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World Warfare
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    bridge on the river kwai dirty dozen where eagles dare patton u-boat (i cant remember original name... boot?) letters from iwo jima saving private ryan valkyrie also ww2 motivated: shindler's list, life is beautiful (la vita e bella), casablanca, great escape, pianist...
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    Memphis Belle, no matter how wildly inaccurate it was. Where Eagles Dare was a fun fictional story, a young Clint Eastwood.
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    Few Things -MMR needs to be moved over to the Tournament interface on main screen. It is, afterall, a tournament and not a normal battlefield. Just like in silver and bronze cup, we need to be able to play other (normal) battle fields at the same time (so we can get the daily rewards especially for something like the independence day event). But if we want to play all of the MMR fields it would mean surrendering any other maps because currently the system is set up for us to play both at same time. -The ranking system is stupid. Right now, there are over 100 people tied for first place with 40 points. The main tie breaker seems to be “how fast you finish your map”. From your own perspective, why would you want to encourage your community to rush through the map as fast as possible and take out enemy? People will play more, and spend more, in longer more competitive maps. From our perspective... someone who takes 15 cities and kills 300 enemy troops with a total individual score of 150k in their MMR map will be ranked lower than someone who was up against a bunch of alt accounts... went right to enemy and cleared them out with no resistance... finished with 30k points and 7 cities while killing no armies at all (because the alts didn’t build any). It defies all logic that the latter in that example will he ranked higher just because he finished faster. You need to find a way to factor in total scores, cities, and/or kills into the tiebreaker formula... or at least make it so that overall scores actually matter. Otherwise, our goal will be to finish your map as fast as possible while also playing no other maps (see number 1 on this list) and the result will be less play time, less spending, and less excitement overall from your game. -Flak 41 isn’t producing properly. Whoever did the code accidentally set the requirement to “level zero” LC munition factory instead of level 1. Please fix it, Flak 41 are very important since some enemies were reportedly gemming bomber armies within first few hours of a map. - the level 8 cities in the middle of the fire belt should come with some good munitions. Better tanks, or artillery, or aa units. Otherwise, they are nearly useless. - this is a water map, but you have made naval ships impractical. I don’t think you should overdo it... but at least 1 of each ship type in start cities or in level 8 cities would at least make Nagy a factor worth paying attention to. Otherwise, no one will ever bother making navies (because of resource/time limitations) which is a waste for a map where navy has such great potential. -early on we ran out of steel over and over. In speaking with the community, the only solution to this was to buy a supply pack which costs 3,000 diamonds. This is an extreme advantage for players/teams who spend lots of diamonds. So much so, that eventually people who do not plan to spend 3,000 diamonds for supply pack will stop playing MMR tournament and you will lose the majority of the player base for the tournament. In order for the spenders to stay challenged.. you also need good non-spenders to want to stay and fight and think they at least have a chance to win with strategy alone. I recommend removing the supply pack from MMR tournament altogether (the same way it doesn’t exist in silver cup/ bronze cup tournament). Gemmers can still use the commercial center to buy their way into some extra resources... but the supply pack resources are just way too extreme of a difference between spenders and not spenders. It’s throwing off the balance. - why does the new M1 artillery unit cost oil in this map? In other, normal maps it only costs cash, steel, and rubber. You have introduced this unit but then made it virtually impossible for someone who doesn’t get a supply pack to use it. Add oil to more missions, or get rid of the oil cost for producing M1 artillery. It’s the first ground unit ever in the history of the game to cost oil... why? Especially If you’re not going to compensate by giving us extra oil to offset that added cost. -the munitions given with each city acquired are boring and too excessive. 13 of each light tank, recon car, AT? It should be more like battle of the bay where everyone gets 3-5 of each unit - including top tier units. Let us enjoy the best this game has to offer while playing the game at the highest levels or warfare. In my first match we fought with 130 light tanks against enemy’s 80 light tanks. We learned how to get better munitions later, but even still the munitions given to us are inadequate and boring. You should fix that. -The Independence Day event daily missions aren’t working properly. You owe me some Independence Day event coins please. Also there should be more added for various events. That’s all for now. -Zeus
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    Greetings Commanders! We're not always doom and gloom in the arms of warfare, we can express our passions for all things historical to ww1 and ww2. Many of those passions are expressed through different mediums be it: books, games, plays, and in this case movies. Can you name a world war movie that you enjoy. It can be straightforward action movies, historically accurate movies, or even controversial movies that challenge some of our morals here in the west. Even public domain movies work. We want to know movies that help contribute to your enthusiasm for ww2 in general. Regards, World Warfare Team YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCnpc0Z50w5QcAZvkMsL5S3w IOS: https://apps.apple.com/us/app/world-warfare-3d-mmo-wargame/id1035495958 Android: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.joycrafter.worldwarfare.gp
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    whenever im bored, not working and not sleeping. but it makes big difference if map is hard (motivated enemy), and also what time zone are my teammates and/or enemy (when they can be online). some maps start (portal for map opens) at bad time for some time zones, for example tournament map starts at very bad time in asia/australia time zone, players can be online for short time before they go to sleep. i am in europe and its perfect for me
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    Yes, Peter... Thank You, that is the correct name. I am also about to upload a video for the 3,000 diamonds in the other thread... so keep a lookout for that coming up also
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    - limit gem spending to 5-10k per player. or setup a limit of gems for all team, for example every team can spend 20k gems in total. - if building construction/upgrade time is half of normal time, why you didnt do the same thing for producing armanents and training units time? (make it 50% of normal time) - delete option to buy resources from comercial center. ID: 186740
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    I like the MMR battlefield, there are armaments and iron, just look for them. extend the time on the map to 24h or more and not to 5 or 6 hours. the rewards after 10th are ridiculous. if I have to play MMR to get 1000 gems, I stop playing it.
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    Midway I liked a lot because I learned about the officers in this game before I saw the movie and saw which officer did what in the war / pretty cool to see the game come to life in the movie midway with admiral Nimitz and Yamamoto
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    FIX THE GAME!!!!!!!!!! STOP BEING BLIND AND STUPID! EVERYONE TALKS ABOUT HOW BROKEN THE GAME IS! HOW BLIND ARE YOU GUYS!?!?! THE GAME WONT LET TROOPS MOVE OR SHOOT OR LET YOU CONTROL THEM IN BATTLE 90% OF THE TIME AND YOU GUYS JUST OVERLOOK THIS EVERYDAY! On top of that you pick who you do and don't give good customer service to which is not right at all. You guys are ruining something great you have. If you would just listen to the community you guys would increase revenues substantially. It's not rocket science, if you want... Just give me control and I'll fix the game, because I can't do worse than you guys. FIX THE DAMN GAME SO OLD PLAYERS COME BACK AND THOSE ABOUT TO LEAVE WONT!!!! Good rule of thumb, QUALITY OVER QUANTITY!
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