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      App Available on Android Now   08/16/2016

      Commanders, the Android Official Version has released, please go to Google Play to get it. To those commanders who participated the open beta, you can continue your previous progress in the official version. More info, please check the specific post.


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    *Disclaimer this is only a guideline, feel free to modify to your own personal game play or even completely ignore, your choice. In the spirit of promoting a more competitive Battlefield, I have decided to place this Guide on how I start every Battle. Hopefully this will be helpful. I am putting this Guide in numerical sequence as to save time; in both me writing, and in you reading...lol. I will give the BLUF (Bottom Line Up Front) reasoning for each. I will narrow it to only the upgrading of buildings. The following of this format without the use of Gems (barring attacks from enemy players), should keep production in line with upgrading. Understand there are other factors involved with this that are not mentioned i.e. battle level. 1. Enter game. 2. Build Army base.(lvl 1) 3. Build Munition Factory.(lvl 1) 4. Upgrade City.(lvl 2) 5. Build Mini Farm.(lvl 1) 6. Upgrade Munitions Factory.(lvl 2) 7. Upgrade Army Base.(lvl 2) Allows for healing of troops. (Refill Tab) 8. Upgrade City.(lvl 3) 9. Build Mini Iron Mine.(lvl 1) 10. Build Turrets X 3.(lvl 1) 11. Upgrade Mini Farm.(lvl 2) 12. Upgrade Mini Iron Mine.(lvl 2) 13. Upgrade Munitions Factory.(lvl 3) 14. Upgrade Mini Farm.(lvl 3) 15. Upgrade Mini Iron Mine.(lvl 3) 16. Upgrade Turrets X 3.(lvl 2,3) Increases range from 180 to 250. 17. Upgrade City.(lvl 4) 18. Build Airbase.(lvl 1) 19. Upgrade Munitions Factory.(lvl 4) 20. Upgrade Mini Farm.(lvl 4) 21. Upgrade Mini Iron Mine.(lvl 4) 22. Upgrade Army Base.(lvl 3) Allows for expansion of troops to level 2. (Expansion Tab) 23. Upgrade Airbase.(lvl 2,3) Allows for Healing and expansion of troops to level 2. (Refill Tab) (Expansion Tab) 24. Upgrade City.(lvl 5) 25. Upgrade Munitions Factory.(lvl 5) 26. Upgrade Mini Farm.(lvl 5 max) 27. Upgrade Mini Iron Mine.(lvl 5 max) 28. Build Commerce Center.(lvl 1) Allows for trading Resources. 29. Upgrade Commerce Center.(lvl 2,3) Allows for shipping Resources (supplying League City). 3 X transports @ 75 load capacity. 30. Upgrade Turrets X 3.(lvl 4,5) Increases Range from 250 to 300(max) 31. Upgrade Commerce Center.(lvl 4,5) Increases to 5 X transports @ 200 load capacity. 32. Upgrade City.(lvl 6) 33. Build Mini Rubber Factory.(lvl 1) 34. Upgrade Munitions Factory.(lvl 6) 35. Upgrade Mini Rubber Factory.(lvl 2) 36. Upgrade City.(lvl 7) 37. Build Supply Factory.(lvl 1) Allows for production of Food, Fuel and Ammo. 38. Upgrade Munitions Factory.(lvl 7) 39. Upgrade City.(lvl 8) 40. Build Mini Oil Factory.(lvl 1) 41. Upgrade Munitions Factory.(lvl 8) 42. Upgrade Mini Oil Factory.(lvl 2) 43. Upgrade Mini Rubber Factory.(lvl 3) 44. Upgrade Mini Oil Factory.(lvl 3) 45. Upgrade Mini Rubber Factory.(lvl 4) 46. Upgrade Mini Oil Factory.(lvl 4) 47. Upgrade Mini Rubber Factory.(lvl 5 max) 48. Upgrade Mini Oil Factory.(lvl 5 max) Let me know any feedback on how this works for you. Good luck and good hunting.
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    I would like to see more Women Officers & Generals (Offers-Specials): Anyone that has good information and Links one Women in WW2, post here the pics with their Links. • WASP Women Airforce Service Pilots: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/ Women_Airforce_Service_Pilots?wprov=sfsi1 • WAFS • WFTD • WAC • WAVES • SPARS • The Night Witches (Russian Bombers) http://iwasm.omeka.net/items/show/615 http://www.womenofwwii.com/armywasps.html http://www.amusingplanet.com/2009/11/women-in-world-war-2.html https://www.archives.gov/exhibits/a_people_at_war/women_who_served/wafs_wasp.html WASP "Women Airforce Service Pilots" on @Wikipedia: "The Women Airforce Service Pilots, called "Women's Army Service Pilots" in some sources, was a paramilitary aviation organization. The WASP's predecessors, the Women's Flying Training Detachment and the Women's Auxiliary Ferrying Squadron organized separately in September 1942. They were the pioneering organizations of civilian female pilots, employed to fly military aircraft under the direction of the United States Army Air Forces during World War II. The WFTD and WAFS were merged on August 5, 1943, to create the paramilitary WASP organization. The female pilots of the WASP ended up numbering 1,074, each freeing a male pilot for combat service and duties. They flew over 60 million miles in every type of military aircraft. The WASP was granted veteran status in 1977, and given the Congressional Gold Medal in 2009." SHIRLEY SLADE (TEXAS) Pilot trainee Shirley Slade she sits on the wing of her Army trainer at Avenger Field, Sweetwater, Texas, July 19, 1943. In September, Slade graduated as part of the Women Airforce Service Pilots Class 43-5. BETTY BACHMAN WAFS Rosie the Riveter "We can Do it" Rosie the Riveter is a cultural icon of the United States, representing the American women who worked in factories and shipyards during World War II, many of whom produced munitions and war supplies.[1][2]These women sometimes took entirely new jobs replacing the male workers who were in the military. Rosie the Riveter is used as a symbol of feminism and men and women's economic power.[3]Similar images of women war workers appeared in other countries such as Britain and Australia. Images of women workers were widespread in the media as government posters, and commercial advertising was heavily used by the government to encourage women to volunteer for wartime service in factories.[4]Rosie the Riveter became the subject and title of a song and a Hollywood movie during WWII. Michigan war worker Geraldine Hoff (later Doyle.)[42]More recent evidence indicates that the formerly mis-identified photo is actually of war worker Naomi Parker (later Fraley) taken at Alameda Naval Air Station in California.
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    My husband asked me to play this with him. Now you all are stuck with me.
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    Son WhiteShadow downloaded it when it was "New". Just recently I offered to play it for him while he was studying and enjoyed it. Now all my sons play it.
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    Hi guys, Commander MkV made a mini-movie shot for us! It's really creative! Enjoy it and feel free to share it away! You can find his YouTube channel by searching "mefaircloth2". The original link is: https://youtu.be/3M0n-DtErec Thanks to commander MkV for this excellent video!
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    Sorry, but if this is going to be a professional, serious game there is no room for a little rushed. Updates should be announced on a planned basis with at least 24 hours notice, with notices posted in the game, facebook and by email. Notices should include the the date and times (local time would be nice) for start/end of the update, as well as listing the changes that will be made. No reason to rush changes, unless something is seriously busted in the game. A slow methodical approach is much better way to maintain the experience for everyone. BTW...I think many of wish you would spend time to have game function perfectly on mechanics than giving us nice improvements....chat is a prime example.
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    This is exactly what I mean and been trying go get in developers head. I know hundreds of good top players who quit because the amount of time this game requires. You can't expect us to not have social life and play this all day. Also most of new players never stand a chance and after constantly getting killed by big guys and leagues they give up and quit. There's literally no balance of power. What a new players supposed to do with 2 3 or 20 players of one league around him. Not all leagues help new guys which I been doing for a year and training new players. For me I quitted this game yesterday because the amount of time it requires on movement and building, upgrading. Every update they do something seems to get more worst. I hope they change things because this is the only game I play.
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    1 day left in this match 1 day left in this match
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    If their was a game mode that was very fast paced or like a solo game mode I would play and even pay money to play. As of right now I am too busy to play and would totally be able to if I had a solo mode or a mode that lasted a couple hours or something. I know how silly that sounds but I freakin love this game and sucks that I have no time to play it right now.
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    In the App Store looking for games lol.
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    I know it's past the one year anniversary but let's hear how you guys found WorldWarfare or how World warfare found you! its always great to hear how people find amazing things. For me I was on Facebook and and was scrolling and seen is game under suggested apps. So I looked at the advertisement and thought it was just another game using false advertising because nothing could look that cool. But I decided to try it out anyway and now I'm glued to this game!
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    Hey Russell, I've been in a battle so I didn't have time to get to this, but we're done now so here are some thoughts. WeFew has been working on this sort of thing for our recruits. Here are some of our thoughts and experiences. 1. Gameplay footage alone isn't sufficient. That game moves rather slowly so we would rather use a combination of stills with animations, footage slightly sped up, and normal speed footage. the user interface video for example would be entirely stills with drawings) 2. We also find that some things are better shot third person (efficient capturing of an MZ or resource zone for example) if these ideas are acceptable we would be happy to do some for public use. If your set on normal speed, first person game play footage only, I understand. also, is the resolution on my contest entry sufficient?
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    My brother told me about it.On first sight thought it would be a money grabbing game but it actually isnt. im impressed that this is the first game on google play that makes sense.
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    I found it playing a game and an ad popped up with the game so I tried out the game and now I can't stop playing this beautiful game.
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    Update to guide You will need at least a level 3 and preferably a level 5 supply factory. The key to this guide is to be patient. The battle last 7 days with the potential to extend to 10 days. A good foundation of resources and production capacity is very important to success. I will eventually post a guide for bringing your Capitol from level 8 - 20. The new guid will include the 2 villages and 1 iron resource zone plus special resource zones necessary to accomplish this.
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    I prob already responded to this but eh what the heck I just was skimming the strategy game category on App Store and it happened to be the 60th one(this is good) and it looked really interesting!
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    This is great, you never know how one first starts playing the game (:
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    Commanders, Let's play a short Military Exercise. You are tasked with destroying the following army: Eight M40 Gun Motor Carriages One L-3 Grasshopper Scout Four Flakpanzer Mobile AA Guns Five Strategic Bombers You can use any combination of 16 units with the following limitations: No more than 3 of any unit No Naval Units The Battlefield: Open Field, with no cities, water, roads, forests, or any outside interference. Battle starts at a distance of 400 and imagine you have any formation you want. The Enemy: Imagine a competent enemy that will play well and has no obvious strategic weakness. The units are arranged in a half-moon formation avoiding heavy clustering. The Scout remains behind, avoiding engagements and providing line of sight. For this scenario, imagine no unit has any upgrades (not the enemy units or yours). Tell us: What Units you select and why Describe your strategy on how to defeat the enemy If we get a fair number of participants, we will choose one or more to receive Diamonds as a reward. So have at it!
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    This is still all amazing feedback and we do appreciate you all letting us know just how you found your way to playing this game. If you do not mind my asking, we are trying to find better ways to reach out to potentially new players and what better way than to engage them in our tutorial, yet we all understand that there should be more interactive guidelines in place and just overall a tutorial that is easier to understand and play through even by the most casual gamer. Any other suggestions or ideas as to how we can help achieve this?
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    I was just scrolling through WWII strategy games, when I came across this gem. First game, I wasn't lucky. I joined late, but was in a great alliance. Loved it, then kept on going until my last game, where I maxed out everything, to the point of destroying a full 44 troops with one base alone. Ah, good times...
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    There's a big difference between winning and/or losing with dignity or not. In my mind trashing talking while winning is as bad as crying or whining while losing. Both cause a loss of respect. This is a game, no body dies so suck it up if you're losing, and if you're winning, act like its not the your first time. Remember today's enemies may be tomorrows potential allies in future maps. Don't burn future bridges due to being an asshat.
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    Chesty Puller He was the most decorated Marine in history. He was awarded 5 Navy Crosses and the Medal of Honor among many others. Chesty served in the armed forces for 37 years. My favorite story was his battle in Guadalcanal. Puller commanded 1st Battalion 7th Marines, one of two American infantry units defending the airfield against a regiment strength Japanese force. The 3rd Battalion of the U.S. Army's 164th Infantry Regiment fought alongside the Marines. In a fierce fight on the night of October 24–25, 1942, lasting about three hours, 1/7 and 3/164 sustained 70 casualties; the Japanese force suffered over 1,400 KIA, and the Americans held the airfield. Puller received the second-highest U.S. military award six times (the only person ever in U.S. history): five Navy Crosses and one U.S. Army Distinguished Service Cross. He was the second of two U.S. servicemen to ever receive five Navy Crosses. Chesty is my favorite because I served as a Marine and his stories are still told to motivate us. Suggested Abilities: Movement - 20% Troop Defense + 40% Attack + 50% Supplies affected same as forced march. My commander name: Big*Love
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    Please give the warning like the server will be down in 1hr from now....etc...or some kind of count down....you always mess up players with your fancy word like UTC...or PDT...what ever it is does not helpbat all
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    Wondering if we could make two changes to how troops are displayed and used while in army and airport bases: 1) Can we organize the base troops by type, so that we can quickly select units? This change would be similar to the nice improvement made a while back for selecting a member city within a League City for resource deployment. Near end of game, it is a pain to find a transport to deploy if I have 25 bombers, 19 jets, 2 scouts and 4 transports. 2) Can we have the capability to assign airport troops to transports after they have entered an airport. I waste many minutes just so my arty can be in one transport and my AAA guns in another. Why not have a menu showing all troops in the airport with their current transport assignment with an option to re-assign them? It would still take 2 minutes to enter the airport, but then be a simply assignment exercise to sorting them out once! Thanks for your consideration of these!
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    GMs wanna play as well lol. I wish I could fight a a GM
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    1 - I have never understood why can't you land or load in your ally city. What is the point of being an ally. So many times you go to help an ally right between hostile territory or far from your city. Now you are stuck there and you have no option to get your troops destroyed some how. 2 - I know hundreds of top players who quit the game beacuse the amount of time it takes, movement, building and upgrade. It's like developers don't want us to have a social life than to just play this game. I know your guys response is gonna be that we try to make game experience real as possible but no gig or tanks or any troops take hours to get to a destination far as city right next. By time you build and are prepared game ends. I really think movement needs to be made faster. 3 - you have to travel the whole map sometimes to get rubber and oil. It's just not enough. More oil and rubber resources are needed. 4 - I think 4 or 5 day map should be created instead of 8 days. Last days of game really get boring and everyone is eager for it to end. Plus maybe create a tutorial map for new players against rebels only so they learn before playing the actual game which most of em quit because they never stand a chance against big leagues. 5 - you need more maps and also league badges of other countries not only U.S, France, China and few others. As you guys can see this game has players from all around the world. So it'll be very nice to give leagues and players to represebt where they are actually from not just few badges you guys have.
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    Yeah, we have discovered this mistake. I will let the team have a check.
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    I will follow up with our Developers about this, and thanks guys!
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    I am not sure, all I know is the description says all army units except tanks; Tank Destroyers are not tanks, they are basically a very big AT Gun on a mobile platform. Also thank you very much for following up on this for me.
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    Hi there! There must be some logic as to why you are unable to load a Tank Destroyer into a C-47 Transport Plane since it is considered to be a vehicle unit, so I'm going to ask the developers and will get back to you once I have more details.
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    1st Lt. Aleda E. Lutz volunteered with the unit inaugurated by Elsie Ott (see #2), the 803rd Military Air Evacuation Squad, designed to carry wounded soldiers quickly away from the war front. Lutz flew 196 missions to evacuate more than 3,500 men. No other flight nurse logged as many hours as Lutz. She would have stretched that record of 814 hours out further, but in December of 1944, her C47 hospital plane picked up wounded soldiers from Lyon, Italy, and then crashed. There were no survivors. Lutz was the first woman ever awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross, conferred posthumously. This was in addition to the Air Medal (earned four times), the Oak Leaf Cluster, the Red Cross Medal, and the Purple Heart. In 1990, the Veterans Administration Hospital in Saginaw, Michigan was named in her honor. (Heals loaded troops in transport planes over time) Lieutenant Elsie S. Ott was the first woman to receive the U.S. Air Medal. Already a trained nurse, she joined the Army Air Corps in 1941 and was sent to Karachi, India. The Army Air Corps was considering using airplanes to evacuate injured military as they delivered fresh troops. Ott was assigned to the first evacuation flight with only 24 hours notice -and she had never flown before. The plane had no medical equipment beyond first aid kit supplies, the patients had a motley variety of injuries, diseases, and mental illnesses, and there was only one army medic to help her care for the passengers. The plane left India on January 17, 1943 and made several stops, picking up more patients, on its 6-day flight to Washington, D.C. The previous route for such a mission was by ship, and took three months. Ott wrote up a report on that flight, recommending important changes for further evacuation flights. She returned to India a few months later with a new unit, the 803rd Military Air Evacuation Squad, and was promoted to captain in 1946. (Speed boost to injured troops) These were my suggestions from the other thread excluding the info on Audie Murphy. I really don't care how the voting is set up but I'd like to see these two added.
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    yes i agree with you. cadets can play less than 3 times then throwing them to battle field with out training. i checked cadets way of playing. lot of basic players are playing in his city, i mean they are simply updating there cities without caping any villages or res zones and enemy cities. even i am thinking while playing this game, when i am basic player i played toooooooooooo worst because i dont no about tanks i never played any battle games or strategy game. when i am basic player i think i want to stop this game. i never stopped any game without learning, i played upto CW III and joined in NATO. i asked few times to guide me and i learned while nato players are attacking enemy cities. My suggestion is cadets are like babies. They need training on cadets maps. Cadets maps should be small and less players. When they got all tactics then throw them to battle filed
  34. 2 points
    I know there is but I couldn't tell you what was covered in it. It's been a while since I went through. But I imagine it's like most game tutorials, learn the basics set you free. But there is so much to learn that isn't covered. I know for my first few months was just learning how things worked, as in how troop ranges are. What troop works in what situations. There is much to be learned and that really only comes with time. Hours usually means knowledge in this game from what I've seen
  35. 2 points
    I think we're all in the same boat and that's the main reason for the decline it player tenure. A full week is just too much of a commitment to one map. I myself will be retiring after my next field. I'll only really be entering there to use up the gems and Amy's I have accumulated. It's been fun world of warfare. ✌️ wish you had other modes of play....
  36. 2 points
    We've seen the same issue, but the scroll away and back hasn't been 100% successful for us, when its not, we pop out to the main screen and reenter the field and that usually works as well. I second the idea for a refresh button. Good idea.
  37. 2 points
    I've seen this happen when moving a large army. The known solution in our league has always been to know how many troops you have when moving and if you are missing some, simply scroll off screen for a moment and back. This would fix the missing troops 100% of the time. But before your devs kill themselves trying to find a ghost. I have a simple and elegant solution. Please add a quick single click refresh button somewhere on-screen. Then call it a day and let's go have a beer.
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    Hey everyone, I wanted to apologize for not posting anything here recently. We have been reading up on all of your suggestions that have the potential to better improve World Warfare gameplay for all types of players, but one thing that really tends to stand out is user engagement targeted mostly at new players. All of you have mentioned really great ideas to further engage bot only the community as a whole but how you believe (as a player yourself and from you very own perspective and experience) new players could benefit from this. We are taking all of this into consideration and very seriously as, I too am a gamer and understand the importance of user engagement and user retention, because without that any game just goes back to its repetitive roots. We as players never want to feel like we are playing a game just to play, we want to play to have fun, to succeed and conquer in battle, get to top of the leader board, you name it, it can be endless. World Warfare is an exiting game that is focused heavily on strategy and team work, and we are constantly bringing up new ideas and suggestions like this to the Developers, and they too want to see new content added and engage those new players so they become experienced players such as yourselves. With all of this said, another thing I noticed here was your dedication and commitment to the game, and I'd be honored to ask who here would be willing to lend a helping hand to new players, walk and guide them through our tutorial and even past that and show them more? I am speaking of players like you who would be privileged to lend that helping hand to new players and players who are not as experienced and familiar with this game? Along with our help as well to make this possible, any suggestions you have would be appreciated while we continue to work on this. You can even private message me if you like, and are not comfortable posting publicly as I do not mind. I will also be updating this thread with more details once have this project more underway. Again, thanks for sharing, caring and providing!
  39. 2 points
    Masterchiefs, if we are not mistaken this has been a known issue for some time now and may have something to do with the transport plane circling above that city, and with low health the troops inside would die when the transport plane is destroyed. This is the case when you are trying to bring back that plane to the Capital City with troops inside to store within your army base/airbase. There is a fix for this in the next update this month. What you are saying is similar, except the troops do not appear in your troop list within the transport plane as the plane is circling above the city and the troops do not dispatch since the game just hangs and then crashes afterwards. We will need to look into this to see what caused this a second time. Does this only occur when you are defending a teammate's city? We will work to get your troops back, at the very least, if not that then we can reimburse for the issue. How many troops did you have in your troop list when this happened?
  40. 2 points
    I don't think city protection is an issue! I think the way it works is the problem! Protection should only cover the players city and his troops, that city is out of play for the entire protection time. The city can't do anything until protection runs out, the owners troops are stuck in the city turrets do not fire. Also the biggest problem is see is that your league members can enter the city and also be protected, if a city is under protection league members are dispatched from the airbase or army base and are able to be attacked! One league member should not be able to protect all or half your league members troops.
  41. 2 points
    Hey everyone, we are currently experiencing an issue with our Helpshift Support Portal. Due to a widespread outage, some services, such as file attachments not working and some images are failing to load. The Helpshift Support team is aware of this and working on trying to fix this and get these services back up and running. We do apologize for the inconvenience and recommend that you send file attachments and screen shots to worldwarfare@joycrafter.com for the meantime. We will keep you updated on the latest!
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    You'll want higher level turrets by level 8. I've once had a single turret clear out 9 stugs by itself, before the attacker got smart and sent in his tanks. Seriously, high level turrets can save you.
  43. 2 points
    Yes my son CaptainColt45
  44. 2 points
    Famous Animals OTHER than the Bear! 1.) Rags 2.)Elephants 3.) War Horse
  45. 2 points
    Yellow Rose Nose Art Pin Up Gal. WW2 Liberty Belle
  46. 2 points
  47. 2 points
    There needs to be a submarine, the first naval lc armament.
  48. 2 points
    For one I completely agree that not only are they too rare, they should be more available. I'd LOVE to see them as a level one LC troop. Having said that, here is a way to get them. They are only available from a level 1 or 2 Commerce Center. I usually leave a cc at level one in a captured city for a few cycles to see if one will pop. Level 2 cc works as well and gets more slots but also has more options. I hope this helps. PS. Joycrafter, please put BMWs as a level one LC troop. PSS. I said please
  49. 2 points
    I see there are a lot of people here that know about the different types of weapons used during WWII. It seems to me that when we make suggestions to admin. It ppears that admin blows off a lot that is said by the serious players, and listens more to the casual player, who spends very limited time learning the game and its mechanics. I have had the privilege to learn from two great players MkV and SnakeEater both who belong to WeFew. The reason is I have taken the time to ask and learn. I have heard players whine that this troop is too strong or that troop is too weak. Seems to me they just don't know how to counter with that troop. Learn the game. Admin please stop nerfing great armaments so that causal players can win with out learn the game or trying to learn the game. Sorry if I put this in the wrong forum just tired of seeing good armaments being destroyed and from what appears to me to be a one sidedness of admin.
  50. 2 points
    Just to a friendly reminder that all of your feedback has been noted!