks and stugs or M40 and stugs. With some experimentation, tanks and howitzers have proven to counter a clumsy M40 in many of my engagements with this composition. Let the tanks take all the hits, and keep both your tanks and your howitzers spread out to avoid AoE damage. These tips are focused towards helping using tanks in a ground war, obviously tanks can’t shoot bombers or navy. But in an all-out ground war, hopefully some of these tips will help out. -L1onHeart
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    Ограние входа количества на одну карту игроков из одной лиги приводит к большим читам. Лига просто разбивается на 2-3-4 лиги.. а другие лиги где играют честно не могут завести лишнего игрока. Предлагаю снять подобное ограничения по всем картам... Есть в лиге максимум 40 человек. Дайте им возможности всем зайти. Так же пора давно отменить возможности кидать ресурсы и карты тактики союзным лигам.. это плодит в игре кучу твинков... Одно дело когда вместе воюют, другое когда на одну армию падает 10+ спасений за две три минуты... При том что в лиге 3 человека... Так же было бы правельно на окне карты отображать вражеские союзы.. а то не зная их воюешь с одними а оказывается воюешь и с другими. Оптимальный вариант был бы принятие союза одной лиги автоматически должно давать союз со всем лигами в этом союзе.
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    Well if you think that the days of "real strategy" are gone just because of generals and gems I feel sorry for you. I guess you have missed the entire point of classes and the class system; the depth and complexity that it has introduced in what was and still is one of the best combat simulations available on mobile platform. I dont blame you the whole community is playing this game backwards as if they have a blindfold on, pressing buttons randomly. Very few prople bother to try anything other than the accepted methods. At first it was bomber spam, now its m40/whirble spam, the chinese and russians are experimenting with light tank spam... Did you notice the recurring word SPAM in what you call stategy and I call method? Everyone looking for the easy way out in a game that has currently 40 units with distinct stats people are trying to spam at a maximum 4 different units m40, whirl, jets and strats. Thats only 10% of existing units making up more than 80% of all units that I consistently see in BFs. Time and time again I see people taking this wonderful simulation and turning in into this ugly linear looking thing dumbed down beyond belief. Go in with league of 20, brigning in sister league of 20 ally half the active players in the big leagues and roll the little 2-5 player leagues and cry to the devs to end the map earlier than 8 days These strategies are the hallmark of today's succesful big leagues, whatever unit spam and ally half the map. No wonder you see no strategy left in this game, played this way there isn't any. You want to know what it wrong with the game take a good hard look in the mirror its not the gems, or the amethyst, or the generals or the class tech nor the gold tech. Its the community's desire to render this wonderful simulation as linear as possible, as two dimensional as possible, as is easy and thinkless as possible.
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    The main issue with keeping any of the event maps open permanently is player base. There just arent enough players to consistently keep multiple maps filling. The global map already has issues filling when popular event maps are open. This gets even worse during cups. Slow filling maps are a huge issue in that once a certain time has passed, early spawners start at too much of an advantage over later spawners. I love the idea of this map, but we wont play any of the increased speed maps. Id love to see it at x1 speed.
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    Myself resources are to hard to come by ..the idea of different city sizes such as some of 5 some lv 7 give people an undeserved advantage.. everyone should start at same lv..not enough resource zones and gathering takes way to much time..the idea of subs is great in a sea battlefield..and also I agree with more elite rebel ships through out the ocean you can sail wherever with out worry if being attackd by rebel ships. Also maby mines ..and just a thought why have a spot in the lc for naval when there is no naval to build??????
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    More oil zones , ships given as rewards for primary and secondary goals plus league rewards based on achievement of a league objective. Like to see options for 6 and also 12 league members in bf as the small number of league members who can enter makes it more difficult to keep in touch with league members. Would also like to see options for playing multiple bf at same time - when waiting for ug this would allow more play time - oh please fix chat too - pleaseeeeeeee oh by the way - love the game, love the battlefields and like the speed on this map although wouldn’t hurt to go a little faster - best game I’ve played in a long time and like the vote to finish early options ( never hurts to get more gold too)
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    Hey worldwarfare developers it is getting very glitchy and servers like to crash or lock us out very often now. I notice that when your troops stop for no reason with out pressing stop. That’s when you know the servers about to go down. 10 minutes later after that glitch. I can’t even get back to the game. I’m stuck in the circle of death(loading spiral thing) and the game doesn’t even load after it’s done loading and won’t take me back to the battlefield. Maybe after 10+ try’s it will send me to main screen and can’t get in battlefield. Also another sickening part is when I send a report to contact us. It takes more then 15+ hours to 3 days before I even get a reply. Or when the field is over which is very annoying and makes me want to quit. Many big players and vets have already called it quits after knowing this app is being abandoned or so I heard... please fix these lock out that keep happening and reply faster on contact us.
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    This is an idea that i thought would be able to help newcomers, or new leauges to help get used to each other. I think their should some sort of PvE mode involved that players can set to different difficultys, for both solo and leauge matches. For solo matches i think it should be like a rl WW2 battle timeline and you can act as the country and the commanding general, you can set enemy difficultys and it wont effect the stats. For league teams I think(once again) their should be a enemy cpu league team that will have the same numbers of members with depending on the difficulty , the cpu can adapt to the players in a way, and the cpu will actually use a designed player style based off of other rl players performances that are based in the difficulty chosen, once again it will not effect the stats of the leauge lvl or player lvl. I think its a great way for newcomers to not be screwed like they usuallu are, while not losing bfs, and for other players to sharpen their skills! Thank for reading, ik my thing isn't perfected but plz consider!
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    I play on ios. Mine updated fine (on one ipad, but not the other) when they said it was ready. I guess it a good thing im not an IT PROFESSIONAL. If i was, i wouldn’t have refreshed my app store on my other device. i would have come here and screamed at the devs.
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    Alts are ruining the game & have caused its deteration for some time now. The devs or GMs saying nothing can be done about it is BS in my opinion. Sounds more like they are too lazy or unwilling to put a stop to it. My guess is because of the small amount of cash they get from alts. It would be most desirable if us players could see & view the terms of service and rules for the game we put so many hours of love and deacation into. I’m sick to death of bring up important issues to be ignored or simply swept under the run because the company doesn’t want to address them.
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    Make an offline mode where its a map but is full of rebels. The player has infinite troop and territory cap and has to obtain all the land. The Waffen should be stronger and located at the end of the map. The objective is to use everything and defeat Waffen. Just an idea.