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World Warfare
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    If they NEEDED to be changed so badly, why didn’t you report them? Why didn’t you quit and rant until this unfair advantage was fixed? Because it’s only a problem if it hurts you. You are a self-centered, arrogant, smug, POS, lacking sympathy or empathy. The world would be a better place if people like you didn’t exist. Your feelings of hopelessness. Those are the same feelings everyone else feels play against you, because it’s ok for you to circumvent the rules. So if you cause pain to everyone, and lag causes pain to you. Maybe you cause lag for everyone. You ARE the lag, You are the problem. And we will all be better off without You, the Lag. Lol.
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    For the command function, I set it up so that an infantryman is sent to cap multiple areas but he doesn’t go do that. He just stays there.....
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    So I’ve been playing the new Blitzkrieg mode now for about three weeks now and I can officially say it’s been the most rewarding and painful experience ever. By rewarding I mean that I love the fast movement and sweeping attacks that are literally the definition of Blitz Krieg. As a person who’s childhood was lost in books and documentaries, this is better than anything I have ever seen. Now that I’ve played it however, now I’m used to the speed and I can’t do anything in the normal battlefield without thinking “Is this really laggy or am I being an idiot”? While the second part of that phrase might be right, is this just me or do we need to satisfy everybody’s addiction?
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    Good point Florian, they adjustement will be hard to make since we tasted something better. Imagine crossing the map In minutes and not hours, we’ll i guess for me administrators do there best to satisfy us but going back to normal speed will be a pain
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    I mean, I need fuel. My body converts food into fuel.... All bad jokes aside, can you send a screenshot?
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    You both need to stop. Instead of having an actual “ bug” or “problem” with the game, now this thread is a back and forth between you two salty kids. This thread was meant to address an actual problem which I like because Players trying to improve a game is never a bad thing . Now this is thread is housing a personal problem. You guys are slowly but steadily making yourselves look like two kids having a fight. If I see one more mention of somebody being “arrogant” or being “not intelligible”, I will personally find a way for you two to be locked in a battle field until you two sort things out. This is embarrassing.
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    Mastering a glitch and not reporting it; is the same as cheating, as for the lag blame apple...and as for the alt league diplomacy thinooo...I have never seen it on this board till I ran into War1war in cup with 3 leagues of ppl with 2 battles...yes they spent a lot of cash to make thos tanks, but the only way it would have happend is if 18 toons sent them all to one person.
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    I have experience a lot of lag.... you know how I deal with it? I realize it’s part of the experience of a mobile game. Pull your head out of your Gluteus Maximus and stop complaining. Respectfully yours, Everyone Else
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    Love this breakdown great overview of basic glitch problem solving! But these issues need to be discussed more where we can respond that’s why I created a 2nd chat because we can’t respond to 1st one! i don’t wanna come off as an ass but I’m going to! I love the game and if u follow mvk guild lines above game should run smooth but it doesn’t period! Point of fact! Which leads me to several conclusions: 1) either they Don’t care about performance just pushing new maps, Tec & troops for people to buy stuff! 2) they need to start beta testing stuff or if they do already do then read 3... 3) then they need to hired new programmer firm that knows how to program something that works 4) they need to have a expanded maintenance to fix these issues that everyone knows are reoccurring issues not just here & there then there fixed (after 90% of updates there back again like disappearing Troops, troops stoping mid flight, circling transports, etc...) I’ll leave it at this but there is more here then simple device & network problems... major programming fix’s on there end is needed to get it running smoothly & stay running smoothly!
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    Bugs, Glitches, and Lag: As a WW player, I get as frustrated as the next player at all the bugs, glitches and Lag. It is helpful, however to understand some of the basics of what’s going on. Bugs and glitches: This is where the software isn’t doing what its supposed to. The best thing to do is to take screenshots, and use the contact us feature in the game. The more information you can provide the better. YES, I know you get a form email in response. That’s because the support is overseas, and their software sends it automatically. I know its frustrating, but they can’t fix it until they figure out what’s wrong, to do that they need data. Lag: Lag falls under a different category. There are some things you can do to mitigate lag. Device: WW is very demanding processing wise, especially in the big fights. When a big fight starts, not only is the server processing a lot of info, so is your device. Older, slower devices will suffer more than newer, faster ones. Be aware of what your device can and cannot do. Connection: In addition to the server and device processing, there is a ton of data having to stream back and forth during big battles. This data flow is impacted by the quality and speed of your connection. Restart your Device: Many mobile devices can go weeks without restarting. Before a big attack, WeFew usually restarts their devices. We have noticed that it does help. We also turn off a lot of the background apps as well. Now, this isn’t the end all be all to solve your WW lag issues, but in my experience, it does help. Having some wisdom about your circumstance can help with some of the frustration. If you are on an old device you haven’t restarted in a month with a bad connection, you might want to pass on the 10 player attack on the enemy Monument.
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    I’m back to fight!
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