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    It has been an honor and pleasure fighting with all of you over the past few years. Weve kicked some serious ass and won against all olds. I formed the league luckystrikes when this game was in the early stages of development. I have seen it grow and change. For the better and worse. And its the worse part that is what has made me decide to stop playing and retire luckystrikes from the game. I will miss you all and i thank you so much. But paying to win or paying just to keep up with others is no longer worth it to me. I have other joys and loves in life and wwf is not going to take any more time from me. Or should you let it. It was a great game in the beginning before all the dumb generals and purple gems and blue gems and gold coins and this and that hot sale, and alt 15 alt accounts. But now its very plain to see that if you dont spend money, and a lot of it, you will be left far behind. Or if you dont spend gobs of money, your time will be wasted on enemies that will gem to no end. Gone are the days of real strategy. Anyhow, luckystrikes will be disbanded and nothing but love goes out to all my players that have sacrificed soo many sleepless nights playing for the win. Thanks again. Capt out for the last time.
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    I personally hate to see any one leave, but its a game and everyone has to make their own choices. As to the reasons why people are leaving, that's what I'd like to comment on. The whole "Pay to Win" argument doesn't hold water with me. Yes, generals cost money and they help, but they aren't an auto win button. WeFew plays one game a month and yes, we have generals, but we ALSO play other games on alts that don't have all of the the generals/gold/gems, and we do just fine. (and FYI we never enter with more than 10 in WeFew, and fewer than that with our alts.) If you are losing and you are blaming the other guy, or gems, or generals, or whatever, I.M.O. you are doing yourself a disservice. You're far better off self examining to determine the cause of the loss instead of blaming others. The fact is, too many players rely on numbers to win. It's why there are Leagues/sister leagues/permanent alliances and all that other "I suck at this game B.S" that pads stats but creates bad players. EVERYTHING in this game has counters, including gemming. And if alts and alt leagues are the issue, get in a better league. A coordinated league of single accounts will beat a bunch of alts played by one player every time. Even playing on 2 devices (or 5 if you're War1War ) is nowhere near as efficient as one player/one device. (The exception to this is the tourney. Alt leagues in the tournament is very broken; but that's another subject). Having said all that. It is a game, you guys are adults, and I respect your decision. Best of luck to you both.
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    Well if you think that the days of "real strategy" are gone just because of generals and gems I feel sorry for you. I guess you have missed the entire point of classes and the class system; the depth and complexity that it has introduced in what was and still is one of the best combat simulations available on mobile platform. I dont blame you the whole community is playing this game backwards as if they have a blindfold on, pressing buttons randomly. Very few prople bother to try anything other than the accepted methods. At first it was bomber spam, now its m40/whirble spam, the chinese and russians are experimenting with light tank spam... Did you notice the recurring word SPAM in what you call stategy and I call method? Everyone looking for the easy way out in a game that has currently 40 units with distinct stats people are trying to spam at a maximum 4 different units m40, whirl, jets and strats. Thats only 10% of existing units making up more than 80% of all units that I consistently see in BFs. Time and time again I see people taking this wonderful simulation and turning in into this ugly linear looking thing dumbed down beyond belief. Go in with league of 20, brigning in sister league of 20 ally half the active players in the big leagues and roll the little 2-5 player leagues and cry to the devs to end the map earlier than 8 days These strategies are the hallmark of today's succesful big leagues, whatever unit spam and ally half the map. No wonder you see no strategy left in this game, played this way there isn't any. You want to know what it wrong with the game take a good hard look in the mirror its not the gems, or the amethyst, or the generals or the class tech nor the gold tech. Its the community's desire to render this wonderful simulation as linear as possible, as two dimensional as possible, as is easy and thinkless as possible.
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    Please bring back blitzkrieg. I know all of the veteran leagues loved it. Normal battlefield is just too slow. Upvote if you agree!
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    Your coalitions and alliances do not help you, and you lose? you became weak, used to be stronger and played well. Alas for a long time these times have passed when you fought alone with the gods. half of your wins are alliances😏
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    Tournament Battle
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    When I go to load troops straight into boat transports, they often move to the boat but don’t actually enter the boat. My only suggestion is add boat armaments for reward to make naval armies more probable.
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    Commanders, In a previous post, I went over the effects of Defense and how it reduces incoming damage: http://www.worldwarfare.com/topic/1735-what-does-defense-do-explained/ The purpose of this post is to simplify some of the math and give you a different way to look at the effects of Defense: Every 10 points of Defense require that a Unit take 1% more of its maximum health in damage to be killed. For example, if you increased a Unit's Defense by 1,000, you are effectively increasing its health by 100%. That's it! This is the simplest way to think of Defense without getting into the math. If you're interested in more detail, look below: Let's call the Health of a Unit after factoring in Defense Effective Health. The formula is as follows: Effective Health = (1+Defense/1,000) x Health For example, a Sherman Tank has the following basic stats (without any upgrades): Health: 4,567 Defense: 1,200 using the formula: (1+1,200/1,000)x 4,567=10,048 HP Yes, a Sherman Tank's Effective Health is more than double its regular health! Another example: The Cannoneer Tech "Camouflaged Guns" gives your Rocket Launcher, Artillery and Self-Propelled Artillery 250 Defense vs. Bombers when maxed. This means that in effect those units would have 25% more HP when attacked by Bombers. I hope this gives you another tool to look at the effects of Defense. Thank you for reading!
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    Maybe a function where planes auto land when they are in friendly territory but about to run out of fuel? Tired of losing gigs because I can't get in or pulled a late night and fell asleep in the middle of transit.
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    Hello all! Many of you may have seen me or may not but real quick introduction; Captain Barthel, CO of the 8th Combat Squadron Milsim unit.blah. I've searched and haven't successfully found anything really pertaining to knowledge about attacking the Waffen SS HQ or any good tips, tricks or rewards from it. Some small part of my brain was hoping that it would be a capture-able objective but that vanished with a quick Poof! and the HQ is gone. All the hooplah leading up to this ultimate point and the HQ just disappears.... a little disappointed but then I was like holy cow I just did this....by myself.... That being said I'll give you all some tactics I tried. mind you this was my first full assault on waffen not caring about casualties. Took 3 days to get the kill with the decent spawn of being 2 cities over from an HQ. I lost about 632? troops. I did not record the exact number but I will be doing this again to make further SITREPs to update my strategy along the way. If you look below,I was able to secure the resource zones and villages outlying the Military Zones and took out the hidden crack artillery division and AA creeps as well as the armored units associated with such. Since my overall goal was to win no matter the cost(DDay?) I would sent and prepare waves at the same time so my assault force would be as simple as this: 16-20 Tier 1 Assault Guns 10 Tier 2 AT Guns 6 Tier 2 Scout Planes and just a random recon vehicle or BMW, something fast. So I'm sure many of you are well. Erased with the guns and their ranges. Both here have the same, 180. So I would get the AT moving in while the Stugs sit and wait already at the start point which will be the ultimate deploy for the AT. With the AT guns 2-3 mins out send the stugs straight at the enemy sniper towers in the village. If you have siege and destroy use it. Also, if your confident in your setup timing, utilize the forest. I got lucky and could for one of the 4 assaults i had to launch. Stugs hit just about 2200 with siege active so 20 of them firing on a tower even for a short minute or less is devasting. ok by this time u got the Tigers attention. Don't worry just the heavy tank not the ace remember ur AT oh they r about 30 seconds away from being full deployed. Boom one tower down, maybe 2-3 stugs also, fall back.... On,y a few meters then pop shot with stugs. Do that only once then get them behind ur AT. In a moment 10 of those cannons will open up and combined with the remains stugs, you can wipe out the incoming tanks. Draw all of the tanks out, if you have fallen back too fast and they turn back, use the pop shots more. Depending how much time you have with the tactic point, you MAY and that is a big may lawl be able to fire on the second sniper tower and then secure your first waffen village. This strategy worked amazing all the way up to the HQ. Only problem I faced was the Bombers so added 6 Tier 2 AA troops off set in two groups plus the scout planes. Trust me you will have To refine this to your own way because the bombers suck. Artillery as well but you just have to rush them. No other way around it. Both Military zones obviously had the Tiger Ace, 3 Bombers, all the normal heavy tigers and the turrets. Stug Rush one turret at a time with tactical retreat once the tanks start to move. Just wither them down, as your troops die. Make new ones and upgrade them. Get the seconds, third, fourth, etc waves ready. Ok so now we are at a point were you can capture your first MZ.... NOPE OH HELL NAH. There's artillery ands other MZ turrets covering that piece so hard you will think there is some crazy demon looking at you like hahahaha I own your soul. So if your scouts can see, behind the MZ there are 3 adjacent crack artillery batteries in a grouping and I counted about 8 or so around the HQ that can have concentrated fire in the MZ in front and around them so either way your getting hit from 2-4 artillery plus a turret. Your best option is to take down another MZ. Once you do that you can work on withering down some of the artillery and AA hiding back there and capture a MZ then the other, rebuild your turrets and watch them clean up around you as you regroup for your up close and personal day with infamy at the HQs throat. Same tactic as before but I added some bombers just for the heck of it. Wrong move. Me109s took them out. LAWL. Stick the with suicidal stugs.... And then POOF HQ is gone and your free to finish wiping out the remaining SS and FEEL FREAKING AWESOME cause you just did it. By yourself. Sorry I tried to make this a somewhat decent walk through but my iPad unfortunately isn't agreeing. Halfway thru the keyboard is like nah bruh so it was hard to get some of that written. Hope I can paint a picture in your minds on how to attack them successfully. cheers bros and ladies.
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    They should add nation specific skin packs that you can buy so you can fight with Russian, American or German themed units. Of course, all the stats should stay the same to avoid a balancing nightmare
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    It would also be nice if Leaders & Co Leaders could see all maps members are in so that we could help newer players with advice as to what to do & when , it would make it much more attractive to higher leagues to let newer players in so they can coach them , as it is now a lot of top leagues do not want let new members in as they do not have the experince to survive. Think it would help keep new mebers as they would get help from experienced players Another thing i think we should be able to land at allied league cities & be able to pick up your troops at allied cities