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World Warfare
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      App Available on Android Now   08/16/2016

      Commanders, the Android Official Version has released, please go to Google Play to get it. To those commanders who participated the open beta, you can continue your previous progress in the official version. More info, please check the specific post.


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    Bugs, Glitches, and Lag: As a WW player, I get as frustrated as the next player at all the bugs, glitches and Lag. It is helpful, however to understand some of the basics of what’s going on. Bugs and glitches: This is where the software isn’t doing what its supposed to. The best thing to do is to take screenshots, and use the contact us feature in the game. The more information you can provide the better. YES, I know you get a form email in response. That’s because the support is overseas, and their software sends it automatically. I know its frustrating, but they can’t fix it until they figure out what’s wrong, to do that they need data. Lag: Lag falls under a different category. There are some things you can do to mitigate lag. Device: WW is very demanding processing wise, especially in the big fights. When a big fight starts, not only is the server processing a lot of info, so is your device. Older, slower devices will suffer more than newer, faster ones. Be aware of what your device can and cannot do. Connection: In addition to the server and device processing, there is a ton of data having to stream back and forth during big battles. This data flow is impacted by the quality and speed of your connection. Restart your Device: Many mobile devices can go weeks without restarting. Before a big attack, WeFew usually restarts their devices. We have noticed that it does help. We also turn off a lot of the background apps as well. Now, this isn’t the end all be all to solve your WW lag issues, but in my experience, it does help. Having some wisdom about your circumstance can help with some of the frustration. If you are on an old device you haven’t restarted in a month with a bad connection, you might want to pass on the 10 player attack on the enemy Monument.
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    To reiterate, we absolutely are doing all we can to find the bugs that are causing server lag and instability. We are a small team and we pride ourselves in building a game that is fun and satisfying; bugs, glitches and lag can ruin that fun and we sincerely apologize for that. I understand that it is tempting to think that because these issues have persisted, we don't care or we are too "greedy" or <insert bad faith reason here>. A truth that I believe everyone can agree on is that these issues hurt the game, which logically leads to lower revenue. It is in our absolute, 100% benefit as a company to fix these issues; both because we take pride in having a fun game and because it makes practical, fiscal sense. There is no world in which we would ever say "let's not fix these bugs, lets do something else instead". And while adding new content is not 100% risk free, the new content we are adding is not the main culprit but rather other, more complex interactions between the different components in our software. As to the idea that we purposely rig the game for certain leagues, going so far as to weaponize lag(?)... I work out of our Office in San Francisco with a small team here, and collaborate with the developers out of Beijing. I am in several practical ways the "boss" (Product lead, Project Manager, etc. call it what you will). The idea that I or anyone on our team would collude with players to betray the spirit of a competitive game is simply disgusting. I can't speak to other developers' experience, but in the 10 years I've been in the games industry I have never seen anything of this sort where I've worked, and I would not tolerate it. As gamers and consumers ourselves, we take our responsibility for ethical behavior very seriously. I know the support agent in that screenshot, and nothing that is said there screams "we will collaborate with you to cheat". This sounds more like someone wanting to face off fairly against Godz in a tournament? and support saying "you can figure it out". Saying we will provide technical support is not a smoking gun, its more like trying to be polite if anything. I get that for some, we are "the man" and everything we say or do is suspect. Authority figures and all that, I get it. But I hope most players who play and enjoy the game can see the reason in my explanations above and reach a less suspicious, less worst-case scenario point of view. To KingCB: we hate to see you go, we hope you'll check back as we work on and (hopefully soon) fix the ongoing issues. Thank you for reading.
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    It was locked for a reason. It was a PSA, not a bitch session. You started off with a lie. If you dont wanna be an ass, then dont. If you do then admit it. Dont say one thing and do another. 1. Of course they care. Dont be silly. They have different departments for new content, testing, QA, and programming. One doesn’t shut down just because another is having an issue. 2. Theoretically, some stuff will always get through. Their testing team is unlikey to run across everything. When the game is exposed to thousands of users, it is inevitable that they will run into something the testers missed. Having said that; I agree that they need to do better testing. They have let some fairly glaring bugs through. 3. The game clearly works, and has worked very well in the past. An adage in software development is your time is spent 10% coding and 90% debugging. Intermittent bugs are very hard to track down. Especially when you consider the variety of devices, operating system versions, connections, background apps, etc. 4. Id wager that everytime they fix something they have a maintenance to get the fix live. I completely disagree that they should with until everything is fixed to have one expanded maintenance. There is clearly more here that simple device and network problems. That was never said or inferred. This is also not your typical “click attack and the server sends you a result” app that is 99.9% of the strategy games out there. This is a realtime combat, 3d, rts that is literally synced with hundreds of players and thousands of units per map. This is something that even PC games struggle with. I am relocking this thread, and will delete any attempt to reopen it. If you wanna bitch feel free to start your own thread. Dont hijack mine.
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    Please Devs, make technology s reset possible.. please , please...
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    I have experience a lot of lag.... you know how I deal with it? I realize it’s part of the experience of a mobile game. Pull your head out of your Gluteus Maximus and stop complaining. Respectfully yours, Everyone Else
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    I have decided to quit the game because of extreme lag, connection issues, loading, spinning circle, parameter errors, and other assorted glitches with the game. I have decided NOT to encourage anyone else to quit... because I believe everyone should make decisions for themselves. I have transferred Leader of GODz to Slayer whom I trust will do a great job leading our team into whatever the future holds. A few of the deputy leaders have my email address so they can message me if they need me. Otherwise, I am deleting this app and Line chat and will not return ever again. The only reason I am posting this thread before I go is because I think it's important that people know about the possibility of game support maybe trying to help other leagues by somehow purposefully adding lag or other game problems against certain leagues. Many players have long regarded support in this game with suspicion and bias towards Chinese leagues and some others who are favored. But not until recently did I have any semblance of proof. One of our players was taking a break and wanted to try some other leagues... he went to War1war which is a league that recently won silver cup tournament (2 seasons ago) and is led by a player who is known to be closely allied with the Chinese leagues, use extensive networks of alts and spies, and generally shady. The context is missing from the screenshot included here. So maybe it's not what it seems... but it sure seems to me like support agreeing to somehow aid war1war in plans against us (possible with "technical support" which could mean lag). In our current map, the game is virtually unplayable. We are still winning by large margin anyway. But it's not about winning or losing anymore. Just about whether or not I enjoy playing the game. And I just don't anymore. Large battles used to be the best part of this game. And now it's impossible to navigate because so much lag and connection issues (especially for GODz possibly moreso than other leagues). So I quit now and wish you all the best. Screenshots below are extreme lag and connection issues examples plus the screenshot between support staff and War1war about them helping with technical support against GODz. Support, feel free to explain more context about that those messages mean... or just delete the thread if you know you guilty. I don't care. Im done now. Bye
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    I’ve been saving ideas, some my own, some are other’s suggestions I like. For the most part these ideas are simply and don’t require a lot of explanation. 1. Tech/ability - Escort, whether this is native to fighter units, the airman class or a bf tech, doesn’t matter. Fact is, this should be a simple add. Click the blue button at the bottom, it prompts a target, pick any allied non-fighter unit. That fighter now matches speed and course of the target unit until a new move, patrol, attack or enter command is given. 2. Waypoints - like every other war game in the history of war gaming. This should merely be built into the move interface. After clicking move, then a destination, it would ask for 2nd destination and offer an “end movement “ button. End movement causes the window to close returning to the unit menu in map like happens now. Maximum 3 destinations or something. Simple way to allow units to make a simple move or complex move without more clutter. 3a. Weather - hourly, 4hrs or daily, whatever works. A small icon in the corner, offer a forecast for the next several whether periods. For now, start with clear, rain or snow. No need change map graphics. Clear, no effects, 25% of cloudy, 25% chance rain/snow, 50% chance clear next period. Cloudy, no effects, 25% of cloudy, 25% chance clear, 50% chance rain/snow next period. Rain/snow - negative impact on air power effectiveness, negative impact on ground troop morale, 25% chance clear, 25% chance rain/snow, 50% cloudy next period. 3b. Ground conditions - exapanding on above. Again an icon, no need to affect map. Dry, mud, frozen. Happens after three continuous periods of weather. Default is dry, 3 periods of rain turns to mud, 3 periods of snow turns to frozen, 2 periods of dry/cloudy turns to dry. Dry - no effects. Mud - movement penalty, perhaps non-road movement only. Frozen - increased rate use of food and fuel. 3. Above. For those of you that played Panzer General, this will be familiar, and very similar. 4. Railroads. Double movement bonus of roads. Available level 4 CC. Have a tab in CC under transport function. Button named “build”. Clicking it lists available cities with matching lvl 4 CC or higher. Player must also control all territories between the two cities. Cost of railroad determined by distance. Computer determines shortest available route, player can not choose which roads are and are not converted. The gray road turns black after building, to indicate road+railway. A railway can only be used by allies, never enemy. Rail road is destroyed if a city it is connected to or a zone it passes through is captured and pacified by the enemy. Railway movement bonus not impacted by weather/ground conditions. 5. LC “long range” fighter unit? P-38 or Me-110 skin, attack between scout and fighter. But increase food, fuel, ammo capacity. Available lvl 2 LC. Something needs to counter strats before they are available. 6. National skins. All the unit values stay the same, but upon creating account or passing cadet map, player chooses skin set. Assault guns (German-stug, Russian - su-152, Brits - Churchill AVRE) light tank (G/R/B, pz III, bt-7, crusader) anti-tank (pak 38, m3, 76.2mm) you get the idea... now true students of wwii can use their skills to identify units and players that don’t care to learn, have to click to identify whether light, medium or heavy tank for that nations skin set. 7. City morale, impacts resource production and or population growth. Affected by troop kills/loss in territory. Also impacted by uso freature. Gives more use to the feature of uso by doing this. 8. Tanks should not have a cross country penalty. This will help them just be a little more useful. 8a. Expanding on tank movements. It’s called tracked movement. Vechiles are soft targets, tanks hard targets, but they can also be classed as tracked or wheeled. M40, whirly, stug are all tracked soft targets. At, rockets, aa, Jeep’s are all wheeled soft targets. 9. Continuing from 8a. A new unit - armored car. Like a Jeep, wheeled movement but considered a hard target, uses repel same as a light tank would. 10. Trucks, like gigs, but not an LC unit. A wheeled soft unit, has Troop capacity, can load wheeled - towed units or infantry only. Capacity 4-6. Units are dispatched the same as in gigs. LC unit would be half-track. A soft tracked unit. Can not be loaded into gig or c47 unless empty. That is all for now. Many details I left out so discussion can be had as too modifiedinv the idea to make it work the best way possible.
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    u said it, and that s all you had to know. I was kidding and since I am not a dev, I can t help the matter. Yes I had also Issue problems, but I would not say the game is unplayable. that s not true. For my point of view, this game is pretty complex and it has to deal with big waves of dates. So I do not get mad when it stucks. Keep calm and be happy. Kidding the child who cries for nothing is not a crime.
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    You can still get gold from battlefields and get what you wanted, there is not a limit on how much gold you can obtain.
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    try to play with one account. Maybe the problem is ur router which gets crazy from switching dates by your dozens of alt accounts
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    Love this breakdown great overview of basic glitch problem solving! But these issues need to be discussed more where we can respond that’s why I created a 2nd chat because we can’t respond to 1st one! i don’t wanna come off as an ass but I’m going to! I love the game and if u follow mvk guild lines above game should run smooth but it doesn’t period! Point of fact! Which leads me to several conclusions: 1) either they Don’t care about performance just pushing new maps, Tec & troops for people to buy stuff! 2) they need to start beta testing stuff or if they do already do then read 3... 3) then they need to hired new programmer firm that knows how to program something that works 4) they need to have a expanded maintenance to fix these issues that everyone knows are reoccurring issues not just here & there then there fixed (after 90% of updates there back again like disappearing Troops, troops stoping mid flight, circling transports, etc...) I’ll leave it at this but there is more here then simple device & network problems... major programming fix’s on there end is needed to get it running smoothly & stay running smoothly!
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    I dont think you understand classes or the class system. Please go through the tanker class tree and have a look. You dont need to to go far down the tree only as far as tier 2 and you will notice a HUGE advantage for tankers regarding tank units over ANY other class regarding speed, damage output and defence. I speak of tank units as you have mentioned removing air units and any other unit that does AoE damage. What does that leave? Oh yeah tanks!! So basically you are asking other classes to fight with a sizeable handicap; as no other class has such advantages for tanks. Next what is the objective of the BF and on which map do you propose to play this on? Isles is not possible as you want ground units only, Europe is far too big to be crawling on the ground for 8 days straight. Imperial is also too big so that only leaves Kill chain which is the smallest map. Even on this one there are cities you cannot get to as they are surrounded by water. But lets forget that for a monent and lets examine what it would look like this Kill cahin BF with ground only and no AoE units. Basically what you get is trench warfare. Leagues would dig into narrow defensible positions such as the narrow area that leads to the big circle where all the lvl11 and up cities are located. They would ring this place with AT guns and flak guns and they would use light tanks as cavalry due to speed to try and flank the attacker while the static guns pound the attackers from fixed positions. Everyone would quicky realize that you cannot take out dug in positions with the limited available units they have access to; and simply resign themselves to defending what they have. The only people that would have fun is the tankers as they would be able to exploit their speed to grab as much territory as possible in the early game before the positions get reinforced rendering them unassailable. Oh what fun 8 days of sitting still...
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    I really do not understand the point of this post as it is sooooo vague. There is no clear idea as to what is actually being proposed. Are we talking no air units at all? There is also a proposal for no m40/kats. What does that have to do with air units to begin with? So far it sounds like you want a BF exclusively for tanker class. Let me tell you that airmen and cannoneers would have no interesst what so ever in entering such a BF. Furtheremore clarely no consideration has been given to game balance. You cant randomly decide to remove units without affecting game balance unless you modify the map you are playing as well as the vicroty conditions/objectives.
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    I have communicated. Would be nice not to be ignored over the game issues. If you think we don't get tired of the issues and send it through contact us, you need to go and look through all the complaints we have sent in. Two fields in a row I have had to sit idle for at least a day, both times I complained and asked for.compensation, both times I was ignored entirely. Something needs to change or you guys won't have a job like this.
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    I actually didn't know this. And just now read it for the first time. Very informative and useful. Thank you!
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    Blitz Map - Totally agree Domm, it cud use a couple of days chewed off. Billy out.... Military Zones - Totally outside the box, I would like to see a player be able to convert one Rez or Farm inside each Admin zone to a mil zone at a cost (flags, cash, purples). I think it mght make things a little harder and maybe get rid of the shield except when you are away. Billy out.....
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    I’m back to fight!
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    This game is based on WWII. Helicopters were not commonly used until 1944, and I doubt that the Russian copter then would’ve been able to lift a tank. As for infantry, I only use motor infantry or paratroopers in the late-game anyways. And as for medivacs, it’s not economical to fly a helicopter into an area where it’ll take heavy fire. Now you’ve just lost the injured unit and the copter.
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    Hey guys it' trooper with a idea with game modes, I think we need modes like capture the flag 3 leagues looking to take a flag. Axis vs allies, you have a ally capital and axis cap, whoever takes the others cap wins. Survival, 30 people try to survive vs german, Italian and Japanese npcs, allies defened one main city and the npcs attack it, but if your city is killed your out. Also we need new skins, we need usa, british, french, Russian, ect. Plus a map of the USA will be nice, with Canada and Mexico. I'll let the devs do the rest. If you like my ideas comment and like, also I will like to here your ideas.