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World Warfare
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  3. It is a good battle, I hope to increase the types of ships thanks It is a good battle, I hope to increase the types of ships thanks
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  6. There should only be allowed one ally in this map and no neutral ability. The problem with this map is it promotes dial playing instead of attacking other leagues. It is good for newer players who are new to the game but hurts league playing. Maybe make the rewards less for this map or greater rewards based on enemy attacks thanks, KingTGM
  7. You should speed up the game, because of it being too slow, it consumes a lot of time which makes the gameplay less fun.
  8. You shoul speed up the game, because of it being too slow, it consumes a lot of time which makes the gameplay less fun.
  9. Now i see new bug i kill 19 lvl city when shield down and cant stop pacify ...30 mn over still pasify city cant gem cant rpr cant resupply my troops ... this not for every 19 lvl only one city i have this problem ... N0Mercy
  10. Ryan666

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    It seems like this guy has an unfair advantage over everyone. I got this photo of a buddy on line. Are you guys working on this to shut this kind of stuff down?
  11. I like the idea of only having one ally and no neutral Also I don’t understand why you don’t open up the map for more 5 man teams. I have found the level 18 cities can be captured pretty easily by yourself with the right troops. I love how troops reappear after you kill them. Keeps you on your toes. However game speed is high, making map small. Maybe Takeaway shields For people Lieutenant or higher or limit shields 🛡to 1 a battlefield. Another problem is demoing people should be penalized for demoing while under attack. You should get flags deducted or XP. Too often this game has no consequences for bad sportsmanship
  12. Don't open the map on the eve of weekend. Many of us rest somewhere with their family on the weekend. Would be better to open Crisis Fringe map on Monday or Tuesday.
  13. Here’s a suggestion each time somebody demos their building they get experience points taken or penalized in someway Too often people get rewarded for bad sportsmanship
  14. Here is a suggestion - don’t close the map earlier than the time it was supposed to be open. Since the announcement we have been putting a team together for a mid day Friday start. Now nothing
  15. This map is excellent for seasoned players Maybe to eliminate some of the alts can we get a lieutenant or higher only? Maybe put a Goldmine or two like the old school days.
  16. Earlier
  17. Increase the XP for rebels to have officers level up faster or increase the rate the officers level up. Then make the rebels even stronger. Open the level 20 cities for last 2 days of map
  18. i changed my nickname to: МШ what is the problem with rewards?
  19. we can not delete ally function, too many connections in game algorhytm, afterall this is team game, there are "ally skills" for each of tech classes (joint force and the other ones)... i noticed we have more flags at start of this map than normal. maybe you should consider that mz and rss fields also have automatic upgrade.
  20. I would say if we could have an NPC hitting our cities. Depending on the lvl of each player. Even have it that if someone attack a city that's getting attack by NPC the box will defend the city instead of hitting it. Have the NPC being stronger or more depending on battle lvl and city lvl.
  21. Highter battle tech lvl, StuG, light tank, sherman... Is only 45...
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  23. can give nice limited medal crisis fringe🏿😃
  24. I was wondering has it ever been discussed to maybe transfer population from city to city realistically wouldn't it be more feasible to put a couple hundred people on a plane and fly them than out say 5 bismarks arms and fly them I know theyre is ways around this by transporting arms just wouldn't it be more realistic to transport civilians around
  25. Yeah but not enough fighters
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  28. Peter


    They are in the commercial center of your city, you have to purchase them with diamonds.
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