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World Warfare
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    Commanders, Camouflage is of the important talents a predator has. We are excited to announce that a new appearance for the tiger tanks is around the corner. We decided to call it the Desert Camouflage, it's eye-catching to equip this skin on the battlefield. Now let's take a look at it: 1.A close look at the Tiger tanks with Desert Camouflage. 2.How to equip it: Go the technology interface, find tiger tank, tap the button "Finishes" Choose that finish and equip it. We added a tad bit bonus on this skin, thinking it's not that crucial for a battle. Should you have questions on this, please let us know. 3. How to acquire it: Daily login rewards of April and after Discount Packs Premium store Other events Should you have any questions or opinions, please leave your comments under this thread. Thank you. World Warfare Team
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    More than likely the update Is mostly big fixes and they are just throwing in what they have done with it.
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    Добрый день.Почему я не могу зайти в игру?
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    This would only work if there is other camouflage added with looks instead of added features. Would be great to move around with desert camouflage while the enemy has red, or blue, or even a green tiger. Love to see more colors added than features. Plus another thing why just tiger? I like to see some other color texture like green for US tanks, or white for soviets, blue and gray for Germans. Etc
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    There are no problems with tanks. developers again introduce paid services. do you have a small profit ?? and you develop the game, then the money will be. проблем с танками нет. разработчики опять вводят платные услуги. прибыль маленькая у вас?? а вы игрой развивайте, тогда и деньги будут.
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    Is it a joke? A bit early before April 1st. priorities priorities
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    bonus is a good idea but not enough to solve the problem((
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