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    Tbh praise to all staff for making the game great. It just so happens that we see and talk to lily the most so all successes are attributed to her lol. If u want recognition, come into the line chat and talk ?
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    Edit to my previous post All or any combination of the special skills. But would like all of course. James Gavin (Infantry) + Power + Speed + Attack Power + Sight + Range Add Defence Jimmy Doolittle (B-25 Medium Bomber) + Power + Speed + Attack Power + Sight Robert Fredrick (Scouts, Recon Vehicles and Motorized Infantry) + Sight (= to Destroyers) + Speed + Power + Attack Power + Range Albert Speer (Production) + Resources (Oil, Steel, Fortune) - Armament Cost - Armament Build Time - Troop Training Time
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    I propose a diamond free tournament, this would be a true test of skill amoungst the leagues and remove the excuse's, I understand the developers need to make money, and frankly this game is worth my dollar, just trying to find the right way to spend the dollar. That being said I say a gem free tournament needs to come with a cash entry fee say 5 dollars per player. Also a nice reward for the winners would be awesome, something unique, and a consolation prize for those willing to participate would be a plus. Just sayen it's a fair way for the developers to make a dollar and a way for those of us who don't have a 100,000 gems saved or the desire to spend our hard earned dollar competing with others deep pockets to truely enjoy a strategy game. Thanks, DasSpezilist (SPC)
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    First I want to say what a pleasure playing with many of you is. It's truly a great game with some great people. As leader of the Wolfpack since its creation I have strived to maintain a certain level of decorum from our members. I have noticed as of late we as the pack have had some less then savoury interactions with fellow players. Not to say at all times our daily mind you, but we engaged with gusto. In the course of this shift in our way we have become less helpful and that has in my opinion impacted many new players. This sort of thing is regretful. As leader of the Wolfpack I assume fill responsibility for this uncommon behaviour we have exhibited as of late. And to you my fellow players I say I apologize. Now don't get me wrong the occasional Whitty banter is not what I refer too but really mean, boisterous and helpful behaviour. The pack and I have discussed it and collectively agree we have gotten a bit out of hand. We will strive to be truer to our pack ways. I thank you for taking this time to read this and again apologize for the issues. Please address all questions and concerns directly to me. Thank you Telwar
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    Hey commanders, the new patch is coming soon! Just like what we have promised, the game is being optimized step by step. So let's take a look at the following changes: 1.League-related changes. Now you can have 40 members in one League. But you can only have a team of 2~20 members in the same battlefield as before. You can no longer enter League Battlefield after it opens for 24 hours. Added 14 New League Flags in League Page. League Leader is able to ban members in different battlefields. Thanks to KingCB, Noodles and Rotymir. 2.Reduced the time needed for upgrading City, Munition Factory and Turret in the early phase. 3.Reduced the time needed for producing armaments and training troops. See the troop list below: Recon Vehicle, Light Tank, Antitank Gun, Transport Plane, Scout Plane (doesn't need oil anymore), Artillery, Fighter, Tank Destroyer, Self-propelled AA Gun, Self-propelled Artillery, Strategic Bomber, Jet Fighter, Tiger Tank, Transport Ship, Destroyer, Pershing Tank 4.Adjusted attributes of some troops. Infantry: improved its movement speed Recon Vehicle: improved its movement speed, increased its attack and decreased its defense Motorized Infantry: increased its movement speed Anti-Aircraft Gun: increased its power(health) Destroyer: increased its movement speed; has a wider range of sight 5.Map-related changes. Now all islands have harbors- finally we can transport back those homeless soldiers :D Added more oil resource zones: now every commander is able to find oil resources in the neighborhood Added roads in some areas 6.Missions. Adjust the difficulty of some missions, making it easier and more smooth 7.Defense. Increased the defense of City and Turret Increased the attack of Turret 8.GMs can enter specific battlefield and help our players immediately. 9.Tactic ”Suicide Charge“ works for allies now. 10.Items refresh every one hour in Commercial Center.
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    Remove area happenings in the battlefield chat. It's cluttered with it. imo
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    The community always breaks into two groups on these discussions: A) Fix the game and B) give us more content/features. I have always been in the “fix the game” group. I enjoyed this game, having put almost 3 years and a bunch of money into this game, Playing time kept increasing to 16-20 hours daily during our fields. I had more analytical spreadsheets every few months (we look at more things than most folks). Every field had a week of preparation and a week of debriefing. It was fun! The wife commented that he talks for a week before and a week after every time he plays. I was committed!! For me, the game content was already rich in content and better than most others. I was willing to make sacrifices to play the game, but wanted the game to play well. Things like lag (from class tech, battle tech, 2x speed and many alliances), ghosting, infinite shields and other non-core aspects were increasing over time. However, the developers had another group that always cried “more content”. Every league plays differently, and so can be partially immune from some of the above problems. For my situation, the cries for more content have now created a game that is at best border line unplayable. 16-20 hours daily for a full week creates too much real life stress. When big battles happen now, there is much less strategy, it’s just drop your troops and let the AI fight. Roll the dice and let’s see how we do! When folks shield for 5 days straight, it’s legal, but is that why I am playing the game? There are many more aspects that were taking a great game into the ditch for me. And now we have responded once again to the “content” folks and need for developer income by adding new tactics. With a mix of anger and sorrow, I must say that the scales have tipped too much. The game is broken for me and I must move on, possibly on a permanent basis. At the end of the day, this game is still a business for the developers. They must decide on content that draws enough niche players, creates enough revenue and is technically feasible. Players can complain, but there reaches a time when you have to vote with your feet.
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    Everyone please continue to keep this thread going. Thank you MasterChiefs for starting this thread and we would enjoy hearing how others found their way to World Warfare!
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    As players who enjoy this game, some of the WeFew guys were discussing some ideas that we though might be worth listing in regards to monetizing options for this game.I thought I'd toss some of them out here to try and get some fedback to the devs and perhaps have others pitch in with their thoughts. Disclaimer: I am not a programmer, nor a game designer, so I don't know the difficulty of implementing any of these ideas, I just wanted to throw them out there as food for thought. Things we'd be willing to pay for that we don't think would turn the game into a pay-to-win: some examples are: A Construction adviser that gave you Build ques and possibly an x% reduction in build times or "Finish now for free" under a certain time option. (5 minutes, 2 minutes, that would be determined) An industrial adviser that provided a x% bonus to resources A Manufacturing adviser that reduced armament build times and/or "Finish now for free" under a certain time option. (5 minutes, 2 minutes, that would be determined) A Training adviser that reduced training times and/or "Finish now for free" under a certain time option. (5 minutes, 2 minutes, that would be determined) (might even have one for air/land/and sea) Medical adviser that reduced refilling times and/or "Finish now for free" under a certain time option. (5 minutes, 2 minutes, that would be determined) Logistics officer for expansions etc. One idea would be to have them each purchased individually for gems for a given time period, or, a monthly subscription that gave you access to all of them. These aren't really a replacement for the current gem system, just an add on. (Although, I personally would like to see gemming repairs and builds for a city under attack blocked similar to the way the shield is supposed to work) Regards, MkV
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    I feel like they are changing everything except EVERYTHING WE WANT THE MOST. 1. Ranking system 2. Gem usage 3. New Battlefeild
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    The first thing we need to do is quit making excuses about the game needs to make money, for one we all know this so let's approach this another way. They still make there money by the no talent guys in the regular battlefield. But if throwing a tournament makes that big of a difference in the gross income for the game and the developers are going to ignore the outcry of the elite players of this game and then others are going to come to their defense, then I say just do what MkV said and I quote; So I have an idea myself. A really good friend of mine once told me that a dilemma was just a multitude of single problems and if you try to solve all of them at once, then you will never solve any of them. The way through a dilemma is to solve one problem at a time and the dilemma will crumble. So the dilemma we are facing is not the use of gems, but the use of gems in tournament play. So the purchasing and useing gems during regular games is fine, boom no loss of money for the developers. Next problem. Tournament play brings in more money because the no talent teams want a pretty banner and can't win without spending, so you see this huge increase in in-game purchases by throwing these things. So now ask yourself is your goal greed or player satisfaction? If it is only about money then please let me know now because I am with the originator of the post and I am gone. I have seen a lot of other people post great ideas on keeping a balance of money and game play but have seen zero attempts to do anything about it. So if the problem is that you don't want to stop or restrict gem use during tournament play because of the increase in income, then your motive is money. But if your motive is player satisfaction and you still need to make money, then charge an entry fee and have NO gem use in the league tournament. That way you get income and the best league wins, ZERO advantage to anyone. I am talking completely even across the board. No tech bonus, no speeding up build times, nothing. Win by pure talent alone. I GUARANTEE YOU THAT I WOULD PAY TO PLAY IN THAT TOURNAMENT.
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    Commanders: War makes hero, on the battlefield, only the strongest and bravest commanders can survive and bring their troops home safely, throughout the history of WWII, many commanders stood out for their military talents, their brutality, their personality and bravery. Today, let us take a look at some of the most famous commanders of WWII. George Smith Patton, Jr. George Patton is one of the most famous commanders in the U.S. army, on November 11, 1885, Patton was born to a family with extensive military background, in the year 1942, during Operation Torch, Patton led his troops into the invasion of Casablanca, where he later established himself as an effective commander, he commanded the U.S. Seventh Army during the invasion of Sicily, led the invasion of Normandy in June 1944, and after the Battle of Bulge, he led the Third Army into Nazi Germany by the end of war. Alexander Novikov Born on November 19th, 1900, Novikov was the Chief Marshal of the Soviet Air Force, he was the man who has piloted Red Air Force through the dark days into the present limelight, Time magazine calls him: master of tactical air power. Novikov worked specifically on the improvement tactic and front line coordination. During the siege of Stalingrad, under Novikov’s command, German Air Force lost 130 planes, in later battles such as Battle of Kursk and Battle of Königsberg, Novikov and his Air Force played an important role. Chester William Nimitz Born February 2nd, 1885, Chester Nimitz was an icon of the U.S. Navy, in his early years he was the authority of submarine in the Navy, in the year 1941 he was promoted by Roosevelt to commander-in-chief, he slowed down the Japanese invasion in the Pacific ocean, and participated in many famous battles like Battle of the Coral Sea, Battle of Midway and Guadalcanal Campaign, because of the victories he brought, he was deeply admired by the American people, and in memory of his contribution, the Nimitz Class Aircraft Carrier is named after him. Otto Moritz Walter Model Walter Model was born in January 24th, 1891, he was famous for his brutality, defensive warfare, in 1942, due to his tenacious fighting style and his dedication to the Nazi, Hitler considered him as his best field commander and repeatedly tasked him with retrieving desperate situations. After Model was defeated at the Battle of the Bulge, his relationship with Hitler broke down. In April 1945, with the Third Reich's defeat imminent, Model committed suicide rather than be captured and stand trial for war crimes. Raymond Ames Spruance Born on July 3rd, 1886, Spruance was a U.S. Navy admiral during WWII, Spruance commanded U.S. naval forces during two of the most significant naval battles that took place in the Pacific theater, the Battle of Midway and the Battle of the Philippine Sea. The Battle of Midway was the first major victory for the United States over Japan and is seen by many as the turning point of the Pacific war. Spruance was nicknamed "electric brain" for his calmness even in moments of supreme crisis, a reputation enhanced by his successful tactics at Midway. Now you might ask, why did we specifically select and introduce these five commanders here? Well, we have a big surprise waiting for you in our next big update, please stay tuned.
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    I had this problem but recently realized the problem wasn't that they were picking at random but that they did not have LoS on the other turrets. I tested the theroy by 1 city I'd only allow my scout to see 1 turret but not the other two. Even with all 3 turrets shooting (2 from the shadow non-LoS view range of scout) the stugs changed to the closest building in LoS. The next city I moved my scouts to LoS all 3 turrets. Stugs eliminated all 3 before switching to random closest building. (Keep in mind initial attack was direct targeted on 1st turret. Is there any bonus for lvl 20 other then each upgrade after 10, other then 11+ being 1,000 player score and game objectives with their current rewards of diamonds? (I.E.: 2 troops at 10, 2 more at 20?) perhaps more if map duration is being changed to set time. Or city gains an aura (like the Capitol buff) where it'd increase resource production further. What I noticed on time stamps is they seem to update like once per hour. Maybe on the hour, quarter after or what ever. Much like the in-battle rank system. Or at least it seems to me it's an hourly update. i'd be happy for resource increase. Given resource production or number of resource zones. Most maps I tend to start near water where land restricts how many are near. (Let alone seems their aren't any oil rigs.) if this is changed in update. I have not seen it in current 3 day old battle. I'm assuming or suggesting that there would be an exception to "instructors" where they can join a newbie map. Perhaps only allow them to kill surrendered or other instructors in newbie map. Or/and allow them to join a regular map for non-teaching fun. (Well still teach others not to mess with the best.) Otherwise that idea to aid new players is forever resting on mods to teach. While food from farms seems logical, then it'll no longer be needed as a build option in the supply depot. I never have food problems since I have upgraded supply depot and set up hourly transports. Also Capitol getting the social rewards increases every supply. Unless they change it so the social reward is rewarded to the city in which owns the property, may be easier to change Capitol. There is no daily tax so no need for Capitol to stay your lvl 20 city that is no where near the front lines. More then one of a building? Would you like to see someone with a Capitol being supplied by some other city near by. A Capitol that would prob, instead of 3 turrets, have 10? Or a city with 10 oil rigs? Or a city with outside supply and 5 munition and 5 Army or airport bases? This will only allow players to "Zerg" (Starcraft ref where that race would blitz 100 crappy troops and win because of shear numbers.) The MZ or resource zones are what make your city have extra of those buildings. Current set up is better IMO. So Engineers for tanks, Medics or infantry, at this point we should have, instead of tactics (the airborn supplies) have a re-supply plane. Kinda like a transport plane that leaves the airport, to designated troop, area around that troop or simply an AoE area, that drops supplies and then flies back. Only 1 per airport. (like the 3 transports per lvl 5 commercial building.)
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    Ah yes the tiger shark and the mountain lion. Very dangerous predators.
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    Today I was chatting with my commander and we thought it would be formal to have U.S. Military ranks instead of the games default ranks. This then leading to my suggestion; I wish we can change the league ranks or make new ones, thus making every league different as they can be from a different country and they have the option to adopt their military ranks. This isn't a huge thing but I personally think this would be an amazing feature for everyone.
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    Greetings all, I have been playing this game a few months now and I keep coming across the same situation over and over again which makes the game a bit tedious and repetitive. I am referring to the method of defending by way of spamming dimonds over and over and over again. The sad part is this doesn't only happen in cities but simple resource zones as well. Many times per game I find myself bombing the same bloody tower that prevents my para from caping a resource zone, just to see it respawn this hapennig anywhere from 5 minutes up to half an hour at a time. I understand and respect the fact that the devs need to make money but there are other ways to incite players to spend diamonds. In good faith I propose adding various skins for the different armys of the era. All major powers (UK, US, Japan, USSR etc) had their own hardware ie medium or heavy tanks, ships, airplanes and so on with their own unique color schemes. I would be more that happy to spend 300-500 diamonds every 8 days to play the game as a certain faction. All I ask in return is that the amount of diamonds spent rebuilding be limited for a certain period of time making the game less tedious. Best regards
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    In a boring moments, i deleted a clash of titans clone, and i was looking for a new game in app store...
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    I found it through an add on Facebook. I have been enjoying it ever since. It is not like most of the ones I have found on Facebook which last a few days then I delete them.
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    Greetings Commanders! I am happy to introduce myself to you as your new Community Manager for World Warfare. My job is to act as a conduit between players and developers, amplifying your voice, bringing you news and updates, and improving the game experience for everyone. I've been a gamer my whole life, and I enjoy playing all sorts of games, like strategy, RPG, action games, etc. I've been in the games industry for over 7 years and I absolutely love being a games evangelist; I want gamers everywhere to have a great time! World Warfare is a gem of a game and I hope you'll stick around as we add new features and improvements. Share your thoughts, what you like, what you don't like, strategies, make friends and have fun. I will see you on the fields of battle!
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    Every year I go to the VA hospital and spend some time with a few soldiers who have no one to listen to them. And we just talk. Unfortunately because I'm a medical professional I'm not allowed to take pictures in the hospital with the Vets. But I'll never forget SSG Roker and his stories of when he was in WWII. His wife passed away while he was deployed and he never remarried, his parents died about 10 years later. Listening to him recount stories not only of his war days and his battle buddies, but also of his wife Elizabeth, his parents, his childhood friends that he outlived, and the twinkle he got in his eye while telling me these was an amazing experience. I went back a few times just so we could keep talking. RIP SSG Roker
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    my dad left now retired with my stepmom i believe on their wedding day nospeedy ingame name
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    You guys might need to come up with a gold, silver, and bronze matchmaking system for global war. Under this new format the large leagues are just going to make everyone quit playing your game. Maybe something like if you are in a league in the top 25 you go to the gold battlefield. 25-100 go to silver and 100 plus go to bronze. That's just an example but something like that might save your game. After 2 battles it's not looking good at all for new players.
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    Commanders, League Tournament S1 is ongoing. A new round of great battles is impendent. I know you must have enjoyed the process of expansion and fighting! Now you guys have got some troubles! Some anonymous DOD officer leaks that, they are after you now, they are thirst for obtaining some inspirations from you guys on the global strategic deployment. Seriously? Of course not. I am just kidding. Lol. The fact is that we 've heard the fronts are overwhelmingly agitating, but sadly we do not have any details on hand. Therefore we'd like to gather some sitreps, even at the costs of diamonds. Yeah, we like furious battle scenes, but more importantly, we wanna know what was happening that time. More event details as the follows: About Sitrep: Sitrep must be posted in the comments under this thread. In-game name required. Sitrep must be different from the ones from other commanders and your previously posted. Sitrep has to be with thrilling battling scenes. Sitrep has to be embellished with your comments. Rewards: 500 diamonds for sitrep with both amazing screenshots and exciting comments on battles. Rules: Start time: UTC 22:00, EDT 18:00, PDT 15:00, on Aug. 5th. End time: UTC 22:00, EDT 18:00, PDT 15:00, on Aug. 24th. Diamonds only for the FIRST sitrep a commander posts per day. Diamonds will be delivered in 24 hours after the sitrep received. Reminders: After each round has ended, we will select 3 of the most thrilling sitreps of this round to award 2000 Diamonds to each, and present them in this thread. After Season One has ended, we will select 3 of the most thrilling sitreps of this season to award 5000 Diamonds to each, and present them in this thread. Should you have any questions, please go to Peter/Jane/Jack/Waffles for replies. Updates: The best 3 sitreps of Round 2 go to Fran2, BenHur and CptSteuble. Thanks for your thrilling battling scenes and nice comments. 2000 diamonds have been delivered to each of you. The best 3 sitreps of Round 3 go to MasterChiefs, Kahners25 and Schnack. Thanks for your thrilling battling scenes and nice comments. 2000 diamonds will be delivered to each of you ASAP. Unfortunately we don't have too many sitreps of Round 4, so we just picked out one best sitrep which posted by RJ1. Thanks for your thrilling battling scenes and nice comments. 2000 diamonds will be delivered to you ASAP. Next, the big news, the best 3 sitreps of Season ONE go to BenHur, CptSteuble and Schnack. 5000 diamonds will be delivered to each of you ASAP. At last, BRAVO to all the leagues that are competiting in Tournament battlefields. You are the best! Peter likes you so much! Anyone who has questions, please pm me, thanks. Peter
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    Permanent would be nice, I like the map a lot, but I also like the regular map. I would rather it be a choice of the two maps rather than random. That's my vote if it matter.
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    This posting literally portrayed everything I liked and disliked in one post with the last update. The old version was so well made, now I feel like a farmer and hoarder verses actually tearing up the field for combat. Well wrote SnakeEater.
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    Great game so far I have been having connection issues for the last two days, both on wifi and cell service the load screen just has the loading icon circling forever
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    Commanders, Update: The bug where league transports moved following a road was fixed at 3:00 am PDT. We closed the filed 1000002 where battlefield missions couldn't be complete. We will send some compensation to players joined that field in 24 hours. Please match a new field. Our tech support has done something to fix the issue where players couldn't command their troops in field 1086688. If this issue happens again, please private message me, Peter or David here or in game. You can also report it via Contact Us to Veronica. Note: We usually send maintenance warning to each chat channel and in-game mail one hour earlier. Also, we will announce the maintenance on forum one hour earlier. If you have better ideas, let us know. Thank you. What's New: --League now has a max member at 40.But you can only have a team of 2~20 members in the same battlefield as before. --Players can't match League Battlefields has been opened for 24 hours. --League Leader is able to ban members in different battlefields. --Reduced the time needed for upgrading City, Munition Factory and Turret in the early phase. --Reduced the time needed for producing some armaments and training some troops. --All islands have harbors now. --Added more oil resource zones and roads. --Added 14 New League Flags in League Page. --Adjusted the difficulty of some missions, making it easier and smoother. --Increased the defense of City and Turret and increased the attack of Turret. --Tactic "Suicide Charge" works for allies now. --Items refresh every one hour in Commercial Center. --Adjusted attributes of some troops. Bug-fixes --Fixed a bug which switched CINC position randomly. --Fixed a bug where players couldn't complete some achievements like Heavy Tank Destroyer. Thank you.
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    How about a counter at league city to show who donated and how much? A ledger to keep people honest.
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    I don't care for the update. Losing interest because of it. - overall something is lost and the tempo is not as high as before. - no real goal or overarching mission. Before there was the drive of getting to the center. - before I would at least have one other league member on the map. Since the update it's only been me. No teamwork. - the diplomacy thing seems interesting but in practice players are not joining up as before the update. -----in a nutshell before the update I would join with other players and work together more. Can't quite put my finger on it but cooperation just doesn't happen as much. - oh, and the reason I joined a league was because I kept running into same players on the battlefield and we would help each other, and so I joined them. Playing since the update is more secluded. I'm battling with other peeps on the field. This is different than working together with others.
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    We heard player feedback and we have increased the maximum Battlefield level and number of troops you can command. Be ready for bigger, more intense battles! Increased Battlefield level More exp for completing missions more exp from PvP Reduced exp from NPC Tiger Tank Ace Give us your thoughts below!
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    World warfare can be fun with making troops and stuff but it was also an amazing game for your brain activity actually, there is more that i can discover about the this amazing game usually everyone will say attack attack and attack but not me I always use my brain and think for strategic techniques especially the normal Strategy you guys called also use i called it the "Get your troops out" it is bassically you must distract your enemy and the rest of your troops will flank the enemy which is distracted by your troops which will buy you an extra amount of time to destroy and conquer this is mostly used when battling orther players
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    I am sorry for anoying bugs. I have put stability to be one of most important thing. We will go gentle after this update, keep small steps and fast response, test and discuss more with you before any big updates. The XP system will be fixed in the coming update. Thanks a lot
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    What would happen with the gold and blueprint systems? Would we still need them to upgrade or just one or the other? Also will there still be mines to help aquire gold? And I think something needs to be done about the gem system. It's there, you need it to make money, we can't take it away. But the price for gems versus their actual in game value regarding how much you need to speed something up doesn't match up. The game kinda feels like it's all about money grabbing and I know that's what you need, but I also know you don't want it to feel like that without the free players to advertise the game you lose out on potential new paying players, and even turning free players into paying players. Like most games once a timer hits a certain point (30 sec, 2 min, 5 min) it's free to finish the upgrade. I think just incorporating that would have a huge impact. I'd have to agree. Upgrade times do seem to be a bit long as it is. And with this update I can see battles lasting easily 3 weeks in some circumstances. Especially if you keep it at the same number of players in a match with a league limit of only 20 people.
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    Now I going to assume other have posted the same idea for the map but basically you delete this city (and the other three in similar positions on the map) and widen the waterway some to make Navy more useful and prominent
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    I agree. Other ways exist to determine if units are within effective range. This proposed ring will give a handicap to those who otherwise do not wish to take risk.
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    Idk..... It may be good to use but I feel like this would cause the loss of stretgic planning... I may be wrong but I don't think this is a great idea just cuz right now either you or an enemy runs the risk of getting too close to a turret and getting hit or staying too far out. A circle around and an ensured area would lose that I mean I'm sure it's not a huge deal but at times a wrongly placed arty or stug can be the difference between destroyed city and a destroyed turret and everything else dead.
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    Adding onto this idea, there could be further distinction between the roles performed by the Flying Fortress Bomber (current edition) and the fighter/bomber (proposed). The current bomber can be adjusted to act as a anti-building/structure bomber capable of doing more range to villages/cities/military zones/harbors large bombs released from within, while the fighter/bomber is better suited for the Close Air Support mission by doing more damage to infantry/vehicles/armor due to the cluster bombs/billets it drops. The former will do more centralized damage on targets while the latter does more area of affect damage. More to consider, though it seems rather plausible to me.
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    Great post, Snake. People who don't understand the nuances of this game or take the time to figure out how to counter something are the people who will complain that this or that is over/under powered. This will start with crying for nerfs/buffs and end with the devs ruining the game by making too many large changes.
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    Also note they are not allowed to be using steroids or other performance enhancement drugs aka a level playing field. Looking at a certain leagues 68 city total on one map... Really
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    I really like the map and I agree it should be a permanent choice.
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    Nice review and great job to the developers and admins for making this a pretty good tournament. I appreciate all of the hard work you all put into our favorite game. Congratulations to all of the Leagues who won prizes. Although we didn't win this time, we had fun and we enjoyed the challenges of our battles. We are looking forward to the next tournament where we will be stronger and more determined than ever before GODz FTW
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    City's with res zones is key the current system shows now true power of the player. So 2 players have 40 flags one player has 9 city's and 4 res zones the other player has 5 city's and 20 res zone who is stronger. If you can answer this question you don't need anyone else thoughts because you will see its already a bad ranking system. If you can't understand what I'm talking about I can explain further. The old way is far better. Even a league of 10 players can cap a league of 20 players monument and change the old league ranking. You also wanted to push for pvp but you actully reduced it because the focus now is to cap lvl 1-5 city's that don't mean anything or have any impact on how strong a league is. Let me ask you another question why change the old ranking system with out asking ideas. Because now we are stuck with a bad system until you change it.
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    Amen. Took the words right outta my mouth ? See I was always saying that without objectives gameplay will get boring but everyone was so focused on making it extremely pvp focused that we didn't think of long term repercussion like new player are clearly no match for older player since the older players have more experience higher tier troops and more tactics and with old system it meant that the noob could play without having to worry about always facing other more powerful players, they could focus on the objective and ultimately helped players stay in one battlefield longer and helped keep the battlefield more entertaining all around. But hey just my oppinion that I have been preaching since day one. Amen yet again. Nice job.
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    Hello GM's, So I have a couple of things to say. I believe that the idea of this new patch is fantastic but you really have to do something about the blueprint and tech acquisition. A bunch of us have been playing this game for a really long time and we have accumulated a significant amount of gold. On the other hand new players are in a mayor dissadvantage for this reason. Also, blueprints are crazy hard to get! I mean, without artillery it takes forever to take down a simple village and even more when the SS have arty. Another point is the queue, what was the reason to do this? Why lower the queue? You have made this game a lot more time consuming, now we have to upgrade everything, even to refill our troops?! I don't know, but that is kinda harsh when you have a million other things to upgrade. We're complaining now but the game is still amazing just please try to do something with those blueprints. At this rate it will take like 20 globals to unlock every technology and that is crazy. The game has slowed down too much. Ortva
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    I can't believe it! This game gets better and better!
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    With a wingspan of over 180 feet, the ME 323 Gigant was the largest World War 2 transport aircraft. This giant will specialize in transporting any of your troops across large distances, plan your strategies accordingly! More units coming soon!
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