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World Warfare
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    So It's going well! I have my resource plots for my army, have two harbors and have been recruiting a lot of players to the league "SmokeydaBear" from 2 to 7 and counting. I also have a decent army and navy setup with their first city target. I usually get one area of the island to maximize score and city. Instead of working towards a city and then attacking, I attack the city first using transports and then get the resource areas around the area. I feel people make a mistake when they only focus on city because city produce nothing. They only raise your ranking, NOT your score. It also defeats the purpose of the game. Florian out. P.S. Will be posting entry every 24 hours with a bonus at any given time.
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    So I got my account back and joined SmokeydaBears, a league run by my mate to start a new Isle of War. So normal battle. First thing is drop a para on the last spawned base of the map. Soooooo, this is my base right now, update in 15 hour my dudes.
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    Error code 100154, happening for lots of players
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    These are just some main strategies (troop combos) for beginners. • bombers + stugs + fighters (could be jets too). The bombers would take out all the ground while the fighters defend the bombers from other fighters. When the bombers kill all the ground units you would then send in transports (air usually but could use boat if coastal and you need to save troop space) and then the transports would let the stugs out onto the battle ground. Then the bombers and stubs would take out the turrets and then you'll finally take out the city. •stugs + tanks + anti-air. This one is the easiest combo to get. You would send in tanks ahead of stubs and kill any ground troops while the anti-air takes out enemy aircraft (you won't always use the anti-air but it's better to be safe because if not then even a single bomber could kill your whole army) all the while the stugs would be shooting at the turrets. You would then attack the turrets with your tanks too then finally the city. •Naval + ground and/or air. This one is simple. You bring in any ships that can shoot (destroyer, Cleveland cruiser, North Carolina battleship, and the Bismarck) and destroy all that you could with them. Depending on what you feel like (and have) you could use either/both the aircraft carrier and the transport boat to send your clean up crew in. •all air. This one is the simplest one. You use bombers to take out ground troops and turrets while fighters sick around and shoot at any planes trying to stop you. •artillery + stugs. In this one you use artillery to take out what you can from afar then send in stugs as a clean up crew. You can add in tanks to soak up damage for the stugs. If I missed one or you have another strategy then post it in the comments then I'll add it on to the blog with your credit.
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    So I found something sneaky in the developers plans.... No Harbor=No bringing troops back home. DUN DUN DUUUUUHHH
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    In Progress my DUUUUUDES
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    So here is the Bonus entry. So I decided to have an extra entry because GODAMMIT shit went DOWN. I capped my first target, which was easy because it was level one so yay? I then turned my attention to the second city which was between my capital and city I just got. So I sent my army with transport ships and destroyed that. My plan now is to cap the surrounding area that is highlighted around me and kick ass. Florian out
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    Well, I have lost my account access for some reason and am trying to get it back... #PrayforFlorian
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    Ok the stinking blueprints are stupid they make the game to slow it was slow before but jow it is unbelievable slow whoever wants to help me protest the bluprints follow this blog Post posotive comments below if you support me
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    We made an epic comeback near the end of the game and won it! It was awesome!
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    I guess I will start by telling everyone a little bit about myself, Ive played World Warfare for a month or so now and I guess I'm pretty good at it? When I first joined there where very little good leagues out there so i created my own league 'JustJoin'. I know it's not a very creative name but I wanted new members and I thought no one would join because I was new to the game and thought no one would join the new guy. Since then We have become an amazing league which makes me a proud leader. I post our accomplishments on the forums, and now I've become active enough that I want to see others step out of their comfort bubble and share their stories as well. I would love to see everyone's accomplishment and stories let's start a World Warfare blog
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    Game needs formations. Units cluster too much, or spread out too much based on speed. Add formations that go as fast as slowest unit.
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    Add unit that produces smoke to hide units from view of scouts etc.
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    Add submarines, let them go under water to hide. Improve destroyers so they can see subs and kill subs. Scouts should be able to see them too.
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    I usually leave the game shortly after joining because, I'm right by people who could use my city to wipe their butt. I honestly need help with this game, or I just need to up my self-esteem and to improve my strategies. Anyone able to help this person in IMMEDIATE NEED?
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    Add 3 types of medics. One medic for ground units/infantry. One tow truck/wrecker for healing vehicles, allow aircraft carrier to repair aircraft.
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    Allow radar to detect airborne units early, wide range detection. Make it directional?
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    Here is an idea that will allow players to expand even more. What if the stronghold could act as a small village. Not to grow resources but let's say your stronghold is connected to a resource tile. Then those resources would be fed to the stronghold allowing the player to build armies from there. This would greatly help players expand since a stronghold only uses one point compared to a city which uses five. As of know strongholds are obsolete and hold no real strategic value in this game. Am I alone in this idea?
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    Need a League? Wanna be with me and beast every Battlefield? Join WOGA!
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    So I recently have been playing less and less of the game and have not been as active on the forums. I don't know how to explain but I have been feeling down lately. The only reason why I am on right now is that I am trying to find the excitement I usually have.... I want to play but I just don't have that fire in me, it's burning out.
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  22. 1 point
    Be Strong My Sweet.....
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    So we are working towards the middle and we first kill the battleships.
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    So I got myself a city, navy and bombers now and a plan. Navy has 8 Battleships, 3 cruisers, 4 destroyers And my Air Force. Still small but will be bigger
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    It was an average day as I started playing my favorite game, War Warfare, I built and took out my first harbor and was exited to get ships. In privet chat I saw that Anon Agent from DETCORD told me that all that DETCORD wanted was DQ's head and that war could be avoided if we kicked DQ. I then said to our leader that if DQ was kicked DETCORD would start a fight. He then thanked me and kicked DQ. DQ joined NickTrever but then at some point quit the season.
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    Ok i saw somebody else say this there are tons of other games that have the same tech and blueprint idea if we wanted that we would have played one of them not this game so it is ovious we didnt want this cause almost all the other game like this hav ethe tech if we wanted tech we would have played there games not yours
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    Ok the blueprints are just kinda stupid why not gerid of them and put in a paper factory or something and you ame blueprints not wait 10 battlefields to sget artillery
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    We won the league battle in the end Tim earn out and w head the most points at then end the relbels tried to make a comeback they got one cc back but we held on to the rest
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    This is a update on the league battle. the score is DETCORD 100 GODz 200 solo wich is my league 630 Rebels 960. That's all for now. tip 2 when your arty is setting up to attack click stop and it will automatically set up and attack
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    So me and the league I'm in solo started the silver cup.We are up against GODz, Rebels, and DETCORD. tip1 build your airbase and army base close together
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    Them trying to ask us not to attack
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