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World Warfare
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    • Fantastic way to encourage new players to stick around, great show of empathy and understanding. So just because you had it hard when you started every other new player should suffer as well and we should not address the real issues of the game. Awesome logic you will go far in life keep it up!
    • To answer your question, you will stop being a seal when you stop complaining.  Everyone started small in this game.  I got owned by the original Pasta and then was introduced to the scout spam by Sparty....the old Furies taught me a bunch as well as some good, experienced players.  Make some small alliances of your own, instead of complaining about others who have put the work in....not bashing you, at all but rather responding to a sense of entitlement.  Work for it....  
    • I would like to see a new tactic called “Fix bugs” or “Stop Lag”.  It would be free.....just saying 😏
    • Encore une fois sa va avantagé ceux avec cartes bleues et rendre le jeu beaucoup plus moche pour les nouveaux joueurs. Déjà que beaucoup de nouveaux joueurs abandonne ce jeux a cause des ligues pleine d'argent, la sa va être pire autant même pas joué si ont a pas de carte bancaire Big lol 
    • and yes, i confirm this new "brilliant" idea is just about the money. which one of the developers suggested that you need to use purple tactic card (50 tactic points) to "activate" new tactics? why should i use purple card when i have tactic points?