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World Warfare
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    BF tech is pretty useful... If you have the time and res to work on it. My units are pretty exceptional right now due to this and it's really helped me gain some extra power with a busy work schedule. The LC generals I'm not sure how I feel. You sacrifice a lot of their bonus to help the entire league, so everyone will have to be careful about deciding who they put in, and should definitely be a team decision. The lag and crashing has really been better lately, I've only had a few crashes. Though the loading and other screens can no longer fit on my phone correctly since the last maintenance. As always, keep up the good work... Love the game.
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    We have duplicated it. This glitch will be fixed soon.
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    RumAndCoke feeling much like the carved pumpkins.
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    If you don't have money like me ^^ TeamFrance Olnyword
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    Having fun with daughter’s costume Sentinel408
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    Hopefully no one steals this one this year. In -game Leeleo
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    i think it should be made a specific chat room for battle notifications such , ID394ghdn34 joined the battle, or, tiger tank appeared... cause all thoss frequent notifis can ruin a nice discussion on battlefield chat thanks
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    I think we could all agree on a "Campaign" mode. You can either play "Solo" and complete various missions while fighting against invading SS and rebel forces while racing against the 3 day clock to destroy the waffen SS HQ. Or you could play as a "League team" and fight off bigger waves of SS and rebel forces while taking as much territory from the waffen SS forces before the end of 3 days. This is a great way for players to enjoy the game and for leagues to work on team work and communication. Let me know what you guys think?
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