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World Warfare--Traditional Chinese


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      Commanders, the Android Official Version has released, please go to Google Play to get it. To those commanders who participated the open beta, you can continue your previous progress in the official version. More info, please check the specific post.
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    • I have personally been in fights over my last city where it changed hands two or three times. To all of a sudden not be able to cap because its was my last city is horseradish. In fact, i have recently had to retake my capital, which was my only city that had been capped while I was asleep and converted to an lc, then abandoned. No way that i should have been resrticted on that due to not having another city.
    • I can accept players respawn in the normal field, maybe eliminate the city protection for respawned cities, there should be some type of penalty other then starting with a level 1 city. The tournament is a different animal, the object is to eliminate your competition. When your cities are all gone it's over for you!   I have played in a field where my last city was capped, then the player abandoned the city, when it was over I got my city back in the respawn with all my zones around it still mine!
    • Disagree on the no recapture of cities if eliminated. No respawn, but if your league or allies open you up a city, you should be able to reenter the fight. If left alone long enough ive seen people recap for themselves with paras. Never in a tournament though, but in the normal map.
    • No respawns both tourney and normal bf. The respawn is mostly only used as the whak-a-mole annoyance technique. If league or allies give you a city ok but I'd rather see respawn out of the game altogether. It is better to start a new bf than respawn somewhere late in a map with no troops. And an 8 hour shield to boot. There's no real reason for it. Have a mole popping up here or there now on this bf. Just an annoying cause for trash talking and frustration.  Takes all the skill and good sportsmanship out of the game. Seems to be a common theme...
    • I think that there should be no respawning whatsoever. And honestly, in my opinion players shouldn't be able to come back into the field if they've lost all territory (not all cities, every village, MZ, etc). But because people would say, "well if we lose a teammate for the whole game how are we supposed to compete"? That's the point, tournament is competitive. So whether it sounds like a good idea or not, if a player loses every troop and territory in tourney they are not allowed to respawn or even drop down a paratrooper, they are done, they are out like dodgeball,  that's real war.