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      App Available on Android Now   08/16/2016

      Commanders, the Android Official Version has released, please go to Google Play to get it. To those commanders who participated the open beta, you can continue your previous progress in the official version. More info, please check the specific post.


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  1. 8 points
    Bugs, Glitches, and Lag: As a WW player, I get as frustrated as the next player at all the bugs, glitches and Lag. It is helpful, however to understand some of the basics of what’s going on. Bugs and glitches: This is where the software isn’t doing what its supposed to. The best thing to do is to take screenshots, and use the contact us feature in the game. The more information you can provide the better. YES, I know you get a form email in response. That’s because the support is overseas, and their software sends it automatically. I know its frustrating, but they can’t fix it until they figure out what’s wrong, to do that they need data. Lag: Lag falls under a different category. There are some things you can do to mitigate lag. Device: WW is very demanding processing wise, especially in the big fights. When a big fight starts, not only is the server processing a lot of info, so is your device. Older, slower devices will suffer more than newer, faster ones. Be aware of what your device can and cannot do. Connection: In addition to the server and device processing, there is a ton of data having to stream back and forth during big battles. This data flow is impacted by the quality and speed of your connection. Restart your Device: Many mobile devices can go weeks without restarting. Before a big attack, WeFew usually restarts their devices. We have noticed that it does help. We also turn off a lot of the background apps as well. Now, this isn’t the end all be all to solve your WW lag issues, but in my experience, it does help. Having some wisdom about your circumstance can help with some of the frustration. If you are on an old device you haven’t restarted in a month with a bad connection, you might want to pass on the 10 player attack on the enemy Monument.
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    So I’m writing because of the issues this game keeps dishing out for the past year; but since October I’ve been having loads of issues!! troops disappearing, the game is closing, MAJOR lag, and worst off enemies can see my troops here and there when they have no scouts to see !!! I’m upset since it seems like every update is making it worse. I’ve been buying gems to compensatethe troops I’m losing so I can quickly get back up and running but it seems pointless if troops are not going to land and they crash due to being rejected from the airports... troops getting stuck on mountain sides and having no way to get them off...troops resetting themselves and not going where I want them to.. I really hope there is developers working on these issues. I’ve been apart of this game from the beginning and this is a entertaining game but I won’t continue to spend money if these issues continue... I lost another army last night due to them not landing when I specified them to a airport... I’m frustrated and sick of it... please get these issues under control... so far in the wet 2 maps I’ve lost150 plus troops and to bring this army functional at its hipe would cost over 30k in amethyst. Now I would expect the developers to compensate the equal amount but what is being offered says to me we thank you for the time and money spent but your loss, oh here is a small amount to get you started!!! They offer only enough to get not even 1/3 back so I ask why can’t we be on board with helping people get back in the game instead of watching them leave the game... sad I’ve seen many friends go because of the issues. I will say this if I spend 30k in amethyst I expect that amount returned as compensation... if you handing 60k in diamonds out to individual players as compensation then wow. I’m upset and am ready to quit if something isn’t said or done and no 5k amethyst doesn’t even begin to cover my losses... 30k doesn’t even get me fully strength where I was. Respond please!!!!!!!
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    Battle Royale: Fluffycakes is hosting the first ever “Battle Royale” to pit the best leagues against each other in one battlefield in a “ww2- like” battle. We will be working with developers to facilitate this special battlefield to handle the thousands of troops that will engage each other all at the same time. Leagues will be divided into two equal sides decided before the battlefield starts. Leaders of the top 20 leagues will be personally invited but all leagues are welcome (except godz, for reason explained later). We are aiming for the the first blitz battlefield on Sunday, April 1 at high noon (EST). The closest thing to a “Battle Royale”was last spring when 12 of the best leagues squared off in 1 battlefield resulting in the most epic battles ever seen. This 12 League melee happened as an unintended result of a Fluffycakes challenge to godz. 12 leagues showed up for this battle of the titans and when godz chickened out and went AWOL, the 12 teams divided into two sides and fought the most epic battlefield ever held. This first “Battle Royale” is the brainchild of that battlefeild, and with the developers help to avoid glitches and lag, will be the greatest fight ever conceived. So, rally your best fighters, save up those gems and diamonds, get lots of rest beforehand, consult with you significant others, buy those generals, and do whatever else is necessary to prepare to fight the most amazing battle in digital history. godz is the only league that is not welcome to this Battle Royale.” The reason for this is because they failed to show for two battlefield challenges that were publicly accepted by their leader. We will not reward this kind of cowardice by allowing them to join the best battle ever conceived. Additionally, godz was recently caught cheating in silver cup by conspiring to have their sister leagues give up their cities without a fight so godz could run up the city count. As a result, gods cheated the victory away from league killjoys. Although we have no affiliation with league killjoyz, we find godz conduct so disgraceful and a genuine threat to fair play and the integrity of silver cup that they will not be permitted to participate in the greatest digital battle of all time. Any ideas are welcome but will be ultimately decided by majority vote. Fluffycakes is hosting but we are not dictating anything (another reason godz is not invited). Let the “games” truly begin! LegalEagle
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    It was locked for a reason. It was a PSA, not a bitch session. You started off with a lie. If you dont wanna be an ass, then dont. If you do then admit it. Dont say one thing and do another. 1. Of course they care. Dont be silly. They have different departments for new content, testing, QA, and programming. One doesn’t shut down just because another is having an issue. 2. Theoretically, some stuff will always get through. Their testing team is unlikey to run across everything. When the game is exposed to thousands of users, it is inevitable that they will run into something the testers missed. Having said that; I agree that they need to do better testing. They have let some fairly glaring bugs through. 3. The game clearly works, and has worked very well in the past. An adage in software development is your time is spent 10% coding and 90% debugging. Intermittent bugs are very hard to track down. Especially when you consider the variety of devices, operating system versions, connections, background apps, etc. 4. Id wager that everytime they fix something they have a maintenance to get the fix live. I completely disagree that they should with until everything is fixed to have one expanded maintenance. There is clearly more here that simple device and network problems. That was never said or inferred. This is also not your typical “click attack and the server sends you a result” app that is 99.9% of the strategy games out there. This is a realtime combat, 3d, rts that is literally synced with hundreds of players and thousands of units per map. This is something that even PC games struggle with. I am relocking this thread, and will delete any attempt to reopen it. If you wanna bitch feel free to start your own thread. Dont hijack mine.
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    Added one more! We understand the frustration with the issues as we feel the same way. We are dedicating all resources we have to fixing these problems, creating new Bomber units does not come at the expense of that. These new units don't contribute more risk to the server issues, no more than having any units in the game does. If the issue were simply units, our engineers would have fixed the lag by now; unfortunately, it is more complicated than that and they are still writing code to find and fix the bugs. Our continued apologies to all players for any bad experiences.
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    Can we have a real response please? This doesnt even touch the main issue... Compensation. Compensation is a huge issue right now. You guys don't lose money by giving us what we bought back due to a faulty product that was delivered to us. Here is the problem, I don't care if it was one person's mistake or not, you need to try and give your customers way better customer service. First time, no questions asked, full refund. After that, start asking questions. FIX THE LAG SO YOU DONT HAVE TO GIVE COMPENSATION!!!! After fixing the lag, instead of throwing more planes at us, take a SERIOUS survey from the community, and figure out what we want. Give a comment box for more details, and give options you guys have on the drawing board... QUALITY OVER QUANTITY
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    If you count the beta days, the game is technically 3 years old. Well how are we gonna get things done, Blackstar? I see everyone whining about issues but no one is getting together to give suggestions and fix them. People need to stop whining and talk to the developers about the issues, so the developers will know that we want this fixed now, not new content.
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    Marine Corps vet so love war/strategy games. Jumped in cadet map and had no idea what I was doing but caught on pretty quick. Met Deadly Greek and he brought me on w deathsquad then later w Pasta. Learned quickly w some fantastic players like Noodles, Hitgirl, Slowroll, Waffles and Razr. Met some great people in the game and still enjoy burning time & busting chops w the WWF community. Name: Big*Love
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    BrainDMG In game name BrainDMG
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    Panzerweger42 you need to calm down my dude . They are short staffed a Bit and trying to fix this game but many of them have a life and Christmas . If you can't wait 1-2 days for them to enjoy there Christmas and then fix this then you should not even play this game since it requires patience .
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    Blitz Map - Totally agree Domm, it cud use a couple of days chewed off. Billy out.... Military Zones - Totally outside the box, I would like to see a player be able to convert one Rez or Farm inside each Admin zone to a mil zone at a cost (flags, cash, purples). I think it mght make things a little harder and maybe get rid of the shield except when you are away. Billy out.....
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    While lag is an annoyance, think about what’s actually happening. A Battlefeild has 70+ people playing at the same time while commanding individual units and swiping through the map. At the same time you probably have an OK WiFi connection. It use to be A LOT worse than this and we should acknowledge that. Another nice thing is that we have a dev team who actual RESPOND to individual players with problems. This isn’t EA. *This may sound like a rant but it isn’t
  14. 2 points
    DONT RELEASE THE DAMN PLANES!!! Quality over quantity... Like so many games that have been released, trying to expand too quickly will be this game's downfall... FIX THE GAME BEFORE YOU ADD TO IT!!! Let's try getting rid of lag, server crashes, and an issue of people shielding every single time an army is within 500 miles of their city....... YOURE KILLING YOUR BABY BY BEING MONEY HUNGRY JUST LIKE EVERYONE ELSE!
  15. 2 points
    FIX THE GAME!!!!!!!!!! STOP BEING BLIND AND STUPID! EVERYONE TALKS ABOUT HOW BROKEN THE GAME IS! HOW BLIND ARE YOU GUYS!?!?! THE GAME WONT LET TROOPS MOVE OR SHOOT OR LET YOU CONTROL THEM IN BATTLE 90% OF THE TIME AND YOU GUYS JUST OVERLOOK THIS EVERYDAY! On top of that you pick who you do and don't give good customer service to which is not right at all. You guys are ruining something great you have. If you would just listen to the community you guys would increase revenues substantially. It's not rocket science, if you want... Just give me control and I'll fix the game, because I can't do worse than you guys. FIX THE DAMN GAME SO OLD PLAYERS COME BACK AND THOSE ABOUT TO LEAVE WONT!!!! Good rule of thumb, QUALITY OVER QUANTITY!
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    We keep getting the same response back. I know you are trying to make the game more fresh and exciting but you are making it worse. Get the game to work properly then work on expanding. The last few maps have been nothing but issues and it’s on the old map and not the new ones that are suppose to make things new. We were down for a full day, I msg support at 9:30 in the morning and didn’t get a response back for till 12pm that night. Too long for a response and it took that long to fix the problem which I had a reply of “try it now, we did a quick fix and should be working”. How is that a quick fix? Also I don’t think anyone has been compensated for that day yet well at least I haven’t. Let’s get this game working properly and add a new component to the game 1 at a time and make sure it works before you add more.
  17. 2 points
    Commanders! First of all, we would like to thank you for your great support for the past 2 years. It is our upmost honor that you choose to spend your precious time to play our game. During the past 2 years, there were ups and downs, but we believe, with your support, we can make this game better and better! Now if you look back at your days of Glory, do you still remember the person that introduced this game to you? Do you still remember those sleepless nights when you and your comrades in arms fought hard for that heavily defended city? Can you remember the first friend you added? Share your Battle story and win rewards! Duration: December 25th UTC-January 2nd UTC Rewards: 500 diamonds and a special Christmas medal. To Participate: Share your World Warfare story with us! It's better with screenshots and videos! Write down your in-game name is necessary. Note: Rewards will be sent out within 24 hours after your post.
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    We have sent in over thirty. They replied very slowly and did not seem to think it was a serious issue. I was able to talk to Ronin about it and finally we are going to get help.
  19. 2 points
    Ok SargeZ in game name. The best memories are learning and play as part of WeFew. They are very good at what they do. The great thing is the friends that I made while playing SnakeEater and and MkV. They really know there stuff. I really had fun taking on higher level SS military zones. I have learned you win some you lose some but always be polite and don’t trash talk. I want to thank MkV and SnakeEater for teaching me the ropes and I will always carry the lessons and creed of WeFew with me into battle.
  20. 2 points
    I agree 100%- I spend on average $150 per month, at least. They have never compensated me generously for my losses. It is getting old, I agree 100% with your statement above. They need to make the core game better, no new stuff until the core is correct. It is obvious in the past few months that whatever you’re doing is go8ng the wrong way.
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    Best suggestion I have to joykiller is to give us a troop limited map. Can use the current global map and not allow Lc troops or any air troops. All ground pounding. The lag stems from Lc troops. We just had a battle with 100s of tanks. Tigers light at tank destroyers and no lag. Popped 10 m40 and poof lag. I’m not a programmer so I don’t know how to fix the issie but streamlining and cleaning code would be a good start. Also something better than Xbox 360 for servers.
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    Dude, I've been playing serious for 6 months... The game is a few years old... At this point in the game's life, the issues we are dealing with shouldn't be happening still, while they continue to release new content. A pat on the back and handing someone a chocolate milk should've ended a year and a half ago. With the income they get, they should've hired pro programmers so don't post this "be nice they are trying" crap. The game didn't lag or have these issues a few months ago. They keep overlooking these issues while they release imperial assault, add new officers, add new troops. Fixing the lag and making sure the servers are running properly should always be #1 on the list for improvements. You don't get participation medals in the real world. You earn your medals, this means you don't get paid unless you earn it. So, of course we are going to say "fix the damn game". When we pay them to keep it running in prestine condition, we expect that.
  23. 2 points
    I agree. Stop asking us what we want in the game, stop putting time and money into adding new features. I've been around since the beginning and this game has come a long way. It's a lot better than it used to be, but it's still not at optimum level. There are a lot of bugs, glitches and general issues that you guys need to focus on fixing. I understand that you are trying to make the game more interesting, but please, we can't enjoy the game when we can't play it properly. Literally, these dumb little issues could all be fixed fast if you focus on them for a little while. I understand that everything won't be perfect.
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    Flying into the heart of GODz and taking their monument single handedly , was one of my best moments in this game is was a fun challenge and I was able to succeed with it. Graywing
  25. 2 points
    I've been playing this game for a long time. Almost since the beginning. My beginnings where rough, but eventually I became the leader of my first true team. We were a small force, no more than 11-12 players at a time. But we were strong, because of how close we were. We won some great victories, taking over half a map one time with 9 players. We fought hard against our enemies, and played together, running over 400 bombers at times. Thanks for the great times, Rumandcoke and JackTheRipper, my dear comrades and fearless leaders! In game name is bloodmancer
  26. 2 points
    I have a lot of great memories and a ton of "No Shit, there we were..." War-stories from this game. To me though, the greatest story is the bond and mutual friendship that has developed within WeFew through the course of standing together through some seemingly impossible odds. Here are a couple of screenshots of some interesting fights we've been in.
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    Dude it's just 1 day of not playing . And even if they are " suppose " to help you on a Holliday that is special and the day of giving and loving they still can't fix every problem immediately. Programming is not a easy thing to do and if they are not careful they could end up doing even worse things then not allowing you to move troops( like deleting your profile ) . If you keep yelling at them to speed the hell up then I want to see you fix the glitch immediately while on a holiday where your not with your friends or loved ones . Just calm down and wait and please don't be a dickhead . It's very rude and mean.
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    I dont think you understand classes or the class system. Please go through the tanker class tree and have a look. You dont need to to go far down the tree only as far as tier 2 and you will notice a HUGE advantage for tankers regarding tank units over ANY other class regarding speed, damage output and defence. I speak of tank units as you have mentioned removing air units and any other unit that does AoE damage. What does that leave? Oh yeah tanks!! So basically you are asking other classes to fight with a sizeable handicap; as no other class has such advantages for tanks. Next what is the objective of the BF and on which map do you propose to play this on? Isles is not possible as you want ground units only, Europe is far too big to be crawling on the ground for 8 days straight. Imperial is also too big so that only leaves Kill chain which is the smallest map. Even on this one there are cities you cannot get to as they are surrounded by water. But lets forget that for a monent and lets examine what it would look like this Kill cahin BF with ground only and no AoE units. Basically what you get is trench warfare. Leagues would dig into narrow defensible positions such as the narrow area that leads to the big circle where all the lvl11 and up cities are located. They would ring this place with AT guns and flak guns and they would use light tanks as cavalry due to speed to try and flank the attacker while the static guns pound the attackers from fixed positions. Everyone would quicky realize that you cannot take out dug in positions with the limited available units they have access to; and simply resign themselves to defending what they have. The only people that would have fun is the tankers as they would be able to exploit their speed to grab as much territory as possible in the early game before the positions get reinforced rendering them unassailable. Oh what fun 8 days of sitting still...
  29. 1 point
    Lmao I haven't had time to check forums in a while. Been too busy. First time I've seen this is now. Just for the record, the REAL reason LegalChicken would go through so much trouble to exclude GODz is because he hates me and our league for annihilating FluffyCakes in league tournament three times back to back to back. Here's a link to screenshots just in case anyone is unsure about whether my statement is true: http://www.worldwarfare.com/topic/1670-godz-dominates-fluffycakes-in-league-tournament-silver-cup/ LegalChicken (and most other fluffycakes members) also hate me and GODz because most of fluffycakes used to be in the GODz league, but I banned them all because most of them (Like LegalChicken) were petty, selfish, ungrateful, and spiteful crybabies who did not deserve to be a part of the greatest league this game has ever known. Their bitterness and anger over being banned from GODz has not subsided even though it's nearly been a year since it happened. With regards to the lies that LegalChicken fabricated to smear GODz, please note the following: 1 - GODz and FluffyCakes agreed to fight in a battlefield against each other. But LegalChicken, knowing that FluffyCakes was too weak to stand any chance against GODz, went behind our back and as sneaky as possible invited 20 other leagues to the battlefield (without mentioning that to us and with the hope of trying to ambush us) so that other leagues would help them fight GODz since he knew he couldn't beat us without substantial help from allies. GODz has an extraordinary network of friends and informants so we found out about his dishonorable and pathetic plan (to try and have all leagues fight against GODz instead of mainly just GODz vs FluffyCakes) so we skipped the battle because we were too busy with Tournament to fight against 12 leagues in a match where we were supposed to be against fluffycakes. 2 - GODz Tournament Championsjop in season 9 had nothing to do with alts or second leagues. We won those Battlefields fair and square by annihilating every league we faced. We fought (and beat) LDX, Ghosts, StrongSoul, ShadowDragons, Deicide, Players, WrathOfGODz, LuckyStrikes, and the second place team KillJoys all straight up. Alts and Second leagues didn't win those battles. Six GODz members went to their cities, killed their armies and annihilated everything that stood in our path. We earned our Championship. Meanwhile, LegalChicken fails to mention that every champion for the past six seasons (Chinese, War1War, Pasta, LuckyStrikes, Chinese again, etc) ALL utilized pre-arranged allied support (second league full of players to help them) and in many cases at least 3 leagues all working together including alt accounts. War1War did it just last season. And not only did LegalChicken had no problem with that... but HIS OWN TEAM DID IT TOO. Fluffycakes entered every battlefield at the same time with Cocidius last season as pre-set, pre-arranged allies and they both finished in the top 5 last season as a result. The hypocrisy of his complaints about support leagues is almost shocking except when you remember that his bias and anger towards GODz knows no boundaries. As for this event, it's fitting that LegalChicken would choose April 1st to start it. 04/01 is also known as April Fool's Day. That fits perfectly because only a fool thinks this event makes any kind of sense at all lmao. A few facts: -The largest map in the game only has 260 spaces for players. So your goal of 20 top leagues is impossible since there is not enough space for 20 full leagues on any map. The most you can get is 13 full (or near full leagues) and the first battle royale LegalChicken referenced (which Fluffycakes lost and got destroyed by LDX and Cocidius) had 12 leagues already (according to LegalChicken) so this next event will be no bigger. Just the same. Fluffycakes invited all those leagues in secret to ambush GODz (which is the reason there was no announcement about it here for the first one). Didn't need an announcement for the first one, and it can't get any larger or better, so don't need this joke of an announcement for the next one either. -Extreme, debilitating lag and connection problems will plague this map inevitably. It's not a matter of support staff trying to help, it's a matter of computer processes and common sense. Every experienced player in this game knows, the more troops and players all fighting at same time, the more time it takes computer to process it all, the more lag. There is no current fix for that. Possible solutions would take beta testing. The conditions of 200+ players all fighting with a hundred troops at same time cannot be replicated by developers for BETA testing so this silly event WILL BE the beta test lol. Enjoy watching all your troops die everyday because you can't control them due to lag. Don't be upset with support staff when it starts happening. Blame yourselves for being so stupid to know realize it wouldn't happen. -Lastly, the real reason Fluffycakes has chosen the format to be set up this way for this event is because they are garbage unless they have allies to hide behind and hold their hands in battlefields. The "2 teams allied together" non-sense plays right into their strategy of avoiding having to fight for themselves since they are cowards and cannot win that way. To you other leagues that join, enjoy being meat shields for Fluffycakes while they hide behind you to build up and survive as you die protecting them lol. It's the only strategy they know. The true definition of a Battle Royale... is everyone for themself. Every league fighting every league with no allies at all. But that concept scares LegalChicken to death because he is a weak coward. Lol. in conclusion, GODz isn't even remotely interested in joining this pitiful lag-fest April Fools collection of the losers that we destroy on a regular basis. And if we DID join (because certainly none of you can stop us from coming if we wanted too), we wouldn't ally any of you... and might still wipe you all off the map anyway 😂 Sincerely, KingZeus of the Season 9 Tournament Champions GODz. The man you all love to hate. The bringer of death and destruction to a map near you coming soon. Lol, see you around losers.
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    This is just a few things I feel will better the game. 1.) League score adjusted for surrendered members during a battle. The league score during a battlefield is the deciding factor for a league winning the championship of that battle. I feel that if a member of a league surrenders out of the Battlefield, then their score should no longer benefit the league. If a player cannot fight beside his League until the end of the game, than that member's score should be removed from the league's overall score. 2.) Personal and league Rating Grade currently is only awarded at the end of a battlefield. I think it would reflect the ability of a player and league better if it was also part of the daily rewards in a battlefield. This would allow for newer players and leagues to move up the rankings at a faster pace. I feel the benefits would allow for better retention of newer players and also give a better accounting of a player or league for recruiting purposes. a.) In a game like this one, being in a league is crucial to championships or even victories. Most leagues are created in the cadet matches at which point it's just the blind leading the blind. By the time they reach competitive matches, a player's record and stats are terrible and; no matter the potential, that player will rarely if ever be allowed into a competitive league. A better way to reflect the ability of a player or the competitiveness of a league is definitely needed. I could write a whole paper on the different duties of specific league members during a battle that make them invaluable to the team but on paper they have average or less than average stats. b.) Retention is about player satisfaction and recognition for ones achievements. There are a core group of players in this game. If you notice these players are mostly in a core group of leagues. Allowance for new player and leagues to be able to advance will allow for better retention. Top daily, weekly and monthly Commander and league ranking would allow for newer players and for recruiting leagues to be recognized by all. New players have a better chance to be recruited and newer leagues that are competitive have a better opportunity to recruit better players. 3.) End Game reward bonus should be given according to the player's or league's ranking, the player and league ranking is score, the bonus is given for cities. A player who is in any other place has the potential to receive higher rewards then the player in 1st. This doesn't make since. This game is awesome, but it takes time to play. If you are going to expect people to dedicate the time needed to play, then you must allow them to be recognized by others and then brought into the community. I was lucky and played my very first game under the tutelage of MkV and BrutalDestiny in the League Cocidus. Not many people get that rare opportunity to be groomed by in my opinion two of the best players in this game. This is just some of my ideas to better the game and maybe retain new players. Thanks for listening. SnakeEater out!
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    Legal, mad props for the idea. Just a few questions. How are the devs going to make it so the the servers don’t burn down? Multiple maps over the last week(s) have been damn near unplayable. The lag on basic maps is unbelievable. Are you going to allow sister leagues in? How about leagues full of alts? Not trying to stir the pot, just want to know before one of the guys says let’s do it. Also shielding will that be allowed in the battle terms?
  32. 1 point
    Don't give us more bombers then.
  33. 1 point
    Agree, its not good
  34. 1 point
    Over 30 hours now, game down.... they are saying our field is dead. This is not just our field from the sound of it. I cannot believe a Company would have not had tech support for the last 30 hours. We spend good money in this game. We gave all details of field I.D. Etc.... on Contact us.
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    I found this game i think one year ago, when j seen this game on play store for first time. I have tryd to be a lone wolf at the start playing this game thought i would kick every other single player in game. Those thoughts were quikly over when a league steps on your doorstep, really no match against some players at same time. Lucky for me LuckyStrikesBack came on nu doorstep with then joey then leader from LSB took me in. Now some time further im in LuckyStrike great team really and j have that next to this great game. I think i never stop playing this game ^^ I am in game: MajesticNL
  36. 1 point
    I see that USO Shows still work, so that’s... good...? I’d hate for my troops to get bored from just sitting there... doing nothing...
  37. 1 point
    I was also in the battle with strong souls I’m the league in the top corner of many of these recent photos in the top right yellow to strong souls and red to Rommel.but my fight against white council have been amazing. They are a very fun and respectable league who I would love to fight more often they outnumber us so I’ve had to use careful planning and traps to out do them here is the best plan I’ve came up with that worked.(will also have other Pics to show how many of them there are) (I used shield to get time to come up with plan)
  38. 1 point
    My best moment Just recent battle feild with The Strong Souls. I was all alone in battle feild, and I was atacking oil rss base. I realised that the base was under atack by someone saw it was Stong Soulz, Saw it was only two players. After a while I saw The Strong Souls pop outta of no where and realized the Strong Souls and Strong Souls were both in the map🙄🔫 . Kept fighting and started begging for allince the leader Crazy, he said to me good luck my freind and said all ask the the league if they let me have an allince. I cuased 65 casulties to them,and vote was tied 7 to seven. Thank god to find Crafty had finale vote😄.
  39. 1 point
    Gigants are empty, but showing 7-15 troop loads limiting what I can load in the planes.
  40. 1 point
    I remember downloading the game from the play store, initially I was not impressed, then I realized it was and is a great game. in the first battlefields I did not know of the existence of the league of the city, my troops walked on foot through the map !! I had a lot of losses, but I'm still in the game !. thank you, worldwarfare for the beautiful game! Player Name: Mauro87
  41. 1 point
    Me and my dad were looking for another one of those war games we could settle into for a bit. After a while of searching my dad fell in love with this game, and we were almost unstoppable at first until life got in the way but now we are back into it. My dads ingame is Allstar and he is addicted with about 3000hrs in the game. My ingame name is Zer
  42. 1 point
    Hello, I will lead my own story ... I was tired of computer games and bought a new mobile phone in the summer. In the autumn when my hope faded away to find a good game on the Androide platform. During training in the gym during the break, I came across this game! I install the game and could not believe this is what I can dream. Right now, I'm in one of the best Russian league, IRoNLeGioN. We have gone through many battles and this united us into a real family. I remember how at night when my eyes were already closing. I had to insert a match in the eye and fly across the map to the protection of the monument. Unfortunately the screenshots are not preserved. The player with whom I began to know the game alas for a long time does not play, but I remember it! My nickname InHaLe
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    Hello, everyone my game name is TorchCad. Looking back its incredible how time pass. Im part of “Twisted” were I have found and made an in game family. A came across the game by Facebook add/post. When I started playing first thing that i like is the time of the battles and vote system. Honestly cant remember who was my first friend that I added because i have seen so many come and go. The only name that pops up in my head honestly is lovely Sophi3. Sleepless nights love the sounds of it i think allot of us been there before. I think i was attack by WalkingDead player used to be part of the league back then. I did pretty good because next i know i was invited to be part of the league...been part of Twisted since then. For the developers and all the support team Thank you! For such interesting and diverse game.
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    I first found this game on the app store by just looking around. My first battle was a very big one, a guy named ogmo was attacking my allies. We were all small guys but we still where able to take a city with a massive invasion. It was only 1 of six cities though. He then retaliated with air and naval units. The next day he finished us off with a huge group of tiger tanks.
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    First time playing it last fall 2017 so I'm brand new learned a lot from LDX, Global Warriors, Shadow dragons, StrongFree, and many more taught me how to play so I own my own league part owners with USA. I love this game and I found it in google play when I was bored got tired of DomiNations and played this 24/7 ever since
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    I found this game one night 2 years ago while bored in a hotel room in North Carolina. That was the last night of many being bored. My first map I joined I seen two people in chat. Jp and king cb. The comment made was if you can beat us you can join our league. Although I didn’t beat them. I and a few others didn’t back down from the fight either. Then started my godz career over the next year. Alt has ugh those days are over. It’s still fun looking back thinking how much in 2 years this game has changed. The different maps. Beta testing maps. How much the developers listen to the players. I still love the game. May not get to play as much as I used to. But it’s one I always fall back to. Merry Christmas and happy new year everyone.
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    There is not much in my story but little as this still bring memories and glorious days. My first game went straight up on 1st place ! Score was about 120K+ and the hilarious part was there were no battles at all ! I'm fighting with rebels all the time Lol. But in that way I learned so much playing this game and I am in great gratitude to cross path with this game that I long so much. The next game is a bit intense I had my comrade who accidentally entered a new battlefield without a notice to our league, btw there is only three of us Lol and the other one quit the league so sad. But this is where I experienced the taste of true combat destroying a city with my comrade and made my way to achieve score about 307K which I believe is a great score for starters like me. My capital was capture while I'm asleep but I prevailed recapturing it with my league mate who seldom speak Lol. But when the time came and proclaimed my league as first and my score at the top I was so glorified that I made it through that sleepless days ! And I rested after that knowing that the next battle will be real and much intense ever before. PS I lost my comrade because his capital was captured and he blamed me and he quit the league. The other one never responded and at the end I quit my own league and joined a reputable league that could accept someone like me.
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    It will benefit everyone but the most benefit will be to those large leagues that ally each other and attack the small guys. If you think those numbers were bad, wait until they can use each others airfields.
  49. 1 point
    What about building and upgrading speed?
  50. 1 point
    I'm NOT a fan of shorter matches. This game has distinct phases and each one plays differently, and is fun in its own way. If they want to put in smaller maps with adjusted start/build times, that's fine, but if you think the playtime required to succeed on that map is less than what's required for global, your dreaming.