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    World Warfare Starter Guide for Battlefield By Semispaz League GODz v.1 Table of Contents A. Introduction B. Units C. Buildings D. Gameplay E. Strategy (Locked) F. Expansion G. Tactics A. Introduction Welcome Commanders. This guide is intended to show you the basics operations and functions for Battlefield. Pay attention, and it can save you lots of time and energy. We will go through everything you need to know in order to be successful. Let’s get started. B. Units World Warfare units fall into 3 different categories. They are Ground units, Air Units, and Naval Units. Each unit can be used for different functions. I will give you a brief overview of each unit and its primary/secondary use. Ground Units Ground units are your primary source of attack and defense when you are first starting a map. You have different array of units that you can use. Becoming familiar with each and how they are used is important to success. In order to create units, you must first produce the armament for it. The units you can currently build are as follows: 1. Infantry – Primarily used to capture buildings. 2. Recon Vehicle – Used to reveal enemy units and buildings hiding behind fog of war. 3. Medium Tank – light armor used to attack enemy ground units and buildings. 4. Anti-Tank – Specialized unit designed to attack tanks. 5. Artillery – Used for long-range attacks. 6. Heavy Tank – Heavy Armor used to attack enemy ground units and buildings. 7. Anti-Aircraft Gun – Currently the only unit that can attack Air Units. 8. Motorized Infantry – Used to Cap Buildings and the same sight range as Recon Vehicle. Air Units 1. Scout Aircraft – This is air’s “Recon Vehicle” alternative. 2. Transport Aircraft – Used to move units. Does not transport Tanks. 3. Bomber – Air-to-ground attacks. 4. Fighter – Air-to air attacks. 5. Large Transport Aircraft – Transports all ground units. Navel Units 1. Fletcher-Class Destroyer – This unit can attack units on the ground and buildings. 2. Cleveland Class Cruiser – Used to attack ground and air units. 3. Military Transport Ship – Used to transport units. 4. North Carolina Battleship – This unit attack ground units and buildings. Currently has the longest range in the game. (This list does not reflect the new units that will be added with the new patch.) The amount of units that you can have at any given time is based on your battle level. For example, level 30 can hold a total of 41 units. You increase your level by building, capturing territory, killing enemy units, and destroying buildings. C. Buildings There are a few territories that can build buildings. They are Cities, Military Zones, Resource Zone, and Harbor. Each of them can build different kinds so I will briefly state them here. City Buildings 1. Army Base – Creates ground units from armaments that you can use to fight enemies. If you click on a unit and press “Enter” you can send your unit to repair (heal) or expand (level) which require additional armaments. 2. Munitions Factory – Most useful building in your city. This building creates armaments that are used to create ground, air, and navel units. (Pro Tip – You should always be making armaments. 3. Iron Mine- Produces Iron. You will need Iron to upgrade buildings and create munitions. 4. Turret – A city’s only defense building. (Pro Tip – range is increase to 230 at level 3 and 300 at level 5) 5. Commercial Center – The second most useful building. This building can trade cash for resources from a random, automated market. (Pro Tip – Leveling this building increases the amount of trading options and amounts. Level 2 unlocks rubber trades and level 3 unlocks oil.) 6. Air Force Base – Creates Air units from armaments. 7. Supply Factory – Creates Food, ammo, and fuel for your units. Military Zones Military zones are the only other territory that can produce munitions and create units. They can create 4 different buildings. 1. Army Base 2. Munitions Factory 3. Turret 4. Air Force Base Ideally, you would want to build this zone with 1 of each of the 4 buildings. Under certain situations, such as when you are deep in enemy territory, you might consider building 2 or even 3 turrets as defense. Munitions should take priority over other buildings because of its ability to produce armaments. You should be constantly trying to build munitions; they are necessary if you want expand units and replace units you lose in fights. Once you get towards the middle of a game, to second most important building to have is an Air Force Base. This can help you land your units to resupply them closer. Resource Zone 1. Iron Mine 2. Turret 3. Rubber Factory 4. Oil Field Keep in mind that the majority of Resource zone can build only rubber or oil. You can tell by finding the icon under the Resource zone. The ideal build for a Resource Zone should be 2/2. 2 iron mines and 2 oil or Rubber Factories. Same rules apply here, so being in an aggressive zone with lots of enemies might make you want to build turrets. In that case, you should build no more then 2 turrets, and the other 2 should be reserved for oil/rubber. Any other combination would be a waste of your limited Leadership points used to hold territory. Harbor 1. Turret 2. Munitions Factory 3. Navel Shipyard – This building creates naval units. D. Gameplay Due to changes that will be made to the gameplay, this part of the guide will be added later. E. Expansion How you expand your territory primarily depends on your style of gameplay. The ideal base size is 3 villages, 2 resources zones, and 1 military zone. This can change dramatically based on location and play style. 3 main types of styles are aggressive, passive, and defensive. 1. Aggressive - These players attack other active players. Motivations for this include resources, prestige, rankings, and key territory. 2. Passive – These players primarily target inactive players and NPC’s. These players will normally not attack other players, but will defense and retaliate if attacked. 3. Defensive – These players primarily target NPC’s. Often when territory is claimed, they will not really move for the rest of the game. Aggressive players will often control the field and dictate the end results. Most aggressive players come from leagues; so attacking these players is highly discouraged unless you are part of a league yourself. F. Strategy (Locked) G. Tactics i. WO1 I – All freebies, enjoy them. You’ll use them the most. a. Paratrooper Airborne – Deploys only 1 infantry unit, despite the description. This is the most used tactic. b. Air Reconnaissance – Deploys a Scout Aircraft. Second most unit of the game. If you have had a scout fight, you will. c. Airdrop Supplies – Supplies 50% of ammo, fuel, and food to your units. The third most used tactic. (After this point, you are only allowed to pick 1. Choose wisely.) ii. WO1 III a. Talent Recruitment – Population growth +50%, Fortune Growth -30%. Don’t know anyone who uses it. b. Wartime Economy – Fortune Growth +50%, Population Growth -30%. Don’t know anyone who uses it. c. For the Country – Attack +30%, Repair Speed +50% for Turrets in your Administrative area. (Pro Tip: This is the tactic you want) iii. CW2 II a. Stand Firm – Defense +50% for all troops in an area. Don’t know many who use this, but there are a few. b. Last Stand – Attack +30% to effective area. This is a very useful tactic. c. Blitzkrieg – My personal favorite. Speed +40%. Nothing more fun to watch then bombers outrunning fighters. iv. CW3 I a. Persuade Captive – Restores 3% of maximum Power for all units. There are a few that use this. b. Siege and Destroy – Attack against buildings +30%. Most people’s go to. c. Supply Reinforcement – 500 of each supply to a city. Don’t know anyone who uses it, though I have contemplated. v. CW3 III – All worthless, so just pick any. Don’t waste tactics on these. a. Steel Smelting - +50% for steel, -30% for fortune. b. Oil Extraction - +50% for Oil, -30% for fortune. c. Rubber Harvesting+50% for Rubber, -30% for fortune. vi. CW4 II – The moment of truth, Last tactic. a. Life Saving – Currently OP as F@#$. I’ve seen fights were it came down to that had more to spend. Theoretically, this could make anyone invisible. Restores 30% of maximum power. b. Artillery Support – Once the go-to tactic, is currently worthless. Depletes 10% of all enemies’ health plus 50. c. Suicidal Charge – Power -35%, Attack +150%. Pack a big punch at a cost.
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    First of all, I want to say that over all this game still rocks. Now to get to my assessment of the new changes. Hopefully I can give you feedback that will help in the further improvement of this game. I am currently a medical provider in the US Army. As a medical provider I have to diagnose different ailments based on what should be right and how a patient is presenting. In a way it is sort of like what programmers have to do when approaching changes to a game. 1) what are the chief complaints, 2) what are the probable causes for the complaints and 3) what are the possible solutions. The first step to a solution is to gather data, there are two types of data, subjective and objective. Subjective data is things that is opinion or how one perceives something i.e. On a scale of 1 - 10 how much pain are you in. Or like in this game it would be; "This rating system sucks. So as for the one who has to figure out the problem they would then have to find the perspective of the person with the complaint. So instead of saying "On a scale of 1 - 10 how much pain are you in,"you would say "How much pain are you in right now zero being no pain at all and ten being the worst pain you have ever felt in your life." Let's say the person says his pain level is an 8. The next question you need to ask is, "What is the worst pain you have ever felt?" This person's answer will then put the problem into a perspective for the person trying to find a solution. If the person complaining said his worst pain was when he sprained his ankle in high school vs someone saying he was blown up by an IED and lost both his legs in Afghanistan, the one solving the problem would then have a very good idea of the urgency of the pain. The problem is, the guy who sprained his ankle is the one making the most noise. Next is Objective data, now this is the best kind of data. It is data that can be seen. Let's keep the same two people as an examples to explain objective data. You approach the one who sprained his ankle and he says, "This is the worst pain I have felt in my life." For the problem solver to diagnose the injury he must rely on the word of the person complaining because the outward signs of a twisted ankle sometimes are very minimal. But now he approaches the person blown up by an IED does he really need to ask where he is hurting. No of course not because his leg is halfway down the street. This is Objective data. Please do not think I am being disrespectful by using these analogies because I am not. My best friend lost his leg in Afghanistan and he would agree with everything I am saying right now. So how do we separate the true problems from the whiners? What is our objective data. Well I will tell you what I use. You have all these guys talking trash on main chat about how great they are because they are in first. They have all their medals showing in all their glory. These medals are as follows; the "I named myself" medal (in my opinion, some people shouldn't get because their name sucks). Next they sport the "I spent diamonds" medal because it has the pretty blue in it and people will notice. Then comes the "I formed a league medal", and lastly the "I sent a friend invite to everyone in battle chat in the cadet game" medal. So I look next at the commander profile and he is sporting a wapping 2.2 kill ratio and a average score screaming in at about 35,000 from around 4-6 games with 1 victories and 0 championships. Then after you go over and crush his Capitol after he said there was nothing I could do about all his trash talking because he was to far away from me; (so I flew 40 strategic bombers 1 hour and 45 min on a one way trip to level his Capitol because I didn't care if I lost them I had the production capacity to replace them), he whines and cries about how lame I am because I only use League City armaments. Now with the new personal ranking system, this is the guy who is getting the 1200 gems, 5000 gold and 500 XP a day reward for being in first place. The objective guy is the one you only see on battle chat answering legitimate questions from players who are actively trying to learn the game, sport no medals because he hasn't earned any worth showing yet, has a record of 6 battles, 4 victories, 3 championships, 15.9 kill ratio (kinda low been doing a lot of PVP lately) and an average score of 177347.5. Now this guy probably knows a little about strategy. Sun Tzu said "Strategy without tactics is the slowest path to victory, and tactics without strategy is the noise you hear before defeat." He is probably also not someone who is taking a break from "FarmVille" trying to get his yearly dose of testosterone so he can get it up before his anniversary and hopefully put a smile on mamma's face before he loses her indefinitely to the pool guy. And all the players who agree with me say A Man. So why did I go into all this to tell you my analysis of the new update. In medicine it is called over medicating. This is very dangerous and could lead to more problems then not medicating at all. You made too many changes to try and get the same result. If more PvP was one of the perspective goals then all you needed to do was the default diplomatic change. It would have accomplished more than all of them combined. It solved the dropping from a league and switching to neutral crap the aforementioned FarmVillians would do to stop an attack on them. The four hour wait time is just stupid. And created more problems than it solved. Plus what's the point of waiting 4 hours when you are not in a battlefield? It benefits no one and is a huge pain in the you know what. The rating change to cities, Who was asking for that....FarmVillians? It's stupid, at the very least it's stupid for personal ranking. Was it a fix to have more PvP? Again default diplomatic status was enough of a fix. Over medicating, treatment at a time is the best plan of action to solving problems. If not you now don't know what the true cure was. In this case there was no cure just more complications. Since the update our league hasn't built one single Monument, why bother with such a crucial element of winning a long term strategy game when lame brain FarmVillians can win by capturing cities with their 35,000 average score, and get all the rewards. If you want true competition, match up battlefields by Average score i.e.90,000 or higher, not hours played. Keep the children in the playground while the real men go off to War. Last bad change, the time voting system really, really bad. Go back to declaring victory, please. Sorry I was so long winded, but I will end on a good note. The changes I love are "Command Center" and the ability to purchase flags. Level 10 cities giving bonus troops, and of course default diplomatic status of hostile. Hopefully you see this as a way of separating the wheat from the chaff when it comes to future changes to game play. Also please only look at one major rule change at a time as a way of problem solving. Get with your big time players or use data mining techniques to find players with the right statistics to take surveys from. Thanks for your time. This game is great. It is one of a kind when it comes to getting true war gamers looking for strategic competition, but if you keep tinkering with it you will lose the good ones and have just another boom beach.
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    I've been on this game since the beginning!!! I've played many maps, in several leagues, and made awesome friends!! I appreciate all the players for making the game fun and the designers for consistency in updating and keeping the game interesting.! However a league battle should be a skilled event between leagues the test your groups skill and determination. If we have to spend $200-$300 in Gems to win a league battle then the fun is out and the game is over.. I love this game but the gemming in a league tourney should be None or limited to no more than 2500-5000 a day. I've played against plenty of people who use gems, but never against a league who ,by my count used more than 60,000 gems on one city to keep it alive ! That is rediculous to spend gems like that let alone when it happens the entire time of the map operations. Something has to change before the next tourney or you may have teams boycott the tourney as some have already quoted. Again I love this game but this needs to change! I am not the only one who sees the ignorance of the design of putting money over skill. If this is how this game operates then I will remove it from my life . So many games go down this path and it takes the fun out of it. Skill is not earned but bought !!!!! Gemmers need limits in special battles like tournaments. You tell me how it's ok for a league to produce units continuously using gems against a league that has no gems... Not a battle I'm interested in and if you tell me well buy gems to match them then I'll tell you your game is heads ding the wrong direction and will end up like most strategy games I've played. Again limit gems in league battles to make it a fun more competitive atmosphere and the bigger maps are fun regardless! Thank you for taking the time to read this and hope it has purpose..
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    Hello everyone, My name is Steven Zhang, the Lead Producer for World Warfare. Allow me to begin with an admission: Our latest changes to PvP did not achieve any of our goals for World Warfare. In an attempt to realize a grand vision for the game we lost sight of some fundamentals. We’ve taken a step back and reexamined our initial goals for World Warfare; we have poured over your feedback and decided to make some big, exciting changes in our next update (release date to be announced): • Tech requirement to build units removed. Currently, you need to unlock units in the Tech Tree by using blueprints. With this update, upgrading your buildings unlocks new units. The Tech Tree is now used only to strengthen units. • You can now pick your attack targets. Currently your units pick their own targets, with this update you will be able to select targets. • Change map from Golden Empire to Global War. Global war will be the default map again. • Increase the maximum battle level to allow for more troops and leadership points. We are roughly doubling the number of leadership points you can earn so you can command bigger armies. • Cities are easier to destroy. City durability is going down a little bit so that capturing a city goes by faster. • No more Factions. You no longer start in one of two factions. You will be free to choose your own allies and determine your own approach to diplomacy. All faction related goals are removed as well. This is one of the biggest changes this update! • Goals Removed. Victory points will be removed and there is no set duration for the match. The match ends only when there is a single league standing. • New ranking system. The new ranking system keeps track of two scores: Battle Score- destroy enemies, buildings NPCs (less points for NPCs); Territory Score- capture more cities, villages, harbors and other central buildings. We are renewing our focus on providing the best PvP experience, squashing annoying bugs and adding more convenient functions. These are our core commitments. Your feedback and passion are incredibly helpful. I read your suggestions carefully. I think of World Warfare not just as the developers’ game, but a game built together with players. I plan to be more open about our design decisions going forward. Thank you for your passion, your feedback and helping us make a better game. I look forward to hearing from you. TL;DR: We apologize for recent changes that we admit were not good for the game. We plan to focus on having the most polished PvP experience we can provide. Please give us your feedback and help guide the game. We have lots of ideas on how to make the game better, we hope you’ll explore them with us! I want to thank the following commanders for giving us amazing feedback and ideas all the time: 1.Tech requirement to build units removed. BladeGuner 2.You can now pick your attack targets. MightyQuinn, GenMadDogMattis, johnny3laze, Majorghost, Boredomfalls, robnadel, Icefrezz, Plucky, Jsmallz, Dano1288, Putinkgb, Geckor, DocM91B, Dckeep44, MrLee, GenRizza 3.Change map from Golden Empire to Global War. Realvapejay, GenRizza, fengyun, Solus, Duh12 4.Increase the maximum battle level to allow for more troops and leadership points. KingCB, Robnadel, fengyun, Noodles, BlitzkriegHK, BladeGuner 5.Cities are easier to destroy. MrLee, Neptune, LostDaimyo, Creepermaster, Realvapejay 6.No more Factions. Enclave, GenRizza Special Acknowledgements: BladeGuner, Rotymir, Oracle, KingCB, Semispaz, Noodles, Telwar, Solus, GenRizza, Hitgirl
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    Sure is a lot of sour pusses on here for being a free game. All you gamers should know how code works. All trial and error. When you replace on code it may mess up other code. We should all just be happy that they are going out of there way to fix it. No point in screaming at the admins and if your that sour you should probably find another game. For the techs and the admin your all doing a great job and I'm happy to be supporting this game. LOVES IT. ?? ps for the rebel respawn I got to lvl 5 in no time at all, cause I built turrets and had anti tanks waiting for them. A lot of the guys I know and play with said that they started spawning out side the city. So take them free xp and enjoy it. KEEP CALM AND WARFARE ON BABY. Next time use the shield to your advantage before rushing to the first city. New map new surprises, take the time next time and learn the map before rushing off. Plus free xp and lvl up to lvl 6 real quick. Think it's a great idea.
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    *Disclaimer this is only a guideline, feel free to modify to your own personal game play or even completely ignore, your choice. In the spirit of promoting a more competitive Battlefield, I have decided to place this Guide on how I start every Battle. Hopefully this will be helpful. I am putting this Guide in numerical sequence as to save time; in both me writing, and in you reading...lol. I will give the BLUF (Bottom Line Up Front) reasoning for each. I will narrow it to only the upgrading of buildings. The following of this format without the use of Gems (barring attacks from enemy players), should keep production in line with upgrading. Understand there are other factors involved with this that are not mentioned i.e. battle level. 1. Enter game. 2. Build Army base.(lvl 1) 3. Build Munition Factory.(lvl 1) 4. Upgrade City.(lvl 2) 5. Build Mini Farm.(lvl 1) 6. Upgrade Munitions Factory.(lvl 2) 7. Upgrade Army Base.(lvl 2) Allows for healing of troops. (Refill Tab) 8. Upgrade City.(lvl 3) 9. Build Mini Iron Mine.(lvl 1) 10. Build Turrets X 3.(lvl 1) 11. Upgrade Mini Farm.(lvl 2) 12. Upgrade Mini Iron Mine.(lvl 2) 13. Upgrade Munitions Factory.(lvl 3) 14. Upgrade Mini Farm.(lvl 3) 15. Upgrade Mini Iron Mine.(lvl 3) 16. Upgrade Turrets X 3.(lvl 2,3) Increases range from 180 to 250. 17. Upgrade City.(lvl 4) 18. Build Airbase.(lvl 1) 19. Upgrade Munitions Factory.(lvl 4) 20. Upgrade Mini Farm.(lvl 4) 21. Upgrade Mini Iron Mine.(lvl 4) 22. Upgrade Army Base.(lvl 3) Allows for expansion of troops to level 2. (Expansion Tab) 23. Upgrade Airbase.(lvl 2,3) Allows for Healing and expansion of troops to level 2. (Refill Tab) (Expansion Tab) 24. Upgrade City.(lvl 5) 25. Upgrade Munitions Factory.(lvl 5) 26. Upgrade Mini Farm.(lvl 5 max) 27. Upgrade Mini Iron Mine.(lvl 5 max) 28. Build Commerce Center.(lvl 1) Allows for trading Resources. 29. Upgrade Commerce Center.(lvl 2,3) Allows for shipping Resources (supplying League City). 3 X transports @ 75 load capacity. 30. Upgrade Turrets X 3.(lvl 4,5) Increases Range from 250 to 300(max) 31. Upgrade Commerce Center.(lvl 4,5) Increases to 5 X transports @ 200 load capacity. 32. Upgrade City.(lvl 6) 33. Build Mini Rubber Factory.(lvl 1) 34. Upgrade Munitions Factory.(lvl 6) 35. Upgrade Mini Rubber Factory.(lvl 2) 36. Upgrade City.(lvl 7) 37. Build Supply Factory.(lvl 1) Allows for production of Food, Fuel and Ammo. 38. Upgrade Munitions Factory.(lvl 7) 39. Upgrade City.(lvl 8) 40. Build Mini Oil Factory.(lvl 1) 41. Upgrade Munitions Factory.(lvl 8) 42. Upgrade Mini Oil Factory.(lvl 2) 43. Upgrade Mini Rubber Factory.(lvl 3) 44. Upgrade Mini Oil Factory.(lvl 3) 45. Upgrade Mini Rubber Factory.(lvl 4) 46. Upgrade Mini Oil Factory.(lvl 4) 47. Upgrade Mini Rubber Factory.(lvl 5 max) 48. Upgrade Mini Oil Factory.(lvl 5 max) Let me know any feedback on how this works for you. Good luck and good hunting.
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    Tbh praise to all staff for making the game great. It just so happens that we see and talk to lily the most so all successes are attributed to her lol. If u want recognition, come into the line chat and talk ?
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    Just want to give high praise for Lily and how she represents in the Line ap chat room! She's fun, friendly but also professional and takes the concerns and even minor venting of players seriously and is always willing to help. Shes not the only one with this company like that either. It is obviously a culture and is great to see! Thank K you all and amazing job Lily!
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    I have an idea. Have a league cup where the leagues just bid gems against each other and the one willing to spend the most gets first, second most gets second, etc. It would save everyone a lot of trouble and would probably be a lot less lag. /sarcasm off Seriously though, the argument that the game needs to make money doesn't hold water if the goal is to see who's the best. There are many ways to make money without being pay to win. If however, being pay to win is OK, lets just jump to the money shot and quit pretending its anything but. That way the people who want to pay for trophies can get with it, and the rest of us who enjoy the strategy, tactics, teamwork, etc can go find something else to do. Just my opinion.
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    A Letter to the Devs Thoughts in General: I'm just going to start this off by saying that I am definitely not the best player here and I have merely compiled a list of grievances and tried to show a list of solutions to the existing problems and hopefully help you guys pull the game back on track. I may be wrong in some aspects and players can feel free to criticize me all the want as it will most likely make this post more effective. Now onto the main body of this post. I have played this game for about 5-6 months (give or take a month) and I have watched the general progression of this game and I'm saddened to say that the trend is going down rather than up. The first update you guys did( Golden Empire) was pretty good I'll be honest and generally offered a very active gameplay for all people from newbies to the pros. Although that game mode had a couple flaws(i.e The tech Tree and a few misc items) it was playable by all players and was generally fun for the most part. Then we had the beta, I was extremely happy that you guys took up my advice to do beta but it quickly went downhill, the beta although fun and mainly not so glitched(given a few things, but that's expected from a beta) but it still baffled me why you guys decided to go back to the old map but I went with it thinking it will all be alright but I later figured out why(I will explain later on). The beta being as it was had most if not all bugs that I found most prominent in deterring players were fixed by the end of the beta but when I first joined my first battlefield I quickly saw all the bugs that had been fixed return to the game along with several other bugs that had never appeared. Naturally, I am pretty positive everyone agrees with me here, we were disappointed in the game that we got as the "released version" or the "final version" The grievances Ok now for the part you guys are probably reading this for. Now this is just a list that I was able to compile from all the talks I was able to get from players. I urge players to add to this list for the betterment of the game. Anyway here we go: First off this was a pointless addition to the game and I don't think it benefits the game in the way you were hoping for, that is the changes to the STUGS. Yes, I am very aware that some views on this might vary but I still thought this would be important to mention. The debuffs that were given to the STUGS, i.e The speed penalty without the compensation of a forced march and the extra troop space it takes is rather annoying and renders the STUGS pretty ineffective or annoying to care for. I find it ridiculous that you need 2 heavy transport planes to move 12 STUGS lv 1. Again this isn't a huge thing but I figured I would start off with the easy ones. Next up is the performance of the game. By the looks of this update and the structure and layout of the map it's an amazement that the game is struggling so much with performance. This current map is nothing special at all and in my opinion has less going on with it than the Golden Empire map, even so, the game seems to be struggling with the basic functions of the of the player interactions like zooming out, loading the map, etc. You guys said you will fix it but I am just putting it here in case the devs want to use this resource to fix the game(Highly Recommended!) The bugs are rampant in this version of the game which is a HUGE surprise considering most of the bugs we find now were clearly fixed by the end of the beta. I also figured yall understood the reason of a beta. You were supposed to FINISH coding then give us that version to beta test and find bugs in to optimize the version, the whole beta is kinda undermined if you keep toying with the code and changing stuff... Like seriously there are so many unwelcomed things in the finished version that would have been removed within days of the beta but you guys forgot that and went ahead with it... It still surprises me that that beta which looked very promising was essentially wasted.Anyway let's start on the list of bugs: Bug #1: Stuck troops! Guys... This was fixed mid beta and it's still here in the finished version... how is that even possible?! Please fix this. Bug #2: The League accepts War button is broken... So you kinda have to wait 1 hour even if you are ready to go to war. Bug #3: Well that was pretty much it according to what I was able to gather and you guys were able to fix a couple on the go so good job on that. There might be more that I am not aware of but if there are I hope the players will put them below. Ok, now a couple requests that players had when I asked them. There are probably more but hey this will start you off in the right direction: More resource zone! - I agree there is a lack of resource zones in the areas and if you spawn in the same area of your league which is highly likely, then you have to FIGHT YOUR OWN TEAM MEMBERS for important early game resources and since you cannot share resource zones with other team members it gets in the way of one person's progression. An escort button - Simply a button for scouts,jets, and fighters to be able to "escort" your transport planes essentially matching the speed of the transports and prioritize damage towards themselves so if a turret would be shooting your transport and you have a fighter escorting it the fighter will take the turret damage rather than the transport. Kill/Dismiss units outside the barracks button - This is to mainly avoid stranded troops that get either glitched in an area of the map or the ones that get stuck on a mini Island like shown in the image attached. You could have a timer associated with it so people don't abuse it but it needs to be a feature. Letter Continued: The last request I have is to revert your tier 5-6 tactics to the old ones. COME ON! first you guys mess with the artillery support now the Suicidal charger?! I get you guys made charge the way it is because you were afraid of people killing allied troops that way but now that we can pick our own allies why not leave that responsiblilty to us?! People that pull those antics will not have any allies then the problem is essentially solved. To fix one thing you guys screwed with the whole tactic essentially rendering it useless even for league use! Summary: I think this game has a great future and really believe that it has the potential to become an amazing game.That being said it needs a lot of work. You guys have gotten some things right, for instance, the new targeting feature, everyone is a fan of it and I think you guys hit the nail right on the head with that one. One aspect of the Game that currently worries me is the player base and the inability for the game to compensate the little people and the newbies. The whole factionless system although fun to play and be a part of is very hazardous for new players with not as great or active members. With the current system, it will be a reoccurring theme that the same few leagues and alliances win and that really damages the morale of new players. Although I do enjoy the pvp style of the game I really think you should have left a bit of tactical gameplay element in the game. Not all players are pvpers some find it fun to play the objective and I feel they should be rewarded for their style of playing. I personally think you should have done all your updates on the Golden Empire Map and I truely believe that it would have been a great game if you did. Anyway, remember how I said I know why you guys went back to old map? I think it was out of lazyness, I think you guys reused old code from the earliest form of the game. I say that because many of those old glitches can be seen now for example artillery and anti-tank guns will fired even before setting up and more things of that nature. Anyway, I basically said all that I wanted to say. I truely hope you guys( I.e THE DEVS) found this letter useful and pretty self explainitory. I would also urge fellow players to add to this list, this is our game as much it is theirs so take it into your hands and suggest away. Anyway I will stop my rambling but I do hope this was helpful and that I did cover most things. Thank you, ~Waffles
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    Sorry if others have said this but I'm not wanting to re read everything 1. Increase pvp xp. Tiger killing should not be the only way to level. Few bombers and you get 11,000xp not including the other tanks and aa plus the pinata effect that sprays transports all over. But kill a level 12 city with turrets and another player fighting back and get maybe 2000 xp total. Not sure where the thought process on this happened (or lack of) but with the new map having way more lands flags are needed and tiger chasing is what it will become again 2. Navy is utterly useless "s$&t matters". Really? Level 11 for a crappy cruiser that can't even kill a turret lol. By the time we get a muni 11 there's little need. Also make a way to get to the inner ring of water with ships or they will always be useless. At the rate muni builds will be able to build a aircraft carrier in the last few hours of the map. Assuming it lasts the full 15 days 3. Airbase and army base. Thanks for reducing the build times. It's now at least theoretically possible to level them to 20 in 15 days. Never gonna happen but nice to know it's possible. There is this little thing called making arms that means you have to stop upgrading. Currently I'm on air 11 at 8 hours. 4.5.6 and 7. Munitions. Before we only needed 12 to obtain all the troops which meant in 3-5 days you could have everything. 5 days if you build troops and battle 3 if you just say and built. Nobody knows what the muni level for the upper stuff is. But what is the point of having Jets the last day at best. This is all assuming anyone stays around long enough to unlock them. 8. Bp. Why the $&@@ did the bp requirement double. I've been told that drop rates have increased. But that's a load of bull. Either way increasing bp drop rate while in increasing amount needed is like turning up your stereo because you just put ear plugs in. 9. New players. These so called changes to benefit new players are complete nonsense. You know what makes you not a new player? Playing that's what. Split the game up. Make a board where nobody at or over cw4 rank can join. And others that anyone can join but if under cw3 you'll know going in that it's a board with higher ranked players 10. Bubbles. I know many thought the bubbles every 10 seconds were annoying but what even more annoying is getting them after 12 hours and over half are population. It takes so long to make troops now that nobody will ever have an issue with population. EVER. My city currently makes more population then I can use if I make planes and ground troops and upgrade at the same time. Also 100 oil or 150 rubber might have meant something in the old map. But 100 oil won't even make a scout now lol. 11. I like the new map. There needs to be more incentive to battle for the center of to battle at all. But most are too concentrated on the grueling task of getting muni high enough to actually do anything. Gig takes muni 14. I hate to see what the b29 takes 12. Stop with the kneejerk reactions of feedback from 12 year olds(quoting someone else but I agree). Take the time to find out the consequences to changes. Try asking players. Don't ruin this like so many other developers have their games. I know the guys at the office are brilliant and all their ideas are spectacular. But they don't pay the bills. Dare to be different from the other companies. Listen to your players but not blindly. 13. Feel free to deposit 500 gems to me. We can call this an overall sitrep. 14. Breath and hit someone you think is at fault here.
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    ? you guys are making my dream game lol
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    To add. There are strategies for dealing with the tactic as it was. Being a game of strategy it was an aspect I enjoyed. As the game develops new units she uses for the gold accumulating current strategies will change accordingly. But changing a tactic because some didn't like it just means they don't take the time to plan and form a counter. Like anyone I hate it when it's used on me. Just like I hate when anything is used against me. But that's the game and countering is what makes it fun. Promote users are to learn and develop their characters. Don't stunt the growth of others to meet their cap. It's like the "no child left behind" system that America used in its schools. Lol
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    so I started thinking as I was talking in main chat and it hit me why not trains to move goods Russians used them in world war 2 along with Poland to move goods and troops and the Germans used many too it was a quicker way to move goods and more of them I think they could be used in the game too Also I mean trains only as a bigger high level city transport it could be expanded into more but that's your guys call
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    Hello Everyone! I wanted to offer some feedback about the game. I think it's important to start by offering thanks and appreciation to the developers, admins, and GMs. It seems like players complain a lot. But the truth is World Warfare really is a great game overall. Especially compared to many other games. The game staff listens to us. And even though things never seem to be perfect, we should at least give them credit for trying. With regards to the new update... Thanks for the new options in League Cities. It was so hard to find the correct city before but now sorting to select a city you want to send resources to is easier than ever. The new "League Chat" is a good addition also for allowing us to communicate better with our entire team. Areas of concern i have seen from my members and allies are as follows: -Why was allied chat removed? A GM just posted a thread last week about the importance of allies working together. Different leagues coming together and working in teams IS the most effective solution available now to fight back against situations where otherwise players have no chance to win. Less than one week after several teams work together to defeat the Chinese league... The developers remove allied chat which would make working as a team with other leagues more difficult? Strange decision there, and none of us can figure out why developers would do that except maybe they dont like leagues working together and being able to communicate in an allied chat. It's much better to have allied chat and the new League chat. Please work on it. -Chat in general, the badge notifications are not showing up for private messages. Sometimes chat isnt sending properly (a little red X shows up to re-send). Sometimes chat disappears and then shows up later. -Amethyst, so far we don't like this addition. At first, we thought it was implemented to help address player concerns of too much diamonds and spending for advantage. But instead, it seems it has an oppoiste effect. Now players cannot save up rewards from normal battlefield like daily individual rankings and the relatively inexpensive daily subscription bonus to amass large numbers of diamonds and then use them when needed the most (in intense battles at League Tourney for example). There have been times when ive had more than 20,000 diamonds but only spent $30 on subscription and nothing more. Just saved them up day after day. Amethyst appears designed to make sure that cant happen anymore. And to drive more spending on the other diamond purchase options for anyone who wants to use lots of tactics (which is the number 1 thing that good players use gems for). During a time when many players are already frsutrated by the high spending from a select few. I think developers should focus on solutions that help casual gameplay instead of discourage it. -Every hour im receiving a notification that rebels are attacking my capital city. This is annoying and useless. I think players already let developers know we dont like rebel tanks spawning close enough to our cities to attack us and give us unneccessary alerts or trouble. Keep them on the perimter pleasee. I will post a screenshot to show how annoying and ridiculous this is. With regards to spending in general. I'd like to say that many players are complaining about something that isnt as big of a problem as they think it is. We have besten the Chinese league, and lost to them. They do spend a lot, but they are also extremely skilled and well-coordinated. If you take gems away from the game altogether, the top leagues will still be the top leagues. Playing a lot, and high skill/ability are more important than gems. A player with 200,000 gems on his acct who can play 5 hrs a day will lose every time to a player who is highly skilled, can play 12 hours a day, has zero gems, but teammates who can help him. Spending is important for any game. The developers and admins work hard and should be rewarded by our support. The cost of a subscription ($30) amounts to about a dollar a day. I get more entertainment and enjoyment from this game than i do from cable TV, yet my cable bill is 3-4 times higher than anything I spend here. Also, its a fact that being active and highly skilled and able/willing to coordinate with allies can allow you to defeat any gemmer or gemmer league like the Chinese. So lets stop complaining so much, enjoy the game, support the game, understand that compared to most other games this is really good, and thats all i have to say about things right now have a nice day everyone and always remember... GODz FTW !
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    The City turrets are actually this here. They were known to be extremely hard to destroy and the few that got destroyed where by ground forces at night time. If you want to know more look up the history of German Flak Tower. Here is the link to learn more and why they are using this.https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Flak_tower. Bottom picture is the League City Turrets. Hope you all Enjoy this..
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    This event seems more structured and thought out than other league battle events. Looking forward to all the sitreps and awesome battles
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    Hey commanders, the new patch is coming soon! Just like what we have promised, the game is being optimized step by step. So let's take a look at the following changes: 1.League-related changes. Now you can have 40 members in one League. But you can only have a team of 2~20 members in the same battlefield as before. You can no longer enter League Battlefield after it opens for 24 hours. Added 14 New League Flags in League Page. League Leader is able to ban members in different battlefields. Thanks to KingCB, Noodles and Rotymir. 2.Reduced the time needed for upgrading City, Munition Factory and Turret in the early phase. 3.Reduced the time needed for producing armaments and training troops. See the troop list below: Recon Vehicle, Light Tank, Antitank Gun, Transport Plane, Scout Plane (doesn't need oil anymore), Artillery, Fighter, Tank Destroyer, Self-propelled AA Gun, Self-propelled Artillery, Strategic Bomber, Jet Fighter, Tiger Tank, Transport Ship, Destroyer, Pershing Tank 4.Adjusted attributes of some troops. Infantry: improved its movement speed Recon Vehicle: improved its movement speed, increased its attack and decreased its defense Motorized Infantry: increased its movement speed Anti-Aircraft Gun: increased its power(health) Destroyer: increased its movement speed; has a wider range of sight 5.Map-related changes. Now all islands have harbors- finally we can transport back those homeless soldiers :D Added more oil resource zones: now every commander is able to find oil resources in the neighborhood Added roads in some areas 6.Missions. Adjust the difficulty of some missions, making it easier and more smooth 7.Defense. Increased the defense of City and Turret Increased the attack of Turret 8.GMs can enter specific battlefield and help our players immediately. 9.Tactic ”Suicide Charge“ works for allies now. 10.Items refresh every one hour in Commercial Center.
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    Some good players have hit on some of the key points above. But I wanted to add my thought as well. Waffles highlighted there posted above. Burger golden wasn't utilized by the player base the right way. Leagues was suppose to go to the middle get strong and fight over gold. And if you are starting new maps ATM you know hitting those npc city in the middle was more of a chalange than these new players are now. You have to be in a map with no good leagues to fight to see the argument. Gold- sucks where and why a lot of questions on gold. 1st why have troop upgrades cost gold when we can't get any? 2nd why do you have to do one week of fighting to get enough gold for one upgrade? Because winning the map gets ya about 67k gold some lvl of upgrades cost even more at this rate it would take a player 2 years of playing this map to upgrade strat bombers. 3rd city tax wasn't added to the map that would have helped add it back? 4th no mines means no gold 5th I got gold one time out of a bubble since the update and that's me playing everyday. I think it's been removed and that one time was a bug lol new players wow- sucks in a lot of short term ways. Hopefully long term we get a lot more active leagues to fight 1st so many new players coming in its filling the map up too fast 2nd it causes a lot of league members not to be able to get into the same match with there league because a good league has players at different times of the day doing something. 3rd new players are coming in league less with no real understanding of the game. Boring we need a better start up for new members. Have them play a specially designed starting map making them see why a league city is important and how to get one. Or have them all start in a new player map for the first time designed for only new players and it be one map. They form new leagues there and hopefully are somewhat better by the next match with everyone else. increased flags and troops- was a great idea but ATM it isn't as easy to get as you would think I find my league killing as and waiting for tanks to spawn so we can get lvls its all because of new players. Our first few matches was pretty good and when it was us and coci and Asians vs players pasta and anti pasta we had 700 plus troops fighting each other at different areas of the map. It was easy to lvl and mass a big army. But without these new players trying to fight it's harder to get the xp. Making our last 2 matches boring and I mean very boring. There is no real goal to do this or that it's only cap players that don't stand a chance and we have helped them gave them 3 days after declaring to even try to make it more even. the reason your poll won't have accurate votes is because of the players allready left or stopped loging back in. They are not here to vote they hate the update consider this when looking at your poll. Get ok gen chat and ask for a few days more people in game than visits forum also. maybe a good idea for this match is those ss headquarters who ever kills one that league gets 100k gold each ss hq killed we got to be able to get gold. we need some changes once a week submit fixes to bugs and make adjustments where needed. Get the golden match back opens I we have 2 map options then after a month or so you can look at what map is being played the most. my final thoughts on the map and changes before I bring up a lot of other things is new players hurt the game for short term and can be a good thing for long term they need a better way to be integrated into the main game.
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    I don't care if it's fixed tbh this kinda stuff can lighten the mood and make u giggle in a somewhat serious game lol. I just wanted to show this to ppl in case they found it funny
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    I'm not a fan of the ranking system.Because the battlefield I'm in I've destroyed multiple guardians and hq and got like no xp.The guardians and hqs should give more xp than killing a tiger tank.So like the people making your faction win aren't normally going to be the ones in the top 5 those are the people that kill tiger tanks and don't help faction to much.Since the game is so team oriented the way the personal rankings works doesn't make much sense.
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    Drop rates and bubbles. WTF. Been over 5 days without one bp. Throw in my 34 flags which have 22 zones and 3 cities. Level 15,14,20. All zones 10 with max towers and farms/mines mz at 15. Last bubble collection as follows 2500 gold yay good 150 oil. Pointless 150 rubber pointless 750 steel eh ok 1000 cash really? 1000 cash Ug 5 tactic points (old bubbles I'd get these a lot all day) 1500 pop 1500 pop 1500 pop 1500 pop 1500 pop (annoying isn't it) 1500 pop 1500 pop 1500 pop 1500 pop OMG an armament. Ug recon truck 1500 pop 1500 pop 750 steel. Hey at least it's not pop i bet nobody can guess the next 5 bubbles in order with amounts attached. Fix this shit. Nobody can build and upgrade troops fast enough or high enough to ever need this much population
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    Well done guys! I've not played against all of you but I've certainly noticed your leagues. Cap this is very well deserved. You took our rag tag group of players with all their strengths and weaknesses and made them into a tight cohesive team of very active players. We have dominated every global battle that we have entered and a big part of that is your leadership. congratulations. BrutalDestiny Cocidius
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    Tomorrow the tanks will rain over the map. Reign and rain.