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      App Available on Android Now   08/16/2016

      Commanders, the Android Official Version has released, please go to Google Play to get it. To those commanders who participated the open beta, you can continue your previous progress in the official version. More info, please check the specific post.


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    I’d like to have a discussion around leagues, training, and new players. I'll start by saying that this is, quite frankly, one of the best wargames I’ve played, and I’ve played HUNDREDS. It’s an excellent blend of Strategy, Tactics, Logistics, Base Building, Army building, Diplomacy, Multiplayer PvP, and Operations on a truly grand scale. While the game is relatively simple to play, it is also incredibly deep. Next, this is a team game. I’m not saying you can’t solo, you can. Realistically though, this game is designed around leagues, and to truly be competitive, it is my opinion that you should be in a league. Third, World Warfare is not new player friendly. The game has gotten better (sort of) in teaching new players some of the game functionality with the introduction of the “Rites of Passage” Map. They are then eased into the action in a cadet map. Honestly though, most new players are NOT prepared for the brutal realities of World Warfare when they meet the general population. I have been involved in many conversations around what suggestions could we, as a community, send to the developers to see if they can help with this. I have come to 2 conclusions. One, it’s not really their job, and Two, do we really want them taking attention away from fixing Lag and adding content to address these issues that, in my mind at least, the community could, and should do better. Having said all of that, I’m curious to your thoughts on the subject. What, if any, steps are you guys taking to train new players that you recruit? Are their Leagues out there that are more “New Player Friendly” than others? What, if anything, should the community be doing that we currently are not?
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    Population is a resource, why can't it be transported like any other resource to cities that need it? I have a city that ran out of population while I am expanding and training units, it has two military zones connected to it, my nearest city doesn't have any military zones so it will take me most of the day to finish expanding my units. The nearest city is level 20 and has over 100k population, yet I cannot send any of my population to the city where I am expanding. This makes absolutely no sense, Now I can either wait until tomorrow to expand or eat up my entire day expanding my units. This needs to be fixed...
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    I took advantage of the transport loading and unloading feature and it worked fine and was worth the effort
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    Ships in ww2 bristled with anti aircraft guns of all calibers and sizes. All ships should do damage to aircraft, the bigger the ship, the more guns it had. It would greatly increase the spirit of the time. Problem is, an aircraft can loiter over an enemy ship without being shot at (unless it's a cruiser) for extended time...when in PvP, player X sends 30 bombers to attack 10 battleships, with resupply on bombers, the battleships will die and the bombers don't loose any hp....this scenario plays over and over and is very disheartening. Level the playing field, give all ships AA, the bigger the ship, the bigger the AA damage. And while we're discussing AA guns, sweeping fire should chew through ammo in s big hurry. Example: player X has a mobile AA gun with 30 minutes of ammunition. Player Z attacks with 5 bombers. Player X activates sweeping fire and unleashes a hailstorm of shells at the approaching bombers.....player X runs out of ammo after 10 minutes of continual firing It's the difference between cyclic rate of fire (how fast it can shoot 800 rounds per minute) as opposed to sustained rate of fire (how you shoot to maintain accuracy and conserve ammo-and not cause a malfunction). I carried a machine gun back in the day. My load out was 800 rounds, my Assistant gunner carried another 400 rounds and an ammo bearer carried another 400 rounds....sounds like a lot of ammunition....not if you spray and pray, it's just over 2 minutes of fire at the cyclic rate..... Just my thoughts and you're doing a great job with the game by the way. Keep up the good work!
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    i think it should be made a specific chat room for battle notifications such , ID394ghdn34 joined the battle, or, tiger tank appeared... cause all thoss frequent notifis can ruin a nice discussion on battlefield chat thanks
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    I think we could all agree on a "Campaign" mode. You can either play "Solo" and complete various missions while fighting against invading SS and rebel forces while racing against the 3 day clock to destroy the waffen SS HQ. Or you could play as a "League team" and fight off bigger waves of SS and rebel forces while taking as much territory from the waffen SS forces before the end of 3 days. This is a great way for players to enjoy the game and for leagues to work on team work and communication. Let me know what you guys think?
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    I'd like to just burn off a little steam that's been building up. I'll touch on the three major issues that I feel will eventually lead to my permanent departure of this game I used to love. 1. Alts - An "alternate account" for those of you not familiar. A single player using an additional or multiple accounts for a variety of reasons to gain an "upper hand" over the competition. I have discussed this topic with devs and was told there is simply no way to police it. I know of players with as many as four alts and I'm sure there are many with more. I'm not going to list the circumstances of each incident on an open forum b/c I don't want others to read this and put the ideas in their playbook. Needless to say if I could have multiple clones of me doing as I command, I could achieve so much more. I don't have time to monkey with an alt and frankly will not waste my time trying to compete at a strategy game with those who do. 2. Gemming - Can be used in a number of situations, is 100% allowed per the rules but is frowned upon by a majority of players from what I've seen since I started playing. You can gem about anything in the game. Troops, shields, resurrect/complete buildings and technology. Here's my problem with gemming. How was a gem ever used in war? How is it relevant to a war game? It's not. If you want to heal your ogres in WOWC perhaps. Suggestion to help improve the game: Instead of allowing the gemming of troops, triple the resources it took to make them in the first place. Instead of gem pacifying a city, triple the resources needed to erect it. Tanks, airplanes, ships were all produced at an incredible rate during war times. It was possible but it took resources. A lot of money, manpower (population), steel, rubber and oil. That is something that will help tremendously IMO. I usually carry a balance of 5k gems, all free, never bought a single one. I could gem pacify a city my city 8 times while whoever just killed it sits there, can't cap, all the while my pals are blitzing to kill his helpless ground troops. 3. Demoing - I only do it to a player if he or she has done to me. I get it, hate it but again, let's be practical about it. It took me god knows how long to build those lvl 8 turrets, but it only takes 2 mins/each to demo? Everything takes 2 minutes except for your city or a leveled up zone. Make it take an equal amount of time to take down as it did to put up. ...or longer. Or make the gemmers burn their precious on something as senseless as demoing. 4. Last but not least, Shields. Perhaps the worst buzz kill in the game. There are ways to try to prevent them, but again, when was one single "shield" used in WW2? C'mon guys a shield, really? This is a WAR game. You want us to fight right??? Several very good players have left the game recently. They're tired of this stuff. I inevitably will likely be shutting er down here soon as the frustration outweighs the enjoyment anymore. Hope some of this is implemented or at least considered. Thanks for reading.
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    Can we get our league member troops and their cities the same color blue of theirs cities are on the global map? It would make it easier to travel and land your troops! Also it would be more consistent it the overall color scheme!
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    That one dimensional army only works until you meet competent players.
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    Very happy, was finally able to get vinegar joe. Thanks.
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    Would be nice to be able to purchase some of these officers when NOT in a map . As i do not have time this week to do a map !!!!!
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    This actually isn't the worst pay to win game that exists... If you actually think that, then you haven't been through a whole the online "Strategy" gaming community. This game balances it's payed features and skill based combat excellently. I don't pay that much and I beat people who gem all the time... Then again, I have been playing since nearly the beginning and I have built up an excellent amount of skill and am part of an amazing team. If you really want to be part of the elite and learn how to beat gemmers and spenders all the time, stop complaining and put time into the game, find a good team who will take you and make the best effort you can to learn from the from captains and 1st LTs. That's how you beat heavy spenders. They spend so hard because they can't win any other way, and they don't actually have any idea how to play this game. You don't really need money, just perseverance and hard work. This game is almost like being an US airman or soldier or part of any other military force, it's a mixture of teamwork, hard work, adaptability and pure skill. No amount of money can truly top that unless it's infinite... And no amount of money is. I will tell you something, Last night my team and I held off 8-10 armies. We had 5, yet we kept pushing and we defeated them all. They even gemmed troops and we still beat them back and won the battle. So keep pushing and you will eventually become a great player.
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    I do not understand how gem pacifies are allowed to work. With enough money or free gems, a defender can unlimited pacify a city to deny the attacker a capture. Ultimately until reinforcements arrive, the attacker dies, or retreats (if possible). The problem is, the attacker not able to counter this in anyway. Unlike shields, which cannot be used during battle, the attacker has an opportunity to retreat. Regardless of how annoying, shields are not game breaking, opposite of unlimited defensive pacifies. The gem pacify. I see three possible solutions to gem pacifying as a defender: 1. The cost of pacify doubles on a city after each pacify. Options: could happen on all buildings. Maybe the doubling resets after X hours. 2. Gem pacifies are disabled during the 2min capture. Or, Gem pacifies are disabled during combat. Meaning the defender must successfully defend before rebuilding. 3. Pacify has a cool down period, X minutes. Maybe 10 or 30 minutes.
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    Typically we train players by taking them into direct attacks with the rest group, and then seeing how they do, rather than taking extra time out to train them in a separate field. Usually the ones who actually like the game/us as a team typically stay and learn and fight well with us. It's kind of simple but it's how we do it.
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    Wolfpack used to be the most new player friendly league around. Now... I can't really say the same anymore. I'm not really sure who the most new friendly player league is. There are lots of smaller leagues or lower ranking that accept newer players. Honestly I'm not sure who it would be. At COC we at times accept active new players and do our best to train them, however, it's difficult to fight large enemies and train new players at the same time.
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    And this is a prime example of why players need a visible terms of service & rules section. Someone needs to lay down the law and take some real action.
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    You are right. There are other good troops that can be utilized correctly and can change the tide of a battle.
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    Spamming those 3 is no longer an "autowin", its just that the majority of the player base hasn't figured that out yet. Eventually they will.
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    Alts are ruining the game & have caused its deteration for some time now. The devs or GMs saying nothing can be done about it is BS in my opinion. Sounds more like they are too lazy or unwilling to put a stop to it. My guess is because of the small amount of cash they get from alts. It would be most desirable if us players could see & view the terms of service and rules for the game we put so many hours of love and deacation into. I’m sick to death of bring up important issues to be ignored or simply swept under the run because the company doesn’t want to address them.
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    That is very common use for alts, but non-alt allies can do the same thing. I dont think the current LC city system is broken. One of the reasons you have allies is to fufill those roles. In fact, in big dog fights, its a way that a small league of one or two people can be useful. The fact that most people use alts to do this is more convenience than necessity. I personally have no problem with alts in general. I do have a problem with the abuse of alts. Unfortunately what is considered abuse is subjective and there is nowhere near a consensus on what constitutes abuse.
  24. 1 point
    On the topic of alts. I use one to get around limitations on league cities that I think need to be fixed. As a league we are able to have 5 league cities but if you use all 5 you cannot capture an enemy league city. Also if you have a monument you cannot capture an enemy monument. So we use to only run 4 league cities and no monument because taking away enemy LCs is a great strategy. Then we learned an alt account in a different league solves all those problems. I'm not saying I agree with alts and most games actually do try to prevent multiple accounts but there is a few good reasons to use them that I think could be fixed in the game. Like maybe after 5 LCs you can capture a LC but it's a locked LC with only a demo option unusable by the team and providing no points.
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    Yeah if it' my capitol then yes, sometimes in smaller cites THAT I capped recently.
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    Exactly, typically I only demo the airbase and maybe the supply factory to cause them problems and prevent them from using it as a FOB.
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    Thanks for commenting MkV. It never really bothered me either until I witnessed this first hand. The Alt and host player apparently jumped simultaneously and are neighboring cities. The alt kills the nearest farm to drop his/her shield after freshly spawning in a new field. does nothing and the host rolls in shortly thereafter with troops to cap and convert to LC. Getting that league hardware early in a map is a game changer. Perhaps a completely random spawn in quadrants could mitigate this, idk.
  28. 1 point
    I actually like the fact that we can demo buildings after all scorched earth is historically accurate as far back in history as you are willing to look. Also like it or not use it or not it is a valid strategy to deny your opponent vital tactical assets. I am not talking about what some do which is to rage demo every single building in a city by gemming thats just dumb although fun to watch them waste gems. But there are scenarios in which destroying key buildings in a city can hurt and hinder enemy progress long enough to counterstrike with devastating effects
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    Thanks for the participation guys!
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    Shortfuse, KingofGreeks, Bullet4Breakfast, BigBullets, SportHorseDiva
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    SportHorseDiva , WHITESHADOW , CommanderBean Shadow Civil War uniform, I hand made, hat is authentic, same for canteen and Zouave sword bayonet. Beans rebel civil war boy clothing was hand made by me, hat is 30x beaver. Shadow’s “50s” outfit was Hot! Bean’s disguised as a Pokeman trainer “Blue Team”!
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    RumAndCoke feeling much like the carved pumpkins.
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    Sykes Come to the dark side!
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    If you don't have money like me ^^ TeamFrance Olnyword
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    Halloween dinner with the kids. in game name: SukaRr
  39. 1 point
    I tried to create my pumpkin after a tutorial. My ingame name: GeneralTobiasy
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    Hopefully no one steals this one this year. In -game Leeleo
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    I found this game through on advertisement from a different game which was called War2Victory by Wistone. Apparently Joycrafter/World Warfare is related to that game in some way. But as W2V died off... this game was born. And I was fortunate to check it out after the advertisement and hearing about it from some friends that I played with back on w2v (mainly from Dormin). Many top players are from that game including KN, Forest, and NoQ from FluffyCakes. JPJ was from w2v. Also Boxak. Several others as well
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    Hello Everyone. I just finished my first battlefield since coming back to the game from a short break. It's my first time going through some of these new features from the update. So far, I like it all a lot. I read through some of this thread and saw a lot of complaints. Some of the concerns are valid, but I really do think that some of you need to be more understanding and appreciative of the hard work and thought that developers have constantly put into improving this game over the years. Keep in mind that the game is free to play. I will type that again for emphasis because I really don't think a lot of you understand what that means lol. This game is free to play. Smart people can enjoy this game and compete at a high level without spending AT ALL. The battlefield tech would be terrible if it only costed amethyst... but instead they allowed resources to be used FOR FREE to boost battlefield tech as well. As for officers, they even gave a free navy officer to EVERYONE who is active and pays attention and they might give more. So free players can contribute to LC hero feature also. And even without this feature free players can still be extremely effective in this game. I think the game balance is fine. I think the fact that support/developers communicate with the players and implement ideas that we have into the game is exceptional. And I think that free players should understand and appreciate the fact that some spending NEEDS to happen so that the free game they enjoy can remain viable. Do not allow yourself to get frustrated by players who spend a lot. Instead, be happy THEY are spending so you can enjoy the game for free and try to find ways to beat them anyway using teamwork, being more active than the spender, and using intelligence. The game is running smoothly right now. In my first week back, I didn't have any problems with crashing or lag. I had some fun pvp battles and the fighting was seamless. Looking forward to more fun coming soon in future battles -KingZeus
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    I use naval a lot. My favorite tech was the sea transport ability to load units from the beach. That combined with Cunningham allowed me to have a rather nice Marine Corps. This did reveal some interesting problems with sea transports that, because i didnt use them very often, i hadnt noticed. Armies loaded on ships tend to stay on board a while and they run out of food. It would be nice if the sea transport had a supply button, and carried a reserve of supply. I see this working exactly like a carrier. In addition, it would be AWESOME, if also like a carrier, sea transports could load league mates troops.
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    A small addition a coworker and fellow player brought up was when you get a join league request, there is an option to view capital. That way you can see a little more about the player you are going to add to your league. Another idea Id like to see is if you can set your turrets to ground or air or both. A single enemy targeting system wouldnt be bad either.It would help to set up your defenses
  46. 1 point
    Select an infantry or motorized unit only. Then select the capture option and tap the village you wish to annex.
  47. 1 point
    Updated. The problem was repaired.
  48. 1 point
    I agree with you...War1war and LDX will be a epic fight.... League: War1war Player: BloodyDuke
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    You can demand all you like. There are currently no EULA defining that what you are describing as breaking the rules. Im not saying they should do it, im saying theres nothing saying they cant.
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    I fall in the "hell no" camp for a-bombs. The only thing that would get me to like the v2 rocket idea is if it did something like remove player shields. Other than that, same as for a-bomb