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World Warfare
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    [00ffff] Peety is my ingame name. ID: 528906 Best video out right now, and more to come! World warfare employees hit me up, I'm not stopping with this one and I want to be a Public Affairs officer to keep making more content to bring new users to your game. ❤️ I also just posted a early game tutorial for new players! Check it out here! Ingame name: [00ffff] Peety ID: 528906
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    after playing this game for years, I have to abandon it forever, this game no longer makes sense. most leagues continue to get 50-80 allied players against 5-10 players. with all the technology that the programmers have included in the game, a new player has no chance of survival on a battlefield and can never be recruited. each player needs 3 alt accounts to get all the tactics, more resources, more fortunes, etc ... with how many devices do i have to play? 2 or 3? eliminating diplomacies does not solve the problem of many allies, tournament is an example. penalties could be entered for each league that has many allies, for example every 40 allied players -10 leadership points or -50% resource production and fortunes.
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    Hey. Can you plz post it on youtube? I'll get the link and download the movie for posting.
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    Yes I am / there is one video I did for a friend but I posted it on my YouTube first before sending him the copy of the edit version
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    All is fair in love and war.
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    fluffy vs uhoh, nice job to uhoh for that fight remembers me old times. MissIly
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    kcdspo give code and redem diamond kcdspo give code and take diamond
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    If it’s possible, make a version of global and maybe another bf that can only be played by solos. Sometimes if I miss a league bf, I’ll start a solo bf, but you always get steamrolled by whatever 20 player league is there. Is it possible to make a solos only battlefield??
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    I will tell you the truth, at speed x1 there were no problems. when speed x2 appeared, generals and technologies in the city, bombers began to win
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    if you are a veteran, you should know that bombers are not a problem. the problem with this game is the new updates, for example the battlefield technology is stressful. we should eliminate the battlefield technology and make sure that the generals change attack, speed, defense etc ... 2000 amesties for each battlefield for the second lab, before this update I could have fun spending the amesties, while now I have to take into account how much to spend. At every hour, 2 hours, 4 hours, etc. I have to check the battlefield technology, all this is stressful.there are generals in the store, let the generals change the parameters of the units.
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    This would be good for training and learning troops and abilities
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    A couple of updates myself and a few other leagues have mentioned in the past is for SCOUTS to remain SCOUTS and to have no fighting capability as far too often with the more veteran players there using alt scout armies with there mains myself included, it’s making battles more scrappy and laggy and unfair on the lower leagues in the game. and one for me I would like to see a couple of new troops added to the game to freshen things up and keep most of the WW community entertained i.e :- FIGHTER BOMBER with half the power of normal fighters and bombers :- LIGHT TANK British cruiser tank :- MEDIUM TANK British Churchill tank Hope some or all get some consideration Death Or Glory
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    Hi.. Ive seen this game grow from nothing to amazing. Unfortunately I cant play as much as I use to. Seeing how it's got this far and all the good. There are many things to consider. Rookies Quiting: due to overwhelming odds. No rookies, No future. I personally dont have the answer to that. Thats a toughy.. I thought of 2 divisions. Division 2, Rookies to CW4. Division 1 everything above. Theres so much to learn compaired to the old days, and rookies get slaughtered and lose out the chance to really learn the game. Getting frustrated and quitting completely. Battle Royale: League Battles, A map "Swift Thrust" preset time map for leagues who wanna challenge eachother 2vs2 140 citys OR 3vs3 20/20 120 players, 220 citys. Every league gets thier corner, spread apart. With Rebel citys dividing all leagues. This assures your players are happy when they wanna fight. Specially when the game can have long dead periods. It sucks to wanna fight, and drop in on a dead map. Theres alot of dead time in a year, it brings the moral down of an active vetren. Your game is mostly run by all vetrens, you have to think of them and they will reward you with profit with league battles. I know your probably afraid it will diminish the excitement of tournament. It wont.. would only make you more and more amazing players can join in a 20/20 battle. I dont know how youd set it up, but be cool if it was like red vs blue. People will orginize to fill leagues with optimal players in time for preset day/time. Thanks for Reading.. DonkeyPunch
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    why open new maps with timetables? why not leave the entrance open or at least for 24 hours? no Italian in my league will participate in the new battlefield "Swift Thrust". join the battlefield at 16:00 in the afternoon (Italian time), and then go to sleep surrounded by Americans who are still awake, few deposits will produce resources during the night, etc ...
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    City Building Initial game play City Levels 1-4 (Full Version) Initial game play City Level 1 (Part 1 of 4) Initial game play City Levels 2 (Part 2 of 4) Initial game play City Levels 3 (Part 3 of 4) Initial game play City Levels 4 (Part 4 of 4) Attacking the Rubber
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    Commanders, What is Defense? what does it do? Defense lowers the damage your units take from any source. The more Defense your unit has, the less damage it will take when attacked. But how much? Read on to find out! Defense works as follows: (Def/1000+Def )= Damage Mitigation For example, if you have a Unit with Defense 200, then: (200/1,200)=0.1666 This translates into 16.66% damage mitigation. What is damage mitigation? how much less damage you take when attacked. In this example, when your Unit with 200 Defense is attacked, for every 100 points of damage, it ignores 16.66 of it, taking only 100-16.66=83.34. Not a big difference, right? Let's see what happens when you crank up the Defense Stat: 500 Defense (500/1500)=33.33% 600 Defense (600/1600)=37.5% 700 Defense = 41.17% 1000 Defense = 50% 1500 Defense = 60% 2100 Defense = 67.74% And so on. At 2,100 Defense, instead of taking 100 points of damage, you take 32.26! Defense is a very important stat to consider when evaluating a Units survivability. Units with both high HP and Defense are incredibly durable. I hope this Intel helps inform your Battlefield decisions Commander!
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