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World Warfare
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    Commanders! Happy Halloween! Let's have spooktacular time now! Share your Halloween moments and win bonuses from World Warfare Team. Here are some details: Duration: October 31st UTC-November 2nd UTC Rewards: 500 diamonds and a special Halloween medal. To Participate: Share a picture of your Cosplay, your Pumpkin, or just a picture of you celebrating Halloween! In-game name is a necessity Notice: The rewards will be sent via in-game email within 72 hours. A commander can only receive the rewards ONCE.
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    Unclear, they may read this thread and just disagree. As players, we view the game from an enjoyment viewpoint. As developers, they view the game from a revenue and programming cost viewpoint. Unless they are very customer focused and long term in their thinking, revenues/costs will always rule the day. Personally, I would think that they can see the problem with long fill times and could easily just not have so many maps open with little cost to them. Either they are poor businessmen or I am not appreciating the revenues/costs that they see. Along those same lines, I do not see how speeding up the game with twice speeds and shorter durations helps their R/C situation. It certainly makes me reconsider gem investment for a field, when it is unclear who will be in it (because of long fill times), or because the investment does not last very long.