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World Warfare
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    Commanders! Happy Halloween! Let's have spooktacular time now! Share your Halloween moments and win bonuses from World Warfare Team. Here are some details: Duration: October 31st UTC-November 2nd UTC Rewards: 500 diamonds and a special Halloween medal. To Participate: Share a picture of your Cosplay, your Pumpkin, or just a picture of you celebrating Halloween! In-game name is a necessity Notice: The rewards will be sent via in-game email within 72 hours. A commander can only receive the rewards ONCE.
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    This is just a few things I feel will better the game. 1.) League score adjusted for surrendered members during a battle. The league score during a battlefield is the deciding factor for a league winning the championship of that battle. I feel that if a member of a league surrenders out of the Battlefield, then their score should no longer benefit the league. If a player cannot fight beside his League until the end of the game, than that member's score should be removed from the league's overall score. 2.) Personal and league Rating Grade currently is only awarded at the end of a battlefield. I think it would reflect the ability of a player and league better if it was also part of the daily rewards in a battlefield. This would allow for newer players and leagues to move up the rankings at a faster pace. I feel the benefits would allow for better retention of newer players and also give a better accounting of a player or league for recruiting purposes. a.) In a game like this one, being in a league is crucial to championships or even victories. Most leagues are created in the cadet matches at which point it's just the blind leading the blind. By the time they reach competitive matches, a player's record and stats are terrible and; no matter the potential, that player will rarely if ever be allowed into a competitive league. A better way to reflect the ability of a player or the competitiveness of a league is definitely needed. I could write a whole paper on the different duties of specific league members during a battle that make them invaluable to the team but on paper they have average or less than average stats. b.) Retention is about player satisfaction and recognition for ones achievements. There are a core group of players in this game. If you notice these players are mostly in a core group of leagues. Allowance for new player and leagues to be able to advance will allow for better retention. Top daily, weekly and monthly Commander and league ranking would allow for newer players and for recruiting leagues to be recognized by all. New players have a better chance to be recruited and newer leagues that are competitive have a better opportunity to recruit better players. 3.) End Game reward bonus should be given according to the player's or league's ranking, the player and league ranking is score, the bonus is given for cities. A player who is in any other place has the potential to receive higher rewards then the player in 1st. This doesn't make since. This game is awesome, but it takes time to play. If you are going to expect people to dedicate the time needed to play, then you must allow them to be recognized by others and then brought into the community. I was lucky and played my very first game under the tutelage of MkV and BrutalDestiny in the League Cocidus. Not many people get that rare opportunity to be groomed by in my opinion two of the best players in this game. This is just some of my ideas to better the game and maybe retain new players. Thanks for listening. SnakeEater out!
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    My son’s before going trick a treating
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    Happy Halloween!!! in game name : BrutalDestiny
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    Mean looking teeths ign: insane3055
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    In game name: KatzEye
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    From IGN MattyxxxIce
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    Halloween in Russia! InHaLe
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    Happy Halloween everyone!! Resqu12
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    Did some pumpkin carving :)
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    Grand-kids at the fall Festival
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    Happy Halloween All
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    Feels like we are creating a whole new kind of game with these speed changes and already established cities. That will strip out many dimensions of our current game, as things like logistics become relatively unimportant. That may be fun for some, but it is not what established WW as the game to play. All it does it make it much like all the other games on the market. WW was fun because it had some many dimensions to manage and coordinate for the player and the league. Dumb the game down to "here is an army go fight" and I am not sure its anywhere near the rich environment that was originally conceived. Please give us the feeling of a commitment to the original game richness and integrity. Otherwise, i will need to begin questioning my spending additional money on WW when I cannot tell if I will be interested in playing the dumbed down version. I have to believe that I have spent more than my fair share on your game. Please don't make me feel like I have wasted that money.
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    The last patch to the game only fixed where the pm’s Don’t disappear but all content in them are still gone after a log off and log in.
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    Needs to be at a faster pace, I like the old feel of the original pace but it’s nearly impossible to take the whole map in 24 hours. Especially with enemy resistance and the lack of given population.
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    Commanders, The server will go down for maintenance at 7:00 am UTC (12:00 am PDT, 3:00 am EDT). Expected downtime will be approximately 2 hours. Keep your troops safe before you log out. Please update this game in App Store/Google Play Store after the maintenance. Thank you. Patch Notes: -New map! 6V6 mode with 1X move speed. -The tactic "life-saving" only works for league members now. -The ammo carried by the infantry reduced from 20 hours to 2 hours. -Fixed some bugs that related to the game crash. -Fixed a bug of chat disappearing.
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    I think it would be cool if gems and commanders were cheaper, its insane that some are like 50 dollars and its 1 dollar for enough gems to last you around 4 days