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World Warfare
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    • Encore une fois sa va avantagé ceux avec cartes bleues et rendre le jeu beaucoup plus moche pour les nouveaux joueurs. Déjà que beaucoup de nouveaux joueurs abandonne ce jeux a cause des ligues pleine d'argent, la sa va être pire autant même pas joué si ont a pas de carte bancaire Big lol 
    • and yes, i confirm this new "brilliant" idea is just about the money. which one of the developers suggested that you need to use purple tactic card (50 tactic points) to "activate" new tactics? why should i use purple card when i have tactic points?
    • i dont know which game engineers are playing, most definitely not world warfare.
      anti-supply tactic (-2.4% of the unit base supply per minute) is either not being calculated well, or it is designed to ruin the game. my gigantic transport airplanes lvl 5 (high suppply capacity) ran out of fuel in about 5 minutes, with 2 airsupply tactics used. do you guys (developers) understand that you can ruin the game with the moronic and yet "brilliant" new ideas?
      did any of engineers test new tactics in game? is this above said - normal for you?
    • HeyoMy concern about speed in Global map is not good now please change it again 2x oncern  about game speed chaged 2x to 1x in global map its make it so slow. × we need to change it back to 2 because its looks so slow and time comsume. × we all are here for fun so make it speed 2x again in global map × Item prefix:  None 
    • 1X speed is back for global😁