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World Warfare
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    • I 100% agree with this as well. Most players are not able to keep up with the 2x speed because they have family and a job, or they have school, or even all 3 for a couple I myself know of in the game. Speed should be brought back down to normal, where it was before. It’s not because we don’t like faster moving units, it’s because faster speeds in a game like this hurt the more casual players who can’t play 24/7. Let all the maps be what they were, let blitz map be for players who can play at that pace, as it was before
    • Agreed lag could be an issue, but personally I’ve always noticed how if I personally don’t have units there, it doesn’t lag for me, so if you allied both sides or neutral one and ally the other to tell them apart, then that would be an amazing idea.
    • I agree completely. The x2 speed has been problematic from day 1. The 2 maps negatively affected the most are Global and Isles. I wont rehash all the problems because I have listed them already in several post and many times in contact us. Suffice it to say, IMO the speed needs to be returned to normal. I am more convinced that the speed should be changed back rather than the combat system adjusted,  
    • So,                Over the past couple months now I have seen some things that at first seemed like an ok idea, and that it would help the game, the devs were actually attempting to change the game for the better, and as per usual, it messed the game up even more, the thing I'm obviously speaking of is the new 2X speed in maps. Devs, if you are reading this, change it now, your gonna kill your game and your not gonna get it back. You are feeding the non competitive players who don't spend (I know I don't but for other reasons) and making the people who do spend angry. The point of officers or generals or whatever you wish to call them today, was to get the better unit, get that extra edge in the game, but now with these speed boost to map its completely screwed up the very thin line of perfection that this game was working towards, other then the lag this game was in my opinion, one of the most strategic mobile strategy MMO WW2 games, and now at this point with all the updates that have been for better or for much much much worse, It's just not anymore.             Along with everything I just spoke of, another issue is the games damage recognition timing now, sense the 2X speed is the norm for maps now, the damage calculation system has been messed up, YOU NEED TO CHANGE THE DAMAGE CALCULATION SYSTEM IF YOU CHANGE THE SPEED OF THE GAME. Devs we have messaged you over contact us, I have seen tons of other threads posted about this topic and nothing has been changed, when will you come to your senses and realize that this isn't what the players want, or more importantly to all of you, your customers.           Trust me you will wanna change this with either changing it back to the original speed and tell everyone to stuff it, or change the damage calculation system to fix what is already wrong, please. BWAR, Fluffy FTW