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World Warfare
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    Commanders, We are excited to announce that we have developed a new map, which is called Crisis Fringe, based off Liberty Rising.This is a map with randoms and less competitions. It lasts for 7 days and starts the vote on the 5th day. The move speed is 1X. More details are as followed: 1. The player limit is decreased to 70. On this map, 70 players and 110 NPCs will spawn randomly in the central areas. Therefore, you will have more time to produce armaments, train troops and expand territories, without worrying you will be wiped out in the first few hours. Here is a preview of its spawn areas: 2. The team limit is decreased to 5 members. As we have received so many complaints on the team limit issue from you, we have decided to decrease it in order to give more survival chances for the middle-sized or small-sized leagues. 3. About NPCs 110 of them will spawn randomly in the central areas and the others have been dropped off the central areas before your spawns. NPC city levels are various. You might have a level 1 city next to yours, or it might be a level 20 one. It's all random. NPC cities will upgrade themselves with the battlefield moving forward. Please notice that the levels of annex buildings in the city will go up and down after the NPC city's upgrade. For example, an army base is at level 3 in a level 5 NPC city; when the city upgrades to level 6, the army base might be at level 5 or at level 1 or even gone. NPC troops, whether they are in the cities or scattered in other admin areas, spawn randomly. For example: Level 15 city A has 5 M40s and 3 bombers defend it, but Level 15 city B may have 5 rocket launchers and 3 M40s(see pictures below). You may also have noticed the different city layouts. Yes, they are random, too. Should you have more suggestions, please visit another thread(address below). 3k diamonds are waiting for you. 😎 Thank you!!
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    How can we be active and earn the rewards when we cant capture cities in our battlefield and noone will respond to help
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    Hello Officer Peter, This is MadCow from GODz I have a few points that I wish to discuss with you regarding this new map. Firstly, diplomacy in this new will be Huge Issue, I know people will find this quite ironic coming from leader of GODz, but it is true, currently there are many Teams that Are already jumping onto 20 player maps with 2-3 full teams, and this new map is the recipe for disaster , the map already has very small number of players , hence the monopoly leagues ( they know who they are) will simply split to even smaller leagues and in effect have the entire map green and blue in less than a day as they will jump with 9-10 smaller leagues and alts. As mentioned by Ricke14 , simply removing diplomacy won’t solve anything , as there will be verbal alliances just like cup. Hence a feature needs to be added that will force players to fight each other , for example , making it so only first place league gets the win, any other league surviving should get defeat and 50-75% rewards penalty so this discourages then from jumping with multiple league , another solution is to impose a feature , where the more allies you have , the less gold rewards you get, this will also discourage players from playing like monopoly. Secondly, A huge issue immediately popped in my head moment I saw the post announcing new map , the issue of force opening new maps . Force Opening maps occurs when for example 20 players from League X jumps into map A, any other player in that League that ques up will go to map B, and map B won’t fill up with any players except league X, until map A fills up, so this creates new issue for this new map, as league x joins map A, all others in league X will join maps B,C,D,E,F and so on, and the big issue is maps B,C,D,E,F won’t receive anymore players until A is filled, and this creates huge huge problems for maps E,F as it will be days before anyone joins , and league X will already have huge rss, armies, cities and league cities, smoking the map unplayable to any new player that’s joined, I am no Software developer or engineer but I’m sure they can program something that will prevent that. Thirdly, The map speed,, 1x speed will be a pain to play in , already global fields ( take 1-2 days ) to fill up, but 2x speed like isles fill up in much less. Additionally, 1x speed hugely benefits cannoneers with their longe range and aa( I am a cannoneer myself) our aa will snipe any bomber before they reach . And tanks will march from far, quvkly dying to long range arrillery strikes. These are my concerns ans suggestions , thank you for your time 🙏🏻🐮. ~MadCow
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    First off, why make it 1x speed? 1x speed Is horrible! About alliances: I joined the crisis map to check it out and I see 4 decided leagues and their alt league in it. I agree that we should only be able to ally 1 league BUT that won’t solve the issue.. they can still have a VERBAL alliance! (Just like league do In CUP) There needs to be a way to force them to fight each other. Maybe make it like a tournament tree bracket where you can’t fight other leagues till you kill the league assigned to you. So you can maybe put neutral in good use.. for example: every league in the map will be neutral besides the league that you are assigned to fight and once you killed your assigned league the next assigned league will turn hostile (RED)... so we an keep doing this till there are 2 leagues left standing. Then those 2 leagues will fight for first place. You will also need to give us more flags that way one league can ultimately capture all city’s. You can do something like: giving bonus flags after every league you kill plus the flags we get from XP. Now about gems, demolishing, and shields: I know gems/diamonds are hard to limit because that’s how you guys make money but it will be nice to limit how much to be used everyday. DEMOLISHING ANY BUILDINGS NEEDS TO STOP IN ALL MAPS!! and shield also needs to be limited in ALL MAPS! But in crisis map their needs to be NO SHIELDS ALLOWED! My game ID name is: Ricke14
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    As an additional challenge, you should only be allowed to use 15 general troops and then after that it has to be your class. (Airmen only allowed to train planes, tankers tanks, and cannoneer AT AA and Arty.) IGN: genuinekeymaster
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    I think this is a great idea thank you for adding this map I think maybe you should add rebels that randomly attack you with real armies. - Life in Chinese
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    I agree with and reiterate 2 key suggestions: 1) Speed. You need to stop slowing BFs down to 1x. Its like watching grass grow. Speed it up. 2) Limit alliances. You know the saying “For every action, there is a reaction”? Well, the first time you all limited league sizes in a map, the established ones just started creating numerous alt and sister leagues to counter. Hopefully we dont just see 1 league of 5 and its 10 alt leagues show up. Limiting allies to 1 or 2 at most would help solve this. Eliminate neutrals all together. 3) My personal suggestion for this and every map here on out....get a grasp on alt accounts....period. Its gotten old. I just play and am not a data geek, so, as a paying customer, i put the conundrum of a fix upon you devs. Name changes arent as big a deal as alts but there are so many now, i’ve kept a list nearly 2 pages long. Alts joining same BF and used to feed RSS to main account provide an unfair edge against the “newer” participants you so much covent. ...standing by for player wambulance rebuttals. ~KatzEye
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    The map looks cool can’t wait to enter -$lasher
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    And it would be better that the NPC get stronger and stronger, for example every 12 hours. Not only incresing city lvl, but the quality and the quantity of units defending the NPC city. Blackhunter
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    建议把村庄的坦歼去掉,否则发展太慢。十五级城的难度严重不符加几个虎王或者鼠式加大打城的难度。而资源产量可以多给点,这样辛辛苦苦打下的资源区可以多点收获。 还有移速乘2,快一点发展。 望采纳 zwewzh
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    x1 speed makes you cry. stay in the forest again and beat. How do you not understand that this speed and AOE 100% break all classes and make an imbalo gunner? make the speed x2, reduce the AOE, 100% is not in any game. add new tactics for rank. create technology to improve tactics. make a bonus for the maximum improvement techniques in the tree. In the commercial center, it is worth making the chosen cities, the royal tiger to be made possible from level 12. M40 reduce armor, increase Junkers health My name: KURSK x1 скорость заставляет тебя плакать. остаться в лесу снова и бить. Как ты не понимаешь, что эта скорость и AOE 100% ломают все классы и делают имбало стрелка? сделай скорость х2, уменьши АОЕ, 100% нет ни в одной игре. добавить новую тактику для ранга. создавать технологии для улучшения тактики. сделать бонус за максимальное улучшение техники в дереве. В торговом центре стоит сделать из выбранных городов королевского тигра, который станет возможным с 12 уровня. M40 уменьшает броню, увеличивает здоровье юнкеров to make the main building for the league, a fortress with the possibility to build additional buildings in it and create technologies for the participants of the whole league. make it possible to build in the city as many assignments as possible Меня зовут: Курск
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    Yes i agree about the allies issues. You should allow league to have only one allies in this map and no neutral. Maybe give extra rewards to a league when they kill all cities from a enemy league ( those rewards could be troops like in tournament and based on league rank, the higher the league is ranked the better troops you got) and please don't allow city to be demolished when under attack , the same way that you can't shield when you are under attack. Plus a option to buy a 4 hours shield could be nice , 8 hours is sometimes to long people should be allowed to shield a city only once a day. So basically you fight or you die
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    why the gold reward and speed is not like in liberty rising? and as Cengiz mentioned it will be better to play here without allies.
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