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World Warfare
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World Warfare--Traditional Chinese


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    • Not disputing that i was saying look at the player their style how they play if their active etc b4 we simply look at stats and judge 
    • interesting that you would think that top players would be mostly/solely related to individuals.    This is a league game, so teamwork and support are much bigger aspects than single player game.
    • Here goes...yeah im sure u cant wait lol i have an idea that i think may boost this game...lets take a poll of at least 3 top players from each team r gathered and selected for a rumble royale...basically combining top players into teams to fight for top braggi g rights...20 man teams 8 teams total last one standing r the uncontested champs...lets do this for rookie teams as well. So who r the best players here and im not simply talking stats im talking about all around players that everyone knows or has heard of...moderators can this b done? Grand prize maybe 1000000 gold and 20000 purple gems...2nd maybe 750g and 15g 3rd 500g and 10g etc...id love to see this not only for the pure enjoyment but as proof that anything is possible so you players re ading this and agreeing email mods let them know of our interest.
    • I would be very supportive of an approach where a single map (global, isles, etc) is available for a week at a time, but then rotates to the next map type.  Maps would fill quicker and once the pattern is established, everyone would know when they can play the maps they really enjoy.  As it stands now, when multiple maps are available, they fill very slowly (giving early entries a big advantage).  Also, we do not see some maps for long periods of time (e.g. Isles has only shown up a few times this year).