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World Warfare
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    interesting that you would think that top players would be mostly/solely related to individuals. This is a league game, so teamwork and support are much bigger aspects than single player game.
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    I am very concerned about the 2x speed maps. Its certainly something that is alluring on the surface (personally, I have always bitched about the time to fly across the maps), but clearly has many other ramifications that are going to hurt the game. For example, we have already heard that it has created maps that demand more intensive time commitments to protect your stuff. When playing a map, I am already committed to playing 16+ hours a day, but for those folks that work or go to school, this is a killer. Long term, it will become clear that only a small group of dedicated fanatics (including myself) can put up with these time commitments. So the general population will decrease. Maps will fill even more slowly. Game revenues will decrease. Developers will respond with additional feature fixes and on we go! For those that are vocal supporters of the increased speed, please consider whether it is worth the price of losing the entire game. I would rather continue playing a good 1x game, then a 2x game that will fall apart eventually.