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World Warfare
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    i was a good, good boy last year, but santa didnt put any officers under my poor christmas tree :(
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    Wow! I'm really glad we got skins! That fixes so many issues
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    Username- 闇TheDarkSaint闇 Christmas here at my grandpas.
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    my tree.... and sorry but never forgrt those that cant be with us....
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    WISoldier Merry Christmas from my housemates and I!
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    Merry ChristmassChristmas
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    Happy holidays! ReinIStapert
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    Gamer ID: GeorgeNelson Merry Christmas!
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    Merry Christmas everyone In game name: Slumerican
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    I hope everyone has an amazing Christmas and a happy new year, best of luck to everyone. -Maxanator
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    Merry Christmas guys kris Mmm they look good merry Christmas Skid Merry Christmas skid
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    Jason Bourne Halaluya Jason Baurne
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    Like everyone else over the age of 6, I really don’t care about the medals or skins. In games like COD, where someone coming at you with a new skin, it is kind of novel. But this is a thinking game last I checked. You clientele are way beyond this kind of nonsense. First rule of business is Know Your Customer. It is almost insulting when you make a big announcement about it.
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    Thak you so much for tutorials
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    I agree tnat its past time for some new content. The lag, however, has been gone for me for a few months now.
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    However it is a good way to let us know you are still here and working on the game.
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    Bugs, Glitches, and Lag: As a WW player, I get as frustrated as the next player at all the bugs, glitches and Lag. It is helpful, however to understand some of the basics of what’s going on. Bugs and glitches: This is where the software isn’t doing what its supposed to. The best thing to do is to take screenshots, and use the contact us feature in the game. The more information you can provide the better. YES, I know you get a form email in response. That’s because the support is overseas, and their software sends it automatically. I know its frustrating, but they can’t fix it until they figure out what’s wrong, to do that they need data. Lag: Lag falls under a different category. There are some things you can do to mitigate lag. Device: WW is very demanding processing wise, especially in the big fights. When a big fight starts, not only is the server processing a lot of info, so is your device. Older, slower devices will suffer more than newer, faster ones. Be aware of what your device can and cannot do. Connection: In addition to the server and device processing, there is a ton of data having to stream back and forth during big battles. This data flow is impacted by the quality and speed of your connection. Restart your Device: Many mobile devices can go weeks without restarting. Before a big attack, WeFew usually restarts their devices. We have noticed that it does help. We also turn off a lot of the background apps as well. Now, this isn’t the end all be all to solve your WW lag issues, but in my experience, it does help. Having some wisdom about your circumstance can help with some of the frustration. If you are on an old device you haven’t restarted in a month with a bad connection, you might want to pass on the 10 player attack on the enemy Monument.
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    At that time, I bought a new mobile phone.I'm looking for a war game and play worldwarfare.My first game Survived to 1st place(2016-11-21),Other player Choose to give up.good luck, the image is still in my mobile.(I poor English) ID game name BeeThai