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World Warfare
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    Commanders, New version is live now. Feel free to go back to the battlefield and enjoy the game. As this is a major update, we assume there still might have some bugs or glitches. You are welcomed to post them here. We will gift 500 amethysts to the person who find a bug and post it here first. Thank you for the understanding. World Warfare Team
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    工程車無法在自己領土上進行補給,一定要到陸軍基地才可以,希望盡快修復 This car cannot be supplied in my land, only can do it in my base, hope to fix it, thx. To dear Peter Form. Commander.滄浪人
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    Dear Peter, Hi, i think the new map have a good future. Different maps will be a good push forr a development. On my opinion this map have any drawbacks but i am waiting when appear map where time going on 4 times faster because it would be so intresting and really somithing new for this game.Thank you for upgrading my favourite game. Yours sincerely, Eugene
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