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World Warfare
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    1. I think that a technique expanded to level 5 should receive an ability or a powerful bonus. 2. We have three classes of technology with abilities that we upgrade for gold coins. There should be a tactic that we can improve. 3. Tactics that give a bonus for the extraction of resources of one administrative zone are not relevant, it should work for the total extraction of the city. 4. TIGER B should appear earlier. Fields have become fast, voting appears earlier than the plant is level 14. Few will play on them, they will also die from the M40 and bombers but the tanker will have a variety, and the rest have more experience))
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    hey peter i cant get in my accounts CerraH and CrrH both..dont know what happened my google play acconts are beginner and ehen i try to log in game makes me start game as a beginner
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    I do have to say I like the idea of leaders and co-leaders being able to go into a map that full and be able to spectate that map to help new members.
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    You can drop one at a time. Select a plane then view troops for that plane. Select the troops you want to drop and dispatch. That will drop only those selected where ever the plane is at that point.
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    hi have enjoyed playing this game last few weeks, but have a question; when dropping troops from a C47/Gigant do they all have to drop at once or can I drop one at a time ie to space them out. hope you can help thx
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    Commanders, Crisis Fringe is becoming popular after it's release. How is your fight in this map? In order to warm up your passion on playing this map, we have decided to give you a big bonus: the permanent tiger tank skin. Lol. As long as you are active and aggressive, you will have the chance to win this bonus. Here are some details: 1. Players who join the Crisis Fringe will have the chance to win some Chests of Surplus Materials when this map ends. The amount of the chests are decided by your final rankings on the battlefield. On this map, your result rewards are as followed : Please notice that ONLY on this map will you gain the Chests of Surplus Materials. 2. We have added more than one material in this chest. Please check picture below. The last column is the probability you can get the items. 3. The first 10 commanders that gain the permanent skin will get some extra diamonds. And the rewards will be sent out manually after this event. 4. Event Duration: June 27th 2019-July 26th 2019 5. Note: If you are so lucky to gain the permanent skin more than once, the extra items can be converted into diamonds by using them. Should you have any questions, please leave your comments below or PM me. Lol. Thank you so much.
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    probably the wrong place to ask this but is there a way to purchase generals not on the hot deal list? Meaning generals released in the past?
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    Dear Developers, I am not sure if this topic has been discussed before but I would like to know if you can add a destroy unit button. A destroy button unit will help the commanders better plan attacks and save time. Instead of sending troops on suicide missions, if you are lucky enough to have enemy units around to kill your units. If not your slow units might take forever to get rid off. Time for all of us is limited so if you can assist the commanders to make it easier to destroy our units that we no longer need it would be greatly appreciated! Thanks, Ronin1
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