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World Warfare
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    This is just a few things I feel will better the game. 1.) League score adjusted for surrendered members during a battle. The league score during a battlefield is the deciding factor for a league winning the championship of that battle. I feel that if a member of a league surrenders out of the Battlefield, then their score should no longer benefit the league. If a player cannot fight beside his League until the end of the game, than that member's score should be removed from the league's overall score. 2.) Personal and league Rating Grade currently is only awarded at the end of a battlefield. I think it would reflect the ability of a player and league better if it was also part of the daily rewards in a battlefield. This would allow for newer players and leagues to move up the rankings at a faster pace. I feel the benefits would allow for better retention of newer players and also give a better accounting of a player or league for recruiting purposes. a.) In a game like this one, being in a league is crucial to championships or even victories. Most leagues are created in the cadet matches at which point it's just the blind leading the blind. By the time they reach competitive matches, a player's record and stats are terrible and; no matter the potential, that player will rarely if ever be allowed into a competitive league. A better way to reflect the ability of a player or the competitiveness of a league is definitely needed. I could write a whole paper on the different duties of specific league members during a battle that make them invaluable to the team but on paper they have average or less than average stats. b.) Retention is about player satisfaction and recognition for ones achievements. There are a core group of players in this game. If you notice these players are mostly in a core group of leagues. Allowance for new player and leagues to be able to advance will allow for better retention. Top daily, weekly and monthly Commander and league ranking would allow for newer players and for recruiting leagues to be recognized by all. New players have a better chance to be recruited and newer leagues that are competitive have a better opportunity to recruit better players. 3.) End Game reward bonus should be given according to the player's or league's ranking, the player and league ranking is score, the bonus is given for cities. A player who is in any other place has the potential to receive higher rewards then the player in 1st. This doesn't make since. This game is awesome, but it takes time to play. If you are going to expect people to dedicate the time needed to play, then you must allow them to be recognized by others and then brought into the community. I was lucky and played my very first game under the tutelage of MkV and BrutalDestiny in the League Cocidus. Not many people get that rare opportunity to be groomed by in my opinion two of the best players in this game. This is just some of my ideas to better the game and maybe retain new players. Thanks for listening. SnakeEater out!
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    Commanders, The server will go down for maintenance at 8 am UTC (1 am PDT) on May 3rd. We expect the maintenance to end at approximately 9:30 am UTC (2:30 am PDT). Keep your troops safe before you log out. Update our game when the maintenance completes. Thank you. What's New: -Officers gain XP even when not deployed. -League resource logs become undeletable now. -Adjusted time needed to convert back a LC to 30 minutes from 3 minutes. -Daily Login icon in Battlefield will disappear once the reward is claimed. -Added more national flags as league badge. Bug-fixes: -Fix a bug where officers impact units they are not supposed to. -Fix a bug where you can respawn at Lv.7 rebel city. -Fix a bug where you can still join Cadet battlefield after surpassing the designated game time(10 hours).
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    Hehehehehe.... Oke terima kasih tante Jane......
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    Is there anyway someone can land my airforce before i lose all my forces. They will run out of fuel soon
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    I would drop 1 maus tank in with one giant transport to distract both Aa, with the gig and ground troops and bombers with tank, while that's happening drop 3 mobile aa and 3 rocket trucks to take down scout plane and,bombers and start taking out m40, by the time aa is gone, strats will be in position to destroy what's left. Formation shouldn't matter so long as the aa hostile aa is concentrating on one specific target.
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    Hello Everyone, I just want to mention that no matter how any of these things is done, there will always be someone who is unhappy about the way it works. My league has instructions to focus on adapting to the rules as they change and working through (while learning from) whatever challenges we might face (including what to do if enemy demolishes their LC, and what to do if we have a monument and want to capture an enemy monument). Great players and teams see problems... and find solutions. Instead of see problems, and try to change the problem always. Anyway, I support whatever changes are made. We will adapt and thrive no matter what. Which brings me to this next thread I am about to make...
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    I uninstalled /reinstalled works fine now. Emailed you the info you wanted
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    Limiting the use of gems also limits the amount of revenue received by the game developers. This will in all honesty not happen. I am a huge advocate of a pure battlefield without gems but I am also a realist and understand that it is part of the game. This being said you must develop a strategy to overcome the use of gems. You are completely correct in that it doesn't matter how many gems they have, your are restricted by the amount of resources you own. No amount of gems spent in a given game can ever guarantee a win if the opposing player has a good strategy vs the use of gems.
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    We still need new maps and the ability to choose between them. Not just global or isles or cup. Bring some new content to the game.
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    We have removed Login Reward icon from BF. Daily Login icon is supposed to disappear once we have claimed the reward. IT support has fixed it and we will update it in coming developing version. Sorry for the trouble man. We will keep finding ways to offer better game experience.
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    I just want to take a moment to say Thank You to all of the game staff and support teams including the developers. World Warfare isn't perfect, but it is a really great game just the way it is. Not many games have this combination of sophistication, graphics, and dedication from the developers/ game staff to keep trying to improve it. Please keep up the good work, and I'm sure that many of us will continue to support this incredible game. -KingZeus of GODz
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    With units to spare too, with those ill make them Sherman's and stugs and take the resources that rat bastard was protecting lmao
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    very nice post. New players are suffering alot to play with experienced player. there are lot of top leagues filled with experience players. every top league pls adopt aleast few new players and teach them. this is very important for future game. new players dont no even how to play. we need to guide to new players. every experienced player is just concentration only ranking and scoring to become topper and become more topper lol this is really funny.
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