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World Warfare
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League Tournament

Commanders, post your sitrep and ideas on tournament here! 

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  1. About Tournament

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  2. Duty Is Calling! (updated) 1 2

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  3. Value of Allies 1 2

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  4. Forever Burning (Updated)

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  5. Ending of S1

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  6. We cought War1war cheathing...

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  7. Gem Usage in Tournament

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  8. Battle report from S4

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  9. S6 Battle Report

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  10. Bonuses in Season 2

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  11. Ending of S2

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  12. Diamond free tournament

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    • Single player mode with no leagues maybe 
    • The game has been dead for a long time. Let the developers themselves play in their rotten shit. and the Chinese are with themselves. Do not waste your time and money on this game.
    • Carta a un lider caido: Zeus, estas viejo y esto empaña tu juicio, un dije te adverti "seremos el 1", da mucha pena que cuando pierdes hables basura, ahora deberas demostrar tus palabras o hare que te expulsen.   TON 75 .  And show us your video. TON
    • I have been playing this game for nearly four years and throughout that time there have been many ups and downs. Glitches and Problems in the game have always been around. But never more so than anytime real players fight against the main Chinese League (storm and wind).  They are well known throughout the game as cheaters who use hacks and exploits as much as possible. Most leagues know to avoid them because of their reputation for cheating, dishonesty, and extremely obvious glitches and anomalies that seem to come up much more frequently when against the Chinese than in any other map.  This past week, a group of allied teams ignored the age old advice of avoiding the Chinese league and went ahead with fighting them. We started off well, destroying them to the brink where they publicly said they were going to surrender. But then they started cheating and turned the tide. One player used strategic bombers to destroy 50 cities in less than a hour. His strategic bombers were moving faster than scout plane on patrol mode (they were literally on speed like in Blitzkrieg map except that it was in Imperial Assault field). The bombers flattened 200k health cities and league cities in just 5 seconds. Even though they were not max technology (the good ones have over 20k health, but these had just 16k health). When we show them with dozens of AA not only did they not die... but the health didn’t even go down after minutes and minutes of shooting. Yet troops they bombed died in seconds.  I captured much of this on video. And showed it to support. Then “Victoria” replied said she saw nothing wrong with the video Lol. Many of us have a pretty good idea of why she sees nothing wrong and how these units of the Chinese can be so overpowering. This game that many of us enjoy, was built in China. It is managed and owned by Chinese. Support is in China (which is why they only answer in the middle of our night, it’s China’s morning/day time). Perhaps they expect us to believe it is a coincidence, then... that the main Chinese league seems to have “special” troops and the “support” turns a blind eye whenever suspicious glitches and problems come up about the Chinese.  We believe that some of the support/admin staff is playing the game within the Chinese league and their support teams (Mars). They are messing with game mechanics inside the fields to give themselves advantage. Their purpose is to drive up more spending by frustrating real players with their own unlimited gems (from support pool they just push a button and get unlimited gems for free) and administrator controls. There has been evidence including admissions from some in the Chinese league about this.  If they are not willing to stop, then there is only one thing left to do. We must stop spending money on this game. To send a message to the management and owners that cheating and unfair advantages by the Chinese support team will NOT be tolerated. If they continue to ignore us after that, we must contact the systems they use to bring in money (including iTunes App Store and Google Play store).  We, as players and spending customers of the game, have all the power. If we don’t spend, they WILL listen.  There has been consensus for years that the Chinese league are cheaters, glitch users, and most likely a few of them are part of support or developer team. Since they have joined the game spending and hours played to be successful has risen exponentially. That is NOT a coincidence. They try to force real players into spending and playing more and its working. It is also NOT a coincidence that the game is owned, managed, and supported in China... while the main Chinese league enjoys crazy glitches and advantages that no one can explain but support ignores it.  Time to do something about it. And the other glitches and problems. By FORCING management and ownership to listen to us and take action.  I will never buy gems again in this game until action is taken to stop the chinese from cheating. Or until players are reimbursed for the inconvenience of Chinese league cheating.  If even some join me... then with time, they will listen and they will stop abusing admin controls for cheater purposes. They will fix glitches and problems. And the game will be better for all.  I will add videos and images for evidence of the cheating. Need to break down the videos because they are too long. The 30 level 1 bombers (weak with only 16k health) destroying 50 cities in less than a hour on a non-blitz map) is the most insane but very long so difficult to upload. 200k health cities were literally collapsing in 5 seconds while the bombers fly faster than scouts with blitz and on patrol mode.    -King Zeus 
    • I recently surrendered in global war cadets and global war. (I just kinda felt like it.) Now when I try to join a new game. The timer just keeps on going! Is there a cooldown between joining games or something? I would like to get back into the action as soon as possible! Never mind. I figured it out
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