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    Commanders, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! Tis the season to be jolly and victorious! Share your Christmas moments with us and win bonuses. Details are as below: Duration: Dec 24th UTC-Dec 26th UTC Rewards: 500 diamonds and a special Christmas medal. To Participate: Share a picture of your Christmas Tree, Christmas Gift or any Christmas celebrating events. In-game name is a necessity Notice: The rewards will be sent via in-game email within 72 hours. A commander can only receive the rewards ONCE.
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    A running cout of which members donates and how much in the league log with out going through each one to add up. But an overview. Also a way to deny the ones not donating from using the league city
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    after playing this game for years, I have to abandon it forever, this game no longer makes sense. most leagues continue to get 50-80 allied players against 5-10 players. with all the technology that the programmers have included in the game, a new player has no chance of survival on a battlefield and can never be recruited. each player needs 3 alt accounts to get all the tactics, more resources, more fortunes, etc ... with how many devices do i have to play? 2 or 3? eliminating diplomacies does not solve the problem of many allies, tournament is an example. penalties could be entered for each league that has many allies, for example every 40 allied players -10 leadership points or -50% resource production and fortunes.
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    Hello Commanders, Blast Craters is open again by now. How do you like the new map? We'd like to have your opinions on this map for the future optimization. Share them with us to get 500 amethysts. The amethysts for episode 2 will be sent out within as soon as we can. Peter.
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    why open new maps with timetables? why not leave the entrance open or at least for 24 hours? no Italian in my league will participate in the new battlefield "Swift Thrust". join the battlefield at 16:00 in the afternoon (Italian time), and then go to sleep surrounded by Americans who are still awake, few deposits will produce resources during the night, etc ...
  6. 3 points
    i really do not understand you guys... is there any manager or engineer who is actually playing this game? 1. what is the logic behind announcing new map 3 days before (limited time) portal opens, if we know (do we know?) how long regular map last? the only way i can join new map is to surrender my current map. 2. the last liberty battlefield (the one with permanent tiger skin reward) was absolutely ridicilous to play. liberty (same as crisis fringe) is 10/10 (small) team map - and there were +60 ALLIED (GREEN between themselves) game accounts, more than 10 chinese leagues in teams <= 10 all allied. do the math, it is abnormal gameplay benefit (more tactic points, higher donations, more visibility via green teritory, more respawn shield etc...) what can your new "matching system" do about that? 3. i am not using game support any longer cause it is a waste of time and nerves.
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    yes, i agree with kursk, new medals are very "fantasy" drew. your design team forgets what is the focus group of this game. majority of players are not children, we are older than 30-40 years, we like ww2, history (realistic weapons and officers), and afterall - this is a strategy game, not some kids' fantasy real-time shooting game... please keep the visual desing as much realistic as possible. thank you.
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    Does your team draw new medals? they are very fantasy. it started with new medals for the battle for the bay. old medals realistic
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    This is just a few things I feel will better the game. 1.) League score adjusted for surrendered members during a battle. The league score during a battlefield is the deciding factor for a league winning the championship of that battle. I feel that if a member of a league surrenders out of the Battlefield, then their score should no longer benefit the league. If a player cannot fight beside his League until the end of the game, than that member's score should be removed from the league's overall score. 2.) Personal and league Rating Grade currently is only awarded at the end of a battlefield. I think it would reflect the ability of a player and league better if it was also part of the daily rewards in a battlefield. This would allow for newer players and leagues to move up the rankings at a faster pace. I feel the benefits would allow for better retention of newer players and also give a better accounting of a player or league for recruiting purposes. a.) In a game like this one, being in a league is crucial to championships or even victories. Most leagues are created in the cadet matches at which point it's just the blind leading the blind. By the time they reach competitive matches, a player's record and stats are terrible and; no matter the potential, that player will rarely if ever be allowed into a competitive league. A better way to reflect the ability of a player or the competitiveness of a league is definitely needed. I could write a whole paper on the different duties of specific league members during a battle that make them invaluable to the team but on paper they have average or less than average stats. b.) Retention is about player satisfaction and recognition for ones achievements. There are a core group of players in this game. If you notice these players are mostly in a core group of leagues. Allowance for new player and leagues to be able to advance will allow for better retention. Top daily, weekly and monthly Commander and league ranking would allow for newer players and for recruiting leagues to be recognized by all. New players have a better chance to be recruited and newer leagues that are competitive have a better opportunity to recruit better players. 3.) End Game reward bonus should be given according to the player's or league's ranking, the player and league ranking is score, the bonus is given for cities. A player who is in any other place has the potential to receive higher rewards then the player in 1st. This doesn't make since. This game is awesome, but it takes time to play. If you are going to expect people to dedicate the time needed to play, then you must allow them to be recognized by others and then brought into the community. I was lucky and played my very first game under the tutelage of MkV and BrutalDestiny in the League Cocidus. Not many people get that rare opportunity to be groomed by in my opinion two of the best players in this game. This is just some of my ideas to better the game and maybe retain new players. Thanks for listening. SnakeEater out!
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    [00ffff] Peety is my ingame name. ID: 528906 Best video out right now, and more to come! World warfare employees hit me up, I'm not stopping with this one and I want to be a Public Affairs officer to keep making more content to bring new users to your game. ❤️ I also just posted a early game tutorial for new players! Check it out here! Ingame name: [00ffff] Peety ID: 528906
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    Merry Christmas everyone ZodiacDragon
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    Commanders! Boo! Here comes the Halloween again! Be aware of the night for it's dark and full of terrors! Let's have spooktacular time now! Lol. Share your Halloween moments and win bonuses from World Warfare Team. Here are some details: Duration: October 31st UTC-November 2nd UTC Rewards: 500 Amethysts and a special Halloween medal. To Participate: Share a picture of your Cosplay, your Pumpkin, or just a picture of you celebrating Halloween! In-game name is a necessity Notice: The rewards will be sent via in-game email within 96 hours. A commander can only receive the rewards ONCE. Happy Halloween to everyone! Peter
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    1Dog My lads ready for trick a treat
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    I will tell you the truth, at speed x1 there were no problems. when speed x2 appeared, generals and technologies in the city, bombers began to win
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    if you are a veteran, you should know that bombers are not a problem. the problem with this game is the new updates, for example the battlefield technology is stressful. we should eliminate the battlefield technology and make sure that the generals change attack, speed, defense etc ... 2000 amesties for each battlefield for the second lab, before this update I could have fun spending the amesties, while now I have to take into account how much to spend. At every hour, 2 hours, 4 hours, etc. I have to check the battlefield technology, all this is stressful.there are generals in the store, let the generals change the parameters of the units.
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    I feel for your league mates, keeping a running tally of who donates what, and how much, for resources distribution is a time bomb waiting to explode. Doing this causes teammates to focus on personal goals and deters from acting as a team, especially in the critical early stages of battle when resource are first being obtained. It’s team work that wins battles from the fighting to preparation. Not who donates the most oil or rubber, everyone should contribute, yes. But what do you say to the guy that was defending his, and your borders and got no oil zone and can only contribute 800 oil a day vs the guy in the middle of a bunch of team members and has 2 oil zones, and 2 rubber zones and is able to contribute 10,000 a day. This is a real issue that can effect retention, training of noobs and victories. This sounds more like an eternal issue with your league’s leadership then a game issue.
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    A couple of updates myself and a few other leagues have mentioned in the past is for SCOUTS to remain SCOUTS and to have no fighting capability as far too often with the more veteran players there using alt scout armies with there mains myself included, it’s making battles more scrappy and laggy and unfair on the lower leagues in the game. and one for me I would like to see a couple of new troops added to the game to freshen things up and keep most of the WW community entertained i.e :- FIGHTER BOMBER with half the power of normal fighters and bombers :- LIGHT TANK British cruiser tank :- MEDIUM TANK British Churchill tank Hope some or all get some consideration Death Or Glory
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    I like Swift Thrust. It's perfect for the serious league players. Makes THE famous Global map more interesting. I wonder if you could preset day/time drop in for 6 main leagues 20/20. 120 players 220 citys. Leagues dropped in to specific zones, spread apart from each other to better establish. With Center Map with all the high leveled citys. Call it "Battle Royale" Alliances only allow 3 vs 3. No 4vs2 I feel alot of players these days are condensing to major leagues. And using Global map/Swift Trust to have major league battles would be great. Preset day/time allows everyone a fare chance.. specially for major league battles. respawning can kill your establishment time and spacing players out will only mix all the leagues. 6 leagues 6zones preset day/time. "BATTLE ROYALE"
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    On the other hand, why don’t you open this issue to vote. At the end of the day we are the players and you don’t ask our ideas!
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    Agreed ,You guys must be joking ! You should not make Global a crisis fringe, global is the classic map , do not change it, you guys will lose a lot more players his way, do not change it,
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    Yes I agree with what aka said above, this is one of the first maps so everyone enjoys playing, but globe is where you get in a league with 20 other players and fight other multiple leagues at a time, the big battles and working with your league to over come those battles is what makes globe one of the best maps, if you wanted it to be more like crisis then update crisis and leave globe as it is, only thing I would change about globe is the speed. Mr.Layton
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    I believe this was original map and we should not change anything to it the only thing need updates the speed as same speed other maps is and increase the rewards if you guys planning to make all this changes open new map like what your planning and keep the original
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    I made this suggestion a while back but no one cared, since we are talking about allies, I'll bring it up again. For each ally your entire team will take a penalty on league rewards and personal rewards. The penalty stacks, I suggest 5% penalty for each ally. Not only will this discourage sister and alt leagues but also mass allying, and won't be too harsh that having an ally or 2 is impossible. having 10 or more allies will result in a 45% penalty or more on rewards, and no one wants to lose half of 200k gold they worked hard for. I think adding something like this might also bring back some of the older players who got tired of mass allying.
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    programmers are making too many changes to the game. there are various problems to solve in the game and not go ahead with updates. For example, now with victory votes, the battlefield lasts a few days and rocket launchers and panzermaus are not used because the monument needs time to be built. new armaments have been introduced such as flak41 that easily kill bombers. who has invested money (general purchase), gold and time in certain troops, must change strategy with each update.
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    Yes i agree about the allies issues. You should allow league to have only one allies in this map and no neutral. Maybe give extra rewards to a league when they kill all cities from a enemy league ( those rewards could be troops like in tournament and based on league rank, the higher the league is ranked the better troops you got) and please don't allow city to be demolished when under attack , the same way that you can't shield when you are under attack. Plus a option to buy a 4 hours shield could be nice , 8 hours is sometimes to long people should be allowed to shield a city only once a day. So basically you fight or you die
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    probably the wrong place to ask this but is there a way to purchase generals not on the hot deal list? Meaning generals released in the past?
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    Hey. Can you plz post it on youtube? I'll get the link and download the movie for posting.
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    Commanders, New version is live now. Feel free to go back to the battlefield and enjoy the game. As this is a major update, we assume there still might have some bugs or glitches. You are welcomed to post them here. We will gift 500 amethysts to the person who find a bug and post it here first. Thank you for the understanding. World Warfare Team
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    Ok so first of all I know nobody really uses the forum anymore but maybe somebody important will see this so my suggestion is that for a while or for holidays release a battlefield called Vintage Battle or something because I don't know about the rest of the veterans but I've been playing this game for 4 years and I get so much nostalgia thinking back to the old days of this game when there were no league cities or league troops no light tanks stugs the only aa was Bofors and fighters no commandoes no science no tech and no vehicle versions of tank destroyers no resource zones only cities villages military zones and harbors and most of all no Officers just the basic raw game it would be great to get to play that version of the game again just to bring back memories and maybe bring back old friends to play it with and let it be just like the old days and most importantly to let all the new guys post-golden age and post-beta to get to see what the game was like back in the good days
  35. 1 point
    There should be several new battle fields or battle modes that are on smaller maps, and are just solo battles, with no league mates to team up with, and still possibly having league cities or make it so that league city armarments can be made in a city. Fields set up like this would make a battle much more fair on newer players, and would be an interesting change. This would also most likely increase the retention rate of newer players.
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    ID 900979 Vıto Happy halloween
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    Take away diplomacy and victory is awarded to the top 1 league, as in a cup. Then, the battlefield will be a great
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    开小地图。4对4地图。占中央台塔倒计时系统。地图上5个塔,占的多的一方获得倒计时。占的比例越大 倒计时扣的越快。
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    please change the name of structures pruducing oil in italian, is incorrect. it's Translated like a metal mine...
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    What can change the game for the better, you do not like. It makes no sense to write the same thing in every topic.
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    we can not delete ally function, too many connections in game algorhytm, afterall this is team game, there are "ally skills" for each of tech classes (joint force and the other ones)... i noticed we have more flags at start of this map than normal. maybe you should consider that mz and rss fields also have automatic upgrade.
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    I really do not see this as optimizing sales. For me this makes me wait, and wait .I think 🤔 I’ll take the week off , buy nothing and go play one of my other games. We’ll all go to another game until you guys get your waiting for a new battlefield over lol 😂.
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    من فضلك أعطني اسمك في اللعبة. شكرا لك! من فضلك أعطني اسمك في اللعبة. شكرا لك! Please give me your in-game name. Thank you! من فضلك أعطني اسمك في اللعبة. شكرا لك! Please give me your in-game name. Thank you! 请提供下有游戏内名字,谢谢! من فضلك أعطني اسمك في اللعبة. شكرا لك! Please give me your in-game name. Thank you! 请提供下有游戏内名字,谢谢! Please give me your in-game name. Thank you!
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    I also have the same opinion, there must be a limit of alliance depending on map size. Smaller team do not have any chance to survive.
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    but the diamonds when they are assigned?
  47. 1 point
    I believe you are just waiting on a new fresh map. Sometimes when you leave a map that is not full you can't join a new map until the previous one fills up. Or it could be servers acting funky like it does time to time
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    Remember, Joycrafter, their parent company, Wistone and their parent, 3GV8, are all Chinese companies.....
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    Thanks Peter, and one more thing. Please ask the developers to enable us to play our own music from device while playing this game at same time. I like to listen to rap music while destroying all who might dare oppose me :)
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