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      App Available on Android Now   08/16/2016

      Commanders, the Android Official Version has released, please go to Google Play to get it. To those commanders who participated the open beta, you can continue your previous progress in the official version. More info, please check the specific post.


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    This is just a few things I feel will better the game. 1.) League score adjusted for surrendered members during a battle. The league score during a battlefield is the deciding factor for a league winning the championship of that battle. I feel that if a member of a league surrenders out of the Battlefield, then their score should no longer benefit the league. If a player cannot fight beside his League until the end of the game, than that member's score should be removed from the league's overall score. 2.) Personal and league Rating Grade currently is only awarded at the end of a battlefield. I think it would reflect the ability of a player and league better if it was also part of the daily rewards in a battlefield. This would allow for newer players and leagues to move up the rankings at a faster pace. I feel the benefits would allow for better retention of newer players and also give a better accounting of a player or league for recruiting purposes. a.) In a game like this one, being in a league is crucial to championships or even victories. Most leagues are created in the cadet matches at which point it's just the blind leading the blind. By the time they reach competitive matches, a player's record and stats are terrible and; no matter the potential, that player will rarely if ever be allowed into a competitive league. A better way to reflect the ability of a player or the competitiveness of a league is definitely needed. I could write a whole paper on the different duties of specific league members during a battle that make them invaluable to the team but on paper they have average or less than average stats. b.) Retention is about player satisfaction and recognition for ones achievements. There are a core group of players in this game. If you notice these players are mostly in a core group of leagues. Allowance for new player and leagues to be able to advance will allow for better retention. Top daily, weekly and monthly Commander and league ranking would allow for newer players and for recruiting leagues to be recognized by all. New players have a better chance to be recruited and newer leagues that are competitive have a better opportunity to recruit better players. 3.) End Game reward bonus should be given according to the player's or league's ranking, the player and league ranking is score, the bonus is given for cities. A player who is in any other place has the potential to receive higher rewards then the player in 1st. This doesn't make since. This game is awesome, but it takes time to play. If you are going to expect people to dedicate the time needed to play, then you must allow them to be recognized by others and then brought into the community. I was lucky and played my very first game under the tutelage of MkV and BrutalDestiny in the League Cocidus. Not many people get that rare opportunity to be groomed by in my opinion two of the best players in this game. This is just some of my ideas to better the game and maybe retain new players. Thanks for listening. SnakeEater out!
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    City Building Initial game play City Levels 1-4 (Full Version) Initial game play City Level 1 (Part 1 of 4) Initial game play City Levels 2 (Part 2 of 4) Initial game play City Levels 3 (Part 3 of 4) Initial game play City Levels 4 (Part 4 of 4) Attacking the Rubber
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    I just want to take a moment to say Thank You to all of the game staff and support teams including the developers. World Warfare isn't perfect, but it is a really great game just the way it is. Not many games have this combination of sophistication, graphics, and dedication from the developers/ game staff to keep trying to improve it. Please keep up the good work, and I'm sure that many of us will continue to support this incredible game. -KingZeus of GODz
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    There are lot of good ideas in this thread so I won't repeat them, I'll just either add to or supplement them. 1. Another thread was asking for shorter game, which I think would go well with the smaller maps idea here. Combine that with limited troop types (no LC troops, limited air, or whatever) and you may have some interesting challenges. 2. I like the idea of limited or no gem maps. To offset the potential loss of revenue, I'm reintroduceing the idea for the ability to purchase national skins. Even if the stats are the same, I know people would pay for the ability to have their troops look like their favorite army. 3. The battle island on rotation with the tournament is a good idea. I'd suggest that you continue it and just add some of these other ideas in the mix. Someone mentioned the golden map, which, as a relative newbie compared to some of these old timers, I've never seen. Free gold is good though so you could add that to the rotation. 4. Long maps without competition mentioned above is a problem. How about a sudden death victory condition that's map specific. Lastly, in reading this thread, it's not just a typical whining thread. There are some dedicated players who really like this game offering ideas to help make it successful. I'd listen.
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    I have to agree with both Captrazor and KingZeus on there topics here. A large consensus within our League, WrathofGODZ, and several others that I have spoken to feel there is a need of some re-vitalization to the game. I've been playing for 10 months now and love the game and the concept. Yes it has improved but overall it gets to the point it needs something more to it. I wanted to say my suggestions or thoughts on the items. First off I agree that unit diversity is needed. The need for other troop options would be nice, I know you guys have worked hard trying to balance the unit types but unfortunately its way to easy to load up say 20 some assault guns and have a dozen AA with bomber support and capture a city quickly. Which brings me to a second point. Second I once again agree that turret control is a must, way to easy to fly over and focus on either destroying turrets or even in joint attacks destroying the city in minutes...literally. Third is gems/amethyst...I could stop there and everyone reading would have the same response on that. Here is my thoughts, as everyone repeatedly has stated and everyone knows its the backbone to funding the game. The problem is however as you have new players or even veterans on here playing we see one thing in common. The over-EXCESSIVE use of them. Literally in the battlefield I am currently in we have one person who consistently gems everything. I will spell it out, she gemmed her city to a level 10 city and over a dozen bombers in less than 24 hours on a battlefield. Now I get that she has the right to do that and for the most part if that's what i have to battle I will. My dilemma is this, after multiple battles this person not only demolished several armies but becomes essentially unstoppable on the battlefield becuase she is buying her wins in my opinion. A great example would be exactly what she is doing, first she attacks a city and then someone will counter attack. But wait, she gems the city, then the turrets. Oh she just spent 2K in gems, then she gems the turret from level 7 to 10...not one but ALL...lol. I'm not done yet so follow me on the wonderful gemming adventure of a lifetime...we have not 1,2, or 3 armies but 4 sitting nearby. So we counter attack with massive amounts of units. We are wiped out attempting to take the city as the city is gemmed 4 or 5 times along with turrets, airbase ect - yet another 4 or 5K in gems spent by my calculations..............I'm still not done...lol. We scrounge up another 3 man team within and hour and focus on that persons capital for some hope diminish some of their moral...Without being long winded she gemmed the city 7 times, the turrets another 11 times along with other items that was gemmed. Lastly this was just in a couple hour period, this person i think solely supported the game for one whole day...lol, but keep in mind this person has done this for 3 straight days and all we can do is watch in amazement on how much gems are being used. My point being and I'm not to point out this person but the idea that allowing a person unlimited access to purchasing gems in beyond demoralizing to a league battle one another but all the players on a battlefield. Point there is how do you keep people playing when someones pocket book is running off newcomers (or in other words other potential spenders). Fourth is map variety. We need the ability to have different field options, not only would this improve the game and attract newcomers but keep some of the people leaving because of this. A variety of maps and field selections would be nice. Examples would be: Solo Battlefield, League Battlefield, and Tournaments. Offer 1vs1 play. Offer league match ups like 2v2 like someone else suggested above. Let the leagues try to have more game interaction other than a generic battlefield or a Tournament that requires constant stress to play and maintain. Fifth is shielding...a cool down of some sort is really needed. Sixth is unit control. We need the ability to setup like unit formations. First off how many battles did you see all the units flying together, i would prefer like a V formation or a circle formation for units to setup around a target. Allow way points for unit control so you can guide your troops through combat zones. Speed control...oh this is a biggy for me my jets are a half hour ahead of my bombers, we if we fought like that in WW2 every bomber would have been shoot down...lol. Setup units to fly protection or something to that extent. I could continue with more ideas but i will stop. WHY? Because i truly understand that accomplishing one or even multiple of these items takes hours, i mean hundreds of hours at times for developing, programming and making this happen. From someone who used to be in the industry i understand just lay out some plans like in 3 months we will have this and so forth that way it will attract people to the idea you are working on it and are making it THE BEST GAME OUT THERE...it has the potential to. Thank You, Corpse
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    Hello All Razor is right. As the leader of GODz I have literally seen HUNDREDS of good players come and go. First enjoying the game, but then getting bored or burnt out and eventually quitting. Even I have taken two long breaks and encouraged my friends to take breaks. This has been because repetitive gameplay along with the increasingly intense over-use of diamonds and time required to be successful is draining over long periods of time. In addition to the ideas listed above, I suggest a cool down period for turret reconstruction and city pacification. It doesn't not make sense for someone to be able to use gems/amethyst for pacifying their city 20+ times... and instantly reconstructing their turrets 50+ times all in the same battle. I've seen it happen as recently as this month. And if you do not place limits on these things, then this game cannot be considered a strategy game... it is pay to win if a player can use gems to ensure that he/she NEVER loses a city no matter what through the use of shields when offline and unlimited reconstruct/pacify of city and turrets when attacked before a shield can be brought up. Also, I will acknowledge that the game makers do need to make revenue for the game to continue. But again, there needs to be limits. I know that there are hundreds of players who can and do support this game through spending modestly. I would ask that the developers show their appreciation by starting a special tournament with a buy in fee... for example, each player who wants to compete has to pay $9.99 before entering the map. Each player is then given 2,000 diamonds and 2,000 amethyst. With a bonus for extra amethyst each day of the map depending on Ranking within the battlefield. This would mean each player has the same opportunity. No diamond advantages. Even playing field for all. The best man/woman/ or team will win or lose based on skill. I don't think it would be that hard to implement because this game has already done something similar when you all had a BETA test for Golden Empire. During that time everyone started with same amount of diamonds. No options to buy more. Only difference was you let us in for free instead of charging for entry. Please bring back the golden Empire map (which was a lot of fun) along with an idea like this and I think a lot of players would be interested in trying it out. The gold resources fields that generate gold for players and leagues would be very desirable since now more players realize gold is important for leveling up technology. Thank you developers for taking the time to read this ! -KingZeus founder and CEO of the Mighty GODz Dynasty
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    Have you ever been in a battlefield where all of the enemies are destroyed and there isn't much left to do? Happens to us all of the time. When it does happen, it's a good opportunity for players to take breaks. Not spend so much time playing. Focus on more important things. But then again, sometimes players and leagues want to challenge themselves even when there isn't much to fight for. In that spirit, the GODz league's members have pushed to see how far we can go as a team in terms of points and score. We had Intel that a rival top league (which will remain un-named out of respect) had a top League score of 5.1 million points overall for their league. We had eclipsed that score many times previously, but wanted to show some of our new players how far we could go. So here we are. With less than 7 days gone by and we already have several players with over 500,000 individual score. Plus a total league score of nearly 7.5 million points which I believe is a new record for us. I was curious to know if other leagues challenge themselves in this way? What are your records? What achievements have you all accomplished in terms of points, score, or other measures of dominating a battlefield? Screenshots so far from our map are attached here. I will attach the final ones 24 hours from now as we finish our map to show where we end up.
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    All I can say is wow....I just want to model my life after these people who dedicate and sacrifice their lives for such an important accomplishment. If we could all be so fortunate, just think about how awesome it would be for us all to have the highest point total in a game, we could probably end world hunger.....wouldn't that just be amazing. King, you have proven once again that your greatness is too much for any other individual to even come close to being as good as you. Without you, this game and all games as we know them would probably cease to exist....so thank you for your wonderful contribution to society as we know it.
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    Every business must make profits or it will fail. The same applies to business that develop and host online games. When a business offers their product for free such as this game it must find a way to bring in income. The huge majority of businesses that do this give extreme advantages to the people who spend money. These games are called pay to win games. The developers of World Warfare IMO have developed a system that allows for a person to spend money for an advantage, but this advantage isn't so overwhelming where a person who doesn't spend as much or no money can't overcome. This is what great business do that want everyone to enjoy their product not just the big spenders. That being said let me get to the subject at hand. World Warfare has multiple ways it generates income, has monthly offers, generals who give a slight benefit to certain troops, package deals and so on. None of these things guarantee a win in this game. The use of diamonds and amethysts in game is commonly referred to as Gemming. Understand Gemming is part of this game no matter how much complaining you do it will not go away, because if it goes away so does this game. I used to be on the "I hate Gemming" team I have since then learned how to counter Stupid Gemming (Defined below). I am not saying that Stupid Gemming doesn't annoy me because it does. Gemming can be placed into two different categories, Smart Gemming and Stupid Gemming. We will cover Stupid Gemming first and save the best for last. Stupid Gemming is what I refer to as Gemming just to annoy an opposing player or Gemming with no tactical or strategic objective. Gemming the pacify of your city that is being attacked by another player and you do not have your or your league mates troops in-route to counter attack just to annoy him or to fill your need to poke him in the eye, is in my opinion the pure definition of Stupid Gemming. I maybe wrong but in my point of view, there is only one instance where Gemming for defensive purposes is considered Smart Gemming. I will try to list the other things I consider Stupid Gemming. Shields (bubbles) over a city just because you are being attacked is stupid (Bubbling your city is the pure definition of weakness). Gemming turrets while being attacked is stupid (turrets do not defend cities, troops do). Gemming the demolish of buildings in your city to deny them to the enemy is stupid, there are a few instances where this isn't the case but again ask yourself what is the tactical or strategic value. Gemming a bunch of armaments from the Commerce Center is Stupid (if you don't have the resources to sustain your offensive and protect yourself, no amount of gems will save you from Leagues with a good strategy). Now I will cover some Smart Gemming, not all of them of course, not giving away all of my secrets. Gemming turrets to level five in my starting city doesn't cost very much in resources but helps protect my city early games when turrets matter (Late game turrets only protect your city from people without an understanding of this game). Gemming the pacify when you capture a city or key resources is smart because people will try to snipe them (It is annoying and a waste of gems, but can't be helped because people do it all the time). The only defensive Gemming I consider smart is this, if you ever see me gem the pacify of My city that you are attacking that is because I have troops coming to counter attack you. If I or anyone from my league can't reach the city in a realistic amount of time then I don't waste the gems. To sum up this post, Gemming pays the bills and keeps the game going. Smart Gemming is the use of gems that enhance you tactical or strategic objectives, not just because you are mad that someone attacked you and you want to annoy them. Again I will say this, you have to understand that Gemming is a necessary part of this game to keep the game online. Proper use of gems will promote income for the developers and also enhance the enjoyment of this game. Everyone Gems, if you lose a battle it isn't because someone is using more gems than you are. It's because they have incorporated Smart Gemming into their overall League Strategy. Thanks for taking the time to read this.
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    Commanders in this Battle Movie: -Cathasach from League Pasta -MajorCrush from League CrusaderArmy -Jzoomer from League BloodFeather -EmerSea from League Players -OfficerPeter who sent 1 infantry to help Guess who won this battle in the end? PS: -Too many actions happening at the same time, so I cannot catch a breath.. -You can record your own Battle Movie using some record app. (who has suggestions?)
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    I have gotten a lot of feedback about this. Including some pm's in the game as well as here in the forum. One person told me that we only achieved this because we had allies Lol. So in our current map we are fighting with just our team and working alone. Another commented that he would like for me to continue posting these kinds of updates so he can follow our progress. So I will post here again at the end of our current battlefield which is likely to end early (per his request). Hope you all have a great weekend ! ps... here is a sneak peek of our current battlefield after only 3 days
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    As promised, here are the final results from our recently ended battlefield. If any league ever beats this record please let me know or show screenshots so that your accomplishments may be recognized We finished with the first level 20 monument ever. Every member well over 320,000 score. And one who even got to 700,000 score which is pretty cool. 9.3 million points for the league. And most importantly... we found a way to challenge ourselves and have a lot of fun in a map that otherwise might have been very boring. Lol.
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    i previously post few posts about beginners because beginners are like babies. They dont no how to play. i am very positive on beginners while i was going to cap a city i saw a beginner he isn't joined in any league i sent a personal msg, he gave no response i think he is offline in few seconds he started upgrading his village towers. i send friend req and send a mail. i asked him do you like to join he gave silly one word msg. i gave him 5 min before attacking his city. In 5 min he build 6 aa to kill my troops lol. i started attacking his city. his city level is level 10 and his turrets are 2 level 1 and level 3 (this is why i asked him to join, so that our team can give training) while i am attacking he started abusing on mails is this fare ? is this game ?? play with troops dont play with bully words This is world war fare This is not word war fare
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    Thanks for your feedback Saladin. I feel the same way and we will try to offer more game modes/maps asap! Will keep you guys updated!!!
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    I'm a new player and have read through this thread. I agree with what others have stated that this game is just too demanding for time and the only reason I've been able to assemble the top league and jostle for first place in cadet is because I've been recovering from recent surgery. So I've been home and bored., that said I love strategy and specifically war themed rts. This hits that nerve well, but once I get back working, my time will be limited and I won't be able to compete., when I can't play competitively, I usually don't bother. My suggestion would be to vastly increase upgrade times and rework the amythist rate accordingly. If the game can become one of months instead of days then being on all day everyday won't be quite necessary. Simply checking in in the morning and playing a few hours after work would be enough. Then do some marathons on weekends and such. Conversely, you could drastically reduce both upgrade,build and travel times to make this a game of an hour or two. That would also work. A completely pve map would be fantastic, maybe worked into a campaign? With its own unique rewards Why are all officers pay to have? Makes this game feel pay to win=not good for a healthy pop. There should be a way to get officers without spending money. I spend money on games I like because I want to support its developers not because I want an unfair advantage. So I'll buy gems but not officers. Tutorial is not extensive enough and should be deeper and that could roll into a campaign with pvp opening up as a user choice once the ui is understood. Can someone explain to me why my league cap is 40 in main menu but 20 in battlefield? Yet even at main menu won't allow me to invite players to league. Overall the ui is clunky and hard to understand where to tap for what....after a week players in game still trying to figure out things that should've been explained in a good tut or would be better understood with minor name changes. Like healing troops for example, on day five I figured out refill meant refill hp , why not just say "heal or repair units" ? self explanatory. Where can I produce food besides buying it in the supply house? What purpose does the waffen hq serve on the map? Can a league cap it? If not why? Would add some fun and a new dimension. Overall there is just so much unexplained and prolly seems quite daunting for many to do the work to figure out but that's the thing, when a game becomes work, u lose players.
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    1 - I have never understood why can't you land or load in your ally city. What is the point of being an ally. So many times you go to help an ally right between hostile territory or far from your city. Now you are stuck there and you have no option to get your troops destroyed some how. 2 - I know hundreds of top players who quit the game beacuse the amount of time it takes, movement, building and upgrade. It's like developers don't want us to have a social life than to just play this game. I know your guys response is gonna be that we try to make game experience real as possible but no gig or tanks or any troops take hours to get to a destination far as city right next. By time you build and are prepared game ends. I really think movement needs to be made faster. 3 - you have to travel the whole map sometimes to get rubber and oil. It's just not enough. More oil and rubber resources are needed. 4 - I think 4 or 5 day map should be created instead of 8 days. Last days of game really get boring and everyone is eager for it to end. Plus maybe create a tutorial map for new players against rebels only so they learn before playing the actual game which most of em quit because they never stand a chance against big leagues. 5 - you need more maps and also league badges of other countries not only U.S, France, China and few others. As you guys can see this game has players from all around the world. So it'll be very nice to give leagues and players to represebt where they are actually from not just few badges you guys have.
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    MacArthur1453: my relative died in Stalingrad commanding a tank. A Nazi bugger ran up into the tank and threw a grenade in.
  21. 3 points
    I see there are a lot of people here that know about the different types of weapons used during WWII. It seems to me that when we make suggestions to admin. It ppears that admin blows off a lot that is said by the serious players, and listens more to the casual player, who spends very limited time learning the game and its mechanics. I have had the privilege to learn from two great players MkV and SnakeEater both who belong to WeFew. The reason is I have taken the time to ask and learn. I have heard players whine that this troop is too strong or that troop is too weak. Seems to me they just don't know how to counter with that troop. Learn the game. Admin please stop nerfing great armaments so that causal players can win with out learn the game or trying to learn the game. Sorry if I put this in the wrong forum just tired of seeing good armaments being destroyed and from what appears to me to be a one sidedness of admin.
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    Everyone hates on people using gems but understand that that's what keeps the servers and the game up and running. Also not everyone has bought or even uses gems on a regular basis. Personally I save up all my gems until league battle because that's when the true competition is prevalent and you need to be ahead to win in league battle. Also gems don't constitute to much. I have seen people gem massive armies and still lose to normal players.
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    Well if I had known you were recording I would've done more than provide tactical help before the whole thing started lmao
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    I know I haven't said anything about this in awhile but I just want to point out how flawed mini oil production is. (I'm sure rubber is equally as bad but didn't want to do the math). If you only have a level 5 mini oil this is how long it will take you to produce enough oil for each plane. 2 hours & 20 minutes transports 5 hours & 40 minutes bombers 3 hours & 37 minutes fighters. It looks ridiculous when you break it down. before the golden update res needed to make arms was 1/10 of what it is now and res production was the same as current.
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    I think that it would not be a bad idea to feature an event that resembles world war 2 specifically. I understand that pro players don't want to play with noobs. Noobs can't learn unless they are taught by someone however. For the event I was thinking maybe a new map be made. Split the map to where there are only a couple of land access ways to the opposite side of the map, if not just one land bridge. Make a limit for the player cap, say 90 players. Two teams (overrides your league for the duration of the battlefield) Axis and Ally. Every other player is moved to one side of the map and placed onto the team regardless. This will mix up the big name teams and help even the skill level in theory. Have rebel cities still around the map for people to be able to expand still. But allow there to be major battles to decide the battlefield's outcome. Keep everything the exact same, just shift the map around some. The increased amount of water between the teams increases the appeal of amphibious landings and massive ship based invasions. (Maybe include the rebel cities you have on the standard battlefields that line the edge of the maps for vantage points) In theory I think this would work. Not so many players that the map is bogged down and cant allow growth for the players on each team, due to the rebel cities added between the players. Once a team is feeling froggy they can plan and mass an attack. I get that time zones are an issue but that's where skill and strategy comes into play. Who can defend initial attacks the best, who can capitalize on their enemy being asleep first. Of course please add your critiques. I think that with the game growing this could be something different that really grabs the loyal players' attention. I would also recommend a chat app to stay in touch with your teammates not only for this event, but for the game in general (I personally like Line - I use it for several other games that I play regularly). I have played periodically for a few months now, can't find an active enough team that I can get to know and enjoy playing with. I lose interest unless I can form relationships with my teammates sadly Please add your thoughts and ideas. In theory I think it could work, in practice.. it's hard saying.
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    3 munitions can only be made from a monument munitions factory at lvl 7. Horten H.XVIII / Long Range Bomber (Jet) Schwerer Gustav / Super Artillery Landkreuzer P.1000 Ratte / Super Heavy tank Only one of each can be made from each Monument. Which means control of each is transferred with in the league from the one who controls it. ---Horten H.XVIII / Long range jet bomber Basics HP/ 80,000 Movement/ 2.5 Attack range/ 100 Sight/ 150 Construction time-1/H Attack Infantry/ 2000 Vehicle/ 2500 Armor/ 3000 Building/ 4500 Ship/ 3000 Aircraft/ 1000 (Has defensive Anti aircraft guns) Sub/ 1500 (only when surfaced) Supplies carried Food-6/H 1000/1000 Fuel-5/H 1200/1200 Ammo-15/M 100/100 Food consumption-2.8/M Fuel consumption-4/M Ammo consumption -6.7/M Defense Def type/ aircraft Def8000 The Horten H.XVIII is a specialized long range, high speed tactical jet propulsion heavy bomber. ---Landkreuzer P.1000 Ratte/ super heavy tank Basics HP/100,000 Movement/.25 Attack range/ground / 300 /anti air / 240 Sight/100 Construction time-1/H Attack Infantry/2000 Vehicle/2500 Armor/3500 Building/4000 Aircraft/1500 Supplies carried Food-6/H 1000/1000 Fuel-5/H 1200/1200 Ammo-2/H 500/500 Food consumption-2.8/M Fuel consumption-4/M Ammo consumption-4.2/M Defense Def type armor Def 10000 The Landkreuzer P.1000 Ratte specializes on ground and in anti aircraft operations. ---Schwerer Gustav/ super artillery Basics HP/80,000 Movement/.25 (can only use roads) Attack range/550 Sight/100 Construction time-1/H Attack Infantry/3000 Vehicle/3000 Armor/4000 Building/4200 Ship/3000 Sub/2000 (only when surfaced) Supplies carried Food-6/H 1000/1000 Fuel-5/H 1200/1200 Ammo-2H 500/500 Food consumption-2.8/M Fuel consumption-4/M Ammo consumption-4.2/M Defense Def type armor Def 8000 The Schwerer Gustav specializes in long range fires creating a large effective blast radius.
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    Hello Commanders! Please allow us to introduce to all of you the latest officers being introduced into World Warfare for the month of May! This time we brought you two WWII icons: Douglas MacArthur and Erwin Rommel, and more! As before,these officers will be available at a discounted price for 7 days, so make sure you don't miss out on this sweet deal! We have also added a New Officer Pack, you will get all 4 new officers, diamonds, gold and amethysts! Officer Pack will only be available for 7 days! Those who participated in the "Share your wish list" event, your bonus rewards will be sent out soon! Make sure to check your mailbox! Now let's take a look at the new officers you've all been waiting for: Desert Fox Erwin Rommel $14.99 $9.99 (First 7 days) His ability is applicable to King Tiger. At the officer's highest level, the perks are: 25% attack against Infantry. 25% attack against Vehicles. 25% attack against Armor. 25% attack against Buildings. Add 30% to maximum HP. Big Chief Douglas MacArthur $49.99 39.99 (First 7 days) His ability is applicable to all Artillery and AA units(Mobile Artillery and Mobile AA included). At the officer's highest level, the perks are: 10% attack against Infantry. 10% attack against Vehicles. 10% attack against Armor. 10% attack against Buildings. 10% attack against Aircrafts. 10% attack against Ship. Add 10% to maximum HP. Add 10% to maximum Speed. Add 10% to maximum Ammo. Soviet Marshal Konstantin Rokossovsky $29.99 $19.99 (First 7 days) His ability is applicable to Stug. At the officer's highest level, the perks are: 35% attack against Infantry. 35% attack against Vehicle. 30% attack against Building. Add 15% to maximum speed. Add 50% to maximum HP. Soviet Hero Mikhail Kirponos $14.99 9.99 (First 7 days) His ability is applicable to Light Tank. At the officer's highest level, the perks are: 40% attack against Infantry. 40% attack against Vehicle. 20% attack against Armor. 20% attack against Building. Add 40% to maximum HP. Take your favorite officer into the battle! And share with us your thoughts down below~
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    There is so much wrong with this I don't know where to start. First off this past weekend was Mother's Day so there's that but let me get to the meat of your comments above. If someone didn't know you they would think you are the greatest person in the world by reading all the claims you posted. However, you failed to mention the meltdowns and tantrums you threw when GODz lost. One such incident took you out for several months. Another caused you to boot the entire team without any warning. No mention of your noble cause which you so delicately described above. You also failed to mention that you would kick ppl if they took off any time from the game. So the toxic situation that you described was your doing alone. You also didn't like the fact that many of the members had a stronger personality than you and didn't put up with your crap. The little bit of normal battlefield banter that happened with Demi shows how you can dish it out but can't take it. You are the biggest trash talker there is and this post proves just that. You weren't even in that field but yet you told Demi to quit the field. Talk about micromanaging. So stop being a hypocrite and stop trying to rationalize your poor decisions. By the way it was you first that had said that phantom ppl thanked you for kicking them because it was ruining their lives in previous conversations. Don't try to spin it now.
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    Nothing special, you get a medal! very anticlimactic,
  30. 2 points
    When looking at the large map the color codes work perfectly. RED for leagues at war with you. YELLOW for leagues that are neutral GREEN for allied LIGHT BLUE for your league members DARK BLUE for yourself. Then when switching to the tactical map your league members cities and army turns the same color GREEN as you allies! Your league mates cities and armies should reflect the same LIGHT BLUE color as the large map. This would be consistent and less confusing during battles and when attempting to land planes or ships your league members air bases and harbors.
  31. 2 points
    TDF, I got it. Just want others to be aware there is information out there to see or look up. (:
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    http://historycollection.co/ten-female-war-heroes-everyone-know/ 1st Lt. Aleda E. Lutz volunteered with the unit inaugurated by Elsie Ott (see #2), the 803rd Military Air Evacuation Squad, designed to carry wounded soldiers quickly away from the war front. Lutz flew 196 missions to evacuate more than 3,500 men. No other flight nurse logged as many hours as Lutz. She would have stretched that record of 814 hours out further, but in December of 1944, her C47 hospital plane picked up wounded soldiers from Lyon, Italy, and then crashed. There were no survivors. Lutz was the first woman ever awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross, conferred posthumously. This was in addition to the Air Medal (earned four times), the Oak Leaf Cluster, the Red Cross Medal, and the Purple Heart. In 1990, the Veterans Administration Hospital in Saginaw, Michigan was named in her honor. (Heals loaded troops in transport planes over time) Lieutenant Elsie S. Ott was the first woman to receive the U.S. Air Medal. Already a trained nurse, she joined the Army Air Corps in 1941 and was sent to Karachi, India. The Army Air Corps was considering using airplanes to evacuate injured military as they delivered fresh troops. Ott was assigned to the first evacuation flight with only 24 hours notice -and she had never flown before. The plane had no medical equipment beyond first aid kit supplies, the patients had a motley variety of injuries, diseases, and mental illnesses, and there was only one army medic to help her care for the passengers. The plane left India on January 17, 1943 and made several stops, picking up more patients, on its 6-day flight to Washington, D.C. The previous route for such a mission was by ship, and took three months. Ott wrote up a report on that flight, recommending important changes for further evacuation flights. She returned to India a few months later with a new unit, the 803rd Military Air Evacuation Squad, and was promoted to captain in 1946. (Speed boost to injured troops) I'd think any of these ladies would qualify.
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    Nothing against these great officers but are female officers ever going to be added? It's been brought up by multiple female players, in multiple threads. It's beginning to feel like we will never have an icon/role-model on here. Women did participate in WWII.
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    As you know I am a proponent for national skins. Not only does it add to the already "cool" factor this game already has, I think it would be a good revenue stream for additional in app purchases that have no effect on game balance. Having said that, I think you should leave the names the same and here is why: If you are going to have national skins, you will need unique identifiers on both armaments and units. For example, a Pz III armament would make a German Light Tank, whereas (for example) a M3 Stuart would make a US Light Tank and a T70 would make a Soviet Light Tank. So all three examples have unique armaments and units. My suggestion would be that the differences would only be cosmetic and all the stats would be identical (at least initially) because trying to gameplay balance differences would be quite a task. On another note, I think new players need a lot of tools and support, but please don't dumb this game down. There are plenty of mindless "click here" games out there. Understanding that factories make munitions, and bases combine munitions and population to create units is fundamental to the game. I'd recommend explaining it rather than naming it away.
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    Yes make them the same please. I do think this will help new players. Also can you all please limit how many times a player can request to be allied/neutral or remove the notification of this action from team chat screens? Please see the screenshot below to understand better what I am talking about. Some players want to ally with us... we do not want to ally with them... so they spam us with allied requests over and over until it fills up our team chat interrupting our communication. We eventually kill them and wipe them off the map. But still it is annoying. Thanks. Image Here
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    Haters gonna hate. Ignore them. If the accomplishment is good enough for your standards, screw them. Hopefully you got some decent fights out of the deal.
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    Can you remove the daily login, sale icon and resupply pack from the playing screen please? It's hard enough to see already without all that stuff in the way.
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    Hello Everyone, I just want to mention that no matter how any of these things is done, there will always be someone who is unhappy about the way it works. My league has instructions to focus on adapting to the rules as they change and working through (while learning from) whatever challenges we might face (including what to do if enemy demolishes their LC, and what to do if we have a monument and want to capture an enemy monument). Great players and teams see problems... and find solutions. Instead of see problems, and try to change the problem always. Anyway, I support whatever changes are made. We will adapt and thrive no matter what. Which brings me to this next thread I am about to make...
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    Limiting the use of gems also limits the amount of revenue received by the game developers. This will in all honesty not happen. I am a huge advocate of a pure battlefield without gems but I am also a realist and understand that it is part of the game. This being said you must develop a strategy to overcome the use of gems. You are completely correct in that it doesn't matter how many gems they have, your are restricted by the amount of resources you own. No amount of gems spent in a given game can ever guarantee a win if the opposing player has a good strategy vs the use of gems.
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    What he is saying is that there is no quick way to check what transport a specific troop is in, and when a transport is in an airbase the function that allows you to view and dispatch troops is disabled. I agree that if a transport has troops loaded you should have the ability to view the troops it is carrying even while in an airbase. I also wish they would increase the number of groups.
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    You. Ant gen to 15 in two hours. All gems do is cut time. Not cost. So if you don't have the resources to build every level gems really do you no good. I know hemming sucks. What sucks about it is right when your taking a city they gem it back up. And again and again. I think each time they gen it back up the cost of gems should go up. To persuade people from constantly doing it. And instead of gems have some type of card system that can reduce build and upgrade time. One time use sort of thing. But I strongly believe that if they use the system of it cost more every time you gen something like refreshing the comm center does. It will persuade people to not do it as much and either play the game. Or accept defeat rather than gem their way out of a battle.
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    We have removed Login Reward icon from BF. Daily Login icon is supposed to disappear once we have claimed the reward. IT support has fixed it and we will update it in coming developing version. Sorry for the trouble man. We will keep finding ways to offer better game experience.
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    Leave it as is. One of the tactics that is employed by us and I am sure other leagues as well is to attack a LC in hopes they will convert it back so they lose it without hope of recapturing later on. The aim is to deny access to those high end armaments not to gain a LC for ourselves that will occupy our efforts trying to defend it.
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    It should be similar to a city. A level 5 LC should not be demolished in 3 minutes. It makes the cap impossible. The owner of the LC should be expected to defend their LC with troops not by demolishing as a defense. Maybe 10 minutes for each level (Lvl 1 LC demolished in 10 min...Lvl 2 in 20 min, Lvl 3 in 30 min...and so on). The capping of an enemy monument while while having a monument needs to be fixed as well. Maybe the newly capped monument becomes a lvl 5 LC? You guys rock!
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    With units to spare too, with those ill make them Sherman's and stugs and take the resources that rat bastard was protecting lmao
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    Offline Mode (Was mail sent to Russel) I say a map full of rebels would not only help players get experienced for the game, but also a way to try the advanced units made from league cities or have fun without any online services. I feel that this option would be a great addition to the game and would help so many players out there that just couldn't see the fun of the game when they first tried it. Thank you so much for responding to me and considering my idea and I hope to hear from you once more. Just a friendly reminder/list of my suggestions to be incorporated in this game mode... 1. The experience and game currency earnings from this mode are decreased in half (or for you the developers to decide of course!) to prevent experienced players to get money quickly without facing a REAL challenge from other players. 2. Territory and Unit caps are eliminated from this mode since no other real players can be overwhelmed from the large forces. 3. This mode is offline for players to enjoy on the road or for those who can't play due to data charges. The game should try to be welcoming to many players at any time. 4. Time limits should also be excluded since the main objective would be to take down Waffen... not be the last surviving league or the one with the most points. 5. A small reward for defeating the Waffen. Perhaps coins or a very small amount of diamonds like 10. 6. Maybe even setting difficulty! Easy makes the map much smaller and Waffen is the same to the multiplayer one(The area where tiger aces and military zones surround the base). Medium being a slightly larger map and Waffen forces should recieve a slight boost of reinforcments or defenses. Hard being a large map similar to multiplayer and in order to reach Waffen you would need to cross an ocean. Higher difficulties should give higher rewards for defeating Waffen.
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    I really like the idea of waypoints and also submarines would be an interesting addition. To help with new player development, why not allow experienced players join the cadet battlefield but without any of the troop upgrades that they have earned. This keeps it at a level playing field and they could mentor the new players. Maybe they could be marked in a different colour to identify them and be able to recruit them into their mini league for that battlefield only. The mentor could earn the normal rewards but also get a greater daily reward however would not appear on the leader board. All of this was just off the top of my head so I may have missed some obvious problems but I would be happy to mentor in some way between league battlefields.
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    From my observation I theorize that Turrets prioritize targets as follows; troops adjacent > lowest health by percentage > troop threat (stugs are high priority because of attack power vs buildings). This isn't a science but it's good enough for me to manipulate the AI in my favor in both offense and defense.
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    Probably on average every other map we will take a newer player in that shows signs of being active and willing to learn. When we take them in we try to teach them every aspect of the game we know. Starting with the obvious basics on up
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    These are just some main strategies (troop combos) for beginners. • bombers + stugs + fighters (could be jets too). The bombers would take out all the ground while the fighters defend the bombers from other fighters. When the bombers kill all the ground units you would then send in transports (air usually but could use boat if coastal and you need to save troop space) and then the transports would let the stugs out onto the battle ground. Then the bombers and stubs would take out the turrets and then you'll finally take out the city. •stugs + tanks + anti-air. This one is the easiest combo to get. You would send in tanks ahead of stubs and kill any ground troops while the anti-air takes out enemy aircraft (you won't always use the anti-air but it's better to be safe because if not then even a single bomber could kill your whole army) all the while the stugs would be shooting at the turrets. You would then attack the turrets with your tanks too then finally the city. •Naval + ground and/or air. This one is simple. You bring in any ships that can shoot (destroyer, Cleveland cruiser, North Carolina battleship, and the Bismarck) and destroy all that you could with them. Depending on what you feel like (and have) you could use either/both the aircraft carrier and the transport boat to send your clean up crew in. •all air. This one is the simplest one. You use bombers to take out ground troops and turrets while fighters sick around and shoot at any planes trying to stop you. •artillery + stugs. In this one you use artillery to take out what you can from afar then send in stugs as a clean up crew. You can add in tanks to soak up damage for the stugs. If I missed one or you have another strategy then post it in the comments then I'll add it on to the blog with your credit.