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World Warfare
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  1. 6 points
    There are nothing wrong with life saving tatic. The issue is that people have multiple alternatives and sub league. Fix the real problem pls instead of ruin the game experience. Also how about fixing the shield cooldown issue.
  2. 5 points
    I’ve been playing this game for about 3 yrs now and people have begun to make 5-10 Alternate accounts in order to rack up their tactical cards and rss. It’s basically cheating when you’re unable to destroy one army because they have 100 heals available. If we could make tactics only work for your league mates I believe it will greatly improve and equal out this game. Make the tactics only work for your league mates and this will definitely make those with 5-10 Alts every field be on a more even playing field.
  3. 4 points
    I think the issue goes a bit further than Lifesaving or the alts.. I think its the diplomacy system. There should be no way to ally 1/2 the map. (Or in one case vs Wefew ALL the map) The proposal of making it league mates only is a 1/2 measure. The large leagues will still have an advantage over the small leagues, and not all alts are in separate leagues. I'd rather see The Diplomacy changed (I know its much harder to do) Something like 20 is the max. one league of 20, or one alliance of up to 20. (maybe the alliance of 20 isn't the right number, It could be 25 or 30, I'm not sure) If that's not an option, I'd leave it alone. If it has to be changed, Leave the heal at 30% and make it leagues mates only.
  4. 1 point
    Once again instead of taking the time to properly analyze what it is people are complaining about, to really understand the issues behind what is being vocalized we have already decided on a probable course of action that will do NOTHING to solve the real issue. I think its important that we take them time to really break it down to understand the problem and find a proper solution. Complaint: People are saying Self healing is OP Analysis: Why are people saying Self healing is OP? Because between nearly equal forces facing off on the battlefield and equal knowledge of the game mechanics by the players, combat victory or defeat is determined by which side has more heals. This is the tactic also known as heal spam. This is one of the main reasons why there are SOOOOOOOOOO many alts leagues and alt accounts in the community, to ensure a virtually unlimited supply of heals to the Main leagues and players. Proposed solutions: There are basically two proposed solutions to discuss as the 3rd is the combination of two and none of them are adequate. 1. Nurf the heal tactic from 30% hp restoration to x<30%: This solution does NOTHING to resolve the main problem of heal spam no matter to what x% you lower the hp restoration. People will simply create more alt accounts to compensate. 2. Restrict the pool from which the heal spammers can draw heals from: This solution on paper seems better than the first one but its just as ineffective at dealing with the real issue. People will simply ensure that 75%-80% of the accounts in a BF have the heal tactic. As I said earlier all that does is restrict how many heals each league has to draw on it does NOTHING to stop the heal spam. It does NOTHING to address alt accounts as people will simply bring them into the same league as their main account instead of leaving them in the alt league. More importantly battles will still be decided by how many heals you have on hand mainly how many active members and active alt accounts you have on hand, during the time of the battle, compared to the guy you are fighting. There is no strategy involved in this lest we forget this is a strategy simulation. What can be a REAL solution to alleviate the heal spam tactic keep in mind I am not a programmer I don't know how hard or easy this is to implement that is why I offer three possibilities. I guarantee any one of them or more combined together will solve the heal spam phenomenon once and for all. 1. In a given time period say 1 hour decrease the effectiveness of every successive heal dropped; so first heal 30% hp restoration, 2nd heal 10% hp restoration, 3rd heal 2% hp restoration and so on till the value is 0 2. Instead of 30% hp restoration of the unit's total HP make it 30% hp restoration of the unit's remaining HP 3. Instead of 30% hp restoration for all units in a 200 range radius, make it the 30% hp restoration total spread out according to how may units are in the 200 range radius; meaning 10 units getting healed only get 3% hp restoration. Voila no more heal spam, goodness gracious maybe people will actually have to use some gray matter instead of trying to SPAM things like tactics and units.
  5. 1 point
    Я думаю не стоит ничего менять в игре. Если вы отмените помощь союзным лигам, то малые лиги обречены на поражение и надобность создания союзов становится бессмысленной. Да и отдельные игроки попав на карту с превосходящими по составу лигами также обречены на беспомощность. Тем более жалобы от топ игроков я не видел ни одной. Ну ,а если кто то считает что восстановление 30% урона это много против 150% атаки . То это полный бред. Лучше обратите внимание на техничесую поддержку в игре. Я больше устал от различных лагов,это больше всего угнетает.
  6. 1 point
    I’ve feed this back a few times. So it’s good to see the pool to include the option for your own league only. I believe this would be the only way to combat multiple account abuse. This would stop people having lots of accounts in map wasting the spaces for people who want to join and giving unlimited tactics. As there is no control in having multiple accounts in the game.
  7. 1 point
    it would be useful to set a time to use life-saving card, for example you could put life-saving card every 15 minutes ... so you can prevent the player from putting 100 life-saving cards between allies and alt accounts.
  8. 1 point
    the effect of this card should be extended to the whole territory of the city, otherwise the card to increase the resources is useless.
  9. 1 point
    a useful advice to improve the game would be to modify or change this card. this card is useless, nobody uses it.
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