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      App Available on Android Now   08/16/2016

      Commanders, the Android Official Version has released, please go to Google Play to get it. To those commanders who participated the open beta, you can continue your previous progress in the official version. More info, please check the specific post.


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    MKV isn’t hired by joycrafter at all. He’s just a player. Also, you were probably getting notifications because there were other players in your league that were successfully able to download the update and decided to queue up for a new map. Also I have no idea what security concerns you are talking about. Most games automatically connect to Game Center and if you’re spending money on the game it’s your responsibility to do all that you can from your end to secure your account. MKV is right tho. Most cases a simple refresh of AppStore or restart of phone/device usually gets it back running, in the worst scenario, you need to reinstall the game.
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    I play on ios. Mine updated fine (on one ipad, but not the other) when they said it was ready. I guess it a good thing im not an IT PROFESSIONAL. If i was, i wouldn’t have refreshed my app store on my other device. i would have come here and screamed at the devs.
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    Merhaba ben bu oyunda bir çok ülkeden asker gördüm (alman askeri, amerikan askeri, japon askeri)ama türk askeri görmedim lütfen türk askeri ve subayı eklermisiniz
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    Commanders, In a previous post, I went over the effects of Defense and how it reduces incoming damage: http://www.worldwarfare.com/topic/1735-what-does-defense-do-explained/ The purpose of this post is to simplify some of the math and give you a different way to look at the effects of Defense: Every 10 points of Defense require that a Unit take 1% more of its maximum health in damage to be killed. For example, if you increased a Unit's Defense by 1,000, you are effectively increasing its health by 100%. That's it! This is the simplest way to think of Defense without getting into the math. If you're interested in more detail, look below: Let's call the Health of a Unit after factoring in Defense Effective Health. The formula is as follows: Effective Health = (1+Defense/1,000) x Health For example, a Sherman Tank has the following basic stats (without any upgrades): Health: 4,567 Defense: 1,200 using the formula: (1+1,200/1,000)x 4,567=10,048 HP Yes, a Sherman Tank's Effective Health is more than double its regular health! Another example: The Cannoneer Tech "Camouflaged Guns" gives your Rocket Launcher, Artillery and Self-Propelled Artillery 250 Defense vs. Bombers when maxed. This means that in effect those units would have 25% more HP when attacked by Bombers. I hope this gives you another tool to look at the effects of Defense. Thank you for reading!
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    Please Fix how players join the Battlefield, Basically whichever Large team gets there first is a very high percentage chance at winning. So another large team joins a day later and it's very hard to catch up to a team that already has LC up and multiple cities. They have rss, advantage, LC is usually a day ahead in munitions, and they have army size advantage. It's an unfair advantage against the other players.
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    You do yourself a disservice by blaming your losses (or their wins) on gems alone. There are MANY reasons why people and or teams win, and gems is only a small part of it. If your getting steamrolled over and over....Maybe its you. My advice would be to examine yourselves first, figure out what you could do better/different and try that.
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    Our experience with tanks vs M40 is different.
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    I like these ideas, especially the navy only map. If all cities were in range of ships and only ships were allowed, this could shine a light on the navy, which is barely used in the main map. Also, for a new unit idea, maybe a PT boat could be added. This would be like the recon Jeep or scout plane and would have a long range of sight but little attack.
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    Please just stabilize the game. Period.
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    Any plans on supporting Linux ?
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    This is an idea that i thought would be able to help newcomers, or new leauges to help get used to each other. I think their should some sort of PvE mode involved that players can set to different difficultys, for both solo and leauge matches. For solo matches i think it should be like a rl WW2 battle timeline and you can act as the country and the commanding general, you can set enemy difficultys and it wont effect the stats. For league teams I think(once again) their should be a enemy cpu league team that will have the same numbers of members with depending on the difficulty , the cpu can adapt to the players in a way, and the cpu will actually use a designed player style based off of other rl players performances that are based in the difficulty chosen, once again it will not effect the stats of the leauge lvl or player lvl. I think its a great way for newcomers to not be screwed like they usuallu are, while not losing bfs, and for other players to sharpen their skills! Thank for reading, ik my thing isn't perfected but plz consider!
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    I've been experimenting with a few different tactics and I find that countering bombers is a lot easier with a mix of Flak-41+salvo ability and wirbel winds. I've been able to get the flak-41 over 6k damage against aircraft, so I highly recommend. A mixture of rockets and arty is useful. don't usually use a lot of aircraft but a few jets are good for dog fights over water/enemy territory.
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    You must get a lot of exercise jumping to all of those conclusions.
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    I Give them hell as much as anyone. I just do it a manner thats actually useful. In private, with details of what the issues are and any supporting data i can generate. The fact that i troll crybabies who like to bitch, moan, and rant while providing NO usefull information is a compeletly different thing. I certainly understand your frustration, been there many times. What i take issue with is a rant that looks a lot like a temper tantrum, especially when you start calling for people to quit the game. Ill call people out on that stuff every time.
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    Yes I am frustrated after being so loyal spending thousands of our hours on this game and seeing good members just quitting. It's not only me it's most of us. Most of your new players play for few days then never come back to this game. This game has only last till now because of old loyal members since day 1. I really don't see any point in listing issues and why I'm frustrated because I done it for years with 2 different accounts and problems seems to get worst every update. Just look at your chat issues, you guys can't even fix those. Rest of the issues are history. I'm a grown man and I would never go off like this but it is frustrating putting so much time, effort and money in this game just to see it getting worst. Then seeing good friends, players quitting giving up. Most of you guys don't even respond except veronica. Joycraft should be thankful it still has old loyal players to this game because it's the only reason this game has made it that far.
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    Will they actually answer it? From reading all the posts, they don’t answer or if so, not often. Just wondering why such a great game idea has so many problems. Since I spend about $150-200 here a month (yes, I am bored) I could get 3-4 Xbox games. But this is more my style. I’m not planning on spending much anymore. Being that I gem’d up’d and built a bunch of units that are going to crash and I have nothing to show for it. Maybe I might get compensated, but it won’t be near the amount I spent. And then there is the time factor. Just saying. The last time I did “contact us” several months ago, they replied several days later with a “we need more detail” the game was down for two days. I think it’s poor customer service, being that most of us do provide money. It’s almost impossible to play without spending money on some item. Ill try contact us again, doubtful I’ll get a reply anytime soon.
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    Why have I not been contacted about this issue. There are several other league members having this same issue and no one has contacted them. We started contacting support over 36 hrs ago and no one has yet to respond to this issue. Can anyone please help. This is pathetic
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    Only “contact us” will really have the power to do anything in game. Most gms don’t have any in game power to do much I believe devs and the people behind scenes can deal with actual game stuff.
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    The issue you are describing is called ghosting. Sometimes when you load troops into transports some units get doubled or even trippled in size taking up more room on the transport then they should. Only two things you can do report the issue in “Contact Us” and empty the transport and start the loading process all over again.
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    I suspect its more about they arent ready yet amd less about fear of “backlash”. The devs have stated numerous times that the team that creates new content is differnt than the team who workson bugs, glitches, lag, etc. The addition of the new command screen should be ample evidence of this. A new unit like subs is FAR less likely to create issues than an entirely new screen, ui, build que, etc.
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    most of the time they either need to find a certain level to place the submarine in at, and also with the general request to not put more content in and fix the basics of the game such as the extreme lag, and also the new broken chats. I'm sure they will put in the new subs soon, but it'll be a while. There would be a lot of backlash to the game devs if the implemented a new unit at this time.
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    Incorrect. Nice rant though, very passionate. much Hyperbole!
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    This is the thing in this game that ticks me off the most, a while back you could unlink accounts but now if you try it was say this and it helps nothing and prevents nothing. Idk why it happened but I would really love it if the developers would make it to where we can unlink accounts. It would help a lot and just cause ALOOOOOT less confusion
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    I mean, u waste hours to get prepared for a battle and once u drop ur troops at enemy's door , the game failures... Warning: lobby data fetch timeout... And what does it mean? Perhaps it means it s time to leave this fuking game, and stop wasting time with broken things...
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    Merhaba, geliştiriciler için fikirinizi yansıtacağız ve gelecekte gerçekleşecektir. Tavsiyeniz ve desteğiniz için teşekkürler.
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    Legal, mad props for the idea. Just a few questions. How are the devs going to make it so the the servers don’t burn down? Multiple maps over the last week(s) have been damn near unplayable. The lag on basic maps is unbelievable. Are you going to allow sister leagues in? How about leagues full of alts? Not trying to stir the pot, just want to know before one of the guys says let’s do it. Also shielding will that be allowed in the battle terms?
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    I'd like to just burn off a little steam that's been building up. I'll touch on the three major issues that I feel will eventually lead to my permanent departure of this game I used to love. 1. Alts - An "alternate account" for those of you not familiar. A single player using an additional or multiple accounts for a variety of reasons to gain an "upper hand" over the competition. I have discussed this topic with devs and was told there is simply no way to police it. I know of players with as many as four alts and I'm sure there are many with more. I'm not going to list the circumstances of each incident on an open forum b/c I don't want others to read this and put the ideas in their playbook. Needless to say if I could have multiple clones of me doing as I command, I could achieve so much more. I don't have time to monkey with an alt and frankly will not waste my time trying to compete at a strategy game with those who do. 2. Gemming - Can be used in a number of situations, is 100% allowed per the rules but is frowned upon by a majority of players from what I've seen since I started playing. You can gem about anything in the game. Troops, shields, resurrect/complete buildings and technology. Here's my problem with gemming. How was a gem ever used in war? How is it relevant to a war game? It's not. If you want to heal your ogres in WOWC perhaps. Suggestion to help improve the game: Instead of allowing the gemming of troops, triple the resources it took to make them in the first place. Instead of gem pacifying a city, triple the resources needed to erect it. Tanks, airplanes, ships were all produced at an incredible rate during war times. It was possible but it took resources. A lot of money, manpower (population), steel, rubber and oil. That is something that will help tremendously IMO. I usually carry a balance of 5k gems, all free, never bought a single one. I could gem pacify a city my city 8 times while whoever just killed it sits there, can't cap, all the while my pals are blitzing to kill his helpless ground troops. 3. Demoing - I only do it to a player if he or she has done to me. I get it, hate it but again, let's be practical about it. It took me god knows how long to build those lvl 8 turrets, but it only takes 2 mins/each to demo? Everything takes 2 minutes except for your city or a leveled up zone. Make it take an equal amount of time to take down as it did to put up. ...or longer. Or make the gemmers burn their precious on something as senseless as demoing. 4. Last but not least, Shields. Perhaps the worst buzz kill in the game. There are ways to try to prevent them, but again, when was one single "shield" used in WW2? C'mon guys a shield, really? This is a WAR game. You want us to fight right??? Several very good players have left the game recently. They're tired of this stuff. I inevitably will likely be shutting er down here soon as the frustration outweighs the enjoyment anymore. Hope some of this is implemented or at least considered. Thanks for reading.
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    Alts are ruining the game & have caused its deteration for some time now. The devs or GMs saying nothing can be done about it is BS in my opinion. Sounds more like they are too lazy or unwilling to put a stop to it. My guess is because of the small amount of cash they get from alts. It would be most desirable if us players could see & view the terms of service and rules for the game we put so many hours of love and deacation into. I’m sick to death of bring up important issues to be ignored or simply swept under the run because the company doesn’t want to address them.
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    Commanders, What is Defense? what does it do? Defense lowers the damage your units take from any source. The more Defense your unit has, the less damage it will take when attacked. But how much? Read on to find out! Defense works as follows: (Def/1000+Def )= Damage Mitigation For example, if you have a Unit with Defense 200, then: (200/1,200)=0.1666 This translates into 16.66% damage mitigation. What is damage mitigation? how much less damage you take when attacked. In this example, when your Unit with 200 Defense is attacked, for every 100 points of damage, it ignores 16.66 of it, taking only 100-16.66=83.34. Not a big difference, right? Let's see what happens when you crank up the Defense Stat: 500 Defense (500/1500)=33.33% 600 Defense (600/1600)=37.5% 700 Defense = 41.17% 1000 Defense = 50% 1500 Defense = 60% 2100 Defense = 67.74% And so on. At 2,100 Defense, instead of taking 100 points of damage, you take 32.26! Defense is a very important stat to consider when evaluating a Units survivability. Units with both high HP and Defense are incredibly durable. I hope this Intel helps inform your Battlefield decisions Commander!