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World Warfare
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    Apparently it was a problem with Comcast and the game servers. Game seems to working correctly now. Thanks. NoQ
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    Fix the connection issue. Geez. Can't even play right now. NoQ
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    I was having this problem in an earlier fiels about two weeks ago. I deleted and reinstalled the game and I've had no problems or this level of lag since then.
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    Surround A Enemy Area With Troops And Storm In (This Formation is The No-Escape In Isles Of War) Thx To Those who Helped Make The Battle a Great One!
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    Okay, so after my return to the game and now playing my 3rd battlefield since that return; I have noticed something while reading the BF chat convos and watching the dialogue unfold. There are people in this game that want their safe space, they feel bullied when 5 people from the same league show up to destroy everything they built for the last 3 days, and will digitally scream and name call others because they are losing. I have my own very strong opinions about the pacification of our youth with safe spaces and the I shall not be offended environments. But a game where killing, teamwork, and takeover, are major components is not one of those places. People many of them young adults, should not be playing this type of game if they don't ( mind) having their stuff wrecked. It amazes me how people get so wrapped up in games that they feel personally attacked or slighted when they are losing ground. I am not sure why this is shocking, but can anyone tell me why when a player or league takes over a city and destroys 95-100% of the targets troops and building, that 1- the attackers cheated, 2- it was a 5 on 1 and is unfair, 3- they all suc(k) and 4 - that the target has to enter chat and leave not so nice messages.( did I miss this in the gamers handbook?) now there are some leagues and players out there who use tactics to win ( you Chinese players know who are) that are somewhat questionable, yet still allowed. If you don't like it find a new BF or destroy those players early on and problems solved. So in my own not so nice typing this is for ( any of you participation trophy, safe space loving, unfair complaining, gem hating) people to understand how I will be playing this game 1- my league leaders are the ones who will decide friend or foe 2- neutral... What? you are either with us or against us. No Switzerland here. 3- 3-1, 5-1, 10-1 all fair odds I will roll this way every time if I could. The less losses I take the better, and it means more teamwork 4- kill quick kill fast, their is no rule that says you have to allow players to build up before attacking them 5- gems, this game gives free gems everyday.. It is okay to us them as you see fit, although this is a free game, it was made to make money so stop hating people who spend money. ( I will admit I just spent my first ever $10 on this game and bought Patton) people it is equal to 4 cups of Starbucks or in my case 16 jelly donuts. I will diet next week as a result. 6- it isn't personal folks just a game 7- I play to win or don't play 8- if you wreck me good on ya mate... I will learn from it, or just go cry in a corner, but I wont be telling how you bad you are. 9- if game is decided I will 1v1 anyone on a neutral tile, as I can't take troops with me to next BF and look at all the stuff we can learn tactic wise. 10- have fun..
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    My drill sergeant used to say "If your in a fair fight, you're doing it wrong"
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    This event seems more structured and thought out than other league battle events. Looking forward to all the sitreps and awesome battles