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World Warfare
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    • they've never had sound so I'm confused by what your talking about, maybe go to settings and check all your audio settings and make sure that they are all working correctly, and then go into your own personal settings and check all of them.
    • reports of an attack on a city or unit. All game notifications go without sound.
    • Здравствуйте играем на броненосец лига (armataxitalia) ведет не честную игру 22 бомбардировщики бомило бухту 5 летели на авианосец и все пропали в секунду сообщения об атаке нет как будто их не было разберитесь пожалуйста туже он прислал смайлик со слезами на глазах мне.  
    • What do you mean by messages? Do you mean the notifications for if your under attack or something like that? And do you mean while in game notifications or outside of the game notifications/messages.
    • For 4 months, messages have arrived to me without sound. This is a problem for many players. I wrote to the administrators about the error three times in the game, he promised to fix it but the error remained. Is this a common and big error that requires a client update or do you delete the active players from the game?