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World Warfare
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    Made dinner and gave wife massage Mavrik
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    ok ladies and gentlemen, i dont care what any of you will read in this post, but i have spent 2h of my life editing this simple picture on my phone and i have all the rights to demand some damn appreciation for that! p.s. also, luvin ya kris ❤️
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    This is for my woman who serve like my family brandonbruce-nolkes republic
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    Did all the laundry/dishes put kids to bed drew my wife a bath with bath bomb candles and wine. Game name is krix
  5. 1 point
    I made my wife a cup of coffee. And I did not play this game for three whole days. R0CKET is my game name. Ryan666 was my original name.
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    I took my girl out for fancy dinner. I did the dishes. I gave her the best massage and support her in every way. Sam225
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    A todas as mulheres todos os dias e todas as séries devem ser feitas em honra aos nós que nos trazem felicidades e encantos no dia a dia ...
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    My colleagues got a bouquet at work. And my wife is this game.
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    I celebrate happy women's day for all women in the world CerraH
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    breakfast in bed for the most important lady in my life, my mom. MAK7
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    Going out for dinner and a movie.
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    Taking my gf out for dinner tonight! Finan the Agile
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    Happy women's day BuraktheTruck
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    King Zeus I hereby dedicate this picture I made to all of the women in the game as well as all over the world. Sidenote: Peter, please deduct 500 amethyst from CarolusRexx of The300 as he prefers to target abuse and harass women in the game rather than show any respect to them. Thanks.
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    I’ll be making some love today that’s the best
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    Tüm dünyadaki anaların bacıların kardeşlerin günü kutlu olsun husnusulunk@gmail.com hms
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    Made her coffee, took kids to school, made lunches, washed dishes, and thanked for being the mother of our children!! EdgeIV- YeOldishGuys
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    Prepared breakfast and had the kids draw up some pictures for her. BrutalDestiny (FluffyCakes)