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World Warfare
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    i dont understand why did you limit number of league cities per league? it is in everyone's interest to have more of LC units than less. more arms/units - more and better battles, that's how i see it. do not get me wrong - i prefer not-LC units, but i cant see any good enough reason for "lowering" amount of LC per team. 1. what are gold rewards like? (compare with existing maps) 2. what is game speed?
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    This is a message to the developers and players. Hello all and and thanks for reading. I've been playing this game for quite a long time now and would consider myself a veteran. I've played the game, lived with the growing pains, and seen it become a pretty solid strategy game. The developers have listened to a few of the suggestions passed up by the players and have let a few of us help in the process of making this game more enjoyable for everyone. Which is a good thing. However, some of us vets are starting to lose interest due to a few key factors of any game in which players love it get bored and then leave it. Developers and players please read and please offer your insights and suggestions if you have any. So like I've said, I've seen the game change over time, for the better, and also for the worse. There have been a three battle field maps, and then one tournament map over the past almost 2 years of existence. 1: In my opinion, developers, boredom has set in of the same ole same ole map. Please incorporate a selection of maps to play on. Big, multiple league maps, and small maybe only 4 league battlefield maps. Also make there a way for a league to challenge another league on a one on one map. 2: gems. I know it's a necessity. You developers need to get paid. I get it. But players of a strategy game need to know that their own personal strategy can win a map, not the amount of money you spend to win it. I have been a witness of some pretty crazy things people will do with their gems in order to win. Like I said, it's a strategy game. You need to incorporate either a no gem battlefield, or a max gem you can use battlefield, like 5,000diamonds for the whole 8 days or something. Its gotten pretty rediculous lately. 3: you need to add more units. Like stupas, half tracks, anti tank infantry, or something. The same units are old and boring. Everyone knows what the best units are and build only them. A ww2 ear based game needs to see a bit more diversity in the unit selection. Also, some aren't gonna like it, but the usual tactic that people play with is to get your giant transports, fill them full of troops and then go poop them out over someone's city and then win. As far as being a realistic tactic, when in ww2 did you ever hear of a platoon of tiger tanks, m40s, aa tanks and stugs ever come dumping out of a spruce goose looking airplane and capture a city?? Never. Why would we want to play that way on a strategy game over and over, city after city until the map is won? Get rid of the mass airborne drops and make people march their army to someone's city. Make the maps smaller more realistic. I've said this one before and I'll say it again, make turrets able to select what they attack. This helps an online player defend a city. Lastly make a 8 hour shield with a 24 hour cool down. Tired of people using shields over and over. Anyhow. Thanks for reading. Please developers take these suggestions to heart and realize that If some changes aren't made soon, you'll see more and more vets and new players alike lose interest. Capt out.
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    I like Swift Thrust. It's perfect for the serious league players. Makes THE famous Global map more interesting. I wonder if you could preset day/time drop in for 6 main leagues 20/20. 120 players 220 citys. Leagues dropped in to specific zones, spread apart from each other to better establish. With Center Map with all the high leveled citys. Call it "Battle Royale" Alliances only allow 3 vs 3. No 4vs2 I feel alot of players these days are condensing to major leagues. And using Global map/Swift Trust to have major league battles would be great. Preset day/time allows everyone a fare chance.. specially for major league battles. respawning can kill your establishment time and spacing players out will only mix all the leagues. 6 leagues 6zones preset day/time. "BATTLE ROYALE"
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    A running cout of which members donates and how much in the league log with out going through each one to add up. But an overview. Also a way to deny the ones not donating from using the league city
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    Bonjour, pour améliorer le jeu, il serait bien d'accélérer la vitesse de déplacement. Beaucoup trop lent !, tenir 7 jours à ce rythme c'est mission impossible, des batailles en fonction du niveau du joueur serait aussi bienvenue, un nouveau type de bataille qui oppose le nord et le sud serait super, choisir sont camp, allié ou axe, et faire un face à face à 100 contre 100, avec un ligne de front, qui peut être appuié et ravitailler par l'ensemble des alliés pour contribuer à la victoire,
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    I agree with Capt. 2 things that really need to be looked into is turrets that can target. It's seems pretty unfair that a city with Lvl 12 turrets can be completely destroyed with only a few stugs and bombers with gigs or scouts covering turrets. A defender that's online should be able to chose if he wants to target ground forces 1st or specific air targets. Also it would be good to set s limit on daily gem usage. 5k-8k an Day would probably be a god start. I fully understand that gems are how this game makes its $$$ but it has become rediculas lately. Also constant shield after shield after shield in a map. I understand one shield per 12 hours with a 4 hour cool down or something. I've been playing for a long time now and to be honest this game is getting extremely boring. Load up trooos fly over enemy city drop troops place scouts/ gigs over turrets and cap city. Even if the guys online he truly can't defend his city because I have virtually taken his defense( turrets) out of the equation
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