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World Warfare
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    a lot of good ideas , but i think in real maps like europe maps or america maps , the same frontiers and everything to make it more real , and the res like in real world more rubber here more oil there like that it will be fun , and more rebels troops
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    I see there are a lot of people here that know about the different types of weapons used during WWII. It seems to me that when we make suggestions to admin. It ppears that admin blows off a lot that is said by the serious players, and listens more to the casual player, who spends very limited time learning the game and its mechanics. I have had the privilege to learn from two great players MkV and SnakeEater both who belong to WeFew. The reason is I have taken the time to ask and learn. I have heard players whine that this troop is too strong or that troop is too weak. Seems to me they just don't know how to counter with that troop. Learn the game. Admin please stop nerfing great armaments so that causal players can win with out learn the game or trying to learn the game. Sorry if I put this in the wrong forum just tired of seeing good armaments being destroyed and from what appears to me to be a one sidedness of admin.
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    Simply searching for a good real time fighting war game! Came across this one and gave it a shot! And I have fallen in love with it! My fav war game of all time
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    I also saw an advertisement and it looked cool. This game is not like Mobile Strike and those pay to play games where you can't even control your troops. This game is much better then those crappy, cheep games that always get the advertisements.
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    Im very proud of my leaguemates and myself.We got pretty far in bronze cup(AirForcers)
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    Found the game in App Store in a moment of dullness. The game was advertised then and I'm a member since December 10, 2015
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    I think it's time for geographic specific maps. Russia in winter, the deserts of Africa, the Japanese island chain, etc. And most importantly I think more maps should be available. Let us pick between a few different maps & not as a weekend thing. Things are stagnant at the moment. Hopefully this will be considered. HG.
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