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World Warfare
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    • Not on the topic of generals I think there should be a solo battle field that you can take part in at the same time as your battle field, like a campaign but will reset when you win
    • You are talking about a total rework of the victory conditions. I am looking for a simple fix to make the game more playable. With the 6 new tactics that are being released this game is going to be all about the alts and allies. And the need to be reduced for play balance.
    • Not disagreeing with your idea but i find it hard to implement, people will simply go neutral just before the end and still get rewards, or simply not attack each other even if red and still get full rewards.  A complete revamp of how the rewards system works is mandatory, number of cities is just dumb affecting gold rewards is just dumb. Here is a set of ideas that are easy to implement: First of all remove the allied victory conditions, meaning even if you are allied with the #1 league on the score board it doesn't count it as a victory. Its ridiculous how often we get asked for ally just before the BF ends. You want full rewards cupcake? Get off your ass and fight for it this is supposed to be a wargame! Gold rewards should be based on total amount of kills and rebels/SS be removed from the kill counter. Only PvP kills count towards gold rewards. You want more gold rewards cupcake? Get off your ass and fight for it this is supposed to be a wargame! Simple and easy fix lets see how long the koombaya signing mega alliances with their sister leagues and permanent alliances last!!  
    • lol I Know Contact us works, im to lazy to  redownload the game at this point, and then contact them, then i gotta log back in    
    • Many of the staff no longer come here. This is because the devs on bolts team are no longer working on the game. If you want an answer you will need to go to the facebook page or contact us in game.