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World Warfare
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    Its clear there is a problem when JoyCrafter opens several maps at the same time, the maps take to long to fill up! I have entered maps that take 36 hours to fill. Its a war game i want people to play against, Players enter the map then quit because the map is 24 hours old and they are just entering, so why waste your time and money on that map. Please only open 1 map at a time run it for a week, then move to the next map! the maps will fill quicker and i think would be a better player experience.
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    Inhale, I have read a series of your posts across many threads. The tone is always the same. I, Inhalle, know best, the game stinks, all is lost and we are all doomed. While this game does need some improvements, your approach is over the top. If you are that unhappy, please move on to another game and give us a break!
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    It was originally one time per minute. Now it is once in 15 seconds and then once per minute thereafter. The issue as I understand it is that while the speed can be adjusted per map, the combat resolution is the same across all maps. that was the reason for the initial change. With the all the maps now 2x speed maps, it would be best if it was standardized at once per 30 seconds. That means that other things need to be adjusted as well. Speed is x2 so you need to do the following to get every thing back in balance: Combat resolved every 30 seconds Shorter combat resolution means the towed units should lose their setup time (or have it drastically reduced) Unit build/expand times times and costs need to be 1/2 (not resources income. those should be left the same. If you 1/2 the cost, you are effectively doubling the resources. This allows for the fact that units move and die faster so they need to be built cheaper and faster. 1/2 the xp gained for each unit kill to keep the rate that players gain battle level the same (this affects battlefield tech and troop count, which needs to stay the same ) The build times should NOT change. the "pace" of the game needs to be the same (When bombers are available, LC advancements, etc)
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    Most players do not see problems in this tactic. if you remove it or spoil it, you can safely remove such a class of equipment as a tank man and maybe an aviator. play on your m40 and think about how cool you are
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    suicide tactics should be greatly limited, cooldown or something, only league mates.
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    going to personal dislike first, you already lost. you can not say anything on the merits. Then do not show up on the forum. You yourself have compromised yourself). And not one of my words, did not give a decent answer. You even lowered my reputation, just because of the fact that you are wrong. I do not allow myself this
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    I might actually care if could understand 70% of what you said, but I really don't feel like dealing with your kind. Your right, I do use a second account, but I mostly use it for scouting and building tactics/goofing around in fields. I don't really put it in the same field as my main account. Once again, don't quote me anymore. I don't want to read to your baseless assumptions.
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    3 total allied is still a maximum 60 accounts thats waaaaaaay to many heals
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    Why not make allies at the league level not done in a specific battlefield, but that each league is only allowed 3 total allies. This way, when entering a Battlefield, if they are one of your allies, you automatically are allies, not every one is an option in any given battlefield. This will create more of a strategy at the league level versus the battlefield level. Create true alliances that carry over from Barrlefield to Battlefied. You could continue to support and assist your allies, but those would be set outside of each battlefield. If you enter a battlefield without any of your allies, your choice as a league or player, but possibly to your own detriment. This option would give you more possible straregic maneuvering at the league level. It would also decrease the dependency on alternate leagues or at a minimum allow parity for alternates as you could only have a set number of allies.
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    with the help of a proxy to change the phone number of the mobile operator? I will laugh a long time from this. you do not invent to me, I know how to circumvent these prohibitions. No need to reproach me with accounts, okay? we solve the problem of the game, and the main problem is the accounts. You are all against the struggle with accounts, just because you are not profitable. I did not use accounts to disrupt the mechanics of the game. The Chinese used 7-8 leagues for many seasons and you are silent. How they won this season, too, many know. And you tell me about accounts? I can list all the leagues that abuse accounts by breaking the mechanics of the game. I suggested an option that will work, the option outlined in the topic will not work I can not listen to your nonsense. You open your mouth only for personal reasons. You are also disgusting to me, since you are also part of those players who use accounts. Are you afraid of losing your strength? ahahahhahh You are helpless without alliances and accounts
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    You can do that on a normal account to. Policing alts won't stop them. Most people have more than one phone, more than one IP address, and can use proxies to appear as a different phone number. It's not hard to get past all the rules if you know what you are doing, and trust me, anyone who this game as hard as they can will find a way. Why are you complaining about Alts? Weren't you part of one of the many leagues that made 6 leagues to shove into silver for an easy win anyway? Now you want to turn around and complain about them? I can't even take you seriously. Don't quote me again.
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    because for 6 hours of play, playing in parallel on them, you can break the mechanics. And fly on 15 bombers
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    I don't understand why we need to police alt accounts... Most people use them for tactics in the first place, so you can simply stop allies from giving tactics and that will solve multiple issues. First off, allying 5 leagues against one becomes FAR less appealing since you have to fight for cities and really don't get as much out of it, since most people ally for tactics in the first place. Secondly, most people don't really play on their alts with a few exceptions. they send the alt in, maybe upgrade it a bit, let it's city get taken, but keep it logged into the field so they can jump on and drop tactics as necessary. Ending allies tactics will force leagues to play a lot more like a team and a lot less like a bunch of city states.... just my opinion.
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    Then the game is doomed to death. I'm impulsive, because I worry about the game and its future and people write nonsense. If you start fighting with accounts, release new updates for the game and advertise the game! Then developers will receive more money than from alternative accounts! But nobody cared for the game, all they take care that they should be comfortable to play and win
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    First off go take a cold shower and calm down there is no reason for profanity, at worst agree to disagree. If you can't have a discussion without insulting people thats proof of immaturity and potentially you are deliberately being a troll. Whatever the case may be I dont have the time nor the inclination to deal with you. The majority of the people here say there is no problem with how the heal tactic works and the real issue is the alts people are abusing. Having said that asking Joycrafter to police alts is a huge commitment of time and effort while potentially hurting their revenue stream. I dont see them agreeing to this, so alts are unfortunately here to stay.
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    your logic is dumb and you are idiots. if you think you are, then it is necessary to prohibit alliances and generally remove the unification of players in the league. And we will all play one on one. I hate you freak. You destroy the game because YOU STUPID Baran how many times I have defeated you, shows that you can not even play using other accounts. If you notice the crying experienced players in the forum, but not novices. It's a shame that you are completely insolent
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    your words confirm the thesis that players do not benefit from the struggle with accounts! you are dumb creatures like you. You are ready to change the mechanics of the game, although it works well. you can not play without alternative accounts. you are a disgrace. As soon as profits decline and interest in playing disappears due to multiple accounts, the game will die. When you realize that the game is dying because of you, then let's talk if you agree with them, I'm disappointed in you
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    sometimes I feel this not a fight but mostly a challenge who’s have more life savings tickets alts will win
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    I think cool down resolve the issue . And this the only way to solve the problem even if you keep it for team only what going to happen when team of 20 vs team 12 if the can drop 20 life savings on troops only the one have tickets will win sometimes I feel this not a fight but mostly a challenge who’s have more life savings tickets will win
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    Suggest that you cut your coffee intake way down, before you blow a gasket. Yes, alt usage is a non-core part of playing this game that many of us do not love. So is gemming, shielding and many other non-core features. Please stop repeating yourself! We can read and understand your thought the first time you wrote it! Relax. Enjoy a great game even with its glaring flaws.
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    Snap to phone numbers will reduce the number of alternative accounts. That is, when you first boot, you enter your mobile number. if the number has already been entered once, create a new account and you can not play the game. To have many accounts you will need to have many numbers for mobile phone operators. Also, developers must monitor, block and delete alternative accounts. Emulators without the purchase of mobile phone numbers will not be able to create accounts. Also, developers must monitor, block and delete alternative accounts. There are tracking methods, there would be desires and developers have solved the problem long ago. But they do not want it, it's profitable for them! They do not even read what I'm writing and suggest!
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    Binding accounts to devices does NOTHING to solve the issue as everybody and his dog these days has at a minimum of a smartphone and some sort of a tablette device. Not to mention all the PC emulators available where you can have as many alt accouts as you like run on as many instances as you want simultaneously.
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    Binding accounts will reduce their number. If the developers will track them and block then the problem is solved! But developers are not profitable or they do not care! It's easier for them to come up with a change in the game that will only spoil the game and will not help in the fight against accounts!
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    Make an offline mode where its a map but is full of rebels. The player has infinite troop and territory cap and has to obtain all the land. The Waffen should be stronger and located at the end of the map. The objective is to use everything and defeat Waffen. Just an idea.