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      App Available on Android Now   08/16/2016

      Commanders, the Android Official Version has released, please go to Google Play to get it. To those commanders who participated the open beta, you can continue your previous progress in the official version. More info, please check the specific post.


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    Dear Commanders, First of all, we would like to thank you for your support. We really appreciate that you have decided to spend your precious time to play our game and we hope that you had fun playing it. Our team have spent the last year working hard to listen to your feedbacks and improve the game. With your support we accomplished something great together. Now let's take a look at the data in detail! We salute you for your support and wish you a fantastic gaming experience! World Warfare Team
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    This is just a few things I feel will better the game. 1.) League score adjusted for surrendered members during a battle. The league score during a battlefield is the deciding factor for a league winning the championship of that battle. I feel that if a member of a league surrenders out of the Battlefield, then their score should no longer benefit the league. If a player cannot fight beside his League until the end of the game, than that member's score should be removed from the league's overall score. 2.) Personal and league Rating Grade currently is only awarded at the end of a battlefield. I think it would reflect the ability of a player and league better if it was also part of the daily rewards in a battlefield. This would allow for newer players and leagues to move up the rankings at a faster pace. I feel the benefits would allow for better retention of newer players and also give a better accounting of a player or league for recruiting purposes. a.) In a game like this one, being in a league is crucial to championships or even victories. Most leagues are created in the cadet matches at which point it's just the blind leading the blind. By the time they reach competitive matches, a player's record and stats are terrible and; no matter the potential, that player will rarely if ever be allowed into a competitive league. A better way to reflect the ability of a player or the competitiveness of a league is definitely needed. I could write a whole paper on the different duties of specific league members during a battle that make them invaluable to the team but on paper they have average or less than average stats. b.) Retention is about player satisfaction and recognition for ones achievements. There are a core group of players in this game. If you notice these players are mostly in a core group of leagues. Allowance for new player and leagues to be able to advance will allow for better retention. Top daily, weekly and monthly Commander and league ranking would allow for newer players and for recruiting leagues to be recognized by all. New players have a better chance to be recruited and newer leagues that are competitive have a better opportunity to recruit better players. 3.) End Game reward bonus should be given according to the player's or league's ranking, the player and league ranking is score, the bonus is given for cities. A player who is in any other place has the potential to receive higher rewards then the player in 1st. This doesn't make since. This game is awesome, but it takes time to play. If you are going to expect people to dedicate the time needed to play, then you must allow them to be recognized by others and then brought into the community. I was lucky and played my very first game under the tutelage of MkV and BrutalDestiny in the League Cocidus. Not many people get that rare opportunity to be groomed by in my opinion two of the best players in this game. This is just some of my ideas to better the game and maybe retain new players. Thanks for listening. SnakeEater out!
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    I would like to see more Women Officers & Generals (Offers-Specials): Anyone that has good information and Links one Women in WW2, post here the pics with their Links. • WASP Women Airforce Service Pilots: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/ Women_Airforce_Service_Pilots?wprov=sfsi1 • WAFS • WFTD • WAC • WAVES • SPARS • The Night Witches (Russian Bombers) http://iwasm.omeka.net/items/show/615 http://www.womenofwwii.com/armywasps.html http://www.amusingplanet.com/2009/11/women-in-world-war-2.html https://www.archives.gov/exhibits/a_people_at_war/women_who_served/wafs_wasp.html WASP "Women Airforce Service Pilots" on @Wikipedia: "The Women Airforce Service Pilots, called "Women's Army Service Pilots" in some sources, was a paramilitary aviation organization. The WASP's predecessors, the Women's Flying Training Detachment and the Women's Auxiliary Ferrying Squadron organized separately in September 1942. They were the pioneering organizations of civilian female pilots, employed to fly military aircraft under the direction of the United States Army Air Forces during World War II. The WFTD and WAFS were merged on August 5, 1943, to create the paramilitary WASP organization. The female pilots of the WASP ended up numbering 1,074, each freeing a male pilot for combat service and duties. They flew over 60 million miles in every type of military aircraft. The WASP was granted veteran status in 1977, and given the Congressional Gold Medal in 2009." SHIRLEY SLADE (TEXAS) Pilot trainee Shirley Slade she sits on the wing of her Army trainer at Avenger Field, Sweetwater, Texas, July 19, 1943. In September, Slade graduated as part of the Women Airforce Service Pilots Class 43-5. BETTY BACHMAN WAFS Rosie the Riveter "We can Do it" Rosie the Riveter is a cultural icon of the United States, representing the American women who worked in factories and shipyards during World War II, many of whom produced munitions and war supplies.[1][2]These women sometimes took entirely new jobs replacing the male workers who were in the military. Rosie the Riveter is used as a symbol of feminism and men and women's economic power.[3]Similar images of women war workers appeared in other countries such as Britain and Australia. Images of women workers were widespread in the media as government posters, and commercial advertising was heavily used by the government to encourage women to volunteer for wartime service in factories.[4]Rosie the Riveter became the subject and title of a song and a Hollywood movie during WWII. Michigan war worker Geraldine Hoff (later Doyle.)[42]More recent evidence indicates that the formerly mis-identified photo is actually of war worker Naomi Parker (later Fraley) taken at Alameda Naval Air Station in California.
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    Commanders, What is Defense? what does it do? Defense lowers the damage your units take from any source. The more Defense your unit has, the less damage it will take when attacked. But how much? Read on to find out! Defense works as follows: (Def/1000+Def )= Damage Mitigation For example, if you have a Unit with Defense 200, then: (200/1,200)=0.1666 This translates into 16.66% damage mitigation. What is damage mitigation? how much less damage you take when attacked. In this example, when your Unit with 200 Defense is attacked, for every 100 points of damage, it ignores 16.66 of it, taking only 100-16.66=83.34. Not a big difference, right? Let's see what happens when you crank up the Defense Stat: 500 Defense (500/1500)=33.33% 600 Defense (600/1600)=37.5% 700 Defense = 41.17% 1000 Defense = 50% 1500 Defense = 60% 2100 Defense = 67.74% And so on. At 2,100 Defense, instead of taking 100 points of damage, you take 32.26! Defense is a very important stat to consider when evaluating a Units survivability. Units with both high HP and Defense are incredibly durable. I hope this Intel helps inform your Battlefield decisions Commander!
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    The current size is find I don't care if they are proportional to the building you could just make it a specific option in the settings that would be amazing and work for everyone
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    One of the things I'm curious about is the owning leveled troops challenges. It's frustrating to already own level 2 troops by the time the own 10 level 2 troops challenge comes around. It says "own 10 level 2 troops." Why none of the level 2 troops made before the challenge count towards it is kinda backwards. When the "own a level 5 turret" challenge comes up and I already have one it's automatically completed. It's that way with any other challenge. The troop one needs to be fixed.
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    As you know I am a proponent for national skins. Not only does it add to the already "cool" factor this game already has, I think it would be a good revenue stream for additional in app purchases that have no effect on game balance. Having said that, I think you should leave the names the same and here is why: If you are going to have national skins, you will need unique identifiers on both armaments and units. For example, a Pz III armament would make a German Light Tank, whereas (for example) a M3 Stuart would make a US Light Tank and a T70 would make a Soviet Light Tank. So all three examples have unique armaments and units. My suggestion would be that the differences would only be cosmetic and all the stats would be identical (at least initially) because trying to gameplay balance differences would be quite a task. On another note, I think new players need a lot of tools and support, but please don't dumb this game down. There are plenty of mindless "click here" games out there. Understanding that factories make munitions, and bases combine munitions and population to create units is fundamental to the game. I'd recommend explaining it rather than naming it away.
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    No screen shots,.. it was constant hitting/hit back. There were 3 leagues, but only one with any numbers (German cross), the other 2 only had 1 member (Chinese badge). About half a league team in total, not a lot but enough. They had center after the first day, which put us on edge right away. We started hitting them at center right away along with mabus (good schitt btw - whom also was a major player with the takedown events), 64warriors joined us in the fight. Jedi joined us not long after as well. As we battled hard just west of center on their production city (lvl13) and NW at their LC, Jedi pushed center as well as mabus and 64warriors followed suit. One of the best moves was luring the opposing navy (all bismarcks) into a channel. Stop, turn and fight as another navy sneaks up the rear, boxes them in and starts pounding. Pretty amazing, when we all team up against a big threat. The SE center city exchanged hands 4 times I think, the SW city a few time and the center city iirc twice. Their production city exchanged twice too. They are excellent players, but I don't think they quite are proficient with naval units yet. Disappointing to see when they surrendered, they converted all the cities of value to LC's, converted back and abandoned for their farewell... Downside, is (or plusside),... we had 3 days left of,... arts n crafts, haha There should be a new badge for being creative like this,... like maybe a "knitting" badge or something,.. lol.
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    Thank you so development team and support team for introducing new ideas and new updates to our favorite game i am looking forward to seeing how this new feature will impact the game. We will approach with an open mind, and do our best to learn and implement new strategies for this feature into our gameplay. GODz FTW
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    Very nice! But you forgot about naval units!
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    When looking at the large map the color codes work perfectly. RED for leagues at war with you. YELLOW for leagues that are neutral GREEN for allied LIGHT BLUE for your league members DARK BLUE for yourself. Then when switching to the tactical map your league members cities and army turns the same color GREEN as you allies! Your league mates cities and armies should reflect the same LIGHT BLUE color as the large map. This would be consistent and less confusing during battles and when attempting to land planes or ships your league members air bases and harbors.
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    It seems that the Chinese leagues have had tremendous success in League Tournaments over the last several months. GODz and Pasta have each won a Silver Cup championship. But Chinese league has won 3 other times (more than all other leagues combined) and is currently on pace to win again. The Chinese leagues have an advantage because of the start time of tournament (their morning - USA and Europe evening time). But they are also extremely active. Often use tons of gems and amethyst. And they play with high coordination and skill. I am making this thread to make sure everyone in the games know that they CAN be beaten. We just have to fight hard and work together. Then all things are possible. Two of the top three Chinese leagues are currently entering map together right around start time. I hear they are beating FluffyCakes and WrathOfGODz right now. But their third league (they all work together and always ally each other) was in our map and we destroyed them. Here are some screenshots from the battle: This was the start along with some profile screenshots to show their members are very good players. 300k battle score and 200k battle score averages. Others were high quality players also. We led start to finish in first place but they actually moved faster than us for a bit, capturing a level 9 city before we did. We took the fastest path to their area... going through the middle... took all four command centers and reached them within first 12 hours of the map. Then we wiped them off the battlefield within a couple hours after that. All six GODz members were top 6 ranked almost entire map. We also got some bit of help from DemiGODz and Spartan34. But had to kill two other leagues also which kind of offset that advantage. One of our members, Ingrimm, is skilled with recording and editing videos of battlefields and war game sequences so we may add a video to this thread of the battlefield as well. Want to end this by saying to the other Chinese leagues that we are coming for you. Your reign in league tournament is coming to a close. GODz FTW.
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    Lol we talked about this in our Line group chat. He had to use non-copyrighted music to make sure the video stays up. If you have suggestions that are non-copyrighted then feel free to share them and he will consider. I think he is making a part 2 for this thread coming up soon.
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    Another nice thing would be if you recorded how many days a person has been off when you go to the main screen and then check your members. It's hard enough trying to not kick active members, This sounds awesome
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    Would be cool if we had an option to show a circle of our unit range. Could help new people to adapt to the new units such as artillery or scouting range when they want to attack people's or rebel's defenses.
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    Offline Mode (Was mail sent to Russel) I say a map full of rebels would not only help players get experienced for the game, but also a way to try the advanced units made from league cities or have fun without any online services. I feel that this option would be a great addition to the game and would help so many players out there that just couldn't see the fun of the game when they first tried it. Thank you so much for responding to me and considering my idea and I hope to hear from you once more. Just a friendly reminder/list of my suggestions to be incorporated in this game mode... 1. The experience and game currency earnings from this mode are decreased in half (or for you the developers to decide of course!) to prevent experienced players to get money quickly without facing a REAL challenge from other players. 2. Territory and Unit caps are eliminated from this mode since no other real players can be overwhelmed from the large forces. 3. This mode is offline for players to enjoy on the road or for those who can't play due to data charges. The game should try to be welcoming to many players at any time. 4. Time limits should also be excluded since the main objective would be to take down Waffen... not be the last surviving league or the one with the most points. 5. A small reward for defeating the Waffen. Perhaps coins or a very small amount of diamonds like 10. 6. Maybe even setting difficulty! Easy makes the map much smaller and Waffen is the same to the multiplayer one(The area where tiger aces and military zones surround the base). Medium being a slightly larger map and Waffen forces should recieve a slight boost of reinforcments or defenses. Hard being a large map similar to multiplayer and in order to reach Waffen you would need to cross an ocean. Higher difficulties should give higher rewards for defeating Waffen.
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    Probably on average every other map we will take a newer player in that shows signs of being active and willing to learn. When we take them in we try to teach them every aspect of the game we know. Starting with the obvious basics on up
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    I can't tell if this post is a joke or not... Firstly if you're spamming stugs or bombers and winning/ losing to someone who is then you need to ask yourself why you have yet to learn how to play this game... Bombers are useless against almost everything except clumped up arty and stugs... Stugs are for taking cities and villages and that's all their really good at.. (Yeah 20 of them will do damage to any unit) but send 5 tanks towards them or 5 arty and their history... The game now has much more strategy than the old map which is where you built 20 bombers 10 fighters and 10 arty and wiped away the competition..... The real issue is that turrets need to be buffed so it doesn't take 10 years to kill a plane.. And arty could use a slight buff as well.. But I just am in shock that it's been 3 months since the update and you are losing to mass bombers and stugs... Learn their weaknesses...
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    Yes, you read it right folks! This was a 1000+ troop Naval/Air battle of epic proportions! After the 3 big leagues had allied to take out a major player in isles,.. we had 3 days of clean up, arts'n'crafts, knitting and maybe some bbq'ing,.. life got a little boring so we all decided on one giant naval/air battle. leagues involved: YeOldeGuys (450+ units), 64warriors (250+ units) and Jedi (300+ units) (can't forget the honorary OldeGuy for this match - Mabus from GODz - 50ish? odd units) so, we had 3 days to build a massive naval armada, air included. So we built! settled for a location and a time: 0d21h was the start time, so we had to declare war at 0d22h on the game timer. Jedi was running late; when the battle started it was just YeOldeGuys and 64warriors. Huge props and respect to 64warriors for toughing it out against overwhelming numbers! Pics 1-10 Out of no where there's a 64warrior flank that took a chunk out of the huge armada that faced them. Pics 12-18 It was amazing to watch even though they were outnumbered by 2 to 1 All the meanwhile with Jedi, (late to the party) was setting up "The Wall", which consisted of many, many higher level troops than what we had. Pics 19, 20 & 21 we were running with Quantity in mind, while Jedi was building Quality. We were mostly lvl 1, some lvl 2 and a handful of lvl 4/5 units. Jedi had many lvl 4/5 troops with a good mix of other lvl troops. After the battle with 64warriors, we jockeyed into position to face Jedi and see once and for all if Quantity will outmatch Quality! The reference to the movie '300' came out. As they were outnumbered still by at least 30-40%. One of our guys was really excited, or the brakes stopped working on his power scooter... and well, he lasted about 5 mins up against "The Wall". The rest of the Armada followed and clashed up against Jedi! Their higher lvl troops where picking off our units off like a carnival game! Pics 22-31 They also played very smart,.. made sure all the cruisers were gone, then unleashed every bomber they could carry on the rest of our ships! Pics 32, 33 & 34 It was nearing the end and was looking like Jedi was going to win over this battle when the late-comer-honorary-OldeGuy Mabus swoops in for the final blow. Pics 35-41 In the end, YeOldeGuys was left with just a handful of ships... EPIC! Mabus came out squeaky clean, lol. Why was Mabus an honorary OldeGuy? Well, he ended up on our isle and was completely boxed in,.. and he's also Canadian,.. and we're nice guys and like to help people Instead of playing solo, he played as an OldeGuy helping where he could and we helped where we could, definite team player! Mad props to Jedi for putting up the wall and smart plays! - shows that Quality and Strategy can out play Quantity in the right situations! Mad props to 64warriors for taking it in the chin like men and falling with absolute grace and dignity! Outside of the boring 3 days after taking out the biggest threat; being able to co-ordinate 3 leagues to work together, and how we worked together to take down the lead threat was amazing. The incredible sportsmanship to have an amazing big battle was just EPIC, and made this BF, one of the most memorable ones we will ever have! Thank you to all who took part and I hope you guys can live through our experience with the pics I took!
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    After battling the Chinese, it was arts n crafts time
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    Hello Commanders! Recently we made some changes to the troop size. Some like it, some don't. Please tell us which troop size you prefer and reasons behind it. Share with us your ideas in the comment down below, so we can make adjustments accordingly.
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    MKV, you might enjoy a TED talk from a while back that talked about how to design game rewards and objectives. They basically talk about the frequency of reward as well as the degree of difficulty. make stuff too easy or too hard and people lose interest. In the middle is a form of addiction, where we get on the threadmill and just keep running. The long time to finish the tech tree paths must have some basis in theory that some folks will spend money to get to the end, if you make it just long enough that the horizon is barely in sight. longer and they do not try, shorter and there is no purchasing.
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    The is how it looks like turrets and towers target. Target physically on turret/tower > Lowest health target in range > first target in range > Target that poses most threat (usually stugs) So park the tank on top of the turret and it will switch, or better yet, park an aircraft since the turret has a much lower attack vs aircraft if you send in a tank first, and it takes damage, the turret wont switch to the stug unless the stug has damage already. If they all enter range at the same time (like when dropped from a transport), and they are all at full health, and nothing is on top of the turret, it will shoot the stugs because they pose the greatest threat.
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    We have confirmed that this is bugged. As long as you have more than would have been needed origionally it works and gives you the discount. If you have less it doesnt work. So the original cost for a stug is 260 rubber. If you have more than 260 rubber and you build one, it subtracts 130 rubber. But if you have less than 260 rubber and try to build, it says insufficient rss. Even if you have more than 130. We only tested it on assault guns. Im not sure if the others are the same way.
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    Thanks for the info, looks like each level went up by 1 hour or close to it. So I guess if you did not use diamonds it would take about a year to get to tier 4. Now you have reason to play, start saving diamonds to get to the 130 mark for tier 4!
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    Not an option. You can however place and label bookmarks that may helpwith that.
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    You should put in the description of the second lab that it cannot upgrade a second skill inside one class. If i had known i wouldnt have purchased it. Alternativly, it would be cool if you could use it to give a boost to lab one, even a small % speed up would be nice.
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    Guys I think we can all agree that higher tier tech and even more advanced techs in the same tier should take more time and more gold to reaserch. But charging more time and more gold per point is a too drastic. Currently if I reaserch one side of the tree say I start with Airman class and my first point goes to lower armement cost for scouts it costs me 800 gold 1 hour by the time I reach 5 it costs me 1200 and 5 hours which I am ok with. But its insane to charge me 1300 and 6 hours to reaserch a similar level tech such as lvl1 lower AT gun armament cost. It should go back to the original value of 800 gold and 1 hour. This makes no sense and it is WAY to draconian an escalation in price and time. By the time I am done reasearching lvl5 lower AT gun armament cost it costs me 1700 gold and 22 hours for the same level tech!!! This is insane pease fix it!
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    Return the reduction of the size of units please. Cities smaller units
  32. 2 points
    I believe it would be better if instead of all the upgrades accumulating cost and time together. They all had their own cont and time to upgrade them. Over time it will become too costly before even getting to tier 2. It will already be too costly and long before I get the 3rd and 4th upgrades not theirs but upgrades. With only 3 upgrades it already take 3 hours. Please change it so that it doesn't become so impossible to upgrade.
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    Commanders, The server will go down for maintenance at 8 am UTC 1 am PDT. Expected downtime will be approximately 3 hours. Keep your troops safe before you log out. Please update this game in App Store/Google Play after the maintenance. Thank you. What's new: Added Class Tech Tree. You can research the techs in your labs to strengthen your units now. -Changed the troop sizes back to the original ones. Your old troop sizes are back now. -Optimized the message of league application. You get this message every 3 minutes now. -Optimized the in-battlefield icons, such as “daily login”, “resupply pack”, “sale”, etc. -Minor bug fixes and optimizations. You can learn more about the Class Tech here:
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    Ok sounds good lets see how it works
  35. 2 points
    Awesome work guys! Can't wait to see this ingame!!! 👌🏻
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    Ok guys/gals. I think it would be a great idea for everyone to share their battles! There are only a few people who share their pics to forums and I myself have posted more pics then anyone it looks like and I know I'm not the only one who has great battles. I know their are videos being taken of battles but pics are just as great! So come on guys/gals and let us all see what fun this game brings! here go my last two pics of this game to get things started
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    (Bronze Tournament) These are all the Members that participated in our league, and I want to congratulate them for completing their first full tournament! It Takes a lot of time out of you to be able to play throughout the whole 4 Battles and they even went through one cup where one league had the advantage by being in the field hours before ANY other league had joined and still fought and survived (for the most part) To me these jumps should not be able to happen and i will be hoping that silver cup battles will prove to be better (much love WWarfare team just wish jumps like that won't happen or work anymore )
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    Hello, I'd like to thank all of the current GODz members for their efforts in Season 6 tournament. We fought hard, had a lot of fun, and learned some new things. We finished second place overall, but won first place in each of the three cup battles we played in. A lot of us were disappointed that our team in week 2 did not get an opportunity to compete as we were queuing in match-preparation for nearly 8 hours even though we found out other teams like GHOSTS and FluffyCakes were all queueing and waiting also. Hopefully this can be fixed so that future teams do not miss cup battlefields because of game start problems. To show my appreciation to the GODz team for their efforts, I will donate my portion of the bonus rewards to the other members who competed in multiple battles with me. Please distribute the rewards as follows: KingZeus - 3 cup battles - Zero Rewards (donated to others) Masterreid - 3 cup battles - 10,000 diamonds and 100,000 gold Layton33 - 2 cup battles (but also helped with our ally DemiGODz in tournament) - 10,000 diamonds and 100,000 gold Ingrimm - 2 cup battles (but also helped with all video making and editing) - 10,000 diamonds and 100,000 gold Polack - 1 Cup battle - 3,000 diamonds and 30,000 gold Ez E : ) - 1 cup battle - 3,000 diamonds and 30,000 gold (can't type his name without turning into a smiley face. Please find him on GODz members list he is a League Officer) Ironman2U - 1 Cup battle - 3,000 diamonds and 30,000 gold Marcus1 - 1 cup battle - 3,000 diamonds and 30,000 gold BatalionStalion - 1 Cup battle - 3,000 diamonds and 30,000 gold N1c3Pl4y - 1 Cup battle - 3,000 diamonds and 30,000 gold Break - 1 cup battle - 3,000 diamonds and 30,000 gold IronWolfe - 1 cup battle - 3,000 diamonds and 30,000 gold (he is currently in the Spartan34 league, but was great in league tournament with us. please send him the rewards anyway). Thank you!
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    I second this idea as well as making the medic troop heal more troop the higher lvl it becomes.
  41. 2 points
    Congratulations on deserved victory! It's a pity that no one except our league is fighting against the top leagues.
  42. 2 points
    This is very impressive. I know why you guys are in first and I see you cleaning your old team has brought great potential for your team King! You guys make forums interesting again and I love the recording!
  43. 2 points
    Why did you call me a herd? Lol. Also in the last screenshot of the final map...do you see which league captured every single one of their cities? The cities aren't split between three leagues. The two leagues we were allied with didn't do much of anything in terms of fighting the Chinese league. We pretty much killed all their troops and took all their cities.
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    You now make it another hour well there goes my game time I sat here literally twiddling my thumbs I have members at my city most likely starving and team members in the air crashed by now and I have no doubt wtf happened was it wind took out your power what did a tree land on back up generators or something you got thousands wanting on and some of them probably would drop loads of cash but your sitting back checking fb what is it it's been at least 4 hours sincerely your one pissed off Maddog 😁
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    How about the solo challenge. This was my recent bf 1 person in the league. 4th overall 1st in territory and battle records. Not my best but pretty decent playing part time.
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    In my opinion, I guess a Day and Night cycle would be great. For example 1 and a half hour is equal to 12 hours in Game map. Having this type of cycle also initiates those who love to see Night Battles. Huge torches around the city, burning rubles and debris, Lights from the explosions coming from shells and rifles that would be totally awsome!
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    I Finally Found a use for the ships! Lesson learned, when making ship art and using Cruisers......NEVER mess up and post the cords in BF chat! Took me a while to reorganize them after the scouts were dropped on the formation
  49. 2 points
    Make an offline mode where its a map but is full of rebels. The player has infinite troop and territory cap and has to obtain all the land. The Waffen should be stronger and located at the end of the map. The objective is to use everything and defeat Waffen. Just an idea.
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    If roads could be upgraded to move grown troops faster in your city, ally city's and even neutral cities. of course hostile would be void Absolutely right. Gem are so expensive and give very little so I never buy them. here is an idea on how to get people to buy more gems. Let's use a city for example level 2 takes 1 min charge 100 gems level 20 takes 7.5hr charge 100 gems every upgrade is the same this way more will be spent and bought because when I go to buy 900 gems I now I get 9 city upgrades of course army base would be like 60 gems every upgrade. so the later in the game the more desperate players become the more they will spend because it saves more time. Thus you guys make more money and use it to give me a better game