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World Warfare
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    I call bull. I'm pretty sure there was way more than just a handful of complaints on these players. She can claim whatever she wants but the actions of all the players within the league ultimately signed their fate. It wasn't because of the league name and I was there for the conversation about it. That's not the reason, the comments made from the other members of the league did it, and it wasn't just that instance but when the reports stack up over weeks. Yeah ur screwed so this reason about Wolfpack causing it is straight bs.
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    Agreed, didn't add anything, just made game worse
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    Hi , I’m after a loyal group of 20 players to stay with me for one solid month to learn from each other and see if we can gel into a permanent team player group . if this sounds like you then join AnzacLegends today I’m going to do a tournament at five today and once a few of you are here I’ll get a 2nd in charge etc kick off another map . every Friday at 5 pm if your maps struggling jump in cue and we all port into new map Friday at five pm so we are all together. im in Queensland Australia so for USA players etc subtract 24 hours (5*00pm Thursday) etc .
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    Hello AussieDiggers there is AussieForces and AnzacLegends who I'm part of both that would like to work in with you ,
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    I've always been able to hold my own until the last 4 days of the map, entire armies consisting of all bombers and 1 foot unit sweeping cities and armies. Dull and uneventful.
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    Good idea. A vehicle that will blow smoke in the radius will make a shadow mark so that the enemy won't spot your units. It would probably be more useful for forest terrain.
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    Add wedge, V, Column, linear, circle and box. Could add a disperse button to spread all units out and tighten to bring units closer.
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    We all have those maps, just a bad drop. Biggest quick suggestion I can tell you quickly is find yourself a league. Numbers bring strength! Secondly follow the missions as quickly as you can. It will give you a firm base to work with. Don't hit surrounding villages until you have stugs. This will cut down on troop losses taking the village and keep your shield up while you built up your army. At the start of map get anti-tanks built up. They are slow but powerful. Learn and know troop ranges along with turret and sniper tower ranges. Knowing who's in range and who's not can save your butt many times. Its an art, and takes lots of practice. If your in a league watch what others do and learn their good and bad maneuvers. There are too many situations to list. Keep trying till you get the feel of it. ? good luck, RJ1
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    Nah man you are great. Love your posts!
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    yes they did have humor
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    All out Self Propelled Artys..... OP if you have 30 at once. I did that My cadets battle and I steamrolled everyone.
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    By they way, to get notifications.....
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  15. 1 point
    My friend had that happen to him but on a milt zone and he had no money to build airstrip so he had to get Spartans to kill them
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    Yes I got stuck out there begging for my enimies to paratroop and kill my own troops for me
  17. 1 point
    Bombers because 40 are OP
  18. 1 point
    My experience with the Isle of War map has been this. Notice they aren't my troops.
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    Lol #prayforflorian
  20. 1 point
    Same #Pray for Florian
  21. 1 point
    #Pray for florain
  22. 1 point
    Now they know about the glitch and are probably going to fix it.
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    Lol and here I thought my troops just didn't want to listen to my commands they just wanted a shot of red bull ?
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